Family Ghost Stories

There was a man named Shi Shaokong in Pingyin, Shandong Province. His family was poor and unattractive .

For such a person who is struggling to survive at the bottom of the society, through hard work every day, saving some money, marrying a wife and having children, and multiplying offspring, so as to continue his blood, this can be regarded as the greatest hope in life.

Then, just like other people, birth, old age, sickness and death, experience those joys and sorrows in life, until the last breath of life, there are descendants lingering in front of the sick bed, mourning and weeping, it is regarded as a complete cultivation.

This person is very ordinary, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is mediocre. If you throw him into the crowd, he will be swallowed by the crowd in a blink of an eye.

However, ordinary people also have unusual places.

The unusual thing about this ordinary man is that he married an unusual wife.

Ordinary people place no less importance on marrying a wife and having children than rich families. After Shi Shaokong grew up, the family asked someone to find a wife for him.

When the daughter-in-law first entered the house, she was only seventeen years old. She was handsome, quick-witted, and filial to the elderly. A quote from an elder who praised her was: This child has work in her eyes.

In short, everyone in the Shi family was very satisfied with her, and when chatting privately, their pride was beyond words, saying that this child Shaokong didn’t know the blessings he got in his life, and married such a fairy-like daughter-in-law, Not only is he handsome, but he can afford and put everything down, and he is a good hand both at home and outside.

However, this daughter-in-law is a little different from others. Which point?

Ever since she entered Shi’s house, she hasn’t eaten a single grain of rice. Not only did he not eat the pellets, but he did not even drink a sip of water.

People are like iron, and food is like steel. If you don’t eat a meal, you will be hungry. After the new daughter-in-law came in, she didn’t grit her teeth for several days. This is really too strange. Whoever listened to it would inevitably feel suspicious.

At the beginning, the Shi family thought that the daughter-in-law had just married from her natal family, that she was thin-skinned, short-sighted, shy, shy, and made comments . Let her eat in her own house. After waiting for a long time, it will be fine if you come along the shelf.

Unexpectedly, for several days in a row, the food was almost rotten, and the daughter-in-law did not see a chopstick.

As a result, everyone can’t help panicking. When the daughter-in-law was away, someone would whisper in private, saying that there was something wrong with the child, that he hadn’t eaten a grain of rice for so many days, leaving a normal person, he would have starved to death a few times ago.

As soon as this speculation was raised, someone immediately echoed it. The family discussed and discussed, and felt that there was really no other possibility except for illness. From then on, everyone not only looked at the new daughter-in-law in a strange way, but also looked at Shi Shaokong differently – full of pity and sympathy.

Can you not be sympathetic, although these two people are in a good relationship now, it is hard to say when the daughter-in-law will die, and Shao Kong will have to be a bachelor.

A widower and poor, who would marry him?

Unexpectedly, after almost a year like this, although the daughter-in-law has not had water or rice, her complexion is getting better and better. Time to look better.

There is a saying that the same rice feeds all kinds of people, but those who don’t eat rice are more energetic than those who eat rice. Isn’t it weird?

After seeing strange things for a long time, you will get used to them. Apart from this point, the daughter-in-law was normal in other aspects, and gradually, everyone forgot about this nonsense.

In other words, it is also thanks to the underdeveloped science at that time, and people’s curiosity-seeking psychology was not as strong as modern people’s. Otherwise, they would have been arrested and used as guinea pigs for experiments. The “column” knew it, took a random photo, and then explained it for a while, and didn’t say what problem couldn’t be solved, so that the reporter came running to the door smelling the smell, blocking the door all day with long guns and short cannons, even going to work in the field was a problem, How can this big family live!

Hehe, I pulled it away again, and I pulled it back again.

A year later, this daughter-in-law gave birth to a big fat boy, the Shi family had a baby, and everyone from top to bottom laughed from ear to ear.

The daughter-in-law is a hard-working person, taking care of the children, serving her parents-in-law, serving her husband, fetching water, pounding rice, and at night with a dim light, sewing, mending, spinning and weaving, inside and out, busy. stop.

More than thirty years have passed with the snap of a finger. The daughter-in-law seems to be no different from ordinary people except that she doesn’t think about food and drink.

To say that there is no abnormality at all is not very objective. According to Shi Shaokong, his daughter-in-law’s body temperature was normal during the day, but when she fell asleep at night, she was cold all over, except for a trace of heat in her chest. In the morning, she had to keep patting her nostrils to wake up, otherwise she would not be able to wake up day after day. Therefore, when Shi Shaokong woke up every day, the first thing he did was to pinch his wife’s nose… A person with good intentions asked the client how he felt about the various abnormalities that happened to her.

The daughter-in-law hesitated for a while, then replied:

“I have another family in another place. The family is rich and well-fed…”

The man was shocked when he heard this, and said to himself that this daughter-in-law is so virtuous and virtuous, but she is still a second marriage! It is true that people cannot be judged by appearances, and sea water cannot be measured! It’s still hidden very deeply, why didn’t I hear Shi Shaokong talk about it!

The daughter-in-law continued: “This world is just in my dream! Have you ever seen the person in the dream eating and drinking every day!”

After hearing this, the man opened his mouth wide, not knowing how to answer!

A few short words raised this mediocre woman to the height of a philosopher.

“Zhuangzi. A passage in Qiwulun seems to serve as a footnote to this story:

“In the past, Zhuang Zhou’s dream was a butterfly, and the butterfly was a lifelike butterfly. He described himself as Zhizhi and He! I didn’t know Zhou Ye. Suddenly, I realized that I was a butterfly. I didn’t know that Zhou’s dream was a butterfly, and the butterfly’s dream was Zhou Yu?”

The translation is that one day Zhuangzi dreamed that he turned into a butterfly, flying up and down, at ease, without knowing that he was Zhuang Zhou. When he woke up, he found that he was lying on the bed, and it turned out to be Zhuang Zhou. The question then arises, did Zhuang Zhou dream that he turned into a butterfly, or did the butterfly dream that he turned into Zhuang Zhou?

This is a famous philosophical argument put forward by Zhuangzi. He believes that reality and illusion are nothing more than a thought. Humans, however, cannot really tell the difference between the two.

So, maybe, the world we live in is nothing more than an old woman’s dream!

Of course, you can also understand it in this way. This woman seems to be diligent and hardworking, but in fact, she may not have no complaints about this kind of hard life that cannot be seen.

We all want our dreams to come true.

Women, especially pretty ones, always have some beautiful expectations and nostalgia for their future life before they get married. Just like the modern Cinderella, she always fantasizes about stepping on the crystal shoe, riding on the pumpkin cart, becoming the envied Cinderella, and going to the dance party with the beautiful clothes and the shadows, no one does not want her future The days are prosperous and the food and clothing are abundant. However, the cruel reality often slaps people in the face and wakes you up from your dreams. Let you cheer up and face it.

There are also those who refuse to wake up, so they regard their dreams as reality; but reality, in her view, is just a dream. Thinking, dreaming, life, will it be easier?

She thought about it and did it, and the effect was quite good. At least, she could stop complaining about the ants-like toiling life to her husband-in-law who was not very satisfactory, and she could be content with this kind of life, because in her opinion Come on, all of this is just a dream!

And on the other side of the dream, everything she wanted can be realized… Because of the various abnormalities in this woman, there is another explanation.

This woman is not actually human. ——Hehe, don’t be afraid, she is not a ghost either.

Because some parts of the description in the original text were too similar to the computer I was using, I had a sudden thought: Judging from the symptoms that have been shown, Shi’s wife is more like a robot made by some intelligent creature.

The robot does not need to eat because she has another source of energy.

When the computer is turned off, the temperature drops. When the woman sleeps at night, her body temperature also drops. But it’s not completely shut down, because there is still a little warmth in the heart, it may be in a standby state. She can’t activate herself. Every morning, Shi pats her nostrils. In fact, that is the switch on the robot. When the button is turned on, she is activated and can start working.

Of course, robots can work day and night, but firstly, there are too many special places, and the target is easily exposed; With the development of science and technology, maybe it can.

Maybe, that child is a clone born in a test tube by extracting cells from Shi Shi’s body?

In the body of the robot, a miniature laboratory is hidden. The nutrients needed for individual growth and development can be obtained from it. He can go through the process of cell division, growth, development, and delivery like a normal child.

To tell you the truth, even I want a robot like this!

——Beautiful, smart, industrious, simple… She has all the advantages of human beings and has abandoned all the shortcomings of human beings.

It is said that after humans can predict the sex of the fetus, the sex ratio of men and women in the land of China is out of balance at an alarming rate. Around 2020, 40 million people will become bachelors! The result is strife and even war.

If there is such a robot, everything can be easily solved.

Maybe, on a certain day in a certain year and a certain month, a certain man opened the door early in the morning and saw a woman who looked like a fairy appearing in front of him. When he was puzzled, a hot air balloon descended from the sky and wrote a few large words:

Welcome to try, housewife version 2.0!

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