Hospital Elevator Horror

There is a legend in the hospital in our ghost town that a little girl in yellow clothes will appear in the elevator on July 14th. If you don’t want to die, you must not look into her eyes, otherwise you will be taken away by her , died a miserable death. The door of the elevator was closed, and I was going to the third floor. The little girl raised her head little by little. I was so scared that I didn't dare to breathe. I stared at her closely. I thought about it for a few seconds. as long as centuries. At this moment, the elevator door opened, and I ran out desperately, shouting while running: "Ghost, there is a ghost. … Continue readingHospital Elevator Horror

Relocation Of Hongdong County

People in this area say: We are from Yechiwo, Hongdong County, Shanxi. Hongdong County is located in an important traffic road. The Ming Dynasty government wanted to relocate people. Although it did not specifically relocate Hongdong people, it regarded Hongdong as the focus of relocation. So they set up bureaus in Guangji Temple and under the big locust tree to handle appropriate matters. At this time, the government of the Ming Dynasty posted notices to deceive the common people, saying: Those who do not want to migrate should gather under the big pagoda tree. On this day, a large group of officers and soldiers surrounded the people under the big locust tree, and an official announced loudly: The emperor of Ming ordered that anyone who came under the big locust tree be moved away. Therefore, the descendants of immigrants have the characteristics of small toenails with two petals. … Continue readingRelocation Of Hongdong County

"Marry A Rich Man" Online Reading

You said, whether their family is in debt or not, I am your mother, you must not hide it from me, otherwise I will not care about suffering in the future. The third aunt said: "Master, it is said that your fortune-telling is very accurate. Please help my family Shu Xiaoting calculate whether she can marry a rich man? When my daughter finds a rich man, they will be jealous and spread rumors. I really want to tear their mouths apart. In Xiaoting's eyes, this is nothing. She thought: "I have worked hard to give birth to your Gao family, and I should serve me well. Our daughter finally married a rich man! … Continue reading"Marry A Rich Man" Online Reading

7 Ghosts 523 Retribution For Reincarnation Of The Third Generation

Li Fu found out that Gong Qingyou was treated politely in the underworld, so he became even more indignant, and then sued his confusion to the king of the underworld, who ordered the judge to open a book, and saw that it recorded Gong Qingyou's life and death, good and evil. Li Fu still did good deeds and accumulated virtues in this life, and began to practice hard. After Gong Qingyou died, he was able to go out of his body and go to the underworld to see what happened. Li Fu saw that Gong Qing had the karma of the three lifetimes, so he practiced more vigorously, hoping that he could get rid of the suffering of reincarnation as soon as possible. … Continue reading7 Ghosts 523 Retribution For Reincarnation Of The Third Generation

Walking Coffin

Because, the cemetery has a terrible legend that has been passed down for hundreds of years, that is, in the tomb of the Chase family in the center, the coffin will "walk". What's more, after entering the tomb, they have to move the coffins without anyone noticing and mess them up. And the fact that his family's coffin can "walk" soon became a horror legend on the island of Barbados. The "walking" coffin on Barbados has thus become a mystery. Someone once wanted to quietly place a camera in the tomb to observe the scene in the tomb. … Continue readingWalking Coffin

Mother Snake's Revenge

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I recommended to her the classic that Wei Niang never got tired of in her childhood – "Legend of the New White Snake". The little girl entered the pit smoothly, and watched the drama for half an hour every day. I have already seen the jade rabbit spirit Hu Meiniang go online. So there is today's little story about the revenge of the spirit snake. Apparently, this big flower snake gave birth suddenly at the intersection, and after giving birth to a nest of snake eggs, it was exhausted and unable to crawl. Later, an old man who understood said that the child born to the woman was reincarnated by the big flower snake back then to seek revenge. If she could save the snake and its eggs with some effort at that time, she would definitely get unexpected rewards in the future. … Continue readingMother Snake's Revenge

Monster Tincture Of Ghost Story

I told them that in Mexican superstition, this kind of worm is the soul of agave, and there is one in every bottle of agave. If the worm is soaked, it means that the quality of the wine is not good. Legend has it that eating this worm Good luck will come. There are many little mice soaked in the wine bottle. Someone secretly changed the good luck wine and replaced it with the bottle of rat baby wine that I have treasured for many years. I explained downhill that the so-called good luck wine is actually a Southeast Asian superstition. I almost believed it myself. … Continue readingMonster Tincture Of Ghost Story

The Coffin Is Filled With Spines, The Family Makes Money But Hurts People

Liu Tiesheng died in the 1980s. He was only in his 60s when he died. Everyone in Zhangjiatun said he was unlucky. Mr. Yin Yang first checked the Feng Shui of his house, and said there was nothing wrong with it. He said that the Feng Shui of his house was very good, and he was able to accumulate wealth. Then he went to see his father’s grave. When he saw his father’s grave, Mr. Yin Yang ate it. Surprised, because the feng shui of that tomb is so good! But after carefully observing the terrain, he found that although this acupoint is good, it is not likely to have such a prosperous fortune. Even though he said so, he really couldn't find the reason, and he could only blame himself for not being good at learning. So they spent a lot of money to ask people to find better Mr. Yin and Yang, Taoist priests, Dingshen and the like. … Continue readingThe Coffin Is Filled With Spines, The Family Makes Money But Hurts People

Phantom Of Medical School

At this time, Ji Yaopeng looked back at me and Zhu Jie with a mysterious smile, and said, "However, I thought of the use of this monkey corpse. Speaking of which, I think you all know that it is not a kind of beast, it is actually It is an evil elf or demon. But in an anatomy class a few days later, I suddenly discovered some weird and creepy behaviors of Zhu Jie. My guess was confirmed, as the doorman Lao Dong said Well, this monster has a very peculiar ability, that is, it can eat a person's heart, and then it can change itself into that person's appearance, and then mix with the crowd, waiting for the opportunity to prey on other people. … Continue readingPhantom Of Medical School

Night Watch And Fraudulent Corpse Read Online

Night vigil is called spirit vigil in our country, that is, after a person dies, the sons and daughters will stay by the side of the deceased for three days to avoid cats! The corpse jumped up, smelling the anger, and came before the night watchmen. It turned out that Liu Dezhu's eldest son, who couldn't sleep for a while, burned paper for his grandfather, and was very frightened when he saw that his grandfather's body was gone. The old man said: "Your father's fraudulent corpse must be burned with fire. Everyone found a brave man with a lighter and set fire to the fraudulent corpse. Even though that man was brave, he couldn't help but tremblingly set fire to the fraudulent corpse. No one dared to go forward , watching helplessly this person was bitten to death by a fraudulent corpse. … Continue readingNight Watch And Fraudulent Corpse Read Online