Chapter 303 Passengers In The Car

As the body of the bus driver fell to the ground, the entire bus lost control. Only then did the passengers in the bus realize the seriousness of the matter. It seemed that this was no longer as simple as the driver changing the route privately, because this bus was really weird. Incomparable. This is a strange and strange bus. "The door can't be opened. The problem with this bus cannot be that it is really haunted. More people believe that they are possessed by evil spirits and that there is something wrong with this bus. … Continue readingChapter 303 Passengers In The Car

Produce Ghosts

In the countryside in the 1980s and 1990s, ghost hunting was prevalent. "No, it's a birth ghost." Could this be the legendary birth ghost? Li Ersheng rushed behind the birth ghost and sprayed it at the birth ghost with his rooster's neck. Strangely enough, as soon as the chicken blood touched the childbirth ghost, she couldn't jump immediately, and her body slowly became smaller. In the end, it was less than the size of a fist. At this moment, Li Sanmei finally had the strength to walk out of the room. I walked out and looked underground. I saw that there was no longer any ghost, only a toad was there, dying. … Continue readingProduce Ghosts

Grandma, Go And Burn Some Paper Money.

Until one day, I saw Pan Pan’s grandma burning paper money at the entrance of the alley, and I casually asked: Did you start burning paper so early? Grandma replied: I don’t know what’s wrong. My Pan Pan’s fever has never completely gone away. He always wakes up when sleeping. I asked him what was wrong and whether he was dreaming, but he asked me to burn some paper money so that his fever would be cured. of. Behind her, only Grandma Panpandi was left burning paper over and over again, while muttering: Children are ignorant, don't blame me, my grandson's fever has never recovered, I will burn some paper money for you, please forgive me. … Continue readingGrandma, Go And Burn Some Paper Money.

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I have a maid, she is my kind. We zombies will not appear in the same place with our kind, because we are destined to be alone forever. Then, she added: She was chased into the forest by that woman just now. She wanted to know why she heard such a tragic story? … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

Sister In The Middle Of The Night

Oh, I understand, maybe the sister downstairs is waiting for the person in that room. When I reached the 18th floor, I suddenly heard an angry voice: "You bastard, come out quickly. How many times have I told you not to go to the elevator! Could it be that the sister who appeared downstairs in the middle of the night was just waiting for this man? ? That night, there was no light in room 1717 on the far left of the 17th floor, and the sister in the flower skirt downstairs did not show up either. After he parked the car, he hugged the woman intimately and walked into the elevator. Although it was already one o'clock in the night Much more, but I wanted to go downstairs…go downstairs and tell this sister what I saw. … Continue readingSister In The Middle Of The Night

Fengyue Curse·Hunter Online Reading

In any case, what we encounter is a perverted and crazy ogre, and if we want to catch him, we must be fully prepared. It was a false alarm, and Li Yin was confused as to why the perverted ogre didn't come. Fortunately, Li Yin was just a porter who did rough work. Sometimes the boss Zhang would call him to move goods, but most of the time he was not allowed to enter the office building. In this way, it was not convenient for him to pester Lingzi, and Lingzi felt a little better. Get settled. … Continue readingFengyue Curse·Hunter Online Reading

Chapter 643: Curse Inheritance

Professor Wang actually killed Yang Jian and successfully rescued himself. This, this is really incredible. In other words, from now on, he is no longer the Guo Fan before, but Guo Fan who controls the ghost eyes of three ghosts? At this moment, he understood that the so-called music sound was the curse of the music box. Now this curse was inherited by Guo Fan, and Yang Jian successfully hid in the spiritual throne to avoid the risk of being killed by the curse. … Continue readingChapter 643: Curse Inheritance

Chapter 239 The Extinguished Ghost Candle

The ghost eyes were drowsy and wanted to close them. They were even a little out of control and wanted to sleep forever. "Yang Jian walked in front and lit the ghost candle at the same time. While the ghost candle was burning, everyone could see the surroundings clearly. In an instant, the ghost candle went out." Yang Jian was shocked when he looked at the extinguished ghost candle in his hand. From the moment he got the ghost candle to now, this was the first time he encountered the ghost candle extinguished. Or was it Zhao Kaiming who used his ghost power to extinguish his ghost candle? The firelight emitted by the ghost candle just now allowed him to clearly identify the road ahead and knew how to get out of this ghost place. … Continue readingChapter 239 The Extinguished Ghost Candle

True Ghost Stories: A Midnight Outing Read Online

"I said, you are a big man, how can you be so timid? When you were a freshman, you didn't see anyone dead here. You were so scared that you dropped out of school. Why are there so many things? The strange thing is that on Qingming Festival, Liang Ku just fell asleep. Hearing a noise from the senior's side, I thought he was going to the toilet, so he shouted: "Don't scream so scary this time!" "No one agreed. Liang Ku opened his eyes and found that no one was on the senior's bed. Early the next morning, Liang Ku woke up and saw his senior sitting on the bed reading a book. He lay on the bed and asked: " What were you doing last night? … Continue readingTrue Ghost Stories: A Midnight Outing Read Online

The Strange Story Of "Face To Face In Time And Space"

As soon as they came and met each other, the instructor said that after many years, she still remembered the feeling of sadness and joy in her heart, as if she were seeing a relative she had never seen again. The instructor wondered, could this person be from a minority group? Unexpectedly, something even more bizarre happened later. The instructor said that she could not remember the specific time. It was probably after she was thirty-five years old that she began to repeat the same dream frequently. I was stupid and couldn't understand it at the moment, so I asked the instructor, who said that there are many reasons for nightmares. Why do you think this dream is unusual? I just vaguely feel that the law of conservation of energy does not seem to hold true when two selves from different periods meet face to face. … Continue readingThe Strange Story Of "Face To Face In Time And Space"