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9 Peng Kuo's investigation

"What are you doing in Canada?" Seeing Peng Kuo who hadn't shown up for a long time, I thought that he must be entrusted to investigate something again. His whereabouts are always mysterious.

"Someone entrusted me to go to Canada to investigate a person's past. That person's past is really wonderful, like a novel." Peng Kuo pressed his temple wearily with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Oh? Where is the person you investigated now?"

"He is dead."

"Dead? So someone entrusted you to investigate a dead person?"

"That's no surprise! If you don't know enough about a man while he's alive, it's all right to try to know more about him after he's dead."

"Then the person who entrusted you to investigate must have feelings for the dead person."

"Yes. I think she did that because she loves him. "

I was walking alone on the way back to the forensic doctor’s office, and I received a call from the police. It turned out that someone recognized the reconstructed image of the male deceased’s face. His girlfriend brought the X-ray film of the male deceased’s fracture to the forensic doctor. , Later, the identity of the deceased was determined, and he was a person with a gangster background.

I need to do an experiment with head banging.

I used polyurethane to make the inner and outer plates of the skull, filled with loose plate bone, and used 10% gel at 4 degrees Celsius to make a human simulation brain. After the model was made, I used my fist to hit the back of the head hard! one time! Twice! Three times! …My hands have already started to turn purple, and even bloodstains ooze out. Even so, it was impossible to crack the human skull. How did the murderer do it? Unless he hit the victim's head violently at different times every day for many days in a row. Or, unless… he is not a normal person, because only a person who is emotionally extremely angry and impulsive can generate power beyond the normal state.

10 Jesse's background

"The people in the intelligence department helped you find Jesse's background because of my face. This is all about him. Remember, after reading it, you must return it to me immediately, and you must not disclose any information you know. "Dad Meng Zong said when he handed me the materials.

"Okay! Thank you, Dad."

I opened Jesse's profile and flipped through it page by page, only to find to my surprise that he was already the young heir of a drug lord family that was secretly investigated by the police. With such an astonishing background, he is so low-key that no one can notice any difference in him, no different from an ordinary businessman. Why does he always take the initiative to approach Xu Linger again and again?

I opened the profile of the male deceased again, Li Jiqiang, whose ostensible occupation was a bodyguard during his lifetime. His girlfriend said he had been working for a boss. It seems that I have to ask Peng Kuo to help me investigate. Who is the boss he has been serving?

Five days have passed, but Ziqi and I have not seen Xu Linger.

Colorful: "It's bad! Meng Lan, Ling'er may be missing! I went to her dance school today to look for her, and her teacher and classmates said that she didn't come to class these days."

Her disappearance must have something to do with that man named Jesse!

I called Peng Kuo and rushed to the villa where I used to follow Xu Linger and Jesse on a secret date.

"Are you sure I have to pick the lock?" Peng Kuo looked at me. As a private detective, he has many "skills", which is why he became the queen detective of the Forensic Medicine Office.

"I'm sure. You open the door."

Peng Kuo and I walked into this gloomy villa. In the bedroom , Princess Kefu Gui Ailing , I found a photo of a woman, a cold and beautiful girl with long hair and a face so fair that there was no blood. She is very similar to the dead woman restored by Li Xiaoou. I remembered what Xu Linger said before, and suddenly felt uneasy.

"I found a lot of photos!" Peng Kuo shouted, "Meng Lan, come here quickly!"

Peng Kuo found a box in a cabinet in another room. Inside the box were all candid photos, some were blurry, some were from the back, and some were taken from the front at a distance.

"Although I can't see the man's face clearly in the photos, I can be sure that the same man is taken in these photos, and he is a tall and straight man." Peng Kuo analyzed while watching.

"Who took these photos? Who is the man in the photos?" I remembered the conversation between Xu Linger and Jesse that I overheard that day.

I began a sweeping search, looking for any traces of anyone who might have lived in the house. And Peng Kuo also used his expertise as a private detective to look for all possible clues to investigate the people living in this house.

I found some hair hidden in the most inconspicuous places. It is my specialty to collect as many traces of hair, blood, saliva, shoe prints, fingerprints, etc. that ordinary people cannot detect in the shortest possible time.

When we left the villa, Peng Kuo locked the door. His skills can do it, and no one else can detect the traces left by him picking the lock.

at the moment of killing him

I just know

why does he love me

if time

give me another chance to choose

I think

i won't kill him

even though i hate him to the bone

I definitely don't want to see it

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my favorite person

die in front of me again

1 Virtual dissection technology

"Why are you also interested in seeing three-dimensional paintings?" Ziqi took Earl Gray tea and sat opposite me with a scrutinizing smile.

"This is not an ordinary three-dimensional painting. It is full of human bones and organs." After drinking the latte in my cup, I was going back to work in the forensic laboratory.

On a fresh autumn morning, I walked out of the Godot Cafe, stood on the side of the road, saw the speeding vehicles, and suddenly remembered the passage in Connie's diary: "If you don't have the courage to face my feelings, it's better to let them Let it be completely destroyed, so that all pain can be relieved." More than two years ago, I was lucky enough not to be killed by her car, but I was left with a sequelae of fear when I saw a speeding vehicle. Seeing so many dead bodies without blinking my eyes, I was most afraid of crossing the road alone.

Choi Ji Hyuk is waiting for me in the media room. This young forensic doctor from South Korea is an expert who has studied virtual anatomy technology for 5 years. His father, Meng Zong, invited him to the Forensic Medicine Museum to exchange this technique, also because Zhihe's mentor and his father are good friends. When Professor Dirnhofer in Switzerland founded the research group, he may not have imagined that there is another young man in Asia who wants to carry forward his virtual anatomy technology, and that person is me, Meng Lan.

"I didn't expect you to be so young! I have always heard people say that there is a young forensic doctor under the age of 20 in the Montessori Forensic Museum, who has been studying forensic technology for 10 years. I never believed it, but now I have to admit, There are indeed geniuses in this world. I thought I was the only one! Haha…" Jihyuk's hearty laughter made me feel that our cooperation has already had a good start.

"Last night, the Forensic Medicine Museum received another female corpse. According to the preliminary judgment of the soil test, she had been buried in the ground for at least a year. The strange thing is that her body did not rot and was basically well preserved. Her head and face There are obvious scars, indicating that she was beaten violently before her death. I speculate that the violent beating caused her intracranial hemorrhage and her skull fractured. However, I haven't dissected her body yet. I think we can use virtual autopsy technology to judge her The real cause of death." I said, showing Ji Hyuk a photo of the dead body on a slideshow.

"Because it has been buried for too long, although it has not decayed, the surface skin of the corpse is already very fragile. If we use solid invasive dissection techniques, it will easily damage the corpse, and it will be very difficult to restore the organs and injuries to their original positions." Difficult. Therefore, using virtual anatomy technology may be a better choice." Zhihe said.

"Using computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, we can clearly see the three-dimensional image of the injury to the head of the female corpse. This is indeed much more convenient and cleaner than looking at it when it is cut open." When I said this, Thinking of Pan Duoduo's disgusting expression every time she saw my bloody hand during an autopsy, I thought she was quite funny.

2 Girls I Met Twice

In the evening, I sat in the Godot Cafe, looking at the scanned image of the head of the female corpse that Zhihe and I studied today. The conversation between a man and a woman across from me made me look up from the picture of the dead body, and found a beautiful girl talking to a handsome man.

"Did I meet you somewhere?"

"Using such an old-fashioned opening line to strike up a conversation with a girl?"

"Yeah, it's corny, but I really think, I've seen you."

"Really? Maybe, we are destined to meet?"

Do all good feelings come from the feeling of déjà vu? This girl gave me a feeling of déjà vu. Unexpectedly, I met her again the next day.

Professor Qu Ruicong is a well-known forensic psychiatrist in the Forensic Medicine Center. He has studied many cases of homicides by mentally ill patients. Of course, there are also some people who pretended to be insane and tried to evade legal sanctions. Ziqi has always been interested in psychology and psychiatry, and she often discusses some strange topics with Professor Qu. "People's psychology and spirit are closely related, and sometimes people's psychological abnormalities are often the precursors of insanity." Professor Qu explained to Ziqia.

"Excuse me, where can I find Professor Qu Ruicong?"

"Miss, I'm sorry, you need to make an appointment in advance."

The person who spoke was the girl I met at Godot Cafe yesterday, and the person who rejected her was my assistant Xiaoguo.

"Why do you want to see Professor Qu?" I admit, I am curious about the real reason why she wants to see Professor Qu.

"It was the psychiatrist Du Zhiming who asked me to come to him. Because only he can answer my questions." The girl's firm eyes made people not want to refuse her request.

Standing at the door of Professor Qu's office, Ziqi asked me: "Do you think this girl is a bit strange?"

"I don't know why, but recently I can always think of Connie, the Connie who had a crush on me and was eventually torn to pieces." I suddenly said this.

"Don't you still think that the person who was going to kill you with a car two years ago was the Connie you vaguely saw? But Connie obviously likes you, but she wants to kill you in such a cruel way! Yes, what is the relationship between Connie and this girl? I was discussing this girl with you, why did you suddenly jump to Connie?" Zijia waited for my answer suspiciously.

"Yeah, two people who have nothing to do with each other. But why does she…why remind me of Connie?"

3 Boys in portraits

"You also like to read novels like "The Godfather"? I thought you only read medical magazines." Ziqi handed the book to me.

I opened the book and saw a folded paper. When I opened it, it turned out to be a sketch of a boy.

"A handsome boy, is he your crush in the past?" I asked while holding the painting.

"Oh, it's a promise, my cousin. It was about 8 or 9 years ago. He came to my house to play and stayed for a whole summer vacation. I drew this picture as a souvenir for him, but he forgot to take it away. "

"Why have you never heard of him?"

"He and his aunt have been living abroad. Over the years, except for the summer vacation he lived there, I have never seen him again. My aunt died of illness, and we lost contact."

At this time, a gust of wind blew up outside the window, blowing away the portrait of Xu Nuo that I was holding lightly. I was about to pick it up in a hurry when the portrait hit the face of the girl who had just walked into the cafe.

The girl picked up the painting on her face, looked at it, and handed it back to me with a smile.

"We meet again! I'm Xu Linger. Hello!" The girl looked at me friendly.

"Yeah, it's a coincidence that we meet again! I'm Meng Lan."

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At this time, the assistant Xiaoguo called. "Boss! The virtual autopsy report is out, come back soon."

I immediately said goodbye to Xu Linger, who had just learned her name, and walked towards the forensic medicine hall.

Zhihe reproduced the process of the head injury of the female corpse on the computer. Using the three-dimensional technology of the computer, I could clearly see the process of the fracture of the skull of the female corpse. It can reproduce the whole process of the female deceased being murdered.

"It's unimaginable for the murderer to beat people like this without using any sharp weapon. Because simply using the strength of a person's arm or fist, even if it is stepped on with legs or feet, or even stomped, it is unimaginable. It is impossible to achieve so many pounds of strength. How did the murderer do it?" Zhi Hyuk rested his chin on his hands, puzzled.

4 Confidential Nightmare

Li Xiaoou, an expert in skull restoration at the Forensic Medicine Museum, has already restored the face of the female corpse. We published the picture in the newspaper, hoping that someone would come to identify the corpse as soon as possible. Once the identity of the corpse is confirmed, the police can also find the murderer as soon as possible.

More than half a month passed, and still no one came to identify the body. In this half month, Ziqi and Xu Linger became friends. The lonely Xu Linger turned out to be a Chinese girl with Japanese nationality. She grew up in Japan and was very passionate about Chinese folk dances, so she came to China to learn traditional dances.

"There are a few hairs left on the clothes of the female corpse. After DNA testing, it is determined that they are not from the deceased, but are most likely left by the murderer! If we can find the owner of the hair, we can make progress. Why is this person dead? It’s been more than a year, and no one has come to report the case.” I’m sorting out the file of the unknown corpse. There are several unidentified corpses every year. I really don't know what kind of secrets these 'nameless corpses' hide.

"Menglan!" The person who called me was Xu Linger who was waiting for me at the door of the office.

"Looking for Professor Qu again? You always look for him mysteriously. What's the matter?" I was still curious.

"This time I'm here to look for you at the Forensic Medicine Museum." Every time I see Xu Linger, I think she's a little weird, Ziqia says I'm suspicious, but I'm not sure.

"I recently met a man. He always felt that he knew me. He was very strange. He unpreparedly revealed his feelings to me. He said he was lonely and very hard. One day, he took me to a very remote place. In his small villa, he told me that he kept having nightmares. In the dream, he saw a woman covered in blood, making miserable screams, and looking at him with helpless eyes. Later, he was very tired and fell asleep Yes, while he was sleeping, I wandered around the small villa, and I found a photo. The woman in the photo is very similar to the female corpse you found a few days ago. I suspect…"

"You suspect that the female corpse is related to that man."

"Yes! Do you remember the time I spoke to a man at the Café de Gordo, and it was him."

"That is to say, you haven't known him for a long time, so why did you go to such a remote villa with him unsuspectingly? Aren't you afraid?"

"Yeah, actually, I don't even know what he does, but his trust in me dispelled my wariness. But when I knew that he might have something to do with the dead woman, I did feel fear .So I came to you and I hope you can investigate."

5 Mysterious Jesse

"If he knows that you stole the photos in the villa, he will suspect you, and if he is really the murderer, he will kill you." I said.

"So, after I saw it, I put the photo back in place and didn't bring it out."

"However, if there is no photo, how can we be sure that the woman in the photo is definitely the deceased? What's more, the appearance of the deceased we restored with the cranial image restoration technology is not very accurate , so only by that photo If the picture is the same person as the photo you see, it is completely certain that it is the same person, or not.”

"Then what should I do?" Xu Linger kept staring at me.

"Well, if you find a way to get a few hairs from that man, I can confirm whether he is related to the deceased. But you have to be careful. Do you know what his name is and what he does?" I Suddenly, I realized that I had missed such an important question.

"He seems to be a son of a rich family. He asked me to call him by his English name: Jesse."

Why on earth did Jesse dream of a woman covered in blood? What kind of secret is hidden in that remote villa? Or, should I really believe Xu Linger's words? Is it possible to suspect a cruel murder story based on her one-sided remarks?

6 Memories of Linger

"For a beautiful girl like you, there must be many suitors?" Zi Qia asked Ling'er.

"I once had a boyfriend, when I was studying in Japan. He was handsome, gentle, and a lovely boy. He liked to ride his bicycle around the beach in summer, and he would take me with him occasionally. On the back seat of the bicycle, I spread my arms happily and yelled loudly. He likes to read those weird novels. When he reads novels, I listen to songs. He also occasionally accompany me to practice dance in the dance classroom. I always like to wear a blue vest…" Linger recalled.

"Menglan, why haven't you spoken?" Zijia saw me in a daze.

"I feel a little tired. Choi Ji-hyuk just returned to Korea yesterday, and the research on the virtual anatomy technology project we cooperated with has just started. Professor Qu came to me again today, saying that he hopes to develop a research project on personality mutation caused by craniocerebral injury. I am worried about what to do. Looking for so many traumatic brain injury patients."

"It's Happyhour now, why don't you just relax. By the way, Linger, are you still together now?" Zijia continued to ask.

"We separated because he has changed. He is no longer as gentle, considerate, and cute as he used to be. He is like a stranger. I no longer understand him, and he is no longer nice to me. Maybe time, always will Change a person." Linger said dejectedly.

Ziqi patted her on the shoulder reassuringly, and said: "I still have a fashion show to watch, I'm leaving first, Meng Lan, you accompany Linger." After finishing speaking, Ziqi left in a hurry.

"You don't believe what I say, do you?" Linger said to me.

"Why did you say that suddenly?" I was a little caught off guard, because Xu Linger saw through my thoughts. I really didn't trust her, I had a vague sense of uneasiness from the first time I saw her, she always reminded me of Connie, but I couldn't find a reasonable reason to justify my distrust of her.

"Yesterday, I met Jesse, and according to what you said, I got some of his hair." She said, and handed me the collected hair.

"Okay! I will try to find out whether that Jesse is related to the female deceased. Linger, can you tell me why you always go to Professor Qu? Do you also have a feeling for forensic psychiatry? Interest? Or is there someone or something that got you interested in that subject?"

"One day you will know the answer, but not now." Leaving this sentence behind, Ling'er walked away gracefully.

My phone rang, and it was Xiaoguo: "Boss! Another corpse was found!"

7 cracked skull

The body was dug out in the woods in the suburbs. The deceased was a male in his 20s, who had been dead for at least half a year. The corpse was close to ossification. The skull was cracked and the nasal bones collapsed. I can even imagine what a terrible and tragic appearance he was at the last moment of his death.

Princess Kefu's ghost loves the spirit_Princess Kefu's free reading_Princess Kefu's ghost loves the princess of the cold king

The corpse was transported back to the forensic laboratory, and Jiaqi and the others did an autopsy. And I am interested in the few hairs that Linger gave me. The results of the test came out, and it turned out that Jesse's hair was not the hair on the dead woman's body at all. I think Xu Linger is making up a story for me.

I think I'm going to talk to Professor Qu, it seems that I want to confirm something. I doubt what Xu Linger said, and I am even more curious about the secret behind her.

"Xu Ling'er said that she had a friend who had received treatment at Dr. Du Zhiming's psychiatrist's clinic. But Dr. Du Zhiming couldn't solve his problem, so he asked him to come to me. Later, his friend disappeared, so it was even more impossible to come. I'm here." Professor Qu recalled.

"What's wrong with Xu Linger's friend? The problem that even a psychiatrist can't solve is not a mental illness, but another reason." I said.

"For many years, I have been studying forensic psychiatry, and I have always tried to explore the crazy behavior of those who are in a state of insanity. However, in some cases, it is really difficult to distinguish whether a murderer is mentally ill or mentally ill. Abnormal behaviors caused by problems. Dr. Du Zhiming and I have cooperated in research for several years. And Dr. Du Zhiming will refer her friend's problems to me, it must be that the patient's mental state is abnormal. "

"How did Xu Linger describe it?"

"Her friend used to be a gentle, rational and kind-hearted person, but later, after an accident, he became irritable, irritable, and impulsive. Almost all the character traits in the past disappeared, as if completely Become another person. This kind of change is like two different people, this kind of change can even be said to be terrifying, "

"Professor Qu, apart from psychological disorders that can lead to personality changes, are there other reasons that can lead to personality changes?"

"Traumatic brain injury. If a person has a more severe traumatic brain injury in an accident, they can have an organic personality change. It's a different person before and after the injury. And it's very difficult to treat."

"Professor Qu, you must not show me the patient's information, right?"

"Meng Lan, I know, this is my professional ethics."

Of course I knew that Professor Qu would not show me the information, I was just curious as to what happened to Xu Linger.

8 Natsumi Disappeared

"I think Xia Mei is in love with someone else."

"Who is Xia Mei?"

"My girlfriend from the past. She disappeared, and before she disappeared, she fell in love with someone else."

"Have you looked for her?"

"She's not coming back."

"Is that woman you often see in your dreams Natsumi?"


Xu Linger played me the conversation recorded in her voice recorder.

"You are still proving to me that the female body we found that day is Xia Mei, and you think the murderer who killed her is Jesse, right?" I think Xu Linger's actions are a bit ridiculous.

"You still don't believe me!"

"Why do you keep approaching Zijia? Who is the patient you consulted with Professor Qu? Why do you keep trying to convince me that a man named Jesse killed a woman named Xia Mei?"

"Didn't you find another male corpse? The way of death is very similar to that of the female dead. I believe that Jesse killed them both! I will find the evidence!" Linger dropped these words without answering the question. gone.

I began to hesitate, could it be that what she said was true?

I secretly followed Xu Linger, when I accidentally saw her walking with a man arm in arm on the street. Could it be that the man is the Jesse she said? right! It was indeed the man who had accosted her the first time I saw her at the Café Gordo.

"Why do you like me? You know almost nothing about me."

"A lot of things happen for no reason. I just feel like I've known you for a long time from the first time I saw you."

"What the hell do you do?"

"I'd better never know what I do, you just know I'm a businessman."

"You asked me here today, what's the matter?"

"I found some photos, which were taken before Natsumi disappeared, and all the photos show the same man."

"A very different man."

"You think so too? He's a brother of mine."

"Where is he now?"

"He? He left, he's not in this city."

"It seems that the person Xia Mei fell in love with is him."

"I didn't expect Xia Mei to fall in love with someone else."

I eavesdropped on the conversation between the two people in the room from the window of the small villa. Until this moment, I finally believed that what Xu Linger said was true. Who is that woman named Natsumi?

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