One Eyed Bride

Before I left, I glanced at Luo Lei, but I didn't expect that she was also looking at me. I was flustered and almost fell when I passed the door. I sometimes peek into her eyes for nothing, but see nothing. Like yesterday, Luo Lei complained that her eyes were sore, she didn't eat much and went back to her room. I rubbed my eyes and thought I was wrong, but there was clearly a red wedding dress in front of me, and she had already walked out of the back room. There was also one who claimed to have seen a girl's face with only one eye. "Ji Yan came over and pointed to the red eyes. Sure enough, the red part was slightly larger than before. There was a voice in the sky, and she said bitterly: "I will still stare at you in the future. See if you're lying. … Continue readingOne Eyed Bride

Sleeping Beauty

I seem to have slept all night, but I don't remember anything from last night, even the room in front of me is very strange to me. I looked at the girl's face in the mirror, as if I had met a stranger. This woman has been visiting you day and night since the beginning of your fall, always sitting on your bed and weeping, who else could it be if it wasn't your mother? A little girl about seven or eight years old in a hospital gown jumped up to me and said with a smile, "Sleeping Beauty, did the prince wake you up with a kiss? Mom said you were Sleeping Beauty. You have been sleeping for a long, long time. Until a prince will kiss you awake. … Continue readingSleeping Beauty

Be Careful Tattoos Attract Ghosts

After a few days, we couldn’t resist Wang Dong’s soft-heartedness, so we went. It’s strange that the tattoo shop didn’t have a single picture. He just gave us tattoos based on what the tattoo master had in mind, so he asked the young man what he wanted to ask. What? I asked why this happened. Later I found out that it was because of my friend’s tattoo. The tattoo was a Zhong Kui fortune teller who said that Zhong Kui beckoned ghosts, and you have a lot of Yin energy, which is why you have been in trouble, and you have seen dirty things. thing. … Continue readingBe Careful Tattoos Attract Ghosts

Lu Dongbin Playing Peony

It is said that Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, was named Chunyangzi, and was said to be a native of Tang Jingzhao. In the legends about him, apart from Jianghuai killing dragons, Yueyang playing cranes, inn drunkenness, etc., there is also the theory of playing peony flower fairy. After a while, the Queen Mother ordered the Peony Fairy to present a flat peach to the Great Immortal. Fairy Peony came to Lu Dongbin hesitantly. Fairy Peony looked back and saw that it was Lu Dongbin. She hurriedly covered her face with her sleeves and said, "You, do you know the fairy rules?" Lu Dongbin said, "Really. When the Queen Mother saw the two great immortals talking about love, she said: "For the sake of the two immortals, the peony will not die, but it will be driven out of the Western Paradise and reduced to the common people! … Continue readingLu Dongbin Playing Peony

"The Disaster On The Tip Of The Tongue" Animal Ghost Stories Read Online

Today, I would like to share two short stories about killing animals and reaping the consequences. Life is good, this old friend is inevitably extravagant and depraved, and gathers a group of business partners for a small banquet on three days, and a big banquet on five days, with interlaced cups and chips, and singing every night. Ever since he tasted the fatness of the bear's paw at the feast, this old friend couldn't stop eating it. The stories told by netizens reminded me of this old story. Seeing the chef leading the guests close to the cage, the group of monkeys immediately blew up the nest, screaming and pushing a relatively weak monkey out of the cage. Food and sex are also, the world is difficult, there is nothing wrong with wanting to eat well. … Continue reading"The Disaster On The Tip Of The Tongue" Animal Ghost Stories Read Online

Stories Of Ghosts And Gods: Wutongshen Online Reading

This person is dressed in purple and wears a golden crown, and his appearance is similar to that of Goro among the Wutong gods worshiped in the Wutong Temple in the village (Wutong God, also known as "God Lang", is a demon that roams the countryside and prostitutes wives and daughters. , also known as the "God of Wudang" because he specializes in evil. The God of Wutong is widely worshiped in the south of the Yangtze River in the form of an idol. There is a chapter in "Strange Stories from a Liaozhai Studio" that is dedicated to describing this god. Interested students can have a look). But since the Song Dynasty, the image of Wutong God and the image of Wutong Immortal in Buddhism have been blended in the process of spreading. Affected by Wutongxian, Wutongshen began to become an evil god. … Continue readingStories Of Ghosts And Gods: Wutongshen Online Reading

The Phenomenon Of The Soul Emerging Into The Underworld

These girls whose souls have gone to the underworld keep trembling all the time, and they will say what they encounter in the underworld. These flowers represent the people who live in the world. Everyone who lives in the world has a pot of flowers to represent himself in the underworld, but the dead people do not. When people in the world know what their relatives in the underworld lack, they will buy it and burn it to their relatives in the underworld. Those girls whose souls go to the underworld are definitely not acting or pretending. All the processes are very real, and I can still vividly remember them. … Continue readingThe Phenomenon Of The Soul Emerging Into The Underworld

Chapter 131 Song Laoguai

"Oh, welcome," Han Sheng smiled at him in a considerate manner, "Captain Yan, we all come from all corners of the country, and escaped to the Blue Moon Valley for various reasons. It's night, Daoist Jia With Elder Fang, Qing'er and Twelve Toutuos, they quietly left Tabalin Temple. Gu Ren was still not satisfied, he waved his hand and said: "Ah, go and call Song Laoguai. "My lord is wise," Song Laoguai said flatteringly, "The abbot of Tabalin Temple, Mingyue Wu Bo Tuana, has an extraordinary relationship with Blue Moon Valley, and basically all the people in the valley stay in the temple when they come in and out. … Continue readingChapter 131 Song Laoguai

What Does The Horse Ghost Refer To? Chapter 14 Missing

But the strange thing is that the large herd of cattle disappeared out of thin air here. Even if the cattle are attacked by wolves here, they will leave traces such as hoofprints. What force can make the herd disappear in a short period of time? I immediately asked Ding Sitian: "Is there a tornado on your grassland? … Continue readingWhat Does The Horse Ghost Refer To? Chapter 14 Missing