Miao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

The sorcerer asked again, then why, do you want to fall into the heart? The witch locked the black Miao man into a hut, then went to the girl, and told her that the girl, this man, once rescued people in our clan, and that man taught him peach blossom Gu and gave him a Gu worm, but did not tell him the consequences of playing this Gu. And you, when you told him that you wanted to lay down the heart-witch, he accepted it sincerely, but when he returned to his village and realized the horror of the heart-wraith, he started looking for someone to relieve the heart-wraith, but the heart-witch, and How can I find a solution. … Continue readingMiao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

Scaring Friend’s Sister

This is what my mother and grandma told me. They said that before the age of 7, my sister would make a lot of noise when she was sleeping. After Grandpa died, my sister and I moved in to sleep with Grandma. For a few days, my grandmother would hear my sister yelling “don’t arrest me, I don’t want to go”, and my sister would keep kicking, but couldn’t wake up at dawn. Grandma shook her sister awake as she yelled to make sure she was awake. I slept right and was very unhappy when I was woken up: “What’s the hurry? My friend was already screaming: “I beg you not to call your sister. … Continue readingScaring Friend’s Sister