Ghost Stories At Home

The old people in the village often say that ghosts are also very romantic sometimes. They will run out of the grave after dark and come to the village to desecrate those young and beautiful girls and daughters-in-law. This kind of situation is called ghost rape. From this point of view, that black shadow is Liu Ermao’s ghost. It turned out that Liu Ermao was very romantic when he was alive, and he didn’t want to be lonely after death, but even came to be a ghost. Li Shen discovered the reason, and immediately invited a yin-yang Taoist priest who knows yin and yang to come to the house. Yin-yang felt that the yin energy was very heavy, so he asked Li Shen to refine the oil. Liu Ermao’s ghost caught him and killed him. … Continue readingGhost Stories At Home

Snake In Dream

Sister Liu hesitated for a moment and said, “Remember, your mother probably won’t live long. If you dream about that snake next time, don’t be afraid. The snake is hungry. You must give it something to feed.” Feed it, must remember! After the snake ate the apple, he looked at her helplessly, saw that she didn’t continue to feed him apples, waited for a while, and then left… Sister Liu couldn’t stop saying that Li Fen was so stupid, why didn’t she take the apple in her hand? The snake eats all the apples? Finally, my mother said, if you dream of that snake again, just beat it to death. I don’t believe there will be any results. … Continue readingSnake In Dream

Shame’s Revenge

Ghost House February 08, 2022 [Hospital Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Font:] Introduction I have been a doctor for almost eight years, and I watch people live and die every day. I have been a doctor for almost eight years, and I watch people’s life and death every day. If possible, I really want to leave this spooky house. By coincidence, I walked over and picked up the frame. It was a family portrait of Gerry’s family. Suddenly, a faint shadow appeared on the photo. She really existed, she really came for revenge, she really came. revenge … Continue readingShame’s Revenge

Good Soul And Evil

The friend said: “Don’t be afraid. Although I am dead, I am going to the Yin Division. Before I leave, I will meet you and talk about my friendship, and I will leave in a while. My husband felt a chill and felt bad, so he rushed out the door. Then The friend was so stiff that he couldn’t climb the tree, nor could he jump up the tree, so he bit the tree with his mouth and grabbed it with his hands. The sound was horrible. The Taoist priest told him that people have three souls and seven souls, and it was the soul of the friend who talked to him, and then The soul is gone, leaving the po. The soul is good and the po is evil, and the seven po are the source of evil spirits, so they want to harm you. … Continue readingGood Soul And Evil


Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to sing, some people like to read books, and I like to listen to stories, or it is more appropriate to say that I like to listen to supernatural stories, and I don’t hesitate to spend money on stories. My name is Ye Tian, ​​and I am an ordinary office worker, but I have a very different hobby, which is to collect supernatural stories. The number of living beings means that they can feed so many people, and they often die of starvation and disease. There is no end, I finally knew why he was fat in vain at that time, it turned out that he was a cannibal! … Continue readingCannibalism

Be Careful When Texting In The Middle Of The Night

All three of them sat excitedly by their phones, waiting for a text message from “hell”. 10 minutes passed, and there was no movement on the phone, “Xiaojing, I didn’t reply to the text message, how could there be hell in the world? Xiaojing’s phone lay quietly on the table, I don’t know if there will be any messages from hell tonight. Suddenly, I thought of a problem, a problem that none of us had thought about before: Even if these text messages are sent from hell, there should be someone who sent the message or a ghost. … Continue readingBe Careful When Texting In The Middle Of The Night

Scaring Friend’s Sister

This is what my mother and grandma told me. They said that before the age of 7, my sister would make a lot of noise when she was sleeping. After Grandpa died, my sister and I moved in to sleep with Grandma. For a few days, my grandmother would hear my sister yelling “don’t arrest me, I don’t want to go”, and my sister would keep kicking, but couldn’t wake up at dawn. Grandma shook her sister awake as she yelled to make sure she was awake. I slept right and was very unhappy when I was woken up: “What’s the hurry? My friend was already screaming: “I beg you not to call your sister. … Continue readingScaring Friend’s Sister