Bloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

Following the old woman's fingers, Qian Bugou saw eye-catching blood stains. Qian Bugou discovered that not only these two people, but also others were the same. They were either possessed by demons or had lost their souls, like stiff and soulless corpses. "The cold hand pushed Qian Bugou down the black whirlpool with a gentle push. The tree trunk shook coldly, and a few drops of liquid dripped down and fell on Qian Bugou's lips. The bloody tip of the knife rested on Qian Bugou's lips. Putting it on his chest…he fainted. … Continue readingBloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

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When Che Gui was sixteen years old, he once held a ghost festival, which made the villagers talk endlessly. Now, more than ten years later, if anyone mentions the Che Gui Ghost Fair, they still treat it as a ghost story, and it can be said that it only takes one or two cigarettes. After walking for a while, he suddenly saw a row of lights in front of him. There were shadows of buildings in the lights, which looked like a street. He wondered: "Why is there a street here?" … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

Short Ghost Story

The old lady must have slept in the west room as she was lying in the shadows. This is not a bad thing for me. But I said, look what a good theme this is, forests and swamps, you know, such scenery is rare. As Lu Man's lover walked away, he muttered, "I don't believe that guarding a big cesspool can be sentimental and classy. No, I must find Lu Man, no matter she is a human or a ghost, I will do it." Find out. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

"The Miracle Through Time" Gasket Love Ghost Story Online Reading

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Dong decided to take her back to his hometown. Although his mother was gone, the old house was still there. Yang Dong’s roots were there. Yang Dong felt a sense of security every time he returned there. Yang Dong believed in his mother’s spirit in heaven. It will give you inspiration. I really feel like I've been here before. Really, I seem to have been here before, but I can't remember whether it was in a dream or reality. … Continue reading"The Miracle Through Time" Gasket Love Ghost Story Online Reading

The Pig That Can Lay Gold

He was very surprised: "Why is there gold in the pig manure of Shi Sheng's family? The old rich man was so angry that he ran home and wanted to kill all the pigs that could not produce "gold". But then he thought: "What if then? A little pig makes gold every day. If you raise it for three to five years, won't it be able to pile up a hill of golden gold? The next day, Shi Sheng bought two large barrels of good wine from the city, invited all the poor people in the village, and killed all the big pigs. … Continue readingThe Pig That Can Lay Gold

Chapter 748: The Identity Of The Tomb Owner

Most people in the circle know the file information of the Starving Ghost. After all, it has been so long since it happened and it is no longer possible to hide it from each other, so they also know the role that the coffin nail played in that supernatural incident. Sun Rui said: "So we have to deliver this letter to Mrs. Liu in the coffin? … Continue readingChapter 748: The Identity Of The Tomb Owner

Ancient Horror Stories: Short Stories From Northeast China Read Online

In the past, many people in the Northeast were hunters. One day, a Northeastern Han man named Jiao Fengyuan went hunting. After walking in the mountains for several days, I didn't even see a rabbit, but I was almost out of food. He was very surprised because Ge Laosan was old and in poor health, so he never went hunting in the mountains. After all, he is a Northeastern man, and Jiao Fengyuan is not afraid of ghosts. There was a bloody corpse lying on the ground. It was Ge Laosan, and it was dismembered. I think it was Ge Laosan's arm. … Continue readingAncient Horror Stories: Short Stories From Northeast China Read Online

Ghost Wilderness Black Dog

It turned out that this black dog was an ordinary stray dog ​​on the streets of Guangfu City. It somehow escaped into the woods today and happened to save Wang Furen. At this time, the black dog had already killed the venomous snake. Because it often wandered the streets of Guangfu City, it was quite humane. Wang Furen was furious when he heard this, and ordered his slaves to buy three big dogs from the market, kill them, and eat the dog meat for three days. In order to avoid harm to themselves, Wang Furen's brothers mobilized the villagers to catch the dogs. … Continue readingGhost Wilderness Black Dog

Folk Talk About Monsters

But people are separated from each other and don't know what to do. I can't help but be moved when I see this kind of family property. Who knows what Song Li will plan? If you really worship me as your father, then wouldn’t this huge family fortune in front of you be all yours? He didn't hesitate in front of everyone, and directly stated his intention to come, and everyone was full of promises, saying that the adopted son of the Song family must be him. … Continue readingFolk Talk About Monsters

General Gui Ren Burns Fire

One day in the summer of this year, the vengeful Yunlong took a small bucket of yellow phosphorus and ten fire sticks and rode back to Liujing Village. Yunlong still felt resentful and threw another fire stick, and Shi Rentian became a burning person. The leader of the Taiping Army turned red with anger. Seeing this, Yunlong stood up and stepped forward: "I used my clay-burning fire stick to deal with the foreign devils' foreign-burning fire stick. I don't believe I can't defeat it! After Hong Xiuquan learned about Yunlong's deeds, he posthumously named him "General Burning Fire". … Continue readingGeneral Gui Ren Burns Fire