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During the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, Zouma Lane in Nanyang City was famous for its antique trading. One day, two men were selling purple jade pieces at a high price, which attracted onlookers. A middle-aged man, known as the Ghost House, saw through the value of the jade and expressed his willingness to buy the jade pieces in pairs. The two men were tempted by it and agreed to find a match. Later, it was discovered that the tomb robber was injured by the agency, and the ghost house appeared. It turned out to be a master of tomb robbers. The two men are still alive and cooperate with the ghost house to rob another tomb. The ghost house is actually Luo Zhongcai, the owner of Deyuelou, whose wealth came from tomb robbing. In the end, the two men cooperated with the police, captured the ghost house, and recovered the jade stolen from King Qi's tomb.

During the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, there was a small street called Zouma Lane in Nanyang City. It was crowded and lively on weekdays. All the three religions and nine streams love to gather here, and all kinds of strange and weird things can be found here. Of course, the most talkative thing is the antique trading here. Even antique lovers from other provinces come here to hunt for treasures.

On this day, two men, one fat and one thin, came to Zouma Alley. The two men were selling a piece of purple jade that was smaller than an egg. When someone saw the crystal clear jade, they were tempted and asked about the price. The two men asked for tens of thousands of taels of silver.

"What's the difference between this and robbing money? How could something be so expensive!" the person asking the price shouted. Who would have thought that the two men were so determined to eat the weight that they would not pay the same price, which immediately attracted the attention of passers-by and caused quite a stir.

Just when everyone was talking about it, a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes walked into the crowd, picked up the piece of jade, looked at it, and said: "Ten thousand taels, it's not expensive." Some people shouted: "It's not expensive, then you can buy it Come on!" The middle-aged man smiled and said, "This is a real Hetian purple seed jade, which is a rare thing. Do you know what a seed jade is?" Seeing that everyone was silent, the middle-aged man felt proud. , couldn't help showing off.

"Ziyu" is a jade material that weathered and fell off the Kunlun Mountains in ancient times. It was formed by the erosion and erosion of rivers all year round. It is only produced in Hotan, Xinjiang, and is the only authentic "Hetian Jade". But this kind of treasure is really rare, hard to come by, and naturally worth a lot of money. Among various colors of seed jade, green seed jade is relatively common, far inferior to white, yellow, ink and other colors of seed jade, while purple is the rarest…

The two men selling jade saw that he was speaking eloquently and said happily: "Since you know the goods, do you intend to buy it?"

The middle-aged man said: "The goods are good and the price is not expensive. It's just a pity, a pity…" The onlookers couldn't help but ask: "Since it's great value for money, what are you regretting?" The middle-aged man said: "You must know that purple seed jade must be in pairs to be extremely valuable. Judging from the appearance of this seed jade, there should be a similar pair. Unfortunately, you only have this one, and the collection value is much less. . Otherwise, even if you ask for one hundred thousand taels, I will buy it." Many people were amazed when he heard what he said.

The fat man selling jade couldn't help but said: "It's not difficult to find another one, but… we just can't get in, unless it's like a ghost uncle…" Before he could finish speaking, the thin man hurriedly bumped him with his elbow. He gave him a look, accepted his words, and said: "Sir, if you are really sincere, you might as well wait for us for a few days and then come back to you for advice after we find another seed jade. How about that?"

I can’t understand the ghost picture_Look at the picture and see the ghost_The ghost knows the picture

The middle-aged man said repeatedly: "Okay, great, let's meet in half a month. We will meet here again. If you can really find a pair, no matter what the price, I will buy it!"

As a result, the two men selling jade had no intention of doing business anymore. They returned to the inn where they stayed and hid in the room without leaving the door. After midnight, the two of them put on black clothes, quietly slipped out of the store and went straight to Huangshigang, twenty miles outside the city. After walking along the rugged mountain road for about half an hour, they arrived at a mound of rocks covered with wormwood. The two of them sneakily moved away the stones in the grass, revealing an incomprehensible ghost picture . A cave half as tall as a man.

The two listened quietly for a while, but found no movement, and then crawled into the hole. The thin man lit a torch. It was a corridor made of square bricks. The farther you went in, the wider it became, and the buildings inside became more and more majestic. It was clearly a well-built tomb. They arrived in front of a stone wall full of holes. The thin man held up the torch and illuminated the stone wall again and again, saying: "For that purple seed jade, we have to take the risk and try again." The fat man reminded : "For tombs like this, there are usually mechanisms inside the tomb. When opening the stone door, remember to jump to the side to avoid it."

The thin man took out an iron chisel, probed into the hole in the stone wall, and then turned it slightly. A crack opened in the stone wall, and it turned out that there was indeed a stone room inside. The fat man shouted: "Quick move!" The two of them jumped to the side at the same time, only to hear a burst of strings and countless sharp arrows flying out from the stone door.

The thin man let out a long breath and said, "Fortunately, we hid quickly…" Before he could finish his words, there was a sudden scream, and the fat man was seen covering his chest, and both of them fell to the ground. The torch fell to the ground, flickering on and off, and was about to go out.

At this moment, a dark figure flashed in from the corridor, picked up the torch on the ground, and shined a light on the fat and thin people. I saw an arrow stuck in each of their chests, and the blood stained the clothes on their chests red. It turns out that in addition to the stone door, there are also arrows shot out of the holes in the stone wall, which is really hard to guard against.

The black shadow sneered: "You can imagine that there is a mechanism inside the door, and the person who set up this mechanism can naturally calculate the direction of your hiding place. You don't even understand the most basic common sense, and you still want to rob the tomb, what a joke!"

The thin man's accent sounded familiar to him. He struggled to look up at him and said in surprise: "You… aren't you the gentleman who ordered the purple seed jade from us?"

The black shadow laughed and said: "Yes, it's me. Thank you for helping me find such a good tomb." The fat man said: "Who are you? It turns out…it turns out that you have plotted against us." The middle-aged man said : "I am your ancestral grandfather!" The fat man had an idea in his mind and shouted: "Could it be… are you the legendary Uncle Ghost?" The middle-aged man chuckled, acquiescing. The thin man let out a long sigh, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, saying: "Then we… can die in peace…"

I can’t understand the ghost picture_The ghost knows the picture_Look at the picture and see the ghost

"Uncle Ghost" is a master of tomb robbing. No one knows his last name, and no one has even seen his true face. There is no tomb that he can't open. When a living person encounters a headache, a dead person encounters misfortune, and a ghost can only call him "Uncle", hence the nickname.

Uncle Ghost smiled and said: "You are lucky to die in such a tomb. I will leave some worthless things for you to bury with you." After saying that, he pried a tomb brick from the ground and threw it into the stone chamber. Quickly lying on the ground, there was another sound of strings, and countless sharp arrows were shot from all directions. Uncle Ghost was lying on the ground, naturally unscathed. Then another tomb brick was thrown in… until it was no longer advantageous to shoot arrows.

Seeing that the two men were lying on the ground without any movement, Uncle Ghost said to himself, "This is what happens in the world. The big fish eats the small fish, and the small fish eats the shrimp. You guys These two daredevils can only be the fate of Xiao Xiami." After saying that, he took the torch and was about to step into the stone room, but he suddenly fainted and fell to the ground.

At this time, the fat man and the thin man laughed, and they both jumped up from the ground, and the arrow stuck in their chests fell down. The fat man patted the dust on his body and said with a smile: "Uncle Ghost, you are right, the big fish eats the small fish, and the small fish eats the shrimp, but the poor shrimp is not us, but you!" When he spoke He was full of energy and didn't look like he was injured at all.

Uncle Ghost said: "I understand, you are pretending to be injured, and this tomb has been tampered with by you a long time ago. I didn't expect that Uncle Ghost, who has been in the rivers and lakes for decades, would capsize in the gutter. You are so deliberately plotting against me. "What's the intention?" It turned out that the torch was drugged, and the fat and thin people had their nostrils plugged, so they were not poisoned. Uncle Ghost was negligent and suffered a big loss.

The fat man said: "It's very simple. We found a Han tomb elsewhere. Judging from the structure, the owner of the tomb should be a prince at that time. There must be a lot of stuff inside. I heard that you not long ago took the emperor's uncle, who is now the emperor, The tomb of Old Prince Qi was dug…" Before he could finish speaking, Uncle Ghost said coldly: "I understand, you found the tomb, but you were unable to destroy the mechanism inside the tomb, so you tried every means to use a piece of purple tomb. Ziyu lured me into taking the bait and threatened me to help you rob the tomb, right?" The thin man said with a smile: "If there is anyone in this world who can open that tomb, that person is you, Uncle Ghost."

Uncle Ghost couldn't help but sneer: "You guys are really flattering me, but what if I refuse to cooperate?" The fat man pulled out a short knife from his body and put it on his neck. Uncle Ghost's eyes turned sharply, and he let out a "humph" and said, "Do you really think that robbing tombs can make you rich? That's just a trick of mine!" The fat and thin men didn't understand what he meant for a while, so they looked at each other. , asked him what he meant.

Uncle Ghost said: "Do you really think you can dig out any treasures from graves? That's all lies! You don't even think about it. If your parents died, you would be willing to give up the most valuable treasure in your family. Put it in the grave as a funerary object…" After hearing this, the thin man cursed: "Your parents are dead!" Uncle Ghost said with a smile: "Don't worry, I was using an analogy to mean alive. People are definitely richer than dead people!”

The thin man asked doubtfully: "You mean it's better to steal a living person than to steal a dead person?" Uncle Ghost snorted coldly. The fat man thought for a moment and said: "What you said makes sense, but we need to find a living person." The goal is not easy either.”

Look at the picture and see the ghost_I can’t understand the ghost picture_The ghost knows the picture

Uncle Ghost hesitated for a moment and told Fatty and Thin that he had recently found a target. The terrain, route, etc. had already been reconnoitred. The reason why he had not taken action was because the target was extremely wealthy and he could not carry much by himself. The property is afraid of wasting it. If they were really serious, he could cooperate with them and share the stolen property equally between the three of them.

The fat man asked in disbelief: "Is such a good thing really possible?" Uncle Ghost said: "What does this mean? We can often cooperate in the future. One person can't make a big deal just by doing small things. I have long wanted to make this business big." "Qiang, I wonder if you are sincere in cooperating?" The fat man and the thin man looked at each other, and the thin man was obviously a little moved, and asked him who the guy who was about to be unlucky was.

Uncle Ghost asked them if they knew Luo Zhongcai, the owner of Deyuelou on Nanyang City West Street. The fat man said, "I know. Could it be that he is the unknown rich man?"

Uncle Ghost told them that Luo Zhongcai was a very scheming person and was very low-key in life. Even his neighbors rarely saw him in person. Although he is the boss of Deyuelou, he rarely takes care of the affairs of the restaurant. The restaurant's operation was average, and others thought he didn't make much money a year. But if you take a closer look, you will find that Luo Zhongcai's food, clothing, housing and transportation are all luxurious, and he is a veritable "superior" life. His family's daily expenses cannot be solved by the income of Deyuelou… No wait After Uncle Ghost finished speaking, the thin man couldn't wait to ask: "Is he still engaged in other businesses?"

Uncle Ghost said: "That's not true. He doesn't have to do that, because he has a good ancestor." It is said that Luo Zhongcai's ancestor once served as a high official in the court. After making a fortune, he disbanded and returned to the fields, leaving behind for his descendants. A considerable amount of wealth, so Deyuelou was just a pretense for Luo Zhongcai to show off his wealth without revealing his wealth.

Hearing what he said about the incomprehensible ghost pictures , the fat and thin people woke up as if from a dream, and then they were fascinated again, but they were still a little worried: "You didn't want to get away, so you deliberately lied to us like this, right?"

Unexpectedly, Uncle Ghost was very straightforward: "Yes, I want to get away! If you let me go, I will take you to make a fortune. This is a fair deal. Otherwise, hey, I would rather die than be threatened by you!" Fat, The two thin men looked at each other, and the fat man said: "You, Uncle Ghost, are also a big shot. We will trust you just once. I hope we can have a happy cooperation."

It was almost dawn at this time, and the thin man went out to buy some food. The three of them stayed in the tomb until dark the next day before quietly entering the city. When it was time to wake up, Uncle Ghost took the two of them to Luo Zhongcai's residence on West Street, crossed the fence and entered the Luo family yard.

The Luo Family Courtyard is not big, but it is very exquisite. The three of them came to a woodshed. Uncle Ghost was leaning on the door, touching here and there, as if looking for some mechanism. The thin man couldn't help but ask: "Will Luo Zhongcai put his money in the woodshed?" Uncle Ghost snorted coldly and said: "Only those stupid upstarts would make the place where they put their money look like It’s a small treasury, as if we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to find it.” Just as he was talking, there was a soft sound, and the door of the woodshed opened.

I can’t understand the ghost picture_Look at the picture and see the ghost_The ghost knows the picture

The three of them gently touched in, and through the moonlight outside the window, they could clearly see that the house was filled with bundles of firewood. The thin man said angrily: "Is it possible that the rich man Luo's money is hidden in these firewood?" Uncle Ghost asked: "Why not?" He stepped forward and moved the firewood away, revealing a green brick wall. Uncle Ghost put his hands on the wall With a hard push, the wall opened silently, revealing a secret door. Inside was a small dark room, with a faint light coming from the room.

When the fat and thin people saw it, they almost screamed with joy. The dark room was filled with rare treasures, which made their eyes wide open. I just wanted to rush in and grab it, but I calmed down immediately. The most tempting places are often the most dangerous, so I said to Uncle Ghost: "Please go first."

Uncle Ghost sneered, walked into the dark room, grabbed a handful of jewelry from the ground and stuffed it into his arms, saying: "I think so, let's not share them equally. Whoever takes these things out will get them." Who?" As he said this, he kept grabbing the jewelry and stuffing it into his arms.

The fat and thin men were anxious when they saw that the ghost uncle had taken the lead. At a glance, they saw a small table against the wall. The glass basin on the table was filled with jade seeds, red, white and purple. , green… The two of them screamed strangely in a low voice and rushed to the small table. Just as they were about to reach out and grab it, unexpectedly, with a "click", a large iron cage fell from the top of their heads, covering the two of them in the iron cage. Down.

The thin man shouted anxiously: "Uncle Ghost, come and save us!"

Uncle Ghost changed his face and said with a smile: "I finally led you into this iron cage, why do I have to rescue you?" The fat and thin people were shocked, but the fat man still refused to give up and said: "If we shout loudly "Aren't you afraid that Luo Zhongcai will come to arrest you?"

Unexpectedly, Uncle Ghost burst out laughing and said, "Have you met Luo Zhongcai? Do you know his details? Let me tell you, no matter what I want from him, he will never refuse."

The thin man asked in disbelief: "Why? Who are you to him?" Uncle Ghost stopped talking, but put the jewelry in his arms back to its original place, then walked to the corner and hung it on the shelf in the corner. He took off his clothes and hat and put them on himself… When he turned around again, the fat and thin men were surprised to find that Uncle Ghost had completely changed. Uncle Ghost, who was still full of anger and cold eyes just now, now has a kind and kind look on his face.

The thin man suddenly realized: "I understand, Luo Zhongcai is the ghost uncle, and the ghost uncle is Luo Zhongcai! Your wealth is not left by your ancestors, but stolen by you by robbing tombs, right?" The fat man also said: "No wonder. , Uncle Ghost is always hard to find. It turns out that most of the time, he is the boss of Deyuelou!"

The ghost knows the picture_Look at the picture to see the ghost_Cannot understand the ghost picture

Luo Zhongcai said proudly: "If you walk too much at night, you will always encounter ghosts. Although I, the ghost uncle, have been dealing with dead ghosts all year round, I am more afraid of encountering ghosts, so I want to be a normal person. Haha, sometimes I think about it, It’s better to be a good person. Although the money is less, you don’t have to worry about life.”

In fact, Luo Zhongcai really encountered a ghost this time after walking too much at night. He accidentally fell into the trap of the fat and thin men. In desperation, he did not hesitate to reveal his identity and led them into his secret treasure room, planning to Kill people and silence them to keep your secrets. Now, it's finally done. He smiled and said: "You should understand now who is the big fish and who is the shrimp, right? Haha, you can't blame me, you can only blame yourselves. You are playing dirty tricks with Uncle Ghost, and you can only suffer the loss." !”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard someone behind him say: "No matter you are a big fish or a small fish or shrimp, as long as you do bad things, you will not be able to escape the legal net hanging above your head. It is better to be more peaceful!" "I saw five or six policemen rushing in and immediately surrounded Luo Zhongcai.

Luo Zhongcai's expression changed drastically and he shouted: "You…how did you find this place?"

The thin man trapped in the iron cage smiled and said: "Because we are in the same group with them! When I came in with you, I put a bag of lime in my pocket. There was a hole in the corner of my pocket. I didn't expect this. The old country method actually captured you, a ghost uncle who comes and goes without a trace. "

It turns out that since Uncle Ghost dug up the old Prince Qi's tomb and stole a bucket of jade buried inside, he made the young Prince Qi furious and ordered the Ministry of Punishment to solve the case within a time limit. After more than half a year of covert and covert investigations, the detectives from the Ministry of Punishment were able to roughly figure out Uncle Ghost's methods of committing crimes, and then arranged for the fat and thin duo to devise a clever plan to reveal Uncle Ghost's true form and at the same time recover the missing piece stolen from King Qi's tomb. Dou Zi Jade.

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This story is set in the Ming Dynasty, and through a series of carefully designed plots, it shows the tomb robbing culture behind the antiques trade and the righteous actions of the government. The ghost house in the story is a complex character. He is both a master tomb robber and a wealthy businessman. His dual identity adds suspense to the story. The plot of the two men and the intervention of the policeman make the story full of wisdom and humor in the excitement. Overall, this is a story that combines elements of history, suspense and justice, and can attract readers who like historical exploration and suspense reasoning. The end of the story leaves readers with deep thoughts about greed, fraud and legal sanctions.

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