Is Li Lianyi Dead? Chapter 36: The Tiger Comes Out Of The Mountain

"As soon as Village Chief Li mentioned this, Liu Dongsheng couldn't help but think of his daughter's problems back then." Village Chief Li called Li Dagui and Li Ergui, and accompanied Zhang Yicheng to Li Shuangquan's house. Several people came to the courtyard, and Village Chief Li kept frowning, "Yicheng, you can do it if you can, but if you can't, don't be brave…" Their rabbits are dead, didn't they tell you? …" Village Chief Li said. "No…I never had an enemy…" Village Chief Li was also stunned, "Just that Li Shulin, could it be that kid died? … Continue readingIs Li Lianyi Dead? Chapter 36: The Tiger Comes Out Of The Mountain

Seven Star Lu King Chapter 25 Jade Figurines

The fat man gave me a blank look, and muttered there: "You comrades from the southern faction, you are too murderous. You can even pour pots into any tomb. This inversion is a meticulous craftsmanship. Have you seen it? If you don’t have your fat man today Me, you have to dissolve the corpse to get the jade warrior out. The fat man said unconvinced: "What's the reason? We worked so hard to get down to this tomb, and finally opened this coffin. You don't say anything." Just strangle the corpse to death, you should at least give us a fucking account! … Continue readingSeven Star Lu King Chapter 25 Jade Figurines

Change Son-in-law

A few years ago, Lu Xiucai's parents were both ill, and he had to live alone. Xu Zongming understood that his daughter was asking Lu Xiucai to guide her in her own painting! It seems that this marriage must be withdrawn, and the future son-in-law must be replaced! Xu Zongming couldn't help thinking: Although Lu Xiucai is poor, it is rare for him to have such a good character. In addition, he and my daughter both love painting and have a crush on each other. From this point of view, he is indeed my future The best candidate for son-in-law. … Continue readingChange Son-in-law

Soul-saving Scalpel

I picked up the knife and looked carefully at the light, and it turned out to be two lines of small characters: "The doctor uses magic to save people, and Shiren saves souls. Sure enough, the fat man heard us say that he would not live for a few days, and he was as frightened as a dog seeing insects." The fat worm with the medicine was crying, crying, and said that he knew that Lin’s grandfather had a scalpel, and the holder of the knife could cure any stubborn disease. After returning, Lin asked me, the last sentence on the scalpel—“Shi What does "benevolence save souls" mean? … Continue readingSoul-saving Scalpel

Love Mutation Author: Ye Congling Read Online

Meng Lan, Linger might be missing! His father, Meng Zong, invited him to the Forensic Medicine Museum to exchange this technique, also because Zhihe's mentor and his father are good friends. Ziqi has always been interested in psychology and psychiatry, and she often discusses some strange topics with Professor Qu. Standing at the door of Professor Qu's office, Ziqia asked me: "Do you think this girl is a little weird?" Every time I saw Xu Linger, I thought she was a little weird. Ziqia said I was suspicious, but I wasn't sure. Of course I knew that Professor Qu would not show me the information, I was just curious as to what happened to Xu Linger. … Continue readingLove Mutation Author: Ye Congling Read Online

Build A Building For The Dead

Building a building for the dead A householder who runs a family hotel often has beautiful clothes hanging out at home. Everyone is very surprised how they can afford those good clothes from an ordinary family? What is more chilling is the way they deal with the corpses. They dug a big pit in the yard, collected a certain number of corpses, and placed them side by side in the pit, then put cement on them, killed people, and hid them again. Make up the number of corpses, and when you have enough, put them in place and put cement on them. In this way, when the corpses were lifted, those people seemed to be built into "buildings of corpses". There are more than 40 corpses in total, living in the "building" with several floors underground… … Continue readingBuild A Building For The Dead

Who Took Away The Right Of The First Night Of The Chinese Emperors

Before Sima Zhong got married, his father Jinwu Emperor Sima Yan sent a harem talent Xie Jiu to the East Palace to teach the prince by himself and let the prince know about the male and female houses. A few years later, Prince Sima Zhong saw a child in his parents' palace. Emperor Wu of Jin told him that this was his son, and he was very surprised. After the crowning ceremony, the prince is considered an adult, and without the emperor's edict, the prince is not allowed to enter and leave the harem at will, in order to prevent entanglements with the concubines in the harem. Thirdly, as the nurse of Emperor Tianqi, the Ke family became jealous and killed several concubines who had been blessed by Emperor Tianqi. … Continue readingWho Took Away The Right Of The First Night Of The Chinese Emperors

Chapter 25: The Painted Door

This method originally originated from the "Jin Miao" technique, and it is an ancient "charm" that only the leaders of the ancient Jin Miao can master. The number of people who know it is very limited, and because it is too secretive, it has been lost for hundreds of years. No one knows this way anymore, but most people who learn alchemy know that there was such a set of mysterious "talismans" hundreds of years ago. There is a leader in each group of golden seedlings, who is regarded as a "golden head", and only the golden head masters the ancient and mysterious alchemy "holding the golden curse". … Continue readingChapter 25: The Painted Door

Buy Puppets To Attract Evil

What Gao Fei said was actually more of a joke and tease. He wanted to see how the old man could carve a decent doll. Gao Fei panicked for a moment, and said in horror: Please, I'm lustful, I'm damned, I'm damned! The old man glanced at him, smiled and said: The puppet will always be a puppet, without emotion, and some evil spirits are attached to the puppet, just because the owner has evil intentions, so it is naturally attracted by some unrighteous things. … Continue readingBuy Puppets To Attract Evil

Resurrection Read Online

The old lama said, no need, it turned out that there was a storm yesterday, and I was a little exhausted. The old lama stopped him and said to his uncle: I have nothing to repay you. After ten years, I will give you a chance to be born again. When my uncle woke up in the morning, the more he felt the strangeness of the words, he seemed to understand something in his heart, so he quickly called his family over and told them that if he died, he must be buried in the ground three days later, because according to the local custom , People will be buried the next day after death, no more than 3 days. … Continue readingResurrection Read Online