Dark Horror Stories: A Pleasure Ghost's Tale To Read Online

Ghost House July 17, 2023 [Campus Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Font:] Introduction On that winter night, a few female classmates and I sat around the classroom, sharing scary ghost stories. The last girl told about the horror experience in the toilet. We realized that when we told scary stories, we might attract real ghosts to listen to our stories. I was the first to tell a ghost story. The version of the story is not very scary, but the eerie look of the girl scared me. The third person told the story of Anle ghost. … Continue readingDark Horror Stories: A Pleasure Ghost's Tale To Read Online

The Reason Why I Went Back To My Natal Home In The Second Grade Of Junior High School

It was New Year's Eve, and all the married sisters went back to their in-laws' house to celebrate the new year. Only the newly married Princess Anqing felt that her in-law's house was shabby, and because she was the youngest biological daughter of Empress Ma, she insisted on not going back to her in-law's house and insisted on living with her in the palace. The father, the queen, and the queen rejoiced together to celebrate the new year. Seeing that her daughter was silent, the queen mother enlightened her again, "You won't go back to your in-law's house just because you are the emperor's daughter. Although they can't say anything, will they be happy?" "Well, Princess Anqing finally returned to her in-laws' house. Zhu Yuanzhang thought: I sent you away last night, but you came again this morning, so he asked the princess: "Have you paid New Year's greetings to your in-laws?" … Continue readingThe Reason Why I Went Back To My Natal Home In The Second Grade Of Junior High School

Horror Ghost Stories: Building 4 701 Read Online

At this time, a policeman said that the little girl should have been dismembered and thrown from upstairs. Early the next morning, I heard someone talking about the couple in 701 having been taken away by the police. So the folks have different opinions: why her parents are psychopathic, mentally ill, hate this girl, and some people even made it up that they are possessed by ghosts, otherwise how could they treat their children so cruelly! The doctor prescribed some medicine, and on the way home, she was still repeating some creepy things. Some people live in 701, but the neighbors in the past are still reluctant to go back. … Continue readingHorror Ghost Stories: Building 4 701 Read Online

Ghost Stories: The Head In The Toilet Read Online

If it wasn't for her little selfishness, she wouldn't have died. But I can't compare to Li Kelu in anything, whether it's my best piano, her parents and neighbors also love her the most, maybe because of this, I want to tease her and make her look ugly in front of the neighbors. I took her favorite hairpin secretly while she was not paying attention, and told her that the hairpin was in the toilet. A girl from a certain school tragically died last night in the school toilet, her limbs were mutilated. … Continue readingGhost Stories: The Head In The Toilet Read Online

School Ghost Stories: Half A Face Read Online

Seeing Yu Yan's serious expression, Xue Ting believed that she was not lying. What about the voice in her bedroom last night? The third year is a strange person. He hasn't taken much class since his sophomore year, and he is obsessed with literature. You won't fall in love with him, will you? "What a scary face. Xue Ting let out a long sigh of relief, and then realized that she was still leaning on his chest, and her face blushed slightly." She remembered that she had met the strange person Xiao Shi talked about once in medical school. After Xiao Zhe finished speaking, he touched the face of the person on the ground, and tore off a layer of mask. Under the mask was Chu Feng's face! … Continue readingSchool Ghost Stories: Half A Face Read Online

Horror Ghost Stories: Jails To Read Online

At this time, the angel Su Mo fell down, grabbed his collar, and said bitterly: "Su Mo, you corrupt official, you are destined to go to hell in this life. Quietly, quietly, the shadow of the house deepened, and the murderer's white blade was hidden in the clouds before he knew it. It has been three days since he "died". Silently asked the little ghost, how could there be such a beautiful place in hell? … Continue readingHorror Ghost Stories: Jails To Read Online

Chapter 702: The Shouter At Night

Jiang Yan said, "I just went back to my room to sleep. I'm on the first floor. What's the matter? It's the night when someone is walking around the village." I didn't call you just now, and it wasn't me who called your name. "Yang Jian said with cold eyes: "You were called by a ghost, and now you have entered a supernatural nightmare. If you don't believe me, look around yourself. It's different from the daytime. Yang Jian saw quite a few figures, at first he thought they were ghosts, but when someone greeted him, he realized that they were not ghosts at all, they were all people from the village during the day. … Continue readingChapter 702: The Shouter At Night

Chapter Fourteen

", in the palace of the ancient cemetery, the scene of Hua Maguai's whole body melting into hot wax immediately flashed in his mind, as the saying goes, "Once bitten by a snake, I will be afraid of the well rope for ten years." Seeing that he was on the cliff of a deep valley, he only wanted to dodge the cloud of blood-red dust, but he slammed his foot up the rock wall, and he didn't let go of the centipede hanging on the mountain ladder in his hand. He even left the rock wall with the ladder. It was too late, it was already suspended in the air, and with a sudden sound, it fell straight into the depths of the clouds. … Continue readingChapter Fourteen

Legend Of Concubine Ming Read Online

"I took a look at the Xuebo robe. This is Concubine Ming's official uniform. It is covered with a large amount of his spiritual power. Wearing it, ghosts like Baili have no choice but to get closer to me. How can I send ghosts? They The two couples were born for me, one must protect my soul, and the other must protect my soul that stays in the underworld." It looked at me angrily, "We were born for you, maybe you can't, Wang If you don't inject spiritual power under our two guardian stones, Lei Yu and I can only look at each other from a distance, and we can't meet each other." Ling Yi lowered his head, "Why don't you want to see the king for a hundred years? It's always sad to see him mention you. … Continue readingLegend Of Concubine Ming Read Online

Ghost Temple Dead Baby Wutai Mountain Journey

It is not difficult to imagine the greatness and efficacy of Wuye just by looking at the bustling pilgrims in front of the Wuye Temple. There is a small temple under our Taihuai County. Isn't the old Chen who manages it bad? Old Chen didn't take it seriously, and later he intensified his efforts to get money from the merit box in front of the Buddha, filling his own pockets. Many people around have heard about this incident, and everyone was terrified, and took it as a warning, and never dared to let greed make troubles, and stretched out their hands in front of the Buddha. … Continue readingGhost Temple Dead Baby Wutai Mountain Journey