Miao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

Is it better to be a submarine soldier or a naval soldier

About "Heart Gu"

"Heart Gu" is somewhat similar to "Peach Blossom Gu". But there is a big difference between the two. The difference is that one is that both parties agree and love each other with all their hearts. Once one party changes their minds, both of them will die. One is unilateral intention, cast a curse to seduce, once it is broken, it will backfire, and the person who cast the curse will die. But usually, no one can break the Peach Blossom Gu. Because I can't realize it.

I heard from my grandmother that when she was young, there used to be a very beautiful girl in the village. Many people admired her, but no one could get her. This girl has a lot of alcohol, and the pure glutinous rice wine brewed in the village (which is very different from the one sold by Fenghuang now), she doesn't care if she drinks a catty or two by herself. Her archery (drawing a bow and shooting arrows.) is very good, and her knife skills are also good. She often goes hunting in the mountains with her father. Later, she went out of the stockade with her father to sell leather, and after returning, she became a little abnormal, often distracted, and often went up the mountain alone while drinking. Her father thought that the girl had something on her mind and it was not easy to ask, so he let her go, thinking that it would be fine in a few days anyway.

(Grandma mentioned this girl's name when she told me, but I forgot, so I will use "girl" instead)

(When I heard this, I thought it was because the girl met the young man she liked at the market, and she started to fall in love when she came back. I didn't know it was not that simple.)

In this way, life is still going on as usual, the girl still follows her father up the mountain, laughs and jokes with her companions, but there is always a little melancholy in the corners of her eyes and brows.

Grandma had a good time with her at that time, so she asked her if the legend of elves and ghost soldiers was easy to use , and if she had a sweetheart (it seems to be the same as what I thought), the girl sighed heavily, and said, I don’t Know. Anyway, I always feel that something is missing in my heart.

Grandma laughed at her, her heart was given to someone else, of course it was missing.

She said very seriously, no, it is what you think.

Grandma said that she was still young at that time, and she didn't understand what was wrong with the girl, and she couldn't understand what she wanted to express, and she didn't take it to heart. After a while of laughing and laughing, I forgot about it.

After the accumulation of skins reached a certain level, the girl and father went out of the village again, but when they came back, they only saw father alone. Grandma asked Dad about the girl, but Dad didn't speak.

Grandma said that Dad looked very serious, and she felt a little scared when she saw it, so she didn't ask.

It took three days until the girl came back. When she came back, she happily came to find her grandmother and invited her to go into the water (swim) together.

Grandma was very curious, so she asked what happened to her. The girl was very mysterious, and said with a smile on her face, "I won't tell you."

(I guess, it should be that she went to find the sweetheart she met last time, and what happened)

Life is still like this (the life in Miao Village is very simple, how to live a day, it is the same way to live a year),

But the change in the girl was astonishing.

The first one to discover was grandma (according to this, grandma should have been close friends with her at that time), the girl stopped going up the mountain with daddy, but went out of the village a few times, her complexion became worse every time, and the wine she drank worse every time. More than once, even drunk. Grandma asked her, but she didn't say anything.

Later, everyone could see it, because they couldn't hide it anymore. The girl's belly is getting bigger.

(I vaguely guessed that it might be a vulgar drama about "the infatuated woman betrays her heart". Later facts proved that I was only half right.)

Miao Village implements "family law", the so-called law, no one in the village takes it seriously (of course, no one probably knows about it). An unmarried girl is pregnant, that is an earth-shattering thing. But the Miao people are simple and honest, they only ask the girl to tell the man's name and which village he belongs to, and they don't deal with him. Instead, he sent her to that village. But the girl said nothing. Grandma said that the girl told her later that it wasn't that she didn't tell, but that she didn't know either. (Really avant-garde,)

The girl's belly is getting bigger day by day, and the patience of the people in the village is getting less and less day by day. They will never tolerate a "wild species" being born in their land. Tell me what the family law is, just say it's cruel). Father pleaded for the girl at the beginning, but the girl still couldn't tell the origin of the child. Seeing that, she could only wait for death.

However, a turning point appeared at this time——

This turning point is when the sorceress in Linjiadong (the sorceress in Miao village is not the kind of sorcerer who pretends to be a ghost, she is just a title, there are men and women, similar to the big head-down master, in the Miao nationality, very status) to the village I went there, originally to find a kind of medicinal material. After I went to the village, I heard about this and went to see the girl. When he saw it, he said, no, things are not that simple. Then he asked Dad in a sharp voice, what happened in the market? Who did you meet? Dad was just smoking pipes there, and grandma said that she was anxious at that time (I think, it should be just curiosity), until the bag of cigarettes was almost exhausted, Dad said, we met Hei Miao (Miao nationality) There are three of them, and we chatted for a while, the girl and them drank wine together, and then we went back to the village. But I don't think there is anything wrong, we all have tattoos, and our clothes also show that we are Gu seedlings, so they won't dare to provoke them.

The sorceress took a look at Dad, and said angrily, hum, the Gu seedlings capsized in the gutter! The girl was given a "Peach Blossom Gu"! Moreover, within two months, I fell into the "Heart Gu" again! Stupid to the extreme!

No one who listened was not surprised, (grandmother told me that if the peach blossom Gu and the heart Gu are together, no one can solve it, and if you betray the original intention of the Gu, you will definitely die) The girl is a Gu seedling. How could someone be so careless and be deceived by others? Besides, if the person who dropped the Gu was that black seedling man, where did they know how to drop the Peach Blossom Gu and the Gu worms of the Peach Blossom Gu? (There are many kinds of Gu, which require the use of Gu insects)

Everyone was puzzled, and then the sorceress said, "You send a few strong men to follow me to the village of Heimiao. Girls, don't move. When the matter is clear, you can do whatever you want."

(The sorceress and the others went to Heimiao, and grandma didn't know exactly what happened after they went to Heimiao. She only learned about it later, after hearing others talk about it.)

After the sorceress and the others came back, they talked to Father, and Father's face turned pale immediately, he lowered his head, and said nothing.

At this time the girl came out, and she asked, what happened to the sorceress Abo (this name is very strange, but the sorceress is indeed a man), the father of the child.

The sorceress looked at her and asked, did you know that he had a peach blossom Gu?

The girl said, at the beginning, I didn't know, but I just felt that someone was always calling me, and I always dreamed of a person, telling me to find him.

The sorcerer asked again, then why, do you want to fall into the heart? Have you figured out what's going on with him? Have you asked him what he wants?

The girl is very light, but said very stubbornly, he said that as long as he can be with me, he will not be afraid of death!

The sorceress took a look at her (grandmother said, she looked at the side, and could feel the sorcerer's sharp look, which made people tremble all over), then turned her head and said to daddy, girl, you are from the village, but the bastard , cannot stay in the stockade. That black Miao guy must be dealt with too!

(It’s so scary, what do you mean by “disposing of it”? Kill it? I found out later, it’s much worse than killing it–)

At this time, the girl yelled like crazy, no, you can't get rid of my child! He won't want him! He knew that I had fallen into a gu! He won't take his own life as a joke!

The sorceress looked at the girl with a very pitiful look, and said, at this time, are you still deceiving yourself? Does your chest not hurt? Does your nose not bleed? Is your sanity clear-headed every moment? Didn't your Gu worm give you any information? (Grandma said that it was a symptom of heart attack)

The girl still didn't give up, she shook her head desperately, and shouted, no, no, no!

The sorceress ignored her, walked away on her own, and brought a dozen strong men to Heimiao to ask for someone.

Father looked at the girl in pain and sighed uncontrollably.

Grandma walked over to sit next to the girl at this time, and kept asking her what's the matter, is it easy to use ghost soldiers , why do you need a heart-wrenching gu? Did it really start happening? The girl said nothing. At this time, grandma saw the girl's nosebleed, purple-black nosebleed. Grandma understands everything.

Three days later, the sorceress came back, and came back together with a man my grandmother didn't know, probably the "black Miao man" (the Miao village has some customary rules, for example, breaking the rules of other people's villages , Other people’s villages come to ask for people, and generally they will not protect their shortcomings, not to mention, those who come to ask for people are Gu Miao, who can’t afford to be provoked by anyone).

The witch locked the black Miao man into a hut, then went to the girl, and told her, "Girl, this man once rescued people in our clan. That man taught him peach blossom Gu and gave him a Gu worms, but did not tell him the consequences of playing this Gu. And when you told him that you wanted to set the heart Gu, he accepted it sincerely at the time, but when he returned to his village and realized the horror of the heart Gu , and began to look for someone to solve the Gu, but how can you find someone to solve the heart Gu. And he has been coming to you for a long time to fulfill his promise, so the Gu insects began to bite back. At the same time, you appeared The situation of backlash. Now, I will help you get rid of the wild species in your stomach, and then you will follow me and kill him with your own hands. Then I will do it again, then you still have a chance to survive. Otherwise, you can only die together.

(Grandma said that she was already trembling at the time, and she knew exactly what it means to "get rid of him with her own hands)

The girl looked at the sorceress in horror, and shouted, "No! You can't! You can't!"

But the sorceress stretched her hand through the skirt of her chest at this time. When the girl saw it, she couldn't stop backing away. But how big a house can be, what should I do if I backed to the end? The people in the room only dared to stand there, Even when venting her anger, she became cautious—the sorceress took out a scorpion from her skirt, grabbed the girl's hand, put the scorpion on it, muttered to herself for less than a minute, and touched the girl's face , the girl turned pale instantly, grandma hurried over, supported the girl, and sat on the chair.

(Grandma said that she was shaking constantly, and when she was holding the girl, she didn't know if the girl was shaking too)

The sorceress said again, sit down for a while, and go to the Pingzi in ten minutes. Others, come out with me.

Grandma stayed with the girl all the time, so she didn't go out with her. At this time, the girl said something, it's over, everything is over.

After a while, grandma helped the girl out. (I have always wondered, grandma always said that the girl is a very violent woman, but why did she not resist from the beginning to the end? Did she not dare? Or could she not?)

(Grandmother said that when she arrived in Pingli, she had to bite her mouth hard to keep from screaming, and the girl no longer had the strength to stand—-)

A pillar was erected on the ground, and the pointed end was inserted into the soil, several fires were ignited, and the witch's body was covered with centipedes and scorpions. His face turned purple.

That black Miao man has already lost control of his urine (grandmother said, the men of the Miao family are all very tough and can make him lose control of his urine, one is because the scene is too scary, and the other is that the Miao people know how to offend Gu Miao. The fate of death, early death, is a blessing)

(Then why does this black Miao guy want to provoke a girl? He even dares to trick her? Maybe he is too young? Maybe he is too ignorant? It doesn’t make sense. I can’t figure it out. I don’t want to, just listen to the story.)

At this time, two people came over and brought a bucket of blood from an unknown animal. The sorceress took a sip and put a small centipede into her mouth (really disgusting). After a while, she opened her mouth and the centipede crawled out. The sorceress held the centipede, walked up to the girl, stretched out her hand, and said, go, feed it to him. Let him swallow it.

(Grandma said that at that time she had the feeling of incontinence. Although she grew up in the village, it was the first time she saw such a scene)

The girl shook her head desperately while shouting no! At this time, the sorceress said again, go, if you want to survive. Even if you don't go, he will still die, and the death will be different and prettier than now.

The girl moved in front of the man in a steady step, and the man actually cried, crying for the girl to let him go, and he couldn't afford to disagree anymore.

The girl looked back at the sorceress, who said firmly, go, let him swallow it. Then he nodded to the two people on the left and right of the man.

One of the two pinched the man's mouth to make him open, and the other grabbed his hair from behind to make him look up. The girl stepped forward, picked up the centipede, and placed it on the man's open mouth. Above, the centipede began to spit out a kind of mucus, which dripped into the man's mouth. The man struggled at first, but gradually, as if he was a little out of his mind, he began to drool.

At this time, the sorceress said, quickly, put it in and let him swallow it!

(Grandma said that she could see that the girl was in extreme pain at that time, her face was almost distorted, and her face began to turn red)

As soon as the girl closed her eyes, she still put the centipede in, and the two people on the left and right quickly straightened his head and closed his mouth. The man's eyes seemed to be bulging out, and his throat was moving very quickly. After a while, purple-black nosebleeds began to flow out, and then his mouth also began to bleed.

(Grandma said that at this time, she was already sitting on the ground, and the girl was already on the ground)

At this time, the sorceress began to splash the man with the bucket of animal blood, muttering words while splashing, and then took off her shirt, and a snake swam out of her body, biting the man's right middle finger.

(Grandma said that the tattoos on the witch's body are like real ones. There are many kinds of poisons, and she is afraid when she sees them)

The snake came back in a short while. The sorceress pinched the snake's mouth open, drew her finger in the snake's mouth, walked up to the girl, stretched the finger out of the snake's mouth to the girl's eyes, and said, hold it in her mouth. It swallows the mucus.

The girl seemed to be in a daze. The sorceress said it twice before she realized and took the sorceress' finger.

When the girl swallowed the first mouthful of saliva, the man began to vomit, full of bugs, and then blood. Within five minutes, the man died.

(Don't doubt that he is really dead. Let alone that time, even now, if you kill someone in Shenyuan Miao Village, no one will say that you broke the law. Of course, the person you killed is a damned person. But what exactly? Damn it, I don't know either.)

The grandmother said that that scene happened when she was 16 years old. The day after the man died, the girl pulled a puddle of blood at home, and there was a pink mass similar to meat (it should be that the child dropped it). The sorceress sent someone to take the lump of meat and the man's body to the man's own village, and brought with him a sentence that was light.

In the second year, the girl and the father were taken by the sorceress to a farther village. As for which village to go to, grandma doesn't know.

When grandma said it, she had a look of fear on her face, fearing that those past events were still vivid in her mind.

(Grandma is literate and has also read books. She has recorded many past events that she can't forget. Unfortunately, more than ten diaries of hers have been buried with her… I can only search for what can be found in my memory. The recalled things are sorted into the language of the novel and written.)

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