Kangxi Catches Cicada

Recently, Emperor Kangxi gave Shenji Ying a job to hunt and kill cicadas around the Forbidden City, so as not to disturb his sleep. Maybe, tomorrow morning, the emperor will give an order to stop catching cicadas, and you will be freed from the sea of ​​suffering. Yuan Baoqiang put the cicadas on a plate and handed it to the little eunuch, who presented it to Emperor Kangxi. Emperor Kangxi went on to say: "Also, you underestimate my common sense too much. When Emperor Kangxi heard the rumors from the people that he loves the people like a son, he was very happy. These few words of his have secretly praised the emperor. , and excused Shenji Ying, Emperor Kangxi didn't know. … Continue readingKangxi Catches Cicada

Ghost Rider Motorcycle Soul Returns

When the soul returned, when he arrived at home, he found the motorcycle he had ridden parked in the yard, and his parents scolded the old man, saying that he was fine, why curse my child? He broke his promise to his parents and rode his motorcycle home with his soul after death. Another said that when he was in the previous village, someone saw a young woman in white clothes sitting on the back of his motorcycle and made fun of him, but he did not respond. So some people speculated that the woman in white who sat on the back seat of his motorcycle that day was a ghost who died unjustly. … Continue readingGhost Rider Motorcycle Soul Returns

Chapter 4 Benefits And Dachuan

This place is located on the bank of the Juma River, the river flows around the western mountains, and there must be water where termites walk, so the Gu hexagrams in "Book of Changes" are also conducive to the language of involving large rivers, and the mountain wind Gu should be beneficial to involving large rivers. The benefit of the Gu hexagram should be used to describe the extreme evil of Gu, the restoration of chaos, and the appearance of ordering chaos, so this hexagram is Yuanheng and benefited from Dachuan. How dare you interpret it so chaotically, it is ridiculous. In fact, Lishe Dachuan has a special reference in this hexagram. Gu hexagram Gen up and Sunda, which belongs to Sunda palace, Sunda is wood, and Gen hexagrams are mutually Kan hexagrams, Kan is water, and wood is used to ford water, so it is beneficial to the Dachuan. Word. Zhang Yingchuan said: "The mother of Gan Gu knows the middle way, and if she is involved in the big river, there will always be troubles. … Continue readingChapter 4 Benefits And Dachuan

The Legend Of Erniang Cave

In the middle of the night, the stars and the moon were as bright as the day, Hui Pu and Hui Nan came here from the mountain. When they walked to the cave, they saw no one else, and there was nothing different from the day, so they walked in quietly. In the cave, Wu Zhen heard the sound of someone entering the cave. She thought that the Taoist patrolling the mountain passed by without paying attention. She just changed the child and just covered it. Putting her arms around Wu Zhen's waist, Wu Zhen knew that when she met a villain who wanted to possess her, she would not obey casually. During the struggle, she lowered her head and bit the man's hand, and Hui Nan let go of it with an "ah". … Continue readingThe Legend Of Erniang Cave

Zhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case

Zhang Yiqing paused for a moment, then asked Chen Li, "Can you tell me specifically about your son's unfilial behavior?" My lord, the unfilial son has already pleaded guilty, and according to the Song Dynasty's regulations, he can be beaten to death with a stick! "Chen Lishi thanked Zhang Yiqing and left the court with satisfaction. It turned out that when the court decided the case that day, Zhang Yiqing knew that there must be something hidden in the case. During the autopsy, it was found that Chen Tianyou had eleven fingers, and his identity became a mystery in Zhang Yiqing's mind… "Chen Tianyou is the ghost thief Qianqiu with eleven fingers, and you are his accomplice Geng Quan! "You didn't even think that the murderer was actually two people, Qianqiu has an accomplice, right? … Continue readingZhang Yiqingzhi Solves The Case

Bodhisattva Found

I immediately asked my aunt if Guanyin belonged to her, but my aunt had no impression. I carefully took a photo and sent it to the group of relatives and friends to ask for it, but the strange thing is that no one in my family has seen the Jade Guanyin, and I really don't have the slightest impression. When I took a picture of Yuguanyin, I found that the red string on the pendant had been worn and faded. It was obvious that it had been worn for a long time, but whose was it? I really didn't know how to deal with this "Bodhisattva who came to my door", and when I contacted the buns and bowls that appeared inexplicably the night before, the more I thought about it, the more panicked I became. … Continue readingBodhisattva Found

Dead Black Shell Shrimp, Female Body In Pentagonal Coffin

"Pentagonal coffins are also used to hold people, but the way of loading is obviously different from ordinary coffins." "Ordinary coffins contain whole corpses, while pentagonal coffins contain loose corpses, and even the corpses that have been divided by five horses have limbs, bodies and heads." If all parts are disconnected, they will be packed in a pentagonal coffin. The first is to suppress the dead man’s grievances, and the second is to give him a safe and spacious place.” But beside the female corpse, there was an extra carrion, curled up next to it, Zhang Xin recognized Zhang Lu at a glance. … Continue readingDead Black Shell Shrimp, Female Body In Pentagonal Coffin

Black Mystery Read Online

Red embroidered shoes can be seen faintly under the skirt. Yes, the long-haired woman in black sat quietly on the top of the mountain, as if looking at him again. This mysterious black. She stood up gently, and her black skirt flew in the gusts of mountain wind. Do you see the black mist with your eyes? It was painful to see that her face was bloodless. Even the night outside the window is black. He stared openly at her black figure rapidly shrinking, shrinking… like a black mist, disappearing into the air. "My love, can't you feel how cold my face is? The night is my wedding dress, and the mountain is our witness. Where is his black bride? … Continue readingBlack Mystery Read Online

Chapter 53: Immortal Rope

Sun Jiuye said: "I didn't expect you to know how to do it at first. I saw that the buckskin treasure bag tied around the waist of Yaomeier had nine knots and seven buckles. It is definitely not something that ordinary people can tie, so I took the fairy rope and tied it." I asked her about the matter, and there is indeed this craft in Honeycomb Mountain, but it is not called the fairy binding rope, but the pinning device rope. Therefore, the binding fairy rope in Daodouhang evolved from the pinning device rope. Come on, it is not surprising at all. Sun Jiuye spread the black and smelly ointment in the kettle on the rope, no matter whether Feng Shigu in the tomb is a fake corpse or an immortal, if he sees the opportunity to tie him up, he will spread his wings There is no escape. … Continue readingChapter 53: Immortal Rope