Tuberose Girl

The relatives and friends in the ward were silent, and suddenly, a seven or eight-year-old girl came: “Brother, let’s buy a flower!” As she spoke, she took out a withered tuberose from her bosom. The girl’s hand holding the flower is very thin, and her white skirt is also very worn out, but she has a pair of clear eyes. She turned her head and was about to wave to Ye Mo, but suddenly saw the blooming evening primrose beside the bed. The girl walked over, Ye Mu suddenly opened his eyes, and asked: “Little sister, are you here to sell flowers again?” When he was discharged from the hospital, Ye Mu saw the little girl selling flowers again in the corridor, he walked over and asked: “Has the money my brother gave you been spent so quickly?” … Continue readingTuberose Girl

Ah Hong’s Cause And Effect

Fast forward 20 years, this time Ah Hong came to this city, and suddenly wanted to go to that hospital again for a walk, after all, this place has so many good memories. After waking up, Ah Hong broke out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t help but think of an incident 20 years ago, and her heart became more and more disturbed. After Ah Hong got the money, she bought a lot of items that she was reluctant to buy on weekdays, and she felt very happy… Hearing about this, Ah Hong’s face became hot, and she never went to that canteen again. As soon as he entered the door, an old woman with white hair greeted her and asked Ah Hong what she wanted to buy? … Continue readingAh Hong’s Cause And Effect

You Have To Stay With Me

Gillian has never thought that a person she has always respected, suddenly looks like a different person in the eyes of this result, that Chen Zhen smiled at this time, it is very simple, tonight Come and accompany me, maybe I can think about it… That Chen Zhen smiled at this time, and said to her, don’t worry, as long as you become mine after tonight, I won’t tell this matter of. At this time, A-Jiao suddenly leaned on Chen Zhen’s ear and said sinisterly: How can you bear the heart of me leaving alone, you must accompany me! … Continue readingYou Have To Stay With Me

The Debt Collector Reincarnates To Claim His Life

Grandma said that this baby is the reincarnation of a debt collector. In the previous life, Xiao Ai owed him a life, and in this life he came here to collect debts. In her previous life, Xiao Ai often made women endure the pain of contraception, abortion, pregnancy, and induced labor. In this life, Xiao Ai became a woman, and naturally she had to bear all the pain she caused to the woman in the previous life, and repay the karma of the previous life before entering the next cycle of life. Granny shook her head, there is a grievance and a debtor, and it is only natural to pay the debt. If you don’t pay it back in this life, you will still have to pay it back in the next life. There is an injustice, and the debtor has the owner. She is a creditor from her previous life who has come to collect the debt. She can be regarded as risking her life for her life, and she also suffered this karma. … Continue readingThe Debt Collector Reincarnates To Claim His Life

New Liaozhai: The Phantom Of The Skull

How could such a delicate woman turn into a skeleton? What kind of stories did she have before she was alive? Wasn’t there a skeleton there before? Johnson stared at the black eye sockets of the skeleton, and felt a chill from the bottom of his heart for no reason. Who is that missing skeleton? A month later, Johnson recovered from his injury and returned to work in the police station, but the mysterious skeleton still lingered in his mind. Because of his resemblance to his mother, Johnson resurrected him as a skeleton. How did he know that the crimes committed back then were seen by a little girl, and the skeleton specimens he had carefully prepared were restored to their true appearance by a curious police officer. … Continue readingNew Liaozhai: The Phantom Of The Skull

Hospital Ghost Stories

When I woke up, I was in the hospital. Nurse Gu said that a priest sent me here. In the newspaper of the day, I saw that the Gerry family, including the servants, all died at home strangely. Unfortunately, the young Mrs. Gerry had a difficult delivery. With no choice but to suffer, the little life of the Geli family was born as a boy. I have been a doctor for almost eight years, and I watch life and death every day. In the following days, I still lived a life as before, but this incident was my nightmare every night. Strange, the gate of the yard is open, there should be someone, even if the master is not at home, the servant should be there. … Continue readingHospital Ghost Stories

“Ghosts” In The Lab

Khalid has a very special laboratory built in the backyard of the hospital, clinging to the bluff of a hill. According to Khalid’s instructions, Fuhrman fixed a malfunction in the laboratory. Fuhrman tampered with the place, and within a week at most, he would re-enter Khalid’s lab and take the camera. He is confident that this week’s video has recorded all of Khalid’s actions, and the truth of what kind of tricks is hidden in the laboratory will be revealed. However, just yesterday, I finally learned all the secrets of this laboratory. To prove himself right, he started experiments in the laboratory. … Continue reading“Ghosts” In The Lab

Doctor, May I Ask…

After staying here for almost a year, I have also become a little angry. I can tell from the sound that the knocking on the door must be some family member of the patient who has nothing to do. If there is an emergency operation, it must be called. Will come to shout… So, the person outside the door must be an idler, maybe he is here to ask for directions! Doctor, may I ask, are you in charge of the emergency room downstairs? Excuse me, doctor, can you go downstairs to the emergency room? There are so few doctors there! Doctor, may I ask, am I really dead? … Continue readingDoctor, May I Ask…

Hospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

Suddenly one day, Cheng Yi received a call from the concierge of the Children’s Hospital, saying: Doctor Cheng, your college classmates came to see you. I came to you because I had no choice. Beijing Children’s Hospital is a well-known and authoritative hospital in the country. If it can’t be cured here, I will die. Cheng Yi took Zhao Mei’s mother and daughter directly to the authoritative dermatology expert of the Children’s Hospital. After running, Cheng Yi arranged a ward for Zhao Mei’s daughter, Xiaocheng. Cheng Yi said: Zhao Mei took her child to see a doctor in Beijing Children’s Hospital. The child’s illness will be cured soon, but Zhao Mei suddenly left in an emergency. Before she left, she asked me to notify the family and come as soon as possible to pick Xiaocheng home alone. . … Continue readingHospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital