Interview With The Vampire

The chat room announcement said: Dark vampires have entered the chat room. He clearly remembered that the name "Dark Vampire" was registered by himself, and no one knew the password, so who is this Dark Vampire now? He said to the dark vampire, "Who are you?" The dark said, "I am a vampire." The dark said: "I am a vampire. The dark said: "But I am really a vampire, this is an indisputable fact. Feeling something was wrong, he found that the dark vampire's speech was followed by a sticker, which was the face of a zombie. "He exited the chat room, started IPXRAY, and searched for the IP of the dark vampire. … Continue readingInterview With The Vampire

Ghost Force 2 Chapter 145 Special Countermeasures.

"Can the supernatural power still stop me in the sixth-level ghost domain?" Failed, the ghost can still prevent me from approaching the little girl under certain special circumstances, this is not an ordinary ghost. Such a terrifying ghost is in the hands of a little girl with an unstable temperament, which is a dangerous thing in itself. His ghost hand is still effective against the ghost, but the strange figure just now was too scary, and it actually suppressed his ghost hand. Yang Jian and him were defined as bad guys, they couldn't see Zhao Xiaoya, but it turned out that Yang Jian was lucky enough to directly create a person with supernatural powers, and then successfully bypassed that rule with the help of this special human medium. … Continue readingGhost Force 2 Chapter 145 Special Countermeasures.

Dwarf Mule Ghost Capital Assassin

Several masked men were chasing after them desperately, and seeing that they were about to be overtaken, a group of soldiers patrolling the night suddenly came in front, and the short soldiers shouted: "Brothers, help me, there are assassins behind! The shopkeeper is also my accomplice. Seeing that I was imprisoned, he had some doubts about me, but he was killed as soon as he saw me and went back. Your soldiers guard me every day. I can't explain clearly to my accomplices. In this way, Those accomplices must think that I have a different heart, so they keep sending assassins to kill me to silence me. … Continue readingDwarf Mule Ghost Capital Assassin

A Vanished Mortuary Watchman (2)

So, everyone told everyone about the past events in the mortuary in detail, and then went home to sleep. Now the kid she left in front of the morgue has been caught, and we can clear the grass tomorrow morning. When the others heard that the mage had captured the little ghosts outside the morgue, everyone clapped their hands and applauded. Ten minutes later, the mage said to Sun Wei: "Go, go and see the dead body of the child. I put the little ghosts outside the mortuary. It was a warning to them not to harass my daughter. What happened?" … Continue readingA Vanished Mortuary Watchman (2)

Zhang's Paradox: Will-o'-the-wisp

I kept pestering her and listening to her tell me ghost stories. I don’t know why I love listening to her so much. Maybe it’s because these stories are all experienced by her, which makes me feel very real. Bar. I remember one time she told a story that scared me so much that I never dared to walk at night, and that story was related to will-o’-the-wisps. But the good times didn't last long, the road that was originally bright turned dark again, it seems that it is not a good ghost to cling to grandma, there is no one around in the pitch black, grandma can't find anything that can give her courage, the only one The one in his hand is the hoe. … Continue readingZhang's Paradox: Will-o'-the-wisp

"Taiping Guangji" Folk Ghost Stories

Lao Wang is considered a landlord, but he does not deceive others with his wealth. The child was neither serious nor serious, but tossed the big turtle to death. The teacher knew that if Lao Wang knew that his son had tossed to death such a big turtle, he would definitely make a mess. Tell the child, if your father beats you when you go back, ask him to ask Mr. Taiping Guangji to read. As the teacher expected, Lao Wang heard from the villagers at night that his son had killed a huge turtle, and he went home to settle accounts with Xiao Wang. So what if a big tortoise has no spirituality and comes to my house? So I took down Taiping Guangji and told him: There was once a fisherman named Zhang Huzi who caught a big fish in his net every day. … Continue reading"Taiping Guangji" Folk Ghost Stories

Dark Horror Stories: Blossom Of Bones Full Text

The color of the soil under the flowers was an unusual grayish white, which was a bit weird. She turned her head to one side, and Sun Han followed her gaze. The flower named "Samsara" on the bed was gently swaying its bright red body, and a woman's face appeared faintly on the flower, with a sad face but eyes stared at him coldly. Sun Han suddenly understood something, and struggled in panic: No, you can't feed 'Samsara' with my blood, please, don't! … Continue readingDark Horror Stories: Blossom Of Bones Full Text

Mirror Lake

The old lady explained: "A girl once died in this lake. This girl jumped into the lake with resentment and committed suicide. After that, several young offspring died, and the wounds had the girl's fingernail marks. Go away, night Don't come to the lake. At the same time, he turned his head and looked at Yuxuan, who said, "Okay, I'll also see what this ghost looks like. The most important thing is that I want to know how she died, and see if I can resolve it." Her resentment, it is best not to have another unfortunate murder here. Li Shang gave Yu Xuan a thumbs up: "Yu Xuan, if you were to be named on the gold list, you must be a master of Qingtian, who can think of resolving ghosts' grievances. … Continue readingMirror Lake

Devil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

"Meeting and chatting with such a netizen, I know that I must have the courage to face death as home." I don't know if I am lucky to receive Mr. Devil's advice. Ruzi has only a half-knowledge of "Tao", and he has never understood it, so he is restrained in action, depressed and aggrieved, and it can be said to be mediocre. "Mr. Devil continued to speak softly: "The Tao is to people, indistinct, indistinct, indistinct, 'Looking ahead, suddenly behind'. Therefore, it is said that in pursuit of faith, why bother with life and death, why bother with ascetic practice, and why bother with sensuality. Mr. Devil turned his face and said to me: "Without contradiction, there is no world." … Continue readingDevil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

Huang Chang Slaying Ghosts And Ascension To Immortals Chapter 48 Roll Call Certificate

They saw the bandit leader's face sinking like water, and the whole temple was filled with murderous aura, and they knew that they would die this time, and everyone was like sifting chaff. But Blind Chen said: "Many of our brothers were lost in the ancient tomb of Pingshan. Blind Chen was originally sitting in the hall, but now he stood up and bowed to the phoenix chicken, and said to the deacon: "According to the old red eyebrow rule, this is the name certificate of the red chicken. It does not use literary or military talent. It depends on the brother's eloquence." . … Continue readingHuang Chang Slaying Ghosts And Ascension To Immortals Chapter 48 Roll Call Certificate