"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" October Story

Next, I want to tell you: October Story

October in this small town always seems so long because we are used to daytime, but October brings long nights. The night came very early today. By nine o'clock, it was as dark as midnight. There was no moonlight and it was impossible to see outside the car. I had to keep the lights on, but I could only get a small patch of light in front of the car.

There was no one on the road. Yes, the autumn wind was already very cold on this autumn night. It happened to be drizzling again. How could there be any passengers on this quiet suburban road? Go home early. My wife Ping has already made supper and is leaning on the table waiting for me. When I think of going home, I can't help but speed up the car.

But just when I was driving fast, a woman wearing a white robe suddenly appeared fifty meters ahead! ! ! ! Under the illumination of the car lights, I saw the woman's long hair covering half of her face. She seemed to be crossing the road, but she was walking very slowly… She didn't seem to care about the arrival of the car… [Huh… ah! 】

What happened? ! ! I was stunned… was it an illusion? I got out of the car… In front of the car, the woman fell in a pool of blood. I trembled and Dolly walked over tremblingly. I turned over the woman's body… Blood flowed from the corner of the woman's mouth… I lifted it up That woman's hair… Ping! ! ! ! It’s my wife Ping! "Ping!! Ping!! Why are you here so late… why are you here so late?! Why aren't you waiting for me at home?!!! Ping… Ping… can you hear me?!" Ping Slowly opened his eyes, what a familiar sight! However, that gaze immediately dimmed… became cold… She was dead! …"Ping! Ping! Ping!!!" What should I do? what do I do? The cold wind hit me, and I looked around. There was no one, not a single person. If I report the crime, my job will be ruined, and I might even go to jail. My whole life will be over! Anyway, Ping won't survive… Just bury her…

I dragged Ping behind the woods, dug a hole with the iron ruler on the car, and buried Ping… "Ping, rest in peace… I'm sorry for you…" My heart was full of fear. I felt that Ping's eyes were staring at me through the thick soil, staring at me, full of hatred! ! But with the smile of the past…

I have a headache now and my head is confused. Go home. I dreamed that the dead were resurrected . Ping was still waiting for me at home… No! Thinking of this, I suddenly shuddered! Because I always seem to feel that Ping is still alive! This thing happened so suddenly, hum! What a joke, isn't she… already buried by me? …

Thinking like this, I have arrived at the door of my house. The rain is getting heavier, this rain will wash away all the blood… I knocked on the door a few times, [dong dong dong] Why did I knock on the door? What's the point of knocking on the door?

"Who is it…" (squeak…) The door opened! It's Ping! It’s my wife Ping! I saw it, I saw Ping, that pale… face like a dead person! She looks at me! ! That look… It's like I've never seen it before… "Ping! You… what are you doing at home?" As soon as I said those words, I regretted it. I didn't dare to face the woman in front of me! I sat down with my back to her. "I made the same midnight snack as every day… and then sat there stupidly… waiting for you to come back… But today, I fell asleep… and had a dream…" "A dream?! What dream?" "I dreamed of you…but you…" Ping's face suddenly twitched! Her face! The look in her eyes! It’s all out of character! Oh my God! Could it be! She wasn't dead at all? Could it be? I failed to bury her? ! !

"I dreamed that you killed me…and then buried me…you just dragged me like that…and you were afraid that my blood would get on your clothes…" "Ping!" "Haha… what a nightmare. Ah…" I didn't dare to look at her… "How could I kill you?!" "No… you didn't mean it… haha…" "What? What didn't mean it? Stop talking, hurry up Bring the supper, I'm hungry…" Ping didn't say anything, she went to turn off the light… "Why turn off the light when you're not sleeping?!" "Don't you like darkness?…Go to sleep…"

But I couldn't fall asleep no matter what I said. I always felt that she was looking at me, and looking at me with that look… Sure enough! I found… there was a shadow on my head! It was motionless, looking at me quietly… I also looked at it quietly… but for a long, long time, there was no movement at all. Exhausted, I finally fell asleep…

"…Well…what time is it now?…" I jumped up, "Ping! Ping! Ping! Where are you?" But there was no answer! There was no one in the room. It was almost dawn and the room was filled with gray light, but there was no Ping. Maybe, she shouldn't have been there in the first place. Maybe nothing happened at home last night. Maybe everything was just a dream. Ping has been buried by me… Forget it, let's drive and let those passengers dispel my heart. of fear.

Sure enough, the hustle and bustle of the market and the smiles of the passengers made me feel like I was back to yesterday again. Business is great today, and night is falling again. I drove home, and when I got to the door of my house, I knocked on the door again out of habit [dong dong dong] "Who is it…" It was Ping's voice again! (Squeak…) The door opened, and Ping, who was pale, looked at me in the dim light… "Ping! Where did you go last night?" "I went to find that place…" " Where?!" "The place where you buried me…" "You… you were dreaming about that, Ping!!" "But I didn't find it…" "Ping… I beg you, what on earth did you want me to do? Like?!" "Take me there!" "I…I don't know! Ah!" I looked at Ping carefully! ! I couldn't help but be shocked! Ping was wearing the same clothes as that night! ! He was wearing a white robe, and… and he seemed to have intentionally covered half of his face with his hair! ! "You…Ping…are you a human…are you a human or a ghost?!!! Who are you?!" "I am Ping…I am your wife…I always feel buried! No one cares." …My chest always feels so tight…I always miss you…and I always miss you…" As she said that, she touched my face with her blue, cold hands! ! "Tell me…what should I do…Tell me, what should I do…please tell me…why do you want to kill me!!! Why do you want to kill me!! I'm so good to you!" Ping Xiang He suddenly grabbed my neck like crazy! ! I tried my best to break away from her! "Are you crazy?!" "I'm dead!!… Can the dead return to madness?…" I held my head and slumped on the chair. I was already numb. She could do whatever she wanted… Thinking about her life, she was also a miserable person. Her parents divorced when she was young. She just divorced and her mother left… Now, she died in front of her husband's car again, "Ping… I'm sorry for you, but now I should What should I do? Are you a human or a ghost?" "Come on…come with me…" She opened the door and walked out like a breeze. I followed her cautiously, and she went back Where?

I walked behind her for a long time… and finally arrived at that place! She leaned down and dug with her hands… I was buried very deep, and she dug for a long time… Her hands were dug out, and so were her arms… Did she really want to dig out the body? So what should I do? I rushed over to stop her hand, and she slowly raised her head… "Er…" I could hear her gritting her teeth! ! ! I saw it, his purple face! The eyes of a dead person… "Er…"

She was dead when the body was exhumed. Her eyes darkened. I buried the body and carried her to the hospital. After examination, the cause of her death was jealous fatigue and excessive fright. What the hell is she? She is my wife Ping! ! ! So who am I burying?

A mysterious old man appeared at Ping's funeral… that was Ping's biological father. The old man said: "It's a pity that Ping is dead… Ping refused to recognize himself as his father before he was alive, and Ping's twin sisters have always been with him, and their sisters have never been reunited. Recently, Ping's twin sister suffered from mental illness and had a dream Seeing the dead resurrected and disappearing…" Finally, the old man said helplessly: "What's going on in this world, God… why does it always put pain on a person's head? Hehe, hehe…"

Well, my friend, this is what I want to tell you: October Story

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