Love Mutation Author: Ye Congling Read Online

Meng Lan, Linger might be missing! His father, Meng Zong, invited him to the Forensic Medicine Museum to exchange this technique, also because Zhihe's mentor and his father are good friends. Ziqi has always been interested in psychology and psychiatry, and she often discusses some strange topics with Professor Qu. Standing at the door of Professor Qu's office, Ziqia asked me: "Do you think this girl is a little weird?" Every time I saw Xu Linger, I thought she was a little weird. Ziqia said I was suspicious, but I wasn't sure. Of course I knew that Professor Qu would not show me the information, I was just curious as to what happened to Xu Linger. … Continue readingLove Mutation Author: Ye Congling Read Online

Miao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

The sorcerer asked again, then why, do you want to fall into the heart? The witch locked the black Miao man into a hut, then went to the girl, and told her that the girl, this man, once rescued people in our clan, and that man taught him peach blossom Gu and gave him a Gu worm, but did not tell him the consequences of playing this Gu. And you, when you told him that you wanted to lay down the heart-witch, he accepted it sincerely, but when he returned to his village and realized the horror of the heart-wraith, he started looking for someone to relieve the heart-wraith, but the heart-witch, and How can I find a solution. … Continue readingMiao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

Scaring Friend’s Sister

This is what my mother and grandma told me. They said that before the age of 7, my sister would make a lot of noise when she was sleeping. After Grandpa died, my sister and I moved in to sleep with Grandma. For a few days, my grandmother would hear my sister yelling “don’t arrest me, I don’t want to go”, and my sister would keep kicking, but couldn’t wake up at dawn. Grandma shook her sister awake as she yelled to make sure she was awake. I slept right and was very unhappy when I was woken up: “What’s the hurry? My friend was already screaming: “I beg you not to call your sister. … Continue readingScaring Friend’s Sister