"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Tree Of The Dead

The name is: Dead Man's Tree" "Dead Man's Tree…Dead Man's Tree…Dead Man's Tree…" The little girl ignored Lao Zhou. In front of the auditorium. "Dead man's tree… dead man's tree…" "Little girl, you, what are you looking at? ""Dead man tree…""Your family?" ""Dead man's tree… dead man's tree…" "Oh… what are you doing?" What the little girl was looking at was…wasn't it the direction of the dead man's tree! … Continue reading"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Tree Of The Dead

"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Attic

Panxi's topic is this well-decorated house. But… when going to the attic again, a discordant episode happened… Is there any shady secret in this room? "Where…there's no secret, this is a small storage room, it's messy inside, don't look at it… Oh, don't be dazed, hurry up and follow me." It was very dark in the attic, Tao Xia did not turn on the light, she walked slowly along the wall. After all, it is not a glorious thing to secretly inspect a room that has been strictly ordered to enter behind the back of the master. … Continue reading"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Attic

Demon God Chariot Explosive Point Qinling Divine Tree Chapter 40 Escape

According to my understanding just now, this bronze tree should be a special symbol of theocracy in ancient times. The "Zhu Jiuyin" in the bronze tree was a kind of dragon in ancient times. In some notebook novels, "Zhu Jiuyin" even It was lifted to the same height as Pangu, and it should be worshiped by people as a divine beast. How could the people here hunt it? The bronze tree goes deep into the ground. I don’t know how deep it is. These "candle nine shades" should live in an extremely deep underground , how to live in that kind of place is not something I can think about, I am just curious, why did these ancestors engage in such a big battle to hunt "Zhu Jiuyin"? … Continue readingDemon God Chariot Explosive Point Qinling Divine Tree Chapter 40 Escape

Miao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

The sorcerer asked again, then why, do you want to fall into the heart? The witch locked the black Miao man into a hut, then went to the girl, and told her that the girl, this man, once rescued people in our clan, and that man taught him peach blossom Gu and gave him a Gu worm, but did not tell him the consequences of playing this Gu. And you, when you told him that you wanted to lay down the heart-witch, he accepted it sincerely, but when he returned to his village and realized the horror of the heart-wraith, he started looking for someone to relieve the heart-wraith, but the heart-witch, and How can I find a solution. … Continue readingMiao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

Girl Playing With Water In The Middle Of The Night

I helplessly counted the sheep, hoping to fall asleep quickly, but I just couldn't fall asleep. I looked at the ceiling helplessly and remembered what she said. Thinking of this, she hadn't come back yet, and she came back very late every day. I picked up my watch and looked at it by the moonlight. It was already 0:54. Talking while playing, "Dongdong, tell me, why don't they believe me, I'm not lying, I'm just kind. I feel more and more that she is not an ordinary girl. Suddenly, I remembered, once, I I received a strange phone call in the middle of the night, just because I was so sleepy that I forgot about it when I got up in the morning, moreover, more than once or twice. … Continue readingGirl Playing With Water In The Middle Of The Night

Human Demon

He almost didn't dare to recognize it. The old woman with heavy makeup who came to the door was actually his sixth uncle? "The male boss said, he still looked careless. "Hey, life is really impermanent. In the past, his family was so rich, and he was a well-known rich man. Unexpectedly, he got mixed up in such a field today. He didn't mind at all that tears were all over his face, and he didn't mind that his cousin saw his tears. Of course, Mr. Wang didn't tell his cousin about his plan, nor about the ruby, and he didn't even say a word about Uncle Six to his cousin. … Continue readingHuman Demon

Ghost Boy And Ghost Tell You Something

At the dinner table, my mother habitually asked people about their family background, "Girl, who are you?" Mom, don't ask too much. When the female ghost was about to tell my mother, my mother saw my mouth and said jokingly: "What? You said she was a ghost? Where did I say she was a ghost?" My mother also smiled and walked to me and said to me: "Didn't you just say that she is a ghost? What is it? It's over now. I'm dead. The female ghost must think that I am not sincere at all. What will happen next?" Scary thing, I don't know either… … Continue readingGhost Boy And Ghost Tell You Something

Hints In Dreams

One day was uneventful, and at night, Cao Zhicai saw his grandfather in his dream. Cao Zhicai was naturally happy to see his grandfather. He thought it was a dream anyway, so it would be nice to meet him. Maybe it was because he had just visited his grandfather’s grave during the day, so he only dreamed about it at night, so Cao Zhicai didn’t like it either. You are being polite, just sitting on the kang, drinking tea, eating sugar, and eating melon seeds. Cao Zhicai slept until dawn before waking up, recalling yesterday's dream, it was bizarre but so real. Later, Cao Zhicai wanted to see his grandfather in his dream, and wanted to see if he and his grandmother were doing well, but he never dreamed of the second elder. … Continue readingHints In Dreams

Early Morning Tricks To Read Online

I often watch horror movies by myself with the lights turned off in the middle of the night, otherwise I don’t feel it, but now there are basically not many horror movies to watch. American films such as "Small Island Cry" and "The Sixth Sense" are only lamented by the suspenseful setting, while "Dawn of the Dead" has many scenes of zombies opening up your belly, often doing dissections, I really don't feel anything. I didn't feel it after watching too much "The Ring" and the like. I heard that "The Grudge" was more terrifying than "The Ring". I was very happy. I chose to watch it alone in the middle of the night. Many horror stories are telling a truth, ghosts are not scary, but people are scary. … Continue readingEarly Morning Tricks To Read Online