Fatal Encounter On The Dance Floor: A Forbidden Love (2)


I decided to find another boyfriend. In this way, when festivals such as Valentine's Day and Christmas come, I won't feel alone or lonely. There will be no resentment. Of course, Song Chenhui couldn't know about this. Later, I made a request to my boyfriend: "You live here too far away from my work. I want to move to your place. Of course, I will be farther away. If I am too tired, I will come back to stay occasionally.”

He said excitedly: "Okay! My mother is just wanting to meet you."

My boyfriend took me to meet his parents. When I entered the house, he told me: "You must never smoke in front of my parents. They are retired cadres and very conservative!"

I smiled and said, "I rarely smoke." In fact, I don't smoke at all. The cigarette butts he found in my house belonged to Song Chenhui, because on the surface I am bright and well-dressed and tasteful, but in private I am a lazy person who can't even go to the toilet. The kind that is too lazy to rush.

Reassured, he rang the doorbell.

I acted quite ladylike that day. Not only do I not smoke, but I also never wash the dishes. But when I did the dishes that day, my aunt and uncle called me sweetly, and the two elders smiled happily. The boyfriend asked carefully: "Xiao Quan wants to move in with us, is that okay?"

As a result, his father said hesitantly: "But you are not married yet." But his mother said, "I don't care about other girls, so what do you care about?"

I was washing the dishes at the time, and my dishes were washing very slowly. All I could think about was how I could stop washing dishes in the future.

After a week, I moved. In this way, when Song Chenhui wanted to see me, I would use the excuse that I had to work overtime or was too tired to go back to my own place and spend the rest of the time with my boyfriend. I think I have found a balance. People always need a little freedom, even women who have a boyfriend.

Song Chenhui is a sensitive person, and I don’t know what clues he found in my home. One day, he asked me seriously: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I didn’t want to quibble, so I admitted it. Compare one's heart to one's heart, isn't Song Chenhui the same? I don't even care that he has a family, he has nothing to complain about. He chose to remain silent, smoke, and even told me after a while that he felt a little awkward. I sneered, he was really selfish. Men are like this, always thinking about being clingy, but occupying others. He is not an emperor, he thinks he is acting in "The Legend of Zhen Huan". I said, "If you really can't accept it, we can break up."

Of course he couldn't bear it. He just said, "Let me think about it."

Man is an incomprehensible animal. Song Chenhui began to come to me frequently and suggested whether we could hang out together for a week. He even sent me a WeChat message saying: "I find that I can't live without you more and more."

I replied: "Then are you willing to give up everything you have now? For example, divorce and give up property?"

He replied: "We can consider it if necessary."

The fire in my heart jumped up. What does it mean to be necessary? What does it mean to consider? This wretched middle-aged man.

I replied: "You'd better save it."

He replied: "If I get divorced, neither of us will get anything. I can only work in the government department because of my father-in-law. If I get divorced, not only will I be beaten back to my original shape, I'm afraid even you will be affected too." Implicated, my father-in-law covers the sky with only one hand!"


During that period, I never wanted to contact Song Chenhui again. I wanted him to stay away from my life. At one point, my boyfriend and I were very happy. However, I gradually discovered that living under someone else’s roof was not easy. For example, I have to do a lot of housework that I have never done before. For another example, Song Chenhui's meticulousness is reflected in the fact that he takes good care of me. He often goes out to buy things for me and takes the initiative to pay for meals. And this little boyfriend, who earns more than me, often asks me for money. While walking on the road, I saw that I was carrying a big bag without helping me, but Song Chenhui never let me carry heavy things.

Men are divided into good and bad, mainly reflected in the details. Once you have experienced a man who is happy with you, it will be quite unaccustomed to get along with such a young man.

I decided to move away. But what I didn't expect was that my boyfriend would actually fall out with me. He only said two words viciously: "How dare you!" and then went off to play games by himself.

I still dare to move, but I need help. I was so anxious that I couldn't find anyone else, so I had to call Song Chenhui. I said, "I have a lot of clothes and cosmetics, probably three or four big bags. Can you drive and help me unpack them?"

Song Chenhui was already frustrated with me, but he still said: "The swallows are returning to their nests, of course I will help."

"Then, just wait for my call. I'll call you when I'm ready." I began to think about how I could escape unscathed.

I'm not a person who doesn't value feelings. For a while, I thought it would be a good idea to stay with this boyfriend and get married in the future. But now I find that I am almost suffocated. I can't stand his machismo.

I asked for leave and packed my things while he was at work. His parents saw it, went back to their house, and quietly called their son, saying: "Come back quickly, Xiaoquan is leaving and is packing her things. Come back quickly and take a look, don't let her take your Things were also taken away.”

I asked Song Chenhui to come downstairs at 12 noon. Five minutes before twelve o'clock, I took the elevator down to the first floor with my big and small bags on my shoulders. I stood on the side of the road and called Song Chenhui to ask if he had arrived. Song Chenhui said that he had already seen me and would come over after parking the car.

As a result, what I was waiting for was my little boyfriend who rushed back to stop me. I don’t remember much about what happened next. I remember we had a heated argument and then got physical. I slapped my mouth, and he raised his foot and kicked me in the stomach! I squatted down immediately. At first it was just pain, then I felt out of breath, and then nausea. I vomited profusely, and I didn't know how many times I was beaten during this period. I was just thinking, Song Chenhui, why don't you come to help me? Didn't you see me?


Song Chenhui took me home. I have been unable to walk on my own because my stomach hurts every time I stand up. I think I may have suffered an internal injury. He put me on bed and lay down, then went out to get my bag. After struggling for a long time, he finally settled down and asked me if I was feeling better.

"Why don't you help me? You are still not a man!" I asked.

"I just think it's unsightly for two men to fight over a woman on the street. You know, our relationship can't be exposed so obviously." Song Chenhui said calmly.

"You bastard, get out of here." All kinds of grievances surged into my heart, and tears flowed down. I'm not his woman, and he doesn't love me, so he can stand by and watch while I get beaten. Why are men so selfish?

Song Chenhui said: "I'll get you some food. You can't take care of yourself."

I threw the phone at him: "Get out of here, grandma!"

The phone hit him squarely on the bridge of his nose, causing blood to flow out. The suppressed anger in Song Chenhui's heart finally burst out. Ignoring the blood on his face, he pounced on me and tore my clothes desperately like a wild beast. He tore and gritted his teeth while shouting: "I told you to smash it! I told you to smash it!"

I almost fainted from the pain. I knew he was angry for a reason. People who have an affair are most afraid of injuries, especially bleeding injuries. If they go back like this, they have no way to explain it and they have to find a way to tell a lot of lies.

I lay in bed alone for three days with not only pain but a fever. In the past three days, I have become very haggard, sleeping and waking up occasionally. When I was sleeping, I dreamed that I was dead. When I woke up, I was thinking about how to teach Song Chenhui a lesson. I owe this man nothing, why should he treat me like this?

I have also tried to convince myself that his situation was clear at the beginning. Since I chose this kind of life, there is no need to hate anyone. But it's different now. They hurt me, both mentally and physically. In the past three days, Song Chenhui didn't call me at all. He must think that I am a difficult woman, and he probably wants to leave me, otherwise he would not be so silent. I can't let him leave like this. Those who hurt me must pay the price!

First, I needed a knife, which was easy to find. I bought a slender sharp knife in the small commodity market, which was said to be used by butchers to shave bones, and I had it sharpened by a knife sharpener. It lays flat in my little leather bag and is just the right length. But don't worry, I don't intend to kill anyone. That would be too vulgar and would also require him to be shot in jail. I just wanted to leave an indelible impression on him in my own way.

Secondly, I want to find out Song Chenhui's whereabouts, preferably in front of his wife and children. This is more difficult. But I have my own way.

I called Song Chenhui. The day after tomorrow is Mother's Day and it's Sunday again. I guess a hypocritical man like him must do something for his wife and give his children some love education. this is a good chance.

I called him and asked to see him. He said he wanted to break up with me. When he spoke, his voice was very low. It was obvious that he was at home and avoiding his wife. So I questioned him loudly and asked him what he thought of me. Song Chenhui asked me alertly what I wanted to do. I just said that I would have an interview with him and break up after the conversation to reassure him that I was not an unwanted girl. I was very open-minded.

Song Chenhui hesitated for a while and said that he would go to Lakeside Park with his family the day after tomorrow. Can you ask me the day after tomorrow?

I agree. This is enough.


Kite flies in the sky. Girls in floral shirts were flying on the ground, and they all had their own lovers.

I was sitting on a bench next to an old lady who was reading a newspaper.

An hour later I saw Song Chenhui, because I saw "me" – the jumping golden retriever. Song Chenhui is holding his daughter. The woman next to him is his wife. She is very neat and beautiful. I have to admit that she is more beautiful than me. She obviously has such a good-looking and outstanding wife. What does Song Chenhui see in me?

I walked towards them without much hesitation. The old lady put down the newspaper and stared at me curiously. I stood in front of Song Chenhui and said with a smile, "Hey, what a coincidence?"

Song Chenhui's face turned ashen in an instant. Only the bridge of his nose was red, which was the scar left by the cell phone. I really don’t know how he explained it to his wife. Maybe he accidentally broke it after a fall. I couldn't help but want to laugh when I thought of this, but when I smiled, my stomach hurt, so I had to put back my smile.

But Song Chenhui was a veteran, and he quickly returned to normal, pretending to be surprised and said: "Hey, what a coincidence, why are you here?" Then he said to his daughter, "Call Aunt Ding."

He turned around and introduced to his wife: "This is our department's business partner, Ding Quan, a very capable girl!"

I endured the pain and smiled and said, "Don't listen to his nonsense. He always wanted me to be your sister, but I didn't agree!"

I squatted down and touched the golden retriever's head: "So, he bought a dog to replace me, to show that I am always by his side. I am not as lucky as a dog. But don't worry, I don't love him at all. And He doesn’t love me either, and when it comes to love, it’s just physical.”

Song Chenhui almost cried: "Ding Quan, what are you going to do?"

"I won't destroy your family, nor will I blackmail you." I stood up and said, "I just want the dog back."

Song Chenhui's daughter understood that I wanted to take away the dog, and burst into tears. Song Chenhui quickly coaxed her: "My dear, don't cry!"

Then, he glared at me: "I didn't expect you to be such a woman."

"Didn't you expect that? When you were with me, you should have known that you are not a noble man, and I am not an innocent girl. I just want you to know one thing, not all women can be messed with ." I raised my chin proudly. I saw that his wife had turned around and left. She must have never expected to receive such an unexpected gift on Mother's Day.

"What do you want?" He had said this three times. He always felt that the matter could be settled through negotiation.

"Dog. Didn't you hear clearly?"

"Okay, you take him away." Song Chenhui was furious. After he finished speaking, he coaxed his daughter in his arms: "Don't cry, little darling. This dog is not good. We don't want it anymore. Let's buy a better one." He said this again and looked at me, and I understood what he meant.

I took the dog leash, squatted down and comforted the dog, took out the knife from the bag, and unexpectedly stabbed the golden retriever in the neck. The golden retriever was completely unprepared and looked at me in surprise.

I pulled out the knife and blood spurted all over the floor. Song Chenhui's daughter cried so hard that she couldn't help but cry. I raised my head and said to the child, "Why are you crying? You're not in pain? It's me who should cry!"

The second knife cut open the dog's belly, and the intestines flowed out all over the ground.

After doing this, I stood up and waved the knife in front of Song Chenhui: "I originally wanted to stab you, but after thinking about it, I let it go. It's not worth it! Bah!"

Song Chenhui stood there blankly, his face turning pale.

My body was covered in blood. I stood up, patted Song Chenhui's daughter's face, and said, "Auntie is gone, let your father buy you a new dog. When you grow up, don't follow your auntie's example, and don't look for you when you want a man." Dad is like this."

I threw the knife on the ground, stepped over Golden Retriever's body, and walked toward the road. I caught a glimpse of the old lady on the bench. She had passed out. I'm sure Song Chenhui was also frightened. Of course this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that his daughter will definitely become a fierce woman in the future, and his loving education will be in vain, which makes me very happy.

I took one last look at Song Chenhui. His daughter kicked the ball forward, and then said to the dog: "Get up and chase it!"

I laughed.

Song Chenhui shivered as he took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. His dejected look was really despicable.

I turned around and walked away triumphantly.

Suddenly, I heard a burst of footsteps, and a child ran towards me from behind. I stopped suddenly because something entered my body, and I immediately smelled a fresh and elegant fishy smell that was different from dog blood.

I turned around and saw Song Chenhui's daughter standing in front of me, looking at me in horror. I touched my lower back, and the knife was inserted there, very deep. How come a kid has so much strength?

I asked the little girl: "Why did you stab me? Is it to avenge the dog?"

The little girl nodded numbly.

Song Chenhui rushed over like crazy and dragged his daughter behind him. He hugged me, tears all over his face. He pulled the knife out of my body and said: "I killed you, you were killed by me, it has nothing to do with my daughter! Don't come to her if you become a ghost!"

Then he suddenly slit my throat, and I immediately felt out of breath because he had cut my throat. I knew exactly what he was going to do next, and he would treat me the same way I treated the dog.

"I am sincere to you." He said, "I just can't say it. I don't want to kill you, but you destroyed my daughter.".

I laughed, and I wanted to say that there was no need for this, that it didn't matter to me, but I was speechless.

I fell to the ground, the blade passed across my body, and I saw my heart for the first time. It is very cute, like a bright strawberry, beating lightly.

My final thought is: It's a coincidence that people can see their own hearts, but it has nothing to do with love.

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This story profoundly depicts the complexity of emotional relationships and the dark side of human nature. While pursuing love and freedom, the heroine also shows her selfishness and impulsiveness. Song Chenhui's character embodies the contradictions and weaknesses of a man. His betrayal and final act of violence make people think deeply about the nature of love. The end of the story, the death of the heroine and her final gaze on the heart, add a surreal and philosophical color to the whole story, which is thought-provoking. Overall, this is a ghost story with rich emotions, compact plot and shocking ending.

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