Real Ghost Encounters

Death is like a lamp going out, so she never believed in ghosts and gods. I was about seven or eight years old at the time. I was afraid of ghosts and always liked to listen to ghost stories, so I pestered my mother and asked: "Mom, have you never met a ghost since you were a child? Or is it a ghost?" My mother said: "I I never believe in ghosts, but I have encountered ghosts. "I hurriedly asked my mother to tell me about the ghost encounter in detail. When I got home, I told my father: "This time it is really confirmed that I have encountered a ghost. I know you can't explain it to me this time. Even science may not be able to help me make it clear. … Continue readingReal Ghost Encounters

The Secret Record Of Evil Spirits

I'm finally the innocent Wu Xie who can shrink back, be weak, laugh, laugh, make embarrassments, and die every day. I went back to my shop, when Wang Meng saw me. Ghosts and snake spirits from all walks of life must have various performances, but the letter from Mrs. Huo's family decided that everything can only be carried out under the water. As far as Pan Zi is concerned, he may prefer the current ending, but to outsiders, his choice is still wrong. However, Fatty is a good person, God will not embarrass him for too long. His life value seems to be slowly emerging, and his spirit has improved a lot. … Continue readingThe Secret Record Of Evil Spirits

Ancient Temple Evil Spirits (3)

Zhang Xiluo came back to his senses, the beauty had gone, Lan Musk was still there, the sound of wearing the ring faded away, only a few young monks were left sweeping the floor, looking at him and laughing endlessly. They learned from the pilgrims who were robbed that there is a beautiful Miss Liu in Hengfa Temple, who looks like a fairy who has left Bixiao. The abbot first stopped the bandit soldiers in the courtyard, saying that he wanted to ask Liao Lihu to answer, so that outsiders should stop shooting arrows. … Continue readingAncient Temple Evil Spirits (3)

Ghost Marriage News Makeup Corpse

Haunted House January 21, 2022 [Hospital Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Typeface:] And based on experience, I’m going to start working again——as a corpse make-up artist, my work is always followed by death OK, hated but irresistible. ——If there were ghosts in the world, wouldn’t I, as a body make-up artist, have been frightened to death long ago? I first used props such as women's underwear to drive a wedge between her and my brother, then pushed her into the river and drowned her, and then used her death to make my brother suspicious and afraid to accept other women. … Continue readingGhost Marriage News Makeup Corpse

"Light Fear Afternoon Tea" Horror And Scary Ghost Stories Full Text

Today I'm going to tell the story of the netizen Ah Hou in the building. Early the next morning, Ah Hou, who had not slept all night, had a pair of panda eyes, and told his classmates about what happened last night in shock, but the classmates refused to believe it anyway, and joked that he hadn't seen him in such a long time. It's too weird, could it be that the Shushu in Chinese tunic has a predestined relationship with Ah Hou? Until now, Ah Hou still doesn't know what the origin of the man in the Chinese tunic suit is. There are only two things that he can be sure of: one is that he was awake the whole time, and he was definitely not dreaming. In this world, who hasn't had a thrilling supernatural experience that sends chills down the spine just thinking about it! … Continue reading"Light Fear Afternoon Tea" Horror And Scary Ghost Stories Full Text

Don't Paint My Face

"They say I have a beautiful figure, so I've been looking for someone to draw a picture of me. "No, please don't draw my face, just my back. "I just saw through the crack of the door that you drew a picture of a girl with a very cute face. Is that person me? I'm so sorry, because you never let me see your face , I really…so, I drew a face for you based on my imagination, please don't mind…" "Didn't I tell you, please don't draw my face!!" You Draw it, don't you want to draw my face? You draw it, don't you want to draw my face? … Continue readingDon't Paint My Face

Portraits Read Online

My friend Xiao Sun opened a small photo studio by himself, and I often go there to watch him work in my free time. "Hey, tell me, if you take a photo of a ghost, what kind of photo will it look like? When you handed the photo to the old lady, she looked at the photo again and again, and said with satisfaction: "The photo is very good , girl, thank you! The old lady was very strange, she insisted on an enlarged photo, I think she is for a portrait. Xiao Sun pointed to the TV screen: "My teacher, she passed away. I once again thought of the sentence I asked Xiao Sun countless times: "If you take a picture of a ghost, what kind of photo will it look like?" ? … Continue readingPortraits Read Online

The Scariest Place In The Hospital Is There

The bones are not as white and miserable as described in many novels. Long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones lay here and there. Due to too many times of use, some bones are damaged and the periosteum on the surface exposes the cancellous bone inside. The densely packed small holes look very interesting. There are traces of scratches on the outside of the bone, proving that the distribution routes of the nerves and blood vessels in the anatomy book are correct. The body wasn't quite what it had been imagined. At first, the skin and mucous membranes of the corpses were pale, but the specimens were soaked in formalin for more than a year after the blood was drained due to special treatment. … Continue readingThe Scariest Place In The Hospital Is There

Young Girl On Dissecting Table Of Dead Calf

I closed her eyes, covered the white cloth back, and left the dissecting room. One day, I finally told her that I am a lecturer in physical anatomy. "You said, when the scalpel is cut across, will the corpse feel pain? I picked up the piece of paper and turned it over, widening my eyes in horror. It turned out that this was the wish of the female corpse I dissected a year ago. Before the corpse was moved to the dissection room, I signed it. "You said, will the corpse feel pain when the scalpel is cut across it? "You said, will the corpse feel pain when the scalpel is cut?" "I want to let you know the pain of being dissected!" The next day, when I got up, I found something that would make me restless. Underneath, there was a scalpel, a sharp scalpel with a cold light. … Continue readingYoung Girl On Dissecting Table Of Dead Calf

Changing Shoulu

Listening to the ever-changing Shoulu Zhuang Sheng, I couldn't help thinking. The fortune teller in my hometown sentenced me to death. Today I met this "living fairy", so why not try it again to verify how this Shoulu is? 4. Shoulu turned around and Wang Sheng rejoiced: "The one who retires will be blessed! Look at your face full of yin (yin virtue and blessing) today. Not only have you added blessings and longevity, but you have also raised your salary. The fortune teller took a look at Zeng Sheng and sighed. He sighed and said: "A person's life, wealth, misfortune, and fortune are actually changing. Those who do good will naturally increase their blessings and longevity, and those who do evil will undoubtedly lose their blessings and shorten their lives. … Continue readingChanging Shoulu