Campus Ghost Stories

Shi Enlai was a junior high school student. His parents spent money to find a key middle school in the city and put him in it. After checking in for him, he left.

Shi Enlai also studied hard in school, because he lived in a poor family since he was a child, and knew how much his parents spent to get him to this key middle school.

Shi Enlai felt that he had nothing to give back to his parents. He could only study hard and let his parents live a good life in the future. Therefore, every day Shi Enlai listened to every word the teacher said in class, and even went to the study room consciously at night. Prepare for tomorrow’s homework.

Although the ranking is not too high, it can be regarded as the upper middle class. Shi Enlai told his parents about the latest test results downstairs. The parents were very happy when they heard it, and asked Shi Enlai to do well at school on the phone. To study, you can call yourself if you need anything, and your parents hang up the phone after saying a few words over there.

After seeing the call, Shi Enlai put his mobile phone in his trouser pocket and walked upstairs to the study room. The study room was on the fifth floor, and only this floor was a study room, and the fourth floor downstairs was a grocery room.

As for why the school didn’t put the study room downstairs, there is no way to know. When Shi Enlai came upstairs, there were more than a dozen people sitting in the study room. Shi Enlai walked over to find a place, sat down, and took out his textbook. Just prepping.

Bit by bit, Shi Enlai fell asleep on the table before he knew it. When he woke up again, there were only two or three people left in Nuoda’s study room.

When Shi Enlai woke up, he rubbed his sleepy eyes and walked over to the person in front of him to ask. He patted his shoulder and didn’t speak, only to see the boy slowly turning around.

Shi Enlai couldn’t say what he said in his mouth, because when he saw the man, no, he couldn’t say he was human. He saw that his face was rotting, and the worms were turning around in the flesh and blood. It was even more terrifying. It was the boy’s eyeball still hanging in the socket.

At this time, the two people sitting in front also turned around and were chased by ghosts in the middle of the night . They were exactly the same as the boy just now. I couldn’t help it, and ran out with a strange cry!

In the corridor, the lights flickered, and then Peng’s rang, and then it would not light up again. Shi Enlai kept running towards the stairs in the dark, running downstairs from the stairs, and the stairwell Pieces of the wall skin fell off, revealing a pair of dry arms.

Shi Enlai was accidentally grabbed by a pair of hands that suddenly appeared on the handrail of the stairs, and a piece of flesh and blood was torn off instantly . When I smelled the smell of blood, I became more excited, so I ran towards the bottom with a whimper, and soon caught up with Shi Enlai in front.

Shi Enlai felt that something was wrong at this time. The fifth floor had only been running for more than ten minutes. What the hell was going on?

Shi Enlai wanted to stop and look at what was going on, but the whining behind him made him not dare to stop for a moment. He just took a rest and then ran towards the bottom.

At this moment, a bright light suddenly appeared at the corner of the stairs. Shi Enlai couldn’t bear this feeling any longer. He ran towards the bright light, only to realize that it was a door when he opened it. It is a flat and smooth concrete road.

At that time, Shi Enlai didn’t think too much and went out, but at this moment, the scene changed, where is the concrete floor, the surrounding floors are constantly reflecting, and the heads of different people appear in front of him. Immediately after, he fell to the ground with grace.

Shi Enlai knew that he didn’t know that everything just now was a dream of his own. The terrifying people who appeared in the dream were all illusory. It was his sleepwalking that killed him.

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