Revenge Of Kings And Ministers

A case of spiritual infant revenge that happened before my two apprentices started! They who live on the edge~~~ Is it because the spiritual infants can’t bear to see their sinking and wake them up or my words make them wake up?

On a leisurely afternoon, I saw that the lamp oil and incense candles dedicated to the patriarch were running out, so I went to a familiar Buddhist tool shop in Wan Chai’s Goose Neck Market to replenish the required offerings, such as Master Pan who stayed in the shop and the shop Talk about Taoism, Master Pan is a practitioner of Tantric Buddhism, although I practice Taoism, everyone is very easy to talk about, maybe it is the Taoist family!

When everyone talked about the content of exorcising evil spirits~~~.. Master Pan suddenly remembered something and said that he hoped that I could help him. The thing is that his relatives in the same school seem to be invaded by ghosts from the spirit world. I heard that they can’t fall asleep every night. , Don’t even dare to go back to the house! I also tried many methods, found many masters and spent a lot of money, but it still can’t be cured! They have already made things a part of their lives, and they live life with a hard scalp, which can be regarded as reaching the point of complete discouragement. Today Brother Yan came to visit so boldly, hoping to make a meritorious deed, I wonder if Brother Yan Dao can help them.

When I heard Master Pan’s case at that time, of course I was thinking about such powerful ghosts and evil spirits in my heart! I have tried all the esoteric Maoshan methods, and the master who has dealt with it is quite well-known in the star world. Master Pan’s friend must have a mental problem! After I told Master Pan about my thoughts, he did not take offense. It turned out that Master Pan also felt the same way as me, but he replied that if a person has mental problems, it is difficult for another friend who went with him to have the same feeling. Same mental illness? They are lovers and have no blood relationship. Why did they both see the same thing and suffer the same persecution?

After Master Pan finished speaking, I thought about it quietly for a while, but I also hoped in my heart that I could help them and see whether that powerful evil spirit was so amazing. So I agreed and told Master Pan to give them my contact number. If there is a destiny, they will naturally contact me!

That night, they finally called me. They were a man and a woman. Let the man call him Mr. A! Let the girl be called Mr. S! I didn’t say anything on the phone, I just asked them to meet with me tomorrow, and I formally agreed to help them, and thus began a thrilling relationship between master and apprentice. When the phone was put down, I finally knew that the other party was really real It’s a joke, because I have noticed that some uninhibited guests have visited, and the strange thing is that they didn’t make any moves towards me, they just walked around and visited, and the altar didn’t respond, so I just pretended to be something I can’t see them all, just let them go, but it’s so peaceful, like the eve of a storm, I’m really a little uneasy inside, but I’ll have to wait until I meet Mr. A and Mr. S tomorrow! Let’s sleep well tonight and get enough energy for tomorrow’s battle!

In the afternoon, Mr. A and Mr. S finally arrived. I invited them to come and sit down. Seeing them, I was even more sure of what I said last night. Their faces were completely dead, their foreheads were black and blue, and their left and right temples were completely black. The eyes were dull, the voice was weak, and the complexion was pale. Just when I asked them about Xiangfang’s hour and hour in detail, and was about to use the zodiac flying criminal to find out the cause of their affairs, I suddenly saw the female hostess. There are four children beside me, who are quite old, and one of them dared to climb on my shoulder, kept hitting me on the head, and kept making troubles trying to influence me so that I could not concentrate and help Mr. A and Mr. S figure out the cause of the accident. , Forced me to recite the (Golden Light Mantra) in my heart to make those little ghosts stand obediently behind them. At this time, I thought to myself, ordinary ghosts must not easily pass through the seal of my house door, and the guards of the door gods did not prohibit them from entering. Jin, these brats must have something to do with them! At the same time, they finally figured out the cause of their crimes. Among the flying offenders in the zodiac, it is (big mountain) (five temples). In terms of danger series, it is Class B, not light! It’s not ordinary evil spirits! It’s evil~~~ It’s here to take your life!

After I understood the situation, I began to explain to Mr. A and Mr. S that I would open the altar to do things immediately because of my opinion, and asked them again and again whether they would voluntarily accept me to do great evil for them. They seemed to have no idea after hearing what I said. After thinking about it, I kept saying yes! So I asked them to go back and prepare the required items, such as weed grass, red-headed rope, gossip mirror, descendant ruler, rice, duck eggs, worn clothes, etc.~~~~

The most important thing is the hair and fingernails on both sides, because the hair is the essence of human blood, and the nails are the essence of human bones! Because these are all things that the Shake Control Division must have. And make an appointment to come again at Shenshi tomorrow at noon? Finally, I asked Mr. S if you have ever had an abortion! After Mr. S nodded to me in surprise and embarrassment, I didn’t ask any more questions.

Immediately after seeing off the guests, I prepared the talisman that I will need tomorrow for use tomorrow.

When the application time arrives, the altar is opened and the saint is invited to recite the incantation. The disciples on the table will perform the Dasha system for the suffering master A and S today. I hope the patriarch will show his might and support the disciples… nothing will go wrong. Bugang walks and fights, walks eight trigrams and turns to seven-star fighting step, connects the righteousness of heaven and earth, golden light appears, and immediately goes up to the altar. I didn’t make much movement, and kowtowed quietly in front of the altar. Seeing this situation, the main force was naturally for Mr. A, and I didn’t pay attention to Mr. S. I first cremated the talisman and added water to ask Mr. A to drink first, and then give Mr. S to drink. Wait for the talismans to work on their bodies to dispel the evil spirits in their bodies, then seal their whole bodies to prevent them from being attacked by other evil spirits, and then store their three souls so that the gods can’t harm them. God, pull through! At this point, I have done my best. Whether they can pass the test depends on their blessings.

But this case that I never expected is that there is a plan in the case and there is a plan in the case. It played me in it. First, there are evil spirits, then spirit babies, and then mountain evil gods. Episode finale!

Last time~~~ when I was doing a great evil ritual for Mr. A and Mr. S, when the dharma work was done to make a final blessing seal for Mr. A, Mr. S was standing aside watching my practice, and at the same time When I thought the ceremony was safe and sound, I felt that the ceremony was a complete failure! Just because the extremely cold atmosphere kept invading me, it meant that everything I did would not be of much help to them. Just as I was looking around and looking for each other in my heart, suddenly the gold of the patriarch on the altar There was a change in the body image. I saw that the left eye of the patriarch seemed to be moving alive, and the eyeball could turn 360 degrees, and kept looking in the direction of Mr. S. Naturally, I also At the same time, I looked at Mr. S, and I was surprised~~~~~~~ Could it be that they are the trouble? I saw three imps standing in front of Mr. S, one was holding Mr. S’s left hand, the other was holding Mr. S’s right hand, one of them was still sitting on Mr. S’s arms, and his hands were still on Mr. S’s eyes. Above, take a look at Mr. S, she is totally different from the face I have seen before, she is almost completely out of control and rational, and is controlled by those little ghosts (spiritual infants), those eyes that hate evil, her eyes His eyes pierced my heart like an extremely sharp sword. At this moment, I finally understood why none of the other masters could cure them before. They have grown up and have a mind of their own.

Infant spirit is a kind of (bardo-born) object, also known as (Water Son), neither human, nor ghost, nor god, nor demon. It is an object that stays in the yin and yang world. Infant spirits can be reincarnated as ghosts. Infant spirits have greater grievances than ghosts, and their grievances will increase as they grow. At first, they depend on food for survival, which is the vitality of their biological mothers. She can only accept three spiritual infants, and once more than one, the woman must be physically weak and mentally disturbed. This is a manifestation of her weakness in the soul. There are relatively many, and the mother cannot get enough energy, so they will naturally look for objects everywhere, and the supplies are insufficient. At this time, they will gradually expand the scope of their travels, and they will naturally encounter other mountain gods and spirits, and do some terrible things, etc. wait!

Since the baby spirits are in a state of neither yin nor yang, the spells performed by ordinary mages in the yang world have no effect on them at all. The spells of the mages can deal with ghosts and gods, but it is very difficult to deal with baby spirits, just like mice. The more you pull the turtles, the more help you get, but it will make them resent even more, which will have counter-effects! The current me is like a mouse pulling a tortoise, I don’t know how to save them, I just stare blankly at Patriarch Fa Shan, meditating~~~middle~~

At this point, it is impossible for me to give up! it is good! Just give it a try! Just when they had no way to avoid them, I tied the Huaguang Jue and recited the Huaguang Mantra, so as to strike Mr. S abruptly, causing them to evade and make Mr. S wake up. At this moment, I again Recite the golden light mantra, and solemnly say to Mr. S and Mr. A in front of the altar: “I have done everything I can, and it is enough to protect you for forty-nine days. After that, it will depend on your blessings.” Both of them refused to leave after hearing what I said, hoping that I could help them heal the docked tail again! I said to them again: “If you really have the sincerity to survive, there is no way, but what you encounter this time is not the harm of ghosts and evil spirits, it is karma, and it cannot be rescued by me and other Dharma masters. The so-called ( The King of Hades wants people to die at the third watch, so what if you keep them until the fifth watch?) In addition to Mr. S, the four baby spirits around you are extremely resentful and ferocious, as if they must kill you!” It’s best for you Tell me honestly, what things you have done and who you have hurt, if you can’t tell me, I really don’t know how to help you! “

They said to me very embarrassedly, Mr. A said: “Master Yan, I am actually a member of the underworld, and I specialize in collecting expensive interest.” Mr. S immediately added: “And we also sell drugs, such as marijuana, ice, etc. “. I asked again: “Then what is the reason for the four little ghost heads!” Mr. S said: “Three belong to others, and the last one belongs to Mr. A.”

After they confessed, they begged me to help them again, hoping that Master Yan would find a way! It’s not that there is no way to distinguish, it means that you worshiped under my door, and made a promise to the ancestors of our door and the ancestors of the ancestors. Do good deeds and establish virtue. , I was reborn in the Taoist sect, and I immediately named the four little ghost heads to let them know that at least you value them, and you have to do a ritual for them to make them go to the spiritual position and change from infant spirits to spirits Baby, cherish the heart and worship, if you don’t follow, then the gods will be powerless, think about it for yourself!

Mr. S and Mr. A didn’t seem to think clearly, so he kowtowed in front of the altar immediately, and I lit a fragrance for them and handed it to them, asking them to start to make a promise, “Mr. Change yourself, do good deeds, don’t dare to deceive teachers and ancestors, if you don’t obey, you will die a good death, and the law of heaven will not tolerate it.” The promise has been made, you must remember it! Come back again in a week! At that time, I will help you to take refuge in the Dharma. I hope you will be vegetarian and cleanse within these seven days!

In fact, accepting them as disciples at the beginning is the discrimination of the undiscriminated Dharma! Manpower is limited, why don’t they entrust their lives to the care of the ancestors, or they should not die! There is still a fate with me, I hope they will cherish it!

The days go by day by day, look at the days and there are still two days left, it will be the big day for Jun A and S to take refuge. I have already arranged all the necessary talismans and other things, so I will wait for that day with peace of mind .

Just at around 4:30 a.m. the day before I took refuge, when I was dreaming, the phone rang and woke me up from my dream! When listening to the phone, the first sentence is help! help! At the time I really didn’t know what was going on! After some difficulty, he found out that Mr. A was calling, and he said in surprise, “Master! Something happened to Mr. S! Help me! She was possessed by a ghost! What’s the matter! She kept hurting herself, and still I want to kill myself by biting my tongue, but now I have to put my finger in her mouth to prevent her from biting off her tongue!~~~~~~~~~~~”

I said, “It’s such a big event! It’s still in my sweet dream! There is no delay, no matter what method you use, quickly bring Mr. S to me!!” At this time, all I can do for myself is Immediately put on the Taoist clothes, offered incense and descended to the saints, lowered the soldiers and horses, and prepared for a fierce battle. In less than half an hour, Mr. A and three friends brought Mr. S with five flowers tied up. When he came to my house, Mr. S really wanted to Fighting hard to escape, Mr. A and the four of them couldn’t control her. Seeing this situation, I immediately went to the back of Mr. S, used the unique double dragon sword seal of leading ghosts, pressed gently under Mr. S’s arms, and recited the spell! Mr. S is like a puppet led by me into the altar of the house! In front of the altar, Mr. S kept screaming, with five-fingered claws, kept looking at me and said, “Hahaha! You can’t subdue me~~~~hahaha!” He kept making strange noises like Like a beast, Mr. S’s complexion is green at this time, his eyes are white, his voice is thick and male, his hair is all up, and he is very dark~ It is not resentment that makes the real king spirit for her Upper body control! What a big deal this time! This time either she is dead or I am in more trouble. If I can’t save her and she wreaks havoc in my house, I will call the police for help and send her to the hospital. I don’t know how to explain it then! In this situation where there was no way out, I set my mind to fight that little devil to see whether I was the best or the devil, and immediately formed a seal of Tiangang on the ground, trapping her inside so that she could not move around, and Let’s start with the spirit talisman with the highest spirituality of exorcism in our sect, melt it in water, then cast the incantation, and give her a drink, but she resists and refuses to drink, so that Mr. A will help me open her mouth, and send the talisman water into the mouth one by one. In the middle, the purpose is to use talisman force to force the baby spirit in your body to leave the mother body, because if I directly use the formula to fight from Mr. S, I will first hurt its soul before hurting the little ghost. Come on, not only will it be impossible to knock that little devil out of the body with full confidence, but it will definitely seriously injure the three souls of Mr. S, and Mr. S may be knocked unconscious by then!

After drinking the talisman water, I waited for the power of the talisman to be produced, hoping to force it to leave, but the hateful thing was that the little devil was able to force back my talismans one by one. He spat out something that looked like blood but was not blood-red, and then he appeared and laughed at me, and said to me with painful and fierce eyes: “You can’t get me! Haha!” At this time, I was very angry and put myself My skill was raised to the extreme, my whole body started to heat up, my pores all expanded, I absorbed all the energy on the altar, and then drew out a magic talisman and blessed all my spiritual energy in the magic talisman, cast the Five Thunder God Curse, and sent the talisman into S again Inside Mr. S, at this time, Mr. S stood up and started to fight, his complexion turned from green to black and then to grayish white, his eyes turned white and turned 360 degrees, and suddenly the little ghost appeared on Mr. S again. This time it did not What else can I say, only a wicked smile! On the one hand, he looked smug, like the world!

At this point, I had to control my anger, and face this treacherous little devil with a calm and natural attitude, wondering what its purpose was? Why did it hurt its own mother like this? Moreover, Mr. S has already made a promise that he will name them and arrange rituals for them to be enshrined in spirits. What is its purpose? ~~

At this time, the little ghost in Mr. S’s body seemed to be having a hard time, and the vicious resentment energy that came before had also weakened a lot. I believe it was hurt by my previous second-degree magic talisman attack! But it’s not easy for Mr. S’s primordial soul! If I attack for the third time, I believe Mr. S may not be able to wake up again! In the end, I had no choice but to go on a dangerous road, using a trick of praying mantis to catch cicadas and orioles behind, and unexpectedly used sword tactics to hit the little ghost in Mr. S’s body. Because the way of doing things was too sudden, the little ghost had no defense at all. , and its ability has been reduced a lot, so it is very easy to get out of Mr. S. At this time, the oriole is killed immediately. The little devil returned to its original shape, and the original was completely separated from the mother’s body. At this moment, Mr. S fainted and fell down in front of the altar. Seal the body for Mr. S, and then give her a spirit talisman for her to eat. This talisman can help her improve the vitality of the soul, so that her three souls and seven souls can return to her body. After a while, Mr. S finally Waking up slowly, she didn’t know what happened at the time, but she didn’t know what happened just now. She just remembered that she went to play disco with her friends last night, and then smoked some marijuana. Can not remember. The friend who assisted Mr. A to bring Mr. S and Mr. A sat aside silently, as if the shock was not over yet!

The matter has finally come to an end. I blamed Mr. A and Mr. S, if you really don’t want to cherish life, forget all your previous promises, and you don’t need to come to the Dharma event tomorrow. I have done my best to tell you about your affairs, and I have not taken any money from you, and I have also helped you find a new path. If you take what I said as a trivial matter, then you should find another expert!

In the end they finally listened to what I said, converted to the beginning, reformed themselves, and made offerings to those little ghosts. The woman is now a beautician, and the man is a taxi driver. I saw that there were three boys and one girl among the children! They also told me that they were going to move to a new house, and they also mentioned you, Master! Call me thank you!

After this incident, I finally understood that the intentions of those little ghosts were not evil. In fact, they were well-intentioned. Jun A and Jun A were too poisoned and could not correct themselves. After many times of healing by other mages, they found the wrong expert. Until they met me, they persuaded each other again with death, hoping to use (death) to persuade, because this is also The last thing the little ghosts can do, if Mr. S does not start a new life, he will end up on the road of no return. It’s not easy in time, maybe if you encounter mountain spirits and monsters, it won’t be a dead end then!

The cause of the incident is the filial piety of the little devils to their mothers? Or is it for your own future? Or is it my fate with them? Or should they die?

Let the reader make a conclusion!

ah! Dear male and female friends in love, please help! be safe! Be happy! I also take it easy!

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