Deadly Spell

On this day, Mary found an old magic book, which was not unusual at all, but before leaving, the boss's advice aroused her curiosity-"Please don't try any of the spells on it, because I heard a master As I said, it will summon the god of death! Peter opened the door cautiously, and saw an old man in the dark holding a long sickle, dressed very much like the god of death in the legend." Then, she opened the ancient book by the light of the flashlight , searched for a spell, and read it aloud: "Come on, I summon you! It turns out that the so-called spells and monsters are all well-designed jokes. … Continue readingDeadly Spell

Wash Your Hands

! I want to wash my hands! Chatting at the entrance of the village one day, an old woman told her that in fact, in your situation, you lack a "leader". Find a virgin boy under the age of six and squeeze some of his blood to wash the "underside". Give birth to a fat child next year. I saw the woman sitting naked cross-legged in the large aluminum basin used for laundry at home. The water in the large basin was already stained red with blood. Not long after that, the woman began to ask for water to wash her hands non-stop. She always said that her hands were covered with blood, and that the little boy in her stomach kept crying and going home, which made her very annoying. … Continue readingWash Your Hands

Horror Stories: The Book Of Horrors Read Online

I don’t know, there are a lot of tour groups that seem to be mysterious like this, but they actually want to cheat tourists out of money. This is the fourth time I have participated in the past three years, but the copy of the book we saw today is the same as the real one. I told Xiao Liu, but Xiao Liu didn't care. He said that if he could crack the secret of Hongyan Tianshu, he would get rich. Now not only did he have no clue about the secret of Hongyan Tianshu, but he was also in danger of his life. Human beings are greedy, and they have never stopped exploring the secrets of Hongyan Tianshu. … Continue readingHorror Stories: The Book Of Horrors Read Online

Blind Man Changed His Life

So the blind uncle said to everyone that there is no unparalleled road, and God will not starve to death blind sparrows. When the grandfather was about to leave, the blind uncle told him again and again: "I will tell you today, don't let your wife know anything, if she knows everything in advance, it will be in vain. The hen that only laid eggs killed the stew and delivered it to the blind uncle's house in person. The blind uncle didn't stop him, and said to the old man with a smile: "brother, you should thank me too! Hearing this, the old man hurriedly stood up to thank him not long after he sat down, this time the blind man held him by the arm, and said seriously: … Continue readingBlind Man Changed His Life

Chapter 280 Weird Sound

A strange voice hovered in the room, calling Yang Jian's name, looking for him like a ghost. This is the method of ghost-eyed detective Yang Jian. He was already terrified just by being careful of those ghost ropes floating around. Because I feel that this person's ability should be the strongest among the three, and the woman who was hung up is the weirdest, and her voice actually has a feeling of controlling people, no, even ghosts. But Yang Jian believes that if the ghost on this woman revives, or if she controls it perfectly, it will definitely be a very scary thing. … Continue readingChapter 280 Weird Sound

Ghost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

The bride on the left played a song "Moonlight Night on the Spring River", and the bride on the right played a song "Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms". The bride on the left put her hands on the qin, and a piece of "Lovesickness" flowed from the strings, which made Lin Zige burst into tears. Then, the bride on the right stretched out her fingers, and the same tune reached Lin Zige's ears. And the sound of the zither came from above the fox tail, Qingyi was so frightened that she fainted. Although Lin Zige didn't get the foxtail violin as a gift to his beloved wife in the end, Honghu's affection for the couple surpassed all the treasures in the world. … Continue readingGhost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

Folk Ghost Stories | Ghost Possession

Is there such a thing as ghost possession in the world? But he said absolutely not, because after being possessed by a ghost, he could tell some things about the ghost before his death, and these things were unknown to others. Because of the possession of ghosts, there is still a saying in rural areas to "close the soul", that is, a wizard recruits the soul of a dead person to himself, and then answers some questions from the relatives of the deceased. What I want to tell here is an ancient story about a ghost possessing a person. The eldest son asked: "After death, there is nothing left. I have never heard of people who can return. Father, you must be a god, right? … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories | Ghost Possession

Chapter 138 Reverse Golem

Back then, Guo Pu created the "Bardo Corpse Sucking Dafa" and "Zhu You Eighteen Styles" based on the ancient Zhu You technique on Feng Hou's skull, but now Xiao Jian has absorbed all the energy of the ghost pot in his body. , the skill is far from comparable to that of his father Huang Jianguo back then, and Youliang's current skill is even more far behind. He finally understood that it was she who "hollowed out" the ancient Zhu You's energy in the ghost pot, and it was she who finally defeated the White Light Nightmare and saved everyone. … Continue readingChapter 138 Reverse Golem

Worship With Strangers

That's right, in the first scene, Zuo Ming sent someone to pick her up to pay her respects. Everyone laughed: "The bride wants to pay her respects, I can't wait!" Zhou Hui added another line, saying emotionally: "Comrade, wake up, you can't die…" The soldier groped in a daze, while Ask: "Xiao He, I know it must be you. The soldier said sadly, "Xiao He, I love you so much, but unfortunately, I will never have the chance to marry you again!" Zhou Hui looked in the mirror, dressed up carefully, and then walked gently to the soldier. … Continue readingWorship With Strangers

The Human Skin Doll

But the young man didn't seem to be troubled by this, he said casually: "Your father's name is Deng Jianbin, and I also know your mother's name is Lin Ting." He even said the names of Hong Hong's parents. The young man picked up Hong Hong, and walked slowly into a van as if nothing had happened with his own daughter. But the young man didn't pay attention to Hong Hong, he just looked at Hong Hong and said to himself: "What a lovely little girl! Not long after, in a product display case selling puppet dolls, a girl who looked different from other dolls A human skin doll that looks like a real person is placed inside, a pair of eyes come alive, and those eyes seem to move. … Continue readingThe Human Skin Doll