Make Friends On Halloween

Halloween is a day that makes ghosts and ghosts very happy, and naturally there will be people like me, a little goblin. In our big family of ghosts and ghosts, I am a very small character, so small that I can be ignored.

Before the first bell rang on the day of Halloween, the king of the ghost family wanted to have a different Halloween, so he asked little people like us to come up with ideas, one by one, and those who couldn’t come up with ideas stayed. Cancel this opportunity to go to the human world to kill to your heart's content, this time it will be hard for us to die, leaving a lot of little ghosts behind, and it will be me soon, it is impossible not to be nervous.

"My lord, we can do this. We used to kill them by hand. This time we can let them die by themselves, so that we don't have to do it ourselves." It's my turn, and I have an idea to say one.

"What do you mean?" The king seemed to be interested and looked at me intently.

"Human beings are very timid. Some of them will be scared to death by making a little grimace, just to scare him. If they die, they won't have to do it themselves. If they don't die, they will be tortured. Seeing their expressions when they encounter something, and experiencing that feeling, wouldn't it be great? Fun?" I looked at the king with a smirk, but actually hoped that he would agree to play with humans once.

"Okay, that's it. If it's really fun, there will be a lot of rewards when you come back." The king laughed happily, and I also smiled in line. with me.

"Boom" the bell rang, the king was the first to rush out of the gate, and I was thrown to the end, because my strength was too weak, after I left the gate, all I heard was the wailing of animals besides human screams, and they were still used to it. previous methods of killing.

"I write your manuscript every day. You are famous. I see that. If your parents hadn't gone on a trip, I wouldn't bother to care about you." I saw a very fierce woman scolding a girl-like person. There was only the girl who slammed the door out.

"You are because of the money? Hypocritical woman." The girl complained.

"Who is she to you? She is so fierce to you." I also feel sorry for her.

"My cousin." The girl replied, suddenly she seemed to realize something and turned to look at me, "Who are you? How did you get in?"

"Hehe, I, I came in through the window." Knowing that he couldn't hide it, he replied awkwardly.

"Ghost." The girl had a terrified expression.

"I'm a goblin, not a ghost." I've seen ghosts in our big family, and I'm prettier than that.

"What are you doing here? Are you making trouble?" At this time, the girl's cousin came in suddenly and saw the girl sitting face to face with me. At first she was angry, then frightened, and then kept trembling. I had an idea and twisted my head off with my hands. Hold it in your hand as a plaything, throw it from your right hand to your left hand, and then throw it back. Within a minute, the female cousin's face turned pale and she fainted from fright.

But the girl looked at me and smiled, and then I hid. After the girl’s cousin woke up, the girl’s cousin asked what it was just now, and the girl quickly shook her head and said she didn’t see it. Her cousin didn’t believe it, but she didn’t dare to stay, so she closed the door and ran back I didn't dare to go out of my own room because it was too late, so I went to take a peek. Her cousin hid in the corner and looked ahead in horror.

"My name is Jiaxu, what about you?" After I returned to the girl's room, the girl spoke first.

"My name is Xiaoli, hehe, but I want to tell you, I am a monster, not a ghost." I showed a cute expression that I thought.

"Well, wait a minute, I'll talk to you after I finish writing the manuscript." After Jiaxu finished speaking, she turned around and began to write. For a long time, because I don't want to hurt anyone, I'd better stay and wait until time to go back.

"Well, I've finished it." Jiaxu looked back at me and tidied up the table.

"What did you write?" I wondered.

"Ghost stories, all kinds of scary novels." Jiaxu looked at me.

"No wonder you're not afraid, by the way, did you write about monsters?" I wanted to tell her about me, but somehow I got along well with her, maybe she wasn't afraid of me.

"Okay, I just couldn't find a suitable subject, can you tell me how you came here?" Jiaxu looked at me curiously.

"Okay, I came out because of Halloween. The gates of hell opened, and all the ghosts and ghosts came out, even little monsters like me." I started talking, imitating the dance of demons after the gates of hell opened, The scene of scrambling to come out made Jiaxu laugh all the time.

"Then what are you doing here? You won't be here to chat like you, are you?" Jiaxu wrote something on the paper while looking at me.

"How can there be? They all come out to do their own things, some repay favors and others take revenge. I am doing this purely for fun." I said proudly.

"Continue to talk about your affairs, I want to listen, and I have to talk about a lot." Jiaxu was very interested. In this way, I kept telling Jiaxu about all kinds of things from before I became a monster and after I became a monster. She also showed various expressions because of the reason I told the story. I admit that I like it. When I fell in love with this cute girl, my first thought was to hold hands and be friends like human beings, um. Best results, although I only came out on Halloween.

"Jiaxu 's Halloween ghost story for children , shall we be friends? I really want to have a friend. Would you mind having a monster friend?" I was afraid that she would refuse to be friends with me because I was a monster.

"Okay, do you really want to be friends with me?" She looked at me suspiciously, and after I nodded, she smiled and said, "Well, you must be sincere and make up your mind to be a very good friend with me. "

"Really? I'm sincere." We chatted with each other afterwards, and I also told her that I only came on Halloween, but she didn't say anything. The sky began to lighten, and I knew it was time to go, for a short while.

"Jiaxu, the time is almost up, I have to go." I lowered my head and said what I didn't want to say.

"Okay, I'll give you something." She showed me what she had written earlier, and I realized that it was not written, but drawn. There are two pictures, one of me laughing with her, and the other It was I who told her the story.

"This is? For me?" I was moved.

"You take one, I take one, you can't read the text, right? If you draw it, you can understand it and remember me." The reluctance in Jiaxu's eyes penetrated into my heart.

"Well, Jiaxu, you have to wait for me." I grabbed Jiaxu's hand.

"Okay, I'll wait for you next year on Halloween." I started to disappear, my body faded, it was an automatic return made in hell, I was afraid that some people in hell would not be willing to come back, so I had to go, the cock crowed, I had disappeared, but I can still see Jiaxu, her hands are empty in front of her, as if she is still being held by me.

She turned around and wrote six words on the picture of her and me. I couldn't read, but I understood it. The delicate characters on it read "Halloween I will wait for you. The second cock crows , I can't see her anymore.

Jiaxu, my good friend, I will find you on Halloween.

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