Scaring Friend’s Sister

This is what my mother and grandma told me. They said that before the age of 7, my sister would make a lot of noise when she was sleeping.

After Grandpa died, my sister and I moved in to sleep with Grandma. For a few days, my grandmother would hear my sister yelling “don’t arrest me, I don’t want to go”, and my sister would keep kicking, but couldn’t wake up at dawn. Grandma shook her sister awake as she yelled to make sure she was awake. I heard from my grandmother that she always shakes it several times a day and night. Three days later, my sister suddenly returned to normal.

There is a friend who has a very good relationship with me and my sister. Once came to my house, slept with us, and chatted with me until I fell asleep.

It was business as usual that day, and the three of them fell asleep.

At 5 in the morning, my friend shook me up, took my hand in a panic, lowered my voice, and said tremblingly, “Hurry up and open the door for me, I want to go home.”

I slept right and was very upset when I was woken up: “What’s the hurry?” I checked the time.

My friend ignored me: “Hurry up and open the door for me, I want to go back!”

I said, “Sleep a little longer, and when my sister wakes up, we’ll go out for breakfast.”

The friend is already screaming: “I beg you not to call your sister. I want to go back, help me open the door.”

I was upset by the quarrel, and went downstairs to open the door for her: “open it, you’d better give me a reasonable explanation.”

My friend was close to me, and when the iron gate was only wide enough for one person to walk out, he immediately got out, and shouted without looking back: “Come to me at dawn, and I’ll tell you again, don’t take you with me. Come on ma’am!”

After my friend came back, I closed the iron door and went back to my room to lie down next to my sister and sleep.

I’m full, (Haunted House: Please keep the reprint!) Of course, I’m going to ask my friends to clarify.

The friend was still very panicked and said, “You know what? I have to get up at 1 o’clock to go to the toilet, and when I see your sister talking to someone, it’s more than gimmicky.”

I said, “You talk nonsense, I sleep with her, and I haven’t even heard her talk in her sleep.”

My friend said: “Why should I lie to you? Do you know that your sister made the voice of a man and a woman talking and dreamed that her sister was dead and I cried , and my hand was stretched out all the time. I was too scared to move. Dreaming that my sister died, I cried , but I wanted to go to the toilet. I wanted to go to the toilet gently while she was not paying attention, but as soon as I moved, your sister turned to look at me, her voice and hands Stop, wait for me to move, she turned back to lie down, and started talking again. Later, after 5 o’clock, when she stopped moving, I dared to call you. Your sister is scarier than the ghost in the ghost movie!”

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