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The story tells the story of a man who experienced a series of horrific events while watching a horror video late at night. The protagonist is used to leaving the door open for his roommate Mrs. Aarons who comes home late, but one night, he sees the terrifying face of Mrs. Aarons: her face melts, her eyes protrude, and her teeth grow, which makes him extremely panicked. He tried to protect himself by closing all the doors and windows, but the terrifying image of Mrs. Aarons kept appearing and even reached out from the TV screen to attack him, and he eventually fainted. When he woke up, Mrs. Aarons acted normal, leading him to believe that the previous horrific experience was just a nightmare. However, when a drop of liquid falls in front of him, he looks up and sees Mrs. Aarons's terrifying face and realizes that everything is real. He fainted again and never woke up. At midnight the next day, he woke up as a ghost and found his body mangled with blood. He was delighted rather than frightened, and at last he entered Mrs. Aarons's room and found her dead of gas poisoning. As he laughed, his figure gradually blurred and disappeared.

It's late at night and I'm still watching horror videos – that's my hobby. The vampires on the TV screen are drinking human blood with relish.

The door outside the apartment is open for Mrs. Aarons. The security here is very good, and I don't have to worry about any uninvited guests at night.

Mrs. Aarons is a very beautiful woman. She likes to dance. She likes it very much. She will not come back until the clock strikes midnight every time. As her roommate, I am very familiar with this and also very fond of it. I'm used to waiting for her to come back and then closing the door. I feel like it's something I have to do every day, but I can't think of the reason. Maybe it's just because she is my friend.

"Ding -" the alarm clock rang, it was midnight, "click" the door outside also rang, "Alens is back." I thought, she was still on time. I walked out of my room as usual and prepared to go to the hall downstairs to close the door – Aarons hated closing the door, so there was really nothing I could do about it.

The corridor is quiet, and the lights above are shining brightly. But for some reason, the lights that make me feel at ease on weekdays always give me a bleak and cold feeling today. Maybe it's because of my horror movies. Too many. The corridor echoed with the sound of my footsteps alone, and I did not meet Aarons. When we came to the hall, the door was open. No one came in? I thought so, because I didn't hear any footsteps and the hall was eerily quiet. This makes me feel a little uncomfortable, so I'd better close the door. I approached the door and tried to close it. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a face through the wide crack in the open door. The face was melting like wax, dripping with a mixture of flesh and blood. The eyelids had melted away, and the eyes were protruding. Almost about to fall out, two weird long teeth protruded from under the opened lips, and it smiled sinisterly. I knew that was the expression on that face, and that dress… belonged to Allensi! If I hadn't watched too many horror movies, I think I would have fainted. "Bang" I closed the door hard and locked it. Not daring to waste a second, I closed and locked all the windows. Turning on all the fluorescent lights, I fled back to my room. I trembled and locked the windows in my room. I knew how scared I was because I was the only one in this huge villa! The moment I left the window, Aarons suddenly appeared outside the window. She was so close to me, separated only by a layer of glass. Her head and body were pressed against the glass, as if she would squeeze closer at any moment. She showed me that weird smile just now. I screamed and closed the curtains with a "swish". My teeth were chattering and I almost collapsed. In shock, I sat back in front of the TV because it was the furthest place from the doors and windows. But when I saw the picture on the screen, I was suffocated. On it was Aarons's ferocious smile and… my neck was chewed into a piece of blood! Before I had time to react, Aarons' hand suddenly stretched out of the screen, with long bright red nails and dripping liquid. I fainted immediately…

I felt someone pushing me, and when I woke up, I found it was Aarons. She still had a beautiful face and a beautiful voice, "Did you have a nightmare?" I was startled, and then I shook my head mockingly. It seemed that I really I’ve watched too many horror movies, and even dreaming about that kind of scary stuff. "That's good, I thought you were having a nightmare!" I lowered my head and thought to myself, "That was really a terrible nightmare!" Suddenly a drop of liquid dropped in front of me. When I looked up, my blood He froze immediately – it was not a dream at all, Aarons's terrifying face was right in front of him! I fainted again, but never got up again. In my trance, I seemed to hear Aarons’ harsh laughter…

At midnight the next day, I woke up and saw my own bloody body in front of me. I was not surprised or scared, but I was very happy! I drifted into Aarons' room and saw ghosts with my eyes , but found that she had died in the bathroom because of gas poisoning. I smiled and laughed, my figure gradually blurred, I floated in the corridor, my eyes saw the ghost , and finally disappeared completely.

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Story rating:

The story is narrated in the first person, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the fear and helplessness of the protagonist. The horror elements in the story, such as melting faces, protruding eyes, and long teeth, as well as the protagonist's repeated fainting and waking up, create a tense and terrifying atmosphere. At the end of the story, the protagonist appears in the form of a ghost and discovers that both himself and Mrs. Aarons are dead, adding a layer of supernatural mystery to the story.Overall, this is a plot that is tight, suspenseful and thrilling.

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