Dead Reservoir Horrible Neck (6)

Return to the soul

The day before Wei Qingfeng's funeral, Xiao Ming went to Wei Qingfeng's home. Wei Qingfeng's father, Wei Yi, told Xiao Ming a past incident of Wei Qingfeng.

In fact, Wei Qingfeng also has a younger sister, and the two sisters look very much alike. When she was six years old, Wei Qingfeng took her sister to play near the reservoir. As a result, she accidentally pushed her sister into the reservoir and drowned. From then on, Wei Qingfeng became very withdrawn. She always fantasized about having a younger sister. Even when buying clothes, she would buy two identical ones. Afterwards, Xiao Ming guessed that Wei Qingfeng had become a little abnormal because of the death of her sister. This should be the reason why Wei Qingfeng and Xie Han became sisters. She wanted to continue the sisterly relationship in real life.

Wei Yi took out a diary of Wei Qingfeng and showed it to Xiao Ming. The diary records that Wei Qingfeng had a dispute with Xie Han before committing suicide. The reason for the dispute is simple: when Wei Qingfeng and Xie Han got together to admire the "Pictures of Ancient Ladies" in the art album, Xie Han said intentionally or unintentionally that all beautiful women must have a long, smooth and white neck, just like hers. She also said that Wei Qingfeng's neck was too short, which as a sister really didn't suit her. Wei Qingfeng became very angry when he heard this, and they had a big quarrel.

Wei Yi suspected that this incident was related to Wei Qingfeng's hanging and suicide. He told Xiao Ming that he was unwilling to let his daughter be bullied and wanted to take revenge on this arrogant girl named Xie Han. He said that he knew an ancient recipe for bringing back the soul of a hanged person, and he happened to try it on Xie Han's body. By the way, he could talk to his daughter through Xie Han. Xiao Ming hesitated, but Wei Yi encouraged him, saying that the soul of the deceased would only possess him for three days, and after three days, everything would return to normal for the living.

Xiao Ming agreed.

The method of reviving the soul is as follows: first wipe the hanged person's neck clean, and then put a red scarf on him or her (red is mainly used to gather the soul, and using a soft and comfortable scarf to soothe the hanged person's neck has the effect of reassuring the soul) (effectiveness), and then put this scarf around the neck of a living person, and the deceased can speak through the body, and the "resurrection" is successful.

"When Qingfeng was alive, he liked red scarves the most. Maybe, all this is destined." At that time, Wei Yi said this with emotion.

The above content was told by Xiao Ming to Xu Lingling. Xu Lingling already knew what happened next.

Xiao Ming said: "Looking at it now, I feel that Wei Qingfeng's father lied to me! The 'resurrection' of the soul in a living person is completely fake! He just recalled Wei Qingfeng's resentment through that scarf, and then harmed me. Damn Xie Han! If I had known this, I really shouldn’t have used you to let that scarf get close to Xie Han’s body…"

Xu Lingling thought for a while and said: "Xiao Ming, I think Xie Han's death may have nothing to do with that scarf. I think Wei Qingfeng had already wrapped her around Xie Han before I brought that scarf into the dormitory. To be precise, , she has been obsessed with Xie Han ever since he started to like eating animal necks! Today I saw Xie Han’s Weibo, and there was a blog post in her Weibo that sounded very similar to Wei Qingfeng's, I think it is Wei Qingfeng's ghost who has been tempting and forcing Xie Han to commit suicide. Xie Han wrote a blog post before her death. From that blog post, it can be seen that the direct inducement that led her to finally give up and choose to commit suicide should be you. Deceiving her. Perhaps Wei Qingfeng also hinted at your betrayal to her? I think Xie Han actually knew that she couldn't escape. She once said, 'That time is coming.' , referring to the time of her suicide. Also, on the night of her suicide, I heard Xie Han crying in bed. Maybe she had already begun to regret that she had unintentionally laughed at Wei Qingfeng's short neck…"

"Hey, how do you know so clearly?" A surprised voice suddenly interrupted Xu Lingling!

"Who?" Xu Lingling and Xiao Ming asked at the same time.

No one responded, and the entire banyan forest began to sway uneasily, and the leaves rustled. Both of them felt an unprecedented fear at the same time!

"Wei Qingfeng! It's Wei Qingfeng who's back!" Xiao Ming screamed in horror, crawling on the ground and rushing out of the forest. Naturally, Xu Lingling didn't dare to stay and ran outside after him.

Wei Qingfeng lives in a small town called "Xingyan". When Xu Lingling and Xiao Ming arrived here, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon.

This town is very old and exudes a strong local flavor. There are promotional slogans hanging everywhere, saying that they will make every effort to build this place into "Xingyan Ancient Tourism Town" and so on. The streets here are all paved with bluestone slabs. As you walk along, you can occasionally see deep and shallow old houses, ancient pavilions and pavilions, as well as some half-open small shops.

At Xu Lingling's insistence, Xiao Ming brought her here. Because Xiao Ming has been here once, he is somewhat familiar with the terrain in this area. Otherwise, Xu Lingling would never have been able to find the old Wei family house located at the edge of the town.

The door of the Wei family's old house was unlocked. Xiao Ming pushed it gently and the door opened.

As soon as the two stepped through the door, they heard someone talking quietly inside.

"Daughter! You are so stupid! Why did you do this? Now that you are gone, what should you do if you call me dad…?" A man's voice.

"Dad, I'm sorry, I live in pain… Ever since I accidentally killed my sister, I don't want to live anymore. Now, I am very happy. I have many sisters down there…" A girl's voice.

Xu Lingling and Xiao Ming were shocked at the same time – it was Wei Yi and his daughter Wei Qingfeng talking!


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Recently, Xu Lingling discovered that her roommate Xie Han seemed to be a different person. As soon as it was time to get out of school, she would rush to the braised food shop in front of the school. She would not choose anything else but buy various animal necks to eat: chicken necks, Duck neck…I can't seem to get enough of it.

Xu Lingling knew clearly that before this, class beauty Xie Han had never wanted to eat snacks. She loves beauty, but her biggest fear is gaining weight. It is indeed strange to see such a sudden change.

"Xiaoying died in the reservoir , what happened to Xie Han recently? Has she fallen out of love?" Xu Lingling asked Du Xiaoying before going to bed. Overeating after a breakup seems to be a way for many girls to cope with the pain of a breakup.

Du Xiaoying looked at Xie Han's empty bed at the moment and lowered her voice and said: "How could she be broken in love? I think her current condition is probably related to Wei Qingfeng's death…"

"Is it related to Wei Qingfeng?" Xu Lingling was a little surprised. Wei Qingfeng was their roommate. A week ago, for unknown reasons, she hanged herself. Xu Lingling still feels scared when she recalls her death. Her tongue was stuck out, her eyes were rolled up, and her neck was stretched very long due to gravity.

"Xie Han has changed since he attended Wei Qingfeng's funeral last time… Think about it, is this true?"

After her reminder, Xu Lingling quickly remembered that she was right. Xie Han seemed to have started to change at that time. She immediately thought of another point – Wei Qingfeng had a habit during her lifetime, and she also liked to eat animals. neck.

"I heard that the funeral held at Wei Qingfeng's house was a bit weird. Wei Qingfeng's father asked Xie Han to help clean Wei Qingfeng's neck, and then put a red scarf on her to show respect for the person who hanged himself. The scary thing is, That silly girl Xie Han actually did it!"

As soon as Du Xiaoying finished speaking, the door suddenly opened and Xie Han appeared at the door.

Du Xiaoying suddenly stopped talking.

Xu Lingling saw that Xie Han was holding a black bag in his hand. She looked at them expressionlessly and walked straight to her bed without saying a word.

The lights were turned off and the surroundings fell into darkness. Xu Lingling and Du Xiaoying stopped talking and went to bed separately. But the conversation just now made Xu Lingling begin to feel uneasy, and Wei Qingfeng's bloodless face kept swaying in front of her eyes. Xu Lingling recalled the way Wei Qingfeng ate necks. When she ate necks, she liked to chew them together with the bones. The sound was like this: "Gahgu, gahgu——"

"Quack, quack!"

Suddenly, this voice came to reality, and it came from under Xu Lingling's bed! Xu Lingling was startled, but she immediately realized that the sound was from Xie Han on the lower bunk. She was eating her neck again, and her satisfied swallowing sound made Xu Lingling panic.

Xu Lingling suddenly had the illusion that the person eating the neck on the lower bunk might not be Xie Han, but Wei Qingfeng.

Wei Qingfeng's funeral was indeed quite strange. Could it be a carefully planned conspiracy by the father who lost his daughter? For example, through strange contact with the dead body, his daughter Wei Fufeng was slowly resurrected in Xie Han…

save her

The next morning, Xu Lingling met Xie Han's boyfriend Xiao Ming in the laboratory. Xu Lingling found that the handsome Xiao Ming had become much more haggard after not seeing him for a few days.

Xiao Ming pulled Xu Lingling aside and whispered: "Xu Lingling, do me a favor!"


Xiao Ming looked around, and then took out a red scarf for women from his pocket. He stuffed it into Xu Lingling's hand: "I know you also have experimental classes today, so I have been waiting for you here for a long time…Xu Lingling, You must help me with this matter. I want you to put this scarf around Xie Han’s neck tonight…"

Put a scarf around Xie Han's neck? Xu Lingling suddenly remembered Wei Qingfeng's strange funeral.

"What…what does this mean?"

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"Xu Lingling, let me tell you, Xie Han is haunted by the ghost of Wei Qingfeng… This is the method I asked from outside. As the saying goes, 'To untie the bell, you must tie the bell.' It was the scarf that haunted Wei Qingfeng's ghost. Xie Han, we have to rely on it to remind Wei Qingfeng's ghost that she is actually dead, and we want her to leave Xie Han! But you must remember to try not to wake Xie Han when you put on the scarf. When she puts it on, Wei Qingfeng will naturally leave her side…" Xiao Ming said in a hoarse voice.

Xu Lingling looked at his sad look and finally nodded.

During the break, Xu Lingling accidentally saw Xiao Ming and Xie Han together. Xiao Ming whispered something to her, but Xie Han's eyes were glazed over, as if he didn't listen to him at all. Xiao Ming felt bored, shook his head, and left in frustration.

Xu Lingling planned to take the initiative to talk to Xie Han, but when she saw Xie Han's cold eyes, she backed down.

In fact, Xu Lingling and Xie Han had a feud.

Half a month ago, Xu Lingling and Xie Han had a fight. Xie Han is slender with a fair and slender neck, while Xu Lingling is just the opposite, with a short and thick neck. Out of female jealousy, Xu Lingling scolded Xie Han for looking like an ugly giraffe. At that time, Xie Han replied gloomily: "It's not just a giraffe, you know? People with long necks were hanged ghosts in their previous lives… Believe it or not, tonight I will turn into a hanged ghost and come to find you?"

Xie Han is quite vindictive. Since that quarrel, she has not spoken to Xu Lingling. Not only that, she also teamed up with her good friend Wei Qingfeng to isolate Xu Lingling.

If, as Xiao Ming said, Xie Han was haunted by Wei Qingfeng's ghost, then how much of Xie Han's consciousness at this moment belongs to him, and how much of it belongs to Wei Qingfeng? Xu Lingling thought to herself.

But no matter what, they both hate themselves equally!

A layer of cold sweat climbed up Xu Lingling's forehead. She pinched the red scarf hidden in her bag and suddenly became worried about another thing: How can I put this scarf around Xie Han's neck tonight without Was she discovered?

The matter was of great importance. Xu Lingling wanted to tell her roommate Du Xiaoying about it, but unfortunately, Du Xiaoying took leave today and returned to her hometown.


The day ended like this.

The evening life continued as before, and Xie Han entered the dormitory just a few minutes before lights out. In her hand was another black bag containing an animal's neck.

The bell rings and the lights go out. Immediately afterwards, Xie Han began to chew his neck in the dark, "Gakgu, Gakgu", followed by a satisfied swallowing sound.

I don't know how long it took, but Xu Lingling suddenly opened her eyes. She thought about tonight's mission.

A faint light came through the window, and a cold wind seemed to be blowing outside. The sound of Xie Han chewing his neck had stopped long ago, and there was even a slight snore coming from the lower bunk.

Xu Lingling turned over and climbed up, took out her scarf from under the pillow, and slowly climbed down along the armrest of the bunk bed. She crawled very lightly for fear of waking her. Then, she stood in front of Xie Han.

The glimmer of light reflected on Xie Han's face, which was as proud as a dead person's face. Xu Lingling took a deep breath and started to act. She held the scarf in her right hand, gently propped up her head with her left hand, parted her thick hair, and slowly put the scarf on her slender neck…

Suddenly, an eerie voice sounded: "Do you want to hang me?"

There was a "boom" in Xu Lingling's mind – at some point, the head on the pillow in her hand had opened its eyes and was staring at her with a pair of resentful eyes!

She screamed in fright and dropped her head!

Xie Han sat up unhappily and pulled off the scarf around her neck: "I didn't expect that he would be so cruel and would collude with you to harm me."

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"Harm you? What do you mean?"

"No need to pretend, Xu Lingling! I know you have always hated me, but you are so stupid to use this method to retaliate against me! Do you think that if you kill me, he will come back to you? Tell you, you are wrong , you are just a pawn of his!"

"You mean, Xiao Ming?"

"Who else can there be besides him? Xu Lingling, don't waste your efforts. Xiao Ming belongs to Wei Qingfeng, you can't get it. Even I can't play with him, let alone you…" Xie Han smiled sadly, "Actually, , you don’t need to worry, that time is coming soon…"

"What time?" Xu Lingling was shocked.

Xie Han stopped talking. She lay down straight with a gloomy face and covered her whole head with the quilt.

The wind is getting stronger outside.

Xu Lingling had no choice but to give up. She climbed onto the bed along the armrest and lay down, but she couldn't fall asleep.

Yes, Xu Lingling has always been secretly in love with Xiao Ming, but Xiao Ming fell in love with class beauty Xie Han. After Xie Han learned Xu Lingling's secret, he began to ridicule her. Because of this, they had a quarrel half a month ago.

However, the conversation with Xie Han just now gave Xu Lingling a new doubt – what did Xie Han mean when he said that Xiao Ming belonged to Wei Qingfeng? Xiao Ming wanted to use a scarf to help Xie Han drive away Wei Qingfeng's ghost, but why did Xie Han say that he was harming her? Also, what does she mean by "that time is coming"?

A strange sound suddenly came from the lower bunk, interrupting Xu Lingling's thoughts. She raised her ears and listened carefully.

That was the sound coming from Xie Han's quilt. She seemed to be chewing her neck and crying at the same time. That cry deeply tugged at Xu Lingling's heart…

That night, Xu Lingling had a dream. She dreamed that Wei Qingfeng was back. Wei Qingfeng looks very scary, her neck is twice as long as a normal person. In the dim light, while she was roping a white goose with a long neck on the rope, she turned her head and looked at Xu Lingling with a sinister smile.

"Puff, puff!" The white goose struggled to death…

Hanged man

The next day, something unexpected happened – Xie Han died!

Looking at the tragic scene in front of her, Xu Lingling suddenly realized a problem. The "puff" sound last night was not made by the white goose in the dream at all, but by Xie Han when he was hung up by a rope!

Xie Han hanged herself in the bathroom of her dormitory, which made her long neck even longer. Her death appearance was no different from Wei Qingfeng's—tongue sticking out, eyes rolled up, and hair disheveled. The prop used to hang Xie Han was the scarf Xu Lingling took from Xiao Ming yesterday. It hung Xie Han until it was stretched long and red as blood.

Under everyone's doubtful eyes, Xu Lingling ran out and found Xie Han's boyfriend Xiao Ming in the banyan forest on campus.

"Xiao Ming, what is going on? Are you hiding something from me?"

Xiao Ming raised his head, his eyes were red, and he murmured: "I don't know what happened. A few days ago, Xie Han suddenly proposed to break up with me. As for the reason for the breakup, she never said anything. I think I tried every means to restore our relationship, but it was of no use…"

"Tell me honestly, what is the purpose of asking me to put a collar on Xie Han? Do you have anything to do with Wei Qingfeng?"

"Actually, I have fallen in love with Wei Qingfeng, but I promise that we will never hurt Xie Han! I made an agreement with Wei Qingfeng not to let her know about this…"

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Xu Lingling looked at the boy in front of her who she had a crush on for two years, and suddenly felt that he was despicable – is not letting the other person know about her new love a sign of loyalty to love?

"You asked me to put a scarf around Xie Han's neck, did you want to… harm her?"

Upon hearing Xu Lingling's words, Xiao Ming's body suddenly began to tremble!

He pulled his hair with his hands and said regretfully: "I was wrong, I was wrong! I heard others say that if you put a red scarf on the neck of a hanged person, and then use the red scarf on a living person, you can do this. To bring back the soul of a three-day dead person to a living person… I just wanted to talk to Wei Qingfeng again, but I didn't expect that doing so would kill Xie Han! "

"You bastard!" Xu Lingling finally couldn't help but cursed.

She turned and walked forward, ignoring this guy. Now her mind was in turmoil. Although she had issues with Xie Han, she really didn't want to be an accomplice in her death.

"Xu Lingling, I really didn't mean it. It's all my fault! It's all that damn scarf!" Xiao Ming shouted from behind.

This sentence reminded Xu Lingling, and she was suddenly stunned. Scarf? Weibo! Yes, Xie Han has always had a hobby of playing on Weibo. Why not check out her Weibo? Maybe new clues can be found there.

Xu Lingling's guess was correct. There was indeed a secret in Xie Han's Weibo. Before the evening self-study class, several classmates who were "mutual fans" of Xie Han started talking about it, causing a scene in the classroom:

"It's really unexpected that the class star would actually commit suicide!"

"Have you not heard what people say, love is the cruelest killer! Alas, I will never dare to fall in love with handsome boys again…"

"Go! Who would like you handsome guy?"

Xu Lingling also heard what the girls were talking about. Moreover, the content of the last blog post published by Xie Han before his death did indicate that Xie Han had obvious suicidal tendencies: Life is so tiring, full of deception, jealousy, and plotting. I am a girl who likes to be aggressive. Since I was a child, I have felt that I do not belong to this world. Now, even Xiao Ming, who I have loved deeply for two years, is treating me like this. I really can't stand it anymore. What's the point of living for me?

The "deception" in the article should refer to Xiao Ming, and the "jealousy" may have something to do with himself, right? Xu Lingling felt a little uneasy when she thought of this. She remembered what Xie Han said: "Believe it or not, I will turn into a hanged man tonight and come to you?"

She took out her phone and followed Xie Han's Weibo again. Xie Han wrote a lot, and she began to read it one by one, without missing a word. It was in this situation that the following blog post came to mind: Some people say that the person who hangs himself to death owes the most to his own neck, because it is the most painful and miserable to pull! Therefore, before hanging yourself, you should eat a little more on your neck to replenish it. Hey, Hanhan, that day is coming soon, come on, you must eat more.

Xu Lingling was shocked: This blog post did not seem to be written by Xie Han!


Roommate Du Xiaoying has not returned to school yet, and Xie Han hanged to death last night, so Xu Lingling is the only one in the dormitory tonight.

Lying on the bed, Xu Lingling was not sleepy. Wei Qingfeng's face and Xie Han's face kept lingering in her mind. She couldn't help but think about everything again.

There is no airtight wall in the world. Unexpectedly, Xie Han eventually found out about Xiao Ming's betrayal of Xie Han. This may be the reason why Xie Han broke up with Xiao Ming and had suicidal thoughts. However, why did the last blog post I saw today and the little habit of calling Xie Han "Han Han" sound so similar to Wei Qingfeng's tone?

At this moment, Xu Lingling's cell phone froze. She was stunned and picked up.

The other party turned out to be Xiao Ming. On the phone, his voice trembled violently: "Xu Lingling! Come on, I…I saw Wei Qingfeng!'

Xu Lingling's hair suddenly stood up: "You mean, her… ghost?"

Dead reservoir capacity_What is the reason for dead carp in reservoir_Dead reservoir

Xiao Ming seemed to be about to cry: "Lingling, come out quickly, I'll be downstairs…"

Xu Lingling hung up the phone, turned over, and got out of bed.

Under the dim street lights, Xiao Ming walked back and forth uneasily. When he saw Xu Lingling coming out of the dormitory, he quickly greeted her.

"Xiao Ming! What's going on?" Xu Lingling asked.

With a livid face, Xiao Ming stretched out his hand to pull Xu Lingling and walked towards the banyan tree forest behind the dormitory building.

"Just now, I remembered something, so I went to the banyan forest, where the stagnant reservoir was, and I saw Wei Qingfeng…"

While they were talking, they had already arrived in the woods. The banyan forest where lovers met during the day was not poetic at all at the moment. The shadows of the trees were swaying and the branches and leaves were dense, making it look a bit eerie.

Xiao Ming said with certainty: "Just now, Wei Qingfeng was sitting under the big sycamore tree! She seemed to be eating something, making a 'clicking' sound…"

"Is it the neck?" Xu Lingling blurted out.

Xiao Ming obviously didn't understand what she meant: "Neck? Yes, her neck is a little strange! It's long and scary."

Xu Lingling suddenly asked: "By the way, Xiao Ming! It's so late, what are you doing here?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

With that said, Xiao Ming walked quickly to the bottom of the big banyan tree. He stood on tiptoe and struggled to dig out the hole in the trunk. Then, he took out a hard card from inside.

An expression of surprise appeared on his face: "Wei Qingfeng really didn't lie to me."

Xu Lingling stepped forward, turned on her phone, and looked at the card with Xiao Ming. There are words on the card, which include the following words: Xie Han and Wei Qingfeng are the same sisters, they are connected with each other, they are bound by a golden orchid, and they depend on each other for life and death. I make this pledge and swear it forever!

"Unexpectedly, they are still playing with these children's things!" Xu Lingling said disdainfully. As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Xiao Ming's expression was wrong!

"What's wrong with you?" she asked.

"Wei Qingfeng told me before she died that she and Xie Han had an agreement to hide in a tree hole. Looking back now, I feel that my love with her was like a conspiracy on her part…"

"What's the meaning?"

"Wei Qingfeng started pursuing me a month ago. You know, I have been dating Xie Han, so I rejected her without thinking. Who knew she said Xie Han wouldn't mind, they two sisters It's a heart-to-heart. She also said that if I had any concerns, I would go out with her without telling Xie Han. So…" Xiao Ming looked ashamed, "So, I agreed to this without my conscience." Damn it, I suddenly felt that she was using her actual actions to fulfill their agreement…"

"I understand! The way to write the word 'coward' is 'two people, one heart'!" Xu Lingling reacted.

"Not only that. In other words, things that belong to Xie Han also belong to her. For example, I…"

Xu Lingling suddenly felt a little scared. Perhaps, when Xie Han made this agreement with Wei Qingfeng, he didn't think so much about it. How could his lover share it? However, Wei Qingfeng took it seriously.

"I'll tell you everything I know!" Xiao Ming sighed.

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