Corpse Suppressing Bracelet

I quickly stepped back, and now I could see clearly. There was a human skeleton attached to the skull. It turned out to be a withered corpse, hanging from a rope, swinging around. Boss Sun didn’t look like he was lying. I thought of the yellow talisman fixed with bone needles and got the answer: when the owner of the tomb was buried, in order to prevent the corpse from undergoing corpse transformation in the future, he asked someone to ask a wizard to use bone needles and yellow talismans to seal the body. The soul was calm. A ghostly stone wall appeared in front of me, pitch black and exuding a rotten smell. Corpse suppressing bracelet? Almost at the same time, a black mist suddenly appeared on the stone wall, and hideous and terrifying faces emerged from the black mist. … Continue readingCorpse Suppressing Bracelet

Which Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

Jin Qilin, what's the matter with you? Isn't there a Mr. Yin Yang in your village who is a god or something? The elder of the Li family offered another cigarette to Master Wang: "I can't bear to say anything, and besides, we don't want to make any publicity. The baby's father, my nephew, is in trouble. Alas, I'll tell you secretly. You know what happened in 1989?" Did someone in our village dig up a golden unicorn? Years ago, in the autumn of 1989, my nephew plowed the fields and found a golden unicorn as big as a broken baby's fist. "No wonder, this matter is really damaging to one's moral character. No wonder, let’s do this, I’ll give it a try and see if it works. Whether it works or not depends on God. According to Master Wang, these symbols and patterns are used to eliminate the hostility of the deceased. … Continue readingWhich Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

School Ghost Stories: Half A Face Read Online

Seeing Yu Yan's serious expression, Xue Ting believed that she was not lying. What about the voice in her bedroom last night? The third year is a strange person. He hasn't taken much class since his sophomore year, and he is obsessed with literature. You won't fall in love with him, will you? "What a scary face. Xue Ting let out a long sigh of relief, and then realized that she was still leaning on his chest, and her face blushed slightly." She remembered that she had met the strange person Xiao Shi talked about once in medical school. After Xiao Zhe finished speaking, he touched the face of the person on the ground, and tore off a layer of mask. Under the mask was Chu Feng's face! … Continue readingSchool Ghost Stories: Half A Face Read Online

Legend Of Concubine Ming Read Online

"I took a look at the Xuebo robe. This is Concubine Ming's official uniform. It is covered with a large amount of his spiritual power. Wearing it, ghosts like Baili have no choice but to get closer to me. How can I send ghosts? They The two couples were born for me, one must protect my soul, and the other must protect my soul that stays in the underworld." It looked at me angrily, "We were born for you, maybe you can't, Wang If you don't inject spiritual power under our two guardian stones, Lei Yu and I can only look at each other from a distance, and we can't meet each other." Ling Yi lowered his head, "Why don't you want to see the king for a hundred years? It's always sad to see him mention you. … Continue readingLegend Of Concubine Ming Read Online

World Hate Ghost Cultivator Confesses Ghost Love Online Reading

"My sad interface, my choked tears, how can I convince you that this is a true story. I prayed in front of the Buddha, let me meet her? Those relatives that I will never repay in this life. I hate this so much Life. She always told me nice things. In fact, I know that such a violent death can only go to hell with a smirk and blood on his face. Then I suddenly saw her smirking at me in the dark, She has already turned into a ghost and is waiting for my past. Parting is the most painful punishment in the world, and it is also in hell. … Continue readingWorld Hate Ghost Cultivator Confesses Ghost Love Online Reading

Ghost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

The bride on the left played a song "Moonlight Night on the Spring River", and the bride on the right played a song "Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms". The bride on the left put her hands on the qin, and a piece of "Lovesickness" flowed from the strings, which made Lin Zige burst into tears. Then, the bride on the right stretched out her fingers, and the same tune reached Lin Zige's ears. And the sound of the zither came from above the fox tail, Qingyi was so frightened that she fainted. Although Lin Zige didn't get the foxtail violin as a gift to his beloved wife in the end, Honghu's affection for the couple surpassed all the treasures in the world. … Continue readingGhost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

Tie Paper Liu

The craft of paper-making Liu is the only one in the land with a radius of dozens of miles, and there is no other semicolon. But now, if someone dies in someone's family, it's not just a paper man and a paper horse that are burned. But later, some people actually brought photos of big living people. Liu Mingming, who tied the paper, knew it, so he still took the photos. The man didn't speak, but just handed Zha Zhiliu an envelope. To describe it this way, if you put this paper man and Zhazhi Liu side by side, if you look at it from twenty steps away, you will feel that there are two Zzhi Lius. After the paper figurine was finished, Zha Zhiliu walked around it again and again, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt that the paper figurine was a bit popular. … Continue readingTie Paper Liu

A Story Heard

This is a story I heard. To be honest, it would be difficult for him to attract people's attention if he was sitting in a crowd. What interests me is the scar on his back, a scar like a crimson snake crawling on his back. I think he should be the kind of person with a story, so I deliberately approached him, as if approaching a mystery. He said, with an expression that seemed to be asking me, but also about himself. On the contrary, he started to feel powerless within a few turns, his feet felt inexplicably weak, and he was sweating profusely. … Continue readingA Story Heard

Real Story In Shanghai

A true story in Shanghai" My father said: "I met the old man (ghost)! My father told me that Mahjong was ready at 11:50. When I came back that day, I was greedy for a shortcut and walked through the ghost alley (alley) (the ghost alley is There is an alley in front of the crematorium. The alley is crooked at a strange angle. Even when turning a corner during the day, you can’t see the road ahead. No one leaves after 9:00 p.m.) This is true, about ghosts There are many strange things in the alley, and the old local old man has been talking about it. From now on, my father will not leave that alley even if he is killed. … Continue readingReal Story In Shanghai