Infatuated Flower Soul

You left in a hurry in the last life, please take your time in this life, okay?

As an older "old man" among Gardenias, I enjoy the bathing in the sunshine. I loved Gardenias during my lifetime. After my death, I did not want to be reincarnated and only wanted to be a Gardenia, just to wait for one person, a person. The person I loved very much when I was alive, I heard from Grandpa Yama that he was reincarnated here.

I watched him grow from a little carrot to a young man, becoming more and more handsome. He also likes gardenias very much. Maybe it’s the vague memories of his life that make him fall in love with them. He would always come and touch the flowers, and then I would always kick my sisters away and move to him, and I enjoyed his touch until he went to college far away from home.

After all, he is an old man who has absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon. For him, I am willing to become a human and use the means to enter that school.

But I didn't resort to any tricks when I was in the same class as him. I clung to him as soon as he came, and he gradually became willing to contact me from the state of alienation from me. He said that because I had a faint fragrance of gardenia on my body, I knew I had succeeded.

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In the next few months, I grew so handsome that I clung to him every day except when he went to the toilet. Over time, he got used to my presence, and we slowly fell in love.

I gradually forget that I am a gardenia, but I still remember it when I drink a lot of water every day. He always laughs at me and says, only I know why you always drink so much water.

I won't be with him at night because I have to absorb the moonlight so that my abilities will be good.

One night I was too lazy to go and followed him secretly to surprise him, but I found him holding a girl and kissing her. I couldn't believe it at all. I was furious. I had liked the older and handsome Kuai Song for so many years, and he just… Like me for so many days!

It happened that someone was peeling an apple next to me, so I used my telekinesis knife to stab you girl hard. Seeing that girl's blood spurting out like a fountain, I felt endless excitement in my blood!

Look Handsome

I saw him turning his head to look at me in shock and asking me loudly why I was here.

I told him angrily that I was here to catch someone raping him, but that was fine, the mistress was already dead anyway, hahahaha.

"Are you happy that she is dead?" He looked at me angrily.

"Of course, she snatched my boyfriend, and then she died. How could I be unhappy?" I looked at him sullenly.

"Pah – let me tell you, even if she dies, I won't like you! Vicious woman!" I covered my face and watched him dial 120.

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I swear! I must make all the mistresses pay their debts with blood! In the blink of an eye, I saw that bitch woman on the ground, haha, she was almost dead! I used my telekinesis again, and the knife was cutting straight towards that woman.

"Oh… no… how could this happen!" I saw him roaring in pain, and as for me, wouldn't I feel even more distressed!

I couldn't hold it any longer, so I hid among the flowers and turned into a withered gardenia. If there was no moon today, I would really be dead.

The cell phone that fell aside kept playing a tune. I saw the call was from him, but I didn't have the ability to answer it.

The next day I thought I was lucky I survived! I want this school to be filled with blood!

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I put on my colored glasses and looked at these all kinds of bad men and women, full of contempt. I want to eliminate harm for the people!

I took out my saber and chopped each one. Screams, sirens, and the smell of blood filled the entire campus.

I numbly chopped off one pair after another until I saw a worried figure. When I saw him dragging his tired body, I thought that he must be working very hard to take care of that woman!!

All I can say is that I cut out your large intestine without mercy!

"What on earth are you doing!!!!" He ran past me, "Hey, please wake up a little bit! Stop doing this!" He slapped me twice!

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"I told you I want these mistresses to be buried with me!" I picked up the saber and stabbed him hard!

"No!!!!" I felt my body slowly disappear. "I don't want to leave!!" It turns out that I have become one with him!

I couldn't hear him shouting.

Many years later, I can no longer remember who it is, but there is always a small gardenia flower by my side that I can’t get rid of.

"Why are you always following me? I really hate you!" I looked at him angrily.

"Haha, you left too fast in the last life, I am here to follow you in this life!"

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