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Lian walked to her son's room and kissed her son Dongdong's little face. The little guy was already 6 years old, very cute and sleeping soundly. Her mother came over and complained: "Why did you come back just now? Dongdong is already here." I'm so angry that I don't want you as my mother anymore." Lian explained helplessly that when she got off work, a few patients suddenly came to the hospital and there was not enough manpower, so she helped. What else did her mother want to say? Lian shook her head. Her mother sighed and said nothing. She took out a few photos from the drawer and handed them to Lian, "They were taken when I took Dongdong out to play. Take a look."

"So comfortable." Lian took a shower, put on loose clothes, and lay on the bed. She couldn't help but groan. She picked up the photo of her son and looked at it carefully. Dongdong looked like his father, very handsome. , those eyes were so clear, Lian couldn't help but kiss the photo of her son, huh? What was that? Behind the photo of her son was a patch of bushes, and a child's face was faintly revealed between the bushes, with delicate features and a look of longing. , Haha, there were still people taking photos. Lian didn't pay attention. She put her son's photo beside her pillow and fell asleep. She has been really tired these past few days.

It was late at night, and a mist suddenly floated out of the photo next to Lian's pillow, which slowly condensed into the shape of a child. It was the child stealing a shadow in the photo. The child glanced at Lian, who was sleeping soundly, and made no sound. The child floated out gently and came to Dongdong's room. He pointed at the door and the door opened. He stood in front of Dongdong's bed and looked at Dongdong quietly. For a long time, the child slowly stretched out a finger and touched it. Dongdong's face immediately shrank back, and after repeated attempts several times, finally, the little hand slowly touched Dongdong's face. After a long time, the child sighed, and the voice spread out in the empty room. The child slowly floated back to Lian's room, turned into a light mist, and returned to the photo.

Lian slept soundly last night. When eating in the morning, her mother asked Lian if she heard the child's voice at night. Lian shook her head and said, "I didn't hear it. Maybe Dongdong was talking in his sleep." "No, it's not Dongdong." The voice was that of another child, and it sounded very pitiful." "Mom, don't think too much. It might be from a neighbor's house. Don't be suspicious." The mother shook her head and stopped talking. Then she woke up Dongdong.

A few days later, her mother told Lian that she heard Dongdong chatting with other people's children in a very low voice. When she walked over and wanted to listen, she found that there was no more. She opened the door and found that Dongdong was sleeping. He was very familiar and fell asleep on his own.

What does it mean to steal children's clothes? What does it mean to curse a child who steals clothes and die? People who steal children's clothes

Lian didn't care. Her mother was old. Ever since her husband fell ill and died, she had to take care of Dongdong for her. She was also very tired. Sometimes, the nerves may be too tense. Besides, Lian is a doctor and doesn't believe in ghosts and gods at all. She just advises her mother to have a good rest and don't be too tired.

During the night, Lian suddenly woke up and felt thirsty. Just when Lian was about to get up, she suddenly heard her son's laughter, which suddenly died down. Then the sound of two children whispering came over. The door to Lian's room was always open. Yes, because I was afraid that my son would be sick or something, so that I could hear it earlier. Lian was scared. Recalling her mother's words, the more she thought about it, the more scared she became. Motherly love defeated her fear. "Son!" Lian rushed over desperately and turned on the light. Seeing that Dongdong had just laid down and had no time to cover herself with a quilt, Lian picked up the child and ran to the door of the room. "Who is it? Come out!" Lian shouted loudly, cursing the kid who stole clothes to death , but no one answered. After calling a few times, her mother came over, "What's wrong?" Lian said, "Someone is in Dongdong's room." Lian looked at her son's room carefully, but there was no one there, so she asked her son, "Dongdong, who were you talking to just now? Tell your mother quickly." Dongdong didn't speak. Lian became angry and her tone became stern, "Why are you so ignorant? "Here, tell mom." He cursed the kid who stole clothes and died . Dongdong hesitated, but still didn't tell her mother. Lian slapped her son in the face. Dongdong cried aggrievedly. When Lian was about to slap her, a ball of light suddenly appeared in the room. fog. A child appeared and said angrily to Lian, "Stop hitting him, it's me."

There really is a ghost.

It looks familiar. By the way, it's the child in the photo. The child floated over and said, "Don't be afraid. I don't mean any harm. I'm just chatting with Dongdong. My name is Qiangqiang. When I was 7 years old, I was playing on the road. I was accidentally hit by a car and died. My parents were so sad that they moved away. I can’t find them anymore. I have no home and have been wandering outside. That day, I saw Dongdong taking pictures. I was very curious and wanted to take a look. I didn't expect that I was trapped in the photo and couldn't leave. I really didn't mean any harm, I just wanted to find someone to chat with. I really lack friends."

Lian's mother sighed, "What a poor child." Lian felt sad listening to it, but she still said, "Humans and ghosts can't be friends. You know, let's do this. You know your parents' names and… Phone number? Let me see if I can help you find your parents so that you can meet them." The child said happily, "I know, I tell you."

People who steal children's clothes. What does it mean to steal children's clothes? What does it mean to curse a child who steals clothes and dies?

One day later, Lian asked for leave and was waiting for a guest at home early. A beautiful woman came in. Her eyes were very red. It was obvious that she had cried and had spoken on the phone. Lian showed the photo to the woman. After reading it, the woman said, "It's him, it's really him! Son, mother is here, come out." A cloud of light mist appeared, and the child appeared. The woman rushed over to hold her son, but her arms passed through his body. The woman was stunned and cried, "Don't cry, mom." Qiangqiang was very sensible and persuaded her Mom, we had been chatting for a long time and it was time to say goodbye. Qiangqiang put his hand on Dongdong's and said softly: "Thank you, thank you all, I will miss you."

The woman looked at Lian with a begging look in her eyes. Lian understood, nodded, and handed the photo to the woman. The woman thanked Lian and left with the photo.

"Dongdong, sleep with mom"

"Well, thank you, mom, for letting Qiangqiang find his mother."

"Okay, go to sleep"

The night is really beautiful.

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