Chapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

"Sir, Ke'er thinks that Chen Yuanyuan still likes Wu Sangui. Chen Yuanyuan, surnamed Xing, named Yuan, styled Yuanyuan, is from Wujin, Jiangsu Province. Ke'er smiled calmly: "Senior Qiubo, Ke'er has nothing else to say, I only hope that you can use the Fenghou Ghost Pot Get rid of Peng Gu in Xianggong's body, and then I can wander around the rivers and lakes with him as a concubine and stay together for the rest of my life. Secretary Xing nodded, confirming that what Keer said was true. Xian Shengzi was stunned, now he finally understood the relationship between Secretary Xing and Ke'er as concubine and concubine, and what surprised him most was that the "ghost pot" was actually on Secretary Xing's body. … Continue readingChapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

Chapter 83: Uncle Han

"Hi, I'm Uncle Han, may I have your surname?" Uncle Han said to himself. Uncle Han muttered in a low voice to the inscription on the painting: "Heaven is doomed in the dark, and the underworld is hard to be destined for the world. Youliang and Xiaosan looked at Uncle Han silently." Uncle Han's tone was affirmative. "Uncle Han said slowly." Uncle Han asked. Uncle Han was about to cry when he heard the words: "It's too dark, this "Changrui Mountain Range Rover Picture" is more than tens of millions, it is simply a priceless treasure. Youliang looked at Uncle Han in silence." Uncle Han explained. "Uncle Han sold out at the critical moment." Uncle Han stretched out his hand. "Uncle Han laughed. … Continue readingChapter 83: Uncle Han

Lelouch Is Dead Ghost Bride

The ghost bride came to pester the girl every day, but the girl refused to agree, and later he said that if he didn't agree, he would marry her even if he died. Who knew that the leader of the Red Guard was really dead, and he was buried on a road that the girl passed every day. But every time I walked to that intersection, I would meet the ghost of the leader of the Red Guards who came to him, and I must let her marry him! The girl washed and dressed, walked to the grave alone, and hanged herself on the head of the Red Guards. In front of the grave! Later, that road was often haunted, and there were many car accidents on this road, and they were inexplicable. … Continue readingLelouch Is Dead Ghost Bride

Chapter Twenty

"This is the old woman looking at her." The old woman looking at her said nonchalantly. "The old woman Qiubo smiled." Said the old woman Qiubo. "Well, the Fairy Lingzi is no longer in the way," the old woman Qiubo suddenly changed the subject and said, "Now we can talk about the person next to you." The old woman Qiubo snorted, seemingly displeased. "The old woman Qiubo replied coldly. "But Daoist Xian Lingzi said that senior's eyes are like autumn water and his appearance is as beautiful as a fairy. He must have seen it before. "Hmph," the old woman Qiubo seemed a little annoyed, and said angrily, "Do you think the old woman's 'disabled eyes' are vegetarians?" the old woman Qiubo said angrily. … Continue readingChapter Twenty

Chapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady

Youliang turned his head suddenly, and looked directly at the maid by the well with dark eyes, and saw that she was wearing a stone blue round collar with five-clawed dragon hexagrams, a high flat bun, flower pot sole shoes, and two big earrings. , with a luan hairpin on the head, very graceful and luxurious. Hmph, this is the "Yin Pig", a palace beast in the Forbidden City that has existed since the Ming Dynasty. The harem is haunted all day long. The maid looked at him without saying a word, like a jade statue. "The palace lady seemed to be remembering, but finally she shook her head, "You are neither a corpse nor a demon, why did you hurt Father Bai? … Continue readingChapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady

"The Red Wedding Dress On The Lonely Tree" Ghost Stories From Liaozhai Online Reading

Looking back at Hui Niang sleeping soundly on the bed, she was so peaceful and beautiful, and then looking at the red wedding dress on the ground, Ziyu shook her head and laughed at herself, maybe she remembered it wrong, the patterns of the two red wedding dresses are for me Maybe it's the other way around, hey! Watching her parents leave home peacefully, Ziyu came to her room and saw Niang Hui sitting in front of the dressing table combing her hair carefully, looking at Niang Hui's beautiful face in the mirror Yu's heart twitched. Niang Hui smiled sweetly, "Your husband is serious, Niang Hui is willing to wear it for you as many times as possible. … Continue reading"The Red Wedding Dress On The Lonely Tree" Ghost Stories From Liaozhai Online Reading

Chapter 165 Corpse Slough

Xiaoyue nodded: "Yes, Nika said that her master knew that this disease was called 'corpse slough', but he lived in seclusion in the Blue Moon Valley." "Corpse slough? "Daoist Xufeng was taken aback when he heard this, and said slowly, "In the "Supreme Secret Essentials" written by Yu Wenyong, Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, there was a record of 'corpse solution', which is called 'husband's corpse solution, the transformation of form. The real practice of sloughing off, the escaping and changing of the body, is like a cicada leaving skin and changing its bones. Those who lose their bones or only leave bones or clothes are all called cadaveric solutions. I don't know if this "corpse sloughing" is the same. … Continue readingChapter 165 Corpse Slough

Chapter 221

Xue Daochan quickly mobilized Qingmang to fight back, but unexpectedly, he suddenly felt the gates of Lingdao, Tongli, Yinxi, and Shenmen acupoints lined up side by side at the Shaoyin Heart Meridian on his wrist opened wide at the same time, and the true energy in his body gushed out like a flood. Daoist Jia's face suddenly changed when he saw it from the side, and he exclaimed: "Bardo sucking corpse!" Although this evil "bardo sucking corpse" is extremely vicious, it is not up to the ability to suck people from the air. At this point, master, be careful, don't get close to him. Guo Pu's "Corpse Suction" is his nemesis. Once he eats the marrow and knows the taste, he can't control it, and he can't stop it. … Continue readingChapter 221

Chapter 70

The name of the deceased was Shenjiro, and his elder brother would come from Iwate Prefecture, Japan in the near future. It is said that this person was an onmyoji with a great reputation in Japan, and wanted to personally participate in the investigation of the case. Xu Feng pondered for a moment, then said: "Didn't there be a corpse robbery case in Babaoshan last year?" Taoist Master Xufeng thought for a moment and asked, "Where is the file of the last corpse robbery case?" This incident probably has something to do with the Hakka nanny, Xu Feng thought to himself, this case happened a few days after she came to Beijing, she must have secretly stolen Shenjiro's body for You Liang to heal his broken arm. … Continue readingChapter 70

Immortal Cthulhu 3 Chapter 226 Long Road To Rivers And Lakes

Everyone on the top of the West Peak suddenly had hallucinations, as if they had returned to the ancient prehistoric era. The moon and stars are thin, and the space between heaven and earth has returned to its original state. Qin Shihuang's army of Yin soldiers disappeared two thousand years ago, and the souls of tens of thousands of soldiers were imprisoned in the ghost pot. "Amitabha, between the heaven and the earth, there are five distinct ways, good and evil are repaid, misfortunes and blessings are inherited, and there is no one to replace you. Youliang looked miserable and didn't want to say anything. He slung his backpack and Erya supported each other Walking down the mountain, there will be a long river and lake road waiting for them. … Continue readingImmortal Cthulhu 3 Chapter 226 Long Road To Rivers And Lakes