Haunted Night

On the second day of the haunted night, Zhang Erdan asked the witch from the neighboring village to drive away the haunted ghost. The witch also suddenly opened her mouth and said to her neighbors: "Liu Xiangju's ghost told me that this yard used to belong to their family, and she was bullied by her little cousin in this yard, so she came here to make trouble at night. After buying the yard with his father, Zhang Erdan understood why Liu Xiangju's ghost often came to the house to make trouble at night. It turned out that this place was also Liu Juxiang's home. After knowing this, he hurriedly asked the witch to cast a spell to invite Liu Xiangju's ghost Ghost. Since then, Liu Xiangju's ghost has not visited his house to make trouble overnight. … Continue readingHaunted Night

What Are Ghosts Afraid Of Buddha Statue Chapter 31 Asura Worm

"Master, do 'Asura worms' also fart? In fact, although the old monk Wuyu is proficient in Buddhism, he is a layman in entomology. It’s too much.” Yes, what magical powers does the ‘Asura Worm’ have? “Zhenwu Seven-Star Sword and the ‘Asura Worm’ are the treasures of Zhenshan, and they are both objects from 300 years ago. Which one is more powerful? "Amitabha," retorted the Wuyu old monk, "the sword is just the ear of a dead thing, but the 'Asura worm' has the root of wisdom and spirituality, how can the two be compared? … Continue readingWhat Are Ghosts Afraid Of Buddha Statue Chapter 31 Asura Worm

Green Sac Shroud Part 4: Gu Ren

In the dim light of the person saying Haoran, the sky is filled with darkness, Professor Wudeng still sits cross-legged in the corner with his eyes closed, reciting Wen Tianxiang's "Song of Righteousness". "Hehehe" heard Peng Gu "Secretary Xing, that creepy head is a worm, and Peng Gu is also a worm. Why should one favor the other? After a long time, the old woman slowly withdrew her palm, and said slowly: "The three corpses are things, and they are the souls of ghosts and gods." However, when the host dies, the upper and middle corpses dissipate, but the orthopedic traces of the lower corpse do not disappear, the color is blood red, and there are two inches of pekoe. … Continue readingGreen Sac Shroud Part 4: Gu Ren

Red Lotus Blooms In The Heart

But in the center of the lake, there is a lotus that is very different. Not only is the whole lotus red, but its branches are also red, like human blood vessels. Qinglian, how did the town grow such a big lotus? Don't pick the lotus here, otherwise Lian Xin pretended to be mysterious and said. In the middle of the lake, quite a lot of beautiful lotus emerged overnight, surrounding the big lotus. Honglian looked at the lotus in the lake and recited poems happily. She was not satisfied that the lotus was as big as the lotus, and the color was not unique. I am Honglian, and Lianxin is a person I made out of lotus pistils, and my heart is connected with me. … Continue readingRed Lotus Blooms In The Heart

A Real Gentleman Who Plays Chess Without Regret In Guangzhou

I also often play against him, basically evenly, but nine out of ten wins are not martial arts, because I am always a generation of regretful chess masters. It turned out that there were two old players on the side of the road who were playing chess. I couldn't help it, so I joined in like other onlookers. After waiting for a long time, it was finally my turn to play. The old man asked me to go first, but he would make exactly the same moves as I did. The more I played, the more impatient I became. It was a text message, sent by the fifth child, with only a dozen or so words, "You are a real gentleman without regrets. If you make a wrong calculation, you will lose." … Continue readingA Real Gentleman Who Plays Chess Without Regret In Guangzhou

A Little Pony Story Rural Ghost Stories Read Online

Lao Ma has three sons and one daughter. They are the daughter, the eldest son, the second son and the youngest son in descending order of age. The protagonist of the incident is the second son (hereinafter referred to as Xiao Ma), who was the first of thirteen hanging suicides in the village at that time. Ladies and gentlemen, two supernatural events have happened to the pony. The second thing is that the hanging of his dead pony can only be regarded as a sensation, and the things after that are thrillers. "Sister Xiao Ma was lying in the yard, and an old lady in the village was sitting on a horse harness beside her, and the two were having a conversation. … Continue readingA Little Pony Story Rural Ghost Stories Read Online

Judge Of Yin And Yang Wang Ziliang Continues Huang Liang

Xu Huangliang Zeng Xiaolian was very angry, pointing to the newcomers traveling with him, he said: "When I was the prime minister, I recommended brother Zhang Nian to be the governor of Tianfu, my cousins ​​were generals and guerrillas, and my old servant was also a general and a general. In short, my wish is fulfilled. If I don’t kill them quickly, it will inevitably lead to disasters like Cao Cao and Wang Mang usurping the throne. The minister is full of fear day and night, dare not live in peace, risking the death penalty, and enumerates some kinds of crimes. I heard that if the minister's performance is false and inaccurate, he is willing to be severely punished. Yishi said: "Blessings are given to those who do good, and disasters are given to those who are evil. This is the unchanging principle of heaven. … Continue readingJudge Of Yin And Yang Wang Ziliang Continues Huang Liang

Black And White Animals At Night

There is a strange saying in our hometown: When you go out in the middle of the night, if you encounter any animal lying there motionless on the road, you must not go forward, let alone chase it. Especially black or white ones. It turned out to be a big white rabbit. The local hares were all gray, so he decided that the domestic rabbits had lost their way and escaped. The white rabbit was grazing there motionless, seemingly defenseless. The rabbit not far away was gone, but a white object as tall as a person appeared out of thin air. When you are on the road late at night and see black or white animals, don't touch them. … Continue readingBlack And White Animals At Night

Rural Thriller "Wolf Heart" Read Online

I pretended to be two things in my heart: one was to find the eldest girl and the young daughter-in-law in the village; the other was to go into the mountains to fight wolves. The villagers wished behind their backs and said: Retribution, why don't the wolves bite the dick, so as to save the women in the village from suffering. In the end, it had no choice but to leave a poop at the gate of the next house in Linggen, and set up a formation to lure the snake out of the hole. The village chief, Lang Yaoer, had no idea that there was a wolf lurking on Langwo Ridge, and it was always eyeing him. The wolf's heart was moved. It knew this child, who was the grandson of Wolf Biter. … Continue readingRural Thriller "Wolf Heart" Read Online

Which Episode Is The Death Of Concubine Ang Zhen In The Sky? Chapter 79 Forbidden City

In the northeast corner of the Forbidden City, there is a dilapidated small courtyard called "Jianqinzhai", and next to it is the famous "Zhenfei Well". For two hundred years, so many eunuchs and maids in successive dynasties did not know its existence. **Inside the city tower is a square paved with large blue bricks. In front of it is the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City. It is said that the emperor beheaded the criminals in the court hall here. In the twenty-sixth year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded the capital, and Lafayette fled westward in panic with Emperor Guangxu. Before leaving, he secretly ordered people to push Concubine Zhen into the well and drowned. … Continue readingWhich Episode Is The Death Of Concubine Ang Zhen In The Sky? Chapter 79 Forbidden City