Devil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

"Meeting and chatting with such a netizen, I know that I must have the courage to face death as home." I don't know if I am lucky to receive Mr. Devil's advice. Ruzi has only a half-knowledge of "Tao", and he has never understood it, so he is restrained in action, depressed and aggrieved, and it can be said to be mediocre. "Mr. Devil continued to speak softly: "The Tao is to people, indistinct, indistinct, indistinct, 'Looking ahead, suddenly behind'. Therefore, it is said that in pursuit of faith, why bother with life and death, why bother with ascetic practice, and why bother with sensuality. Mr. Devil turned his face and said to me: "Without contradiction, there is no world." … Continue readingDevil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

I Love The Reason Why My Husband Killed Me For A Miscarriage

But in this case, Zhenhui should be hated by other women, but she didn’t. Zhenhui does not have a certificate of infertility, but every time she becomes pregnant, the child will shed in a short time. She doesn’t actually hate this daughter-in-law, but she can’t accept that she can’t have children. The husband gave up, and the mother-in-law finally gave up. In the end, Zhenhui also had too many miscarriages, and she could no longer get pregnant! Zhenhui knew at a glance that this was the woman her mother-in-law chose outside for her husband, and… she was pregnant. Amin was so frightened that it wasn’t the time when the child was born. … Continue readingI Love The Reason Why My Husband Killed Me For A Miscarriage