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It was a ferocious sword spirit. Perhaps it had killed too many people before, so this sword spirit was much more ferocious than ordinary weapon spirits. By the way, this is the first time that the bone demon has escaped. In the troubled times of ancient times, it was easy to say that it was better to kill one person with a stick than to kill a group of people. At that time, people possessed by the bone demon were already considered dead. I said before that using the Demon-Conquering Mirror is just to scare it. I raised my eyes and looked at him: "Did you do something about my classmate Lu Ke's grandma?

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Aoye Netherworld's Horror Resurrection

Yang Jian said: "Your ability is too strong. The more ferocious the ghost you control, the faster the ghost controller will die. You have not been a ghost controller for a long time, and you do not have the ability to use ghosts indiscriminately. Such a quick recovery It has exceeded my imagination… If you want to control the second ghost, you need to apply, and after passing it, you will need to wait for a while.

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short Ghost Story

Everyone knows that people have souls after death, but they don’t know that snakes also have souls after death. Chen Ming bowed and nodded and said a few words of thanks to Weiqi before leaving Weiqi's home. Chen Ming thought that the more respectful his attitude towards Weiqi was, the more Weiqi would sincerely help him find a good cemetery. Weiqi looked at the group of snakes staring at him fiercely. Although he was afraid in his heart, when he thought about his grandfather's wish, he thought about the legend about the true dragon's lair.

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folk Ghost Stories

In a luxurious palace, there lived an extremely beautiful fairy: her name was San Sheng Sheng, and she was very kind. The Third Holy Mother knew about this and quickly asked Liu Yanchang to flee to a small town to teach. Erlangshen was very angry and pushed his sister to the bottom of Mount Hua. Chen Xiang said: "What a bad uncle, he actually pushed my mother to the bottom of Huashan Mountain. It's so abominable. I must rescue her." They went through a lot of hardships, and finally found Sun Wukong in a cave.

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Call Me Piggy Ghost Eyes Chapter 724 Party

Because this time they were all attracted by supernatural events, no, they should be attracted by the name of Ghost Eye Yang Jian. "What do you mean by not attending the party? Didn't you see that you were attending?" The woman named Tang Yanyan immediately laughed: "But who is Xiao Yang, the ghost catcher?" Tang Yanyan laughed, feeling that these two people were definitely evil.

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Dog Girl's Story

That is to recognize a dog girl. "Innuss? And I called her Inu. But I suddenly found that there seemed to be something in Inu's mouth. But I will take in some very poor puppies that wander on the streets, or abandoned pet dogs. But I will not keep them. Although I will try my best to find new owners for them, in my opinion, there is really no dog that can replace the position of the dog girl in my heart.

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Dormitory Night Terror – Toilet

On the way back to the dormitory, I was always surprised. Suddenly I felt that there seemed to be some secret in the dormitory. I went back to the dormitory and lay down, thinking about what my friend had said. Maybe I was too tired from playing golf and fell asleep accidentally. I walked straight to the toilet and started to urinate, whistling, and I seemed to hear a whistle accompanying me. At first, I just wanted to take a vacation and there were people like me who were far away from home, but when I thought about the people on the overnight list, I know everyone!

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The Story of the Country of the Naked Man A long time ago, two brothers each carried some goods and went out to do business. They walked and came to a country. The younger brother said: "There were many sages in ancient times. Although their bodies had changed, their behavior was very upright. After about ten days, the younger brother sent someone to tell the older brother: "You must follow the local customs and habits in order to accomplish anything." The people of the Naked Man Kingdom, whether they are kings or ordinary people, all like their younger brother very much and have a very harmonious relationship with him.

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folk Ghost Stories

Legend has it that on Mount Emei in Sichuan, there once was a small peak that could fly. One day, the crazy monk learned that at noon, the strange flying mountain would fly down to the village in front of Lingyin Temple. The crazy monk came and went from one house to another, and hundreds of households in the village took care of him. You don’t know that the rich man in the village has been crushed to death at the foot of the mountain. From now on, you will each cultivate your own fields, but you are afraid that you will not be able to build a house! The crazy monk said: "I have a way, let me do it!

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Green Ghost Tori’s Strength Chapter 288: Familiar Operations

Little did he know that these ghost masters were more difficult to deal with than imagined. Now that Yang Jian has established his authority and taught others a lesson, it's almost over. He believed that as long as the price was given, Yang Jian would choose to let him go, but if he missed this opportunity and couldn't give him any chips, Lin Long would really be in trouble. The implication is that if Wang Xiaoming breaks the contract in two months, Lin Long will still be buried.

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