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I knew that Ah Jin’s sudden madness must be related to my learning the old man’s language. I don’t really mind Ajin beating me. On the contrary, I have a lot of interest in the two words Ah Jin said. Because it was the two words he said that reminded me of the strange language that old man Wang said.

I took a chance, and when no one was around, I invited Ah Jin to my duty room. Ah Jin was very sorry for what happened that day, saying that he was sorry, he had epilepsy since he was a child. It is what we Yichang people call sow madness.

I didn’t ask him directly. Just pretend to be relaxed and chat with him. Ask him what “canda pig” means.

A Jin said, this is our Hokkien dialect, which means fool.

I chuckled, “Then you’re saying I’m a fool.”

Ah Jin also laughed: “Who told you to speak so falsely. What you say is different every time.”

I asked again, “Where is Wuhalf?”

A Jin said: “It means useless, almost like a fool.”

I said again, “Then what I spoke that day was also in Hokkien. And it’s not good Hokkien, so you hit me.”

Ah Jin was silent, and took out a cigarette to smoke, his hands shaking violently. I can’t light the fire for half a day. Ah Jin said slowly: “Actually, I don’t understand.”

I saw his eyes start to turn red again. I don’t think so. Hastily talked to him about something else: “Yesterday you saw that you went to Paramount to Yichang, and there was a sound . I heard that the lady there is very beautiful.”

As soon as Ah Jin heard me say this, he immediately regained his energy, his eyes lit up, “That’s that, do you want to go and see it. I’ll introduce you, and I’ll treat you.”

I made a haha. Find an excuse to leave.

This matter is always a question, always held in my heart, I want to ask Ah Jin, but I am afraid that his sow will go crazy. During that time, I was depressed all the time.

Yichang Ghosts Over Yin: Eight Cold Hells 3 with sound_Yichang Ghosts 2 + Eight Cold Hells_Yichang Ghosts Eight Cold Hells ending

It happened that the daughter of a family near the mall died of drug addiction. The family thought their girl died strangely. Please look forward to Dehou to do things.

I didn’t want to have anything to do with Wang Dehou at first. But I still greeted Wang Dehou when he was passing by the mall, and then asked him: “I was possessed by an evil spirit at the time, and did you understand the words I yelled?”

Wang Dehou said, “I don’t understand.”

“You didn’t lie to me?”

“Why should I lie to you?”

I told about Ah Jin.

Wang Dehou took a breath. Said: “You show me him.”

But we couldn’t find Ah Jin, and we don’t know where he went to have a fling.

But Wang Dehou saw Ah Jin’s daughter-in-law, took a look from a distance, and pulled me away. Wang Dehou said to me: “You don’t need to look at him in person.” Wang Dehou’s face was very gloomy, “It’s enough to just look at his wife. You two, stay away from them.”

My curiosity soared, and I hurriedly asked Wang Dehou what was going on.

Wang Dehou said: “His wife has a black aura on her body, which is quite strong.” Wang Dehou thought for a while: “I guess the black aura on Ajin you mentioned is even more fierce.”

I looked at Wang Dehou and was very puzzled. I don’t think there is any problem with Ah Jin’s wife.

Wang Dehou said: “The black air is above the head . There are voices in Yichang ghosts and eight cold hells . This kind of evil is easy to cure. I can cure it well. But this woman, the black air is around the waist, not up or down. It’s not ordinary evil, it’s brutal.”

I still want to ask Wang Dehou, Wang Dehou waved his hand, “Don’t ask me, your life is hard, go find out by yourself, don’t drag me, I don’t want to live a few years, I don’t want to be troublesome.”

Seeing that even Wang Dehou didn’t dare to get involved in this matter, I felt worried and uneasy. After all, Ah Jin’s madness was somehow related to those weird words I said.

I’m not going to insist on high morals, people like us, it’s better not to be together, we all understand this. Watching Wang Dehou walk away lightly, the sun is so bright that he can’t even see a shadow clearly.

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