The Four-Legged Female Ghost Online Reading

There is an old man named Wang, we all call him Lao Wang. It is said that he has a pair of dark eyes and can see ghosts.

One summer, Lao Wang went to the grove near the village to touch grasshoppers.

At that time, weeds were growing everywhere in the woods, and some dots of blue flames were floating around, which looked very strange.

Suddenly, Lao Wang seemed to see a figure floating in the woods. When he looked carefully, he saw that it was a woman in white.

No! Women cannot float and walk, only ghosts can float. She is a female ghost in white clothes.

Lao Wang is used to seeing all kinds of ghosts and is not afraid of them.

The female ghost in white also seemed to have seen Lao Wang, floated in front of Lao Wang, and then stood still.

Lao Wang raised his voice and asked in a low voice: "Who are you?"

The female ghost in white didn't say anything, she just smiled strangely at Old Wang.

Lao Wang boldly took a few more steps forward and gradually saw her appearance clearly. He saw that she looked very strange, her appearance was not beautiful, her hair was very short, and she was very thin. Warm ghost story , through the moonlight Her white scalp can be seen, and the clothes she wears are of the popular style worn by today's people, which shows that she is a newly dead ghost. But what makes people feel weird is that the inner sides of her legs are very long. Two smaller legs come out and are connected to the outer thighs respectively to form a pair.

It turned out that she was a female ghost with four legs. Old Wang was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat. This was the first time he saw such a weird ghost.

Lao Wang bent down and picked up a straight branch in the grass, and stepped forward. The sudden sound in the forest made Lao Wang's heart beat faster.

As he gradually approached her, Lao Wang saw that she was staring at him from the corner of her eye.

The corner of her eye was so weird that it made people feel scared from the inside.

Lao Wang's heart began to beat wildly, and his palms became sweaty.

"Who are you?" Lao Wang asked her again.

Then she slowly raised her head and looked at Lao Wang: "Xiao Na."

Forehead! It turns out her name is Xiaona, Lao Wang thought to himself.

Xiaona then continued sadly: "You can see me, are you a human being or a ghost?"

At this time, Lao Wang had adjusted his mentality and was no longer afraid of her. Instead, he smiled at her and said, "I'm not a ghost, I'm a human being. My name is Lao Wang. I have a pair of dark eyes so I can see you."

She sighed faintly: "Being a human is not as good as being a ghost. At least as a ghost, no ghost will look down on you."

It seems that when Xiaona was a human being, she must have been bullied by others often, so she would say such things, so Lao Wang asked her in confusion: "Xiao Na, aren't you happy when you are a human being?"

Xiaona sighed again: "When I was alive, because I had four legs, others called me a monster and looked down on me. Even my parents despised me. When I was sick, they never treated me. I wish they could I died earlier so that I could get rid of this burden as soon as possible. In order to take advantage of their wishes, I jumped into the old well in our village on my nineteenth birthday this year. From then on, I became a Happy Ghost.”

Her story was so pitiful that Lao Wang felt like he had shed tears.

"Xiao Na, it's too desolate to be a lonely ghost. It's better to be a normal person and reincarnate. You will definitely be a beautiful and good girl in the next life." Lao Wang comforted her.

"Fate is not up to you. I'm afraid that in the next life I will still be like this and be looked down upon by others, so I gave up reincarnation." She said sadly.

"I understand Yin and Yang, and I can cast spells to see the Ghost King. I can ask the Ghost King to let you be a beautiful girl in the next life." Lao Wang continued to comfort her.

When she saw Lao Wang saying this, she burst into laughter, thanked Lao Wang, and drifted deep into the woods.

Later, Lao Wang saw the Ghost King in his dream and begged the Ghost King to let Xiao Na be reincarnated into a good family. Not long after, Lao Wang had another dream. He dreamed that Xiaona came to thank him and said that the Ghost King would let her be reincarnated into a good family tomorrow. After saying that, Xiaona disappeared from his dream with a smile. .

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The story blends folklore and supernatural elements to present a touching story of fate, compassion and hope. The image of Lao Wang is an old man who is well versed in the principles of yin and yang, kind and helpful. Not only can he see ghosts, but he is also willing to help them solve their problems. Xiaona's experience makes people sympathize with her, and her choice also reflects society's indifference and injustice towards the disabled. Lao Wang's help and Ghost King's gift gave Xiaona a new beginning and also gave readers a warm ending. Overall, this is a story full of human glory and mystery, which makes people feel warmth and hope amidst fear.

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