Wife’s Head

It is now three quarters at noon. I have verified my true identity and the prison officer has given an order. Whether you believe it or not, my head has fallen to the ground. It is not that I have fallen to the ground, but that my body and head have separated. That is to say , I was beheaded.

But the strange thing is that I can't be sure whether I am dead. What I am sure of is that my soul has not left my body at least yet. It is so nostalgic for my body that it stays in my head and refuses to leave. Fortunately, it didn't stay in my chest, otherwise I would have to use my lungs to think.

When the executioner's sword just touched my neck, I was indeed shaking with fear. You must not laugh at me. It took less than half a second from the time the sharp knife edge touched me to when it left me, but my life had changed from quantitative to qualitative changes. Next, I found myself in a feeling of free fall. I began to rotate in the air. During the rotation, I saw my body. This body was so familiar to me, but now, it no longer belongs to me. The cross-section of my neck was the first time I had ever seen it in my life. Blood was spraying out from there, splattering all over the loyal and honest executioner brother. And my limbs were dancing, as if dancing or boxing. Suddenly, I got a piece of dirt in my mouth. It was really sad, and my head fell to the ground, but it was really undignified. I bounced on the ground a few times until my position was correct. Fortunately, now the small piece of my neck that was left was connected to the ground squarely, avoiding the upside-down situation that I was deeply worried about. Or the terrifying situation of rolling around and being kicked like a ball.

Goodbye, my body, now you are being dragged away, maybe to be buried if you are lucky, or to feed the dogs if you are not. The body left my sight, and all that was left was a large pool of my blood, flowing tirelessly. Eventually it would seep into the soil and nourish those lovely grasses.

While I was on the ground with my thoughts abounding, someone grabbed my hair and picked me up. Then I kept swaying, as if I was flying in the sky. I could only see the guy's belt. I wanted to curse him, but half of my vocal cords stayed here and half of them stayed on my body. The lungs and trachea that convey air flow are also gone from me, so I can only stare at him.

I was hung on the city gate, with a thin rope tied to the city chop at one end and my hair at the other end. A few feet below my chin was the city gate. The capital is quite prosperous, and people traveling from north to south always have to pass under me. Each of them has to look at me, and of course, I have to look at them too. Some of these men and women looked at me with disdain; some were shocked and touched their necks. Most of these people were my kind; others shook their heads and sighed, using me as a negative example to educate future generations. Throughout the generations, there were also one or two literati who took the opportunity to become poetic and chant about the shortness of life. What's more, they spit at me when they saw me. Fortunately, I was hung high, otherwise I would have been drowned by the spit.

The sun made me dizzy, and swarms of flies had begun to attack me. They flapped their wings in a buzzing manner, probably thinking that I was a piece of shit. What's even more frightening is that several disgusting maggots got into my head, gnawing at my mouth and brain like crazy. I don't know where they came from. Maybe this is a precursor to complete decay. When I think that my head is about to turn into a smelly skull with a lingering ghost living in the middle, I worry about the environmental sanitation of the city.

The long day is coming to an end, and the setting sun is like blood and like my head. I found that the setting sun was indeed similar to me now. It was a ball without a body, except that it hung in the sky and I hung on the city gate.

Can a living person still use a dead person's bed_A dead person's bed used_Can a dead person still sleep in a dead person's bed

After nightfall, many ghosts appeared around me. They seemed to be very sympathetic to me and expressed sympathy for my tragic experience. But I don't want to pay attention to them. I only have one wish, to let my soul leave the body as soon as possible.

I drove away those lonely ghosts and just wanted to be alone and quiet. I can still feel it. The evening wind blows across my cheeks, sending a bone-chilling coldness through the depths of my head. I'm not in pain, really, I'm not in pain.

But suddenly I was in pain all over again.

I thought of–her.

I don't know when, a crescent moon like a hook hung in the sky. Under the high palace wall, the Habayashi Langs holding halberds were all sleepy. They didn't notice a white shadow flashing from the red wall and blue tiles. come out. White shadows flicker in front of you, gently crossing the curfew streets, making people think they are elusive ghosts.

Her footsteps seemed to be made of silk, so light that there was no sound at all. You could only hear the echo in the depths of the night.

What can be seen now is her back . The white back is particularly conspicuous in the complete darkness. But on the night of curfew, she is being forgotten by the living people.

Can a living person still use a dead person's bed_A dead person's bed used_Can a dead person still sleep in a dead person's bed

It's still the back, but you can look closer. Wrapped in white plain clothes is a sultry body. The body has perfect curves, and the flawless undulations are like clouds in the dark night. So, you are lucky, please adjust the focus from her slender waist to her hair. The bunted hair is quietly shining. However, you can't think wildly, because this body will always belong to only one person, and that person is me.

If she would allow it, you might be able to see her profile, so that you could see her entire figure, which is simply not possible in this world. She finally came to the city gate and stared at the hanging head. She was still calm and composed at the moment, calmly staring at the familiar face.

A young guard under the city gate was already asleep. Maybe he was dreaming about the girl he missed. And the woman in white you saw gently bypassed the guards and walked up to the city gate. She came to the high battlements, and the entire city and the majestic palace in the center were in sight. You can look along the long wall and see her slowly pick up the rope hanging the head until she holds the head in her arms.

I was lying in her arms now, and a strong, alluring scent from deep within her breasts seeped into my cold nostrils. Her hands were so warm, holding me tightly, but they could no longer warm my skin. She buried me deeply into her body, as if she wanted to use her chest as a cemetery to bury me. My face was deeply sunken into it, and I couldn't see anything. In the absolute darkness, I suddenly found a bright light flashing in front of my eyes, so bright that it was blinding. That was her heart. Yes, I saw her heart.

You may be trembling all over at this scene. The white clothes this woman wore were actually mourning clothes. They had been stained with blood stains on the head, and they looked like beautiful flowers. She hugged her so tightly, as if she was holding her for life.

Under the moonlight, you finally saw her face. It was a face so beautiful that it could captivate a whole country, as if she had just stepped out of a classical mural. Maybe each of you has the desire to step forward and touch her, and you will never forget her face. But now, her face is a little pale and bloodless, but to some people, this looks more attractive. This is a kind of beauty that is extremely miserable.

The bloody head was hidden in her arms for a long time. She gradually moved the head upward, past her white neck, her exquisite chin, rouge-like red lips, straight and thin nose bridge, and two deep pool-like eyes. , eyebrows like nine-section orchid and smooth forehead wrapped with clouds. You were surprised to find that she boldly looked at the dead man's head and held the lower end of the bloody head with both hands. She was not afraid at all and looked at each other calmly.

Can a dead person still sleep on a bed_A bed used by a dead person_Can a living person still use a dead person's bed

The expression on the head was actually quite peaceful, as if there was no trace of pain, and there seemed to be a smile on the corner of the mouth, but the eyes were always open, as if staring at her. Under the moonlight, if you have the courage, you can see that this thin face is pale, but it is not as scary as you think.

I allow you to see my face.

Her hands moved me upwards, and I felt like a small boat sailing through the undulating waves. Finally, she and I looked into each other's eyes. She didn't cry, her face was expressionless, but I knew she was extremely sad, so she was extremely beautiful now, especially the plain clothes she wore that enhanced her beauty.

I wanted her to know that I was looking at her, as she was looking at me now, and that I understood everything, but I was forced to remain silent.

Her lips are so hot

You shouldn't have spied on the woman in white kissing the head.

Yes, her fiery lips were in close contact with the dead lips. The dead man's lips were cold, and the coldness also pierced her skin. But she didn't mind, as if that person was still alive, still the person who warmed her lips. Now it was just that he caught a cold, and he would wake up next to the hot red lips. can you?

Can a living person still use a dead person's bed_A dead person's bed used_Can a dead person still sleep in a dead person's bed

The long kiss lasted for a long time, and finally the woman let go of her mouth. Then she whispered something to him softly.

You are not allowed to eavesdrop.

We go home.

She whispered this into my ear. This sound is the same as a month ago, a year ago, or even a hundred or a thousand years ago. It is extremely magnetic, like a magnet that attracts everyone's ears. She held me in her arms and walked down the city gate. The young guard was still deep in sleep. She supported me with both hands, and quietly left the city, walking through the desolate wilderness. I didn't know how long I walked, but I seemed to see lights.

You continue to follow her through the wilderness. There is a large bamboo forest that is full of mountains and deserts. Deep in the bamboo forest, there is a thatched cottage. She walked into the thatched cottage and lit an oil lamp. The dim and flickering light allowed you to see the house. There were a few straw mats and a table inside, but there was only a large wooden bucket filled with hot water.

She seemed to have some blood under the oil lamp. She lit a bunch of rare Tianzhu spices, which emitted a strong fragrance. This fragrance quickly dissipated the stench of the dead heads, thus also clearing your nose. Better. Then she gently dipped the head into the bucket and carefully washed his hair. Of course, this was like taking a bath for a head. The clotted blood melted again when it came into contact with the hot water, turning the bucket into a bright red.

Water, water all over the world filled my head. The steaming water poured from the incision in my neck straight into my mouth and brain. The water flooded my whole being and my soul. Don't think I'm struggling in the water, the truth is my soul is swimming happily in the water. Those nasty maggots either drowned or were scalded to death, and their corpses flowed out from under my neck. My only remaining body and my soul feel infinite pleasure in the water. We are born in water, and we return to water. Water is life, I am convinced of this.

Bed_Can a dead person still sleep in a bed_Can a living person still use a dead person's bed?

Tremble in fear as she washes the head and then wipes it dry with a towel. Now the head is clean, and the eyes seem to be piercing. If it were not for the lack of body, you might still think that it is a big, lively person. Then she combed his hair. She took out a wooden comb from her sleeve. The wooden comb was made of fine wood and the carving was extremely exquisite. She combed her hair very carefully, and even though the oil lamp was like a bean, every hair could be distinguished. She used to comb his hair, usually after bathing, and his long hair hung down to his waist. The combing sometimes lasted for an hour. In the past, she would gently part his hair. His hair was wet and steaming after bathing, and he was meekly conquered by her wooden comb. They didn't say a word during this time, enjoying it quietly. After she finished combing his hair, he would comb her hair again for another hour. You don't need to know whether the dead man's bed can still be used by the living . Now you will only feel the horror of the dead man's hair, and will not realize that she is still using those gentle hands. Everything is the same as before, but the difference is, He lost his body that she couldn't let go of, and he could no longer comb her hair.

After finally finishing combing, she tied his hair into a fashionable bun and gently placed him on the table. Next, she began to take off her blood-stained white clothes and became naked. Look no evil, if you are still moral, please stop reading, leave here, leave here forever.

She looked at me, and I looked at her, looking at her smooth body, glowing with a strange red light under the oil lamp, as if she had turned into a red fire, in a fresh bucket of hot water. Soaking. This fire in her burned me scorchingly, and still burns me now. After a long time, she stepped out of the bucket, hugged me tightly in her arms again, lay down on the straw mat, and took me to sleep. In the dream, we spoke.

When I saw the world again, I could feel a hot liquid rolling on my cheeks. These were her tears. The sunlight broke into my pupils through the bamboo leaves and windows, and my reclusive soul was moved by it.

I was fully embalmed. First, all impurities were removed from the inside of my skull, leaving only the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and brain. Then I was soaked in alcohol and mercury, allowing these two liquids to penetrate every inch of my skin and tissue. Then she stuffed many unknown spices and herbs into my head. Some of these things were specially transported from distant and mysterious countries, and some were collected by her from deep mountains and old forests. In short, these dozens of rare materials plus an almost lost top-secret formula, carefully prepared by her, have become a rare antiseptic in the world, and they are placed in many corners deep in my head. She did it all with her own hands. Finally, she wrapped the scar as big as a bowl on my neck with a piece of delicate iron sheet. There was also a layer of gold foil stuck on the inside of the iron sheet to ensure it would never rust.

From then on, I became a mummy.

I don't know what a mummy means, especially in a special case like mine. My soul should have left my body a long time ago, but it may live forever in my head, which is immortal and immortal for thousands of years. Are others the same as me? Anyway, a person can only experience this kind of thing once. As for whether it is what people usually say, only experienced people like me know. But once the head falls to the ground, how can we How about making the truth known to the world? Should I be happy or sad? Did I die young or live forever? My thoughts were in chaos, like a paralyzed person lying on the bed, powerless to do anything. All that was left were sharp feelings and random thoughts.

She came, still dressed in white. She held me out of the thatched cottage. She took me for a walk in the bamboo forest to breathe fresh air. Unfortunately, I didn't even have lungs and couldn't enjoy the air. The bamboo forest was full of birdsong, and the moist wind blew in my face. My mood suddenly brightened, even though I had no heart. This may be how she will spend the rest of her life, but what about her? I stared at her, suddenly feeling like a knife.

On the first day of my mummy career, my soul was in tears.

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