Horror Ghost Stories: Building 4 701 Read Online

My family lives in Building 4, Room 702, of Huaming Apartment in Xicheng. The neighbor, Room 701, is a family of three, with a daughter who is about eight or nine years old. The husband and wife are not very talkative, even if we walk across, they always pass by with their heads down. My wife is timid by nature, and always hides behind me when she sees them. I looked at her in surprise, and she said, "I think they are weird, so I am a little scared."

This family of three seems to be very harmonious, maybe it's because the sound insulation of the room is good, anyway, I've never heard them quarreling, but my wife and I always quarrel, and every time we quarrel, we want to divorce! After arguing with her again, I felt depressed, so I planned to go out for a walk. As soon as I went out, I saw the little girl from the 701 house.

"Such a small child, so late, how can I let her go out alone, how dangerous!" I thought to myself. At this moment, the little girl suddenly smiled at me. The smile was so weird that I couldn't help but feel a cool wind blowing on the back of my neck.

"Uncle, you let auntie stay at home by herself, I'm afraid she will be scared after a while!"

"Ah, why, what will happen soon?"

"Hey, guess what?"

I wanted to ask her again, but she had already opened the door and entered the house, and there seemed to be no movement in the house.

"It's so strange, don't her parents worry about her!" I didn't pay attention to what the child said, took the elevator downstairs, went to a bar, drank my sorrows, and didn't come home drunk until three o'clock in the morning, and walked into the community , I vaguely heard the sound of the siren. Could it be that someone broke into the house? I walked to the 4th building, but found that two police cars and an ambulance were parked downstairs, and some residents poked their heads out of the windows to watch.

"What's the matter?" At this moment, I was half sober, and ran over quickly, wanting to see what happened, but seeing the ghost story about raising corpses really gave me a big jump. A mangled body was presented in front of me, and the police were taking pictures. The corpse looked like that of a child.

"Son, oh my god, isn't that the little girl from the neighbor's house! It's her, it must be her, even though she's bloody and bloody, I can recognize that dress!"

At this time, a policeman said that the little girl should have been dismembered and thrown from upstairs. At this moment, I thought of the weird family in 701, and also remembered the strange behavior of the little girl when she came out. She immediately took the elevator to the seventh floor. I was afraid that something might happen to my wife, so I opened the door. The house was dark and there was no movement.

"Is my wife asleep?" I thought to myself. I changed my shoes and went straight to the bedroom.

"You're back? 701 killed the child, I heard it, the child kept begging for mercy, and even called for help…" As I spoke, my wife suddenly burst into tears. I hugged her and kept comforting her, maybe it was I was so sleepy that I soon fell asleep in my arms.

Early the next morning , I heard some people talking about the couple in 701 having been taken away by the police. Soon, the police came to my house to collect evidence. I said I was not there at the time, but my wife's answer puzzled me: "I fell asleep, so I didn't hear anything."

After the police left, I hurriedly asked her, "Why are you different from what you told me last night?"

"I was too sleepy to remember what I said to you last night." I thought, maybe she really forgot, or she didn't want to remember. I tried to ask her some time later, but she said she really didn't remember anything.

The days gradually calmed down. The police have confirmed that the girl’s parents killed her and dismembered her brutally. As for why they threw the body downstairs instead of throwing it somewhere unknown to conceal the evidence, the police did not announce to the public. So the folks have different opinions: why her parents are psychopathic, mentally ill, hate this girl, and some people even made it up that they are possessed by ghosts, otherwise how could they treat their children so cruelly! The negative effect of these rumors is that the residents of the 4 buildings are afraid to live in their own homes anymore, 703 has moved out a long time ago, and other residents have moved to live in other houses of their own one after another. It’s my family, my wife and I just bought this house, and the mortgage has not been paid off yet, where should we go! So I could only stay here, and it didn't take long, except for the first and second floors, I didn't move much, only my house was left.

I thought this was not the way to go, so I said to my wife, "Why don't we rent a house first? We are the only ones left upstairs and downstairs. You are so timid, you are really weird!"

"Why is there only our family left, isn't there still 701?"

"What, they aren't… My wife, you are scaring me!"

"Why am I scaring you? I saw that woman hanging clothes on the balcony this morning, and her children were helping her!"

At this moment, I felt like I was hit by something, and I stood there in a daze. My wife must be joking. How could it be possible? Could it be that she was frightened!

I took her to the hospital the next day, and the psychiatrist said to me after seeing it: "Your wife is probably suffering from hallucinations, which is to say things that don't exist as if they were true."

The doctor prescribed some medicine, and on the way home, she was still repeating some creepy things.

At night, watching her go to bed after taking the medicine, I came to the balcony, smoking a cigarette, looking at the balcony of 701 next to it, imagining how the cruel parents dismembered their children, and then threw them off the balcony . Thinking about it, it seemed that the scene was presented in front of me, I didn't dare to think about it any more, I went back to the house and fell asleep.

In the morning, I was worried that my wife was alone at home, so I called a friend, and when she came, I went to work in peace. When I went out, I unconsciously looked towards 701, and found that the seal on the door was gone, which was really strange, did someone come back? I quickly took the elevator and left, and sent a text message to my wife, telling them to be careful at home and not to go out if there is nothing to do.

After get off work in the evening, I bought a lot of vegetables and prepared to cook a good meal to relieve the recent tension and fatigue. At the same time, I also found a house during the day and planned to rent it out. The elevator showed 7, the door opened, and when I walked out, I became nervous unconsciously, and I couldn't help sighing, but luckily I moved out immediately. But when I came to the door to open the door, I found that the door of 701 was open. Sweat was streaming down my forehead, and an unpleasant stench came out from the open door. At this time, the figure of an old man appeared at the door of 701, smiled at me and said: "It stinks, put it on the smell, the dog starved to death at home, and the body rotted!"

"Who are you?"

"I am the girl's grandma, poor child, his parents are beasts, their own parents will kill their own child regardless." As he spoke, the old man began to cry, and suddenly an old man's voice came over: "Hey, you damn old woman, you've been crying endlessly, come and clean up!" The door was closed, and I stood there blankly. After a while, the door of my house opened, and it was my wife. She saw me standing in the doorway, and dragged me in.

"What's wrong with you, come back and stand stupidly at the door?"

"It's okay, I'm cooking!"

A few days later, we also moved out, the house was rented out, and soon all the four houses in Huaming Community were rented out cheaply. Some people live in 701, but the neighbors in the past are still reluctant to go back. Time did not calm down the tragedy, and the legends became more and more serious. People said that Building 4 was haunted, and there were always cries at night. No one dared to rent the house in Building 4, so it was empty. But in the dark night, only one is lit, and that is 701.

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