Long Ghost Story

Chapter 2 Coke

Girl, if you say this, whoever bullies you in the future should come to me!

Unsurprisingly, Leng Feng entered the chat room and saw Coke's name in the corner, online, but she couldn't see her speaking. If someone hadn't occasionally sent flowers, and saw her accepting them, I would have thought she was automatically getting points. Woolen cloth. Lengfeng didn't know why he noticed Coke in particular tonight. Maybe it was because he saw the midnight ringtone, or because compared to this noisy chat room, she was so quiet and solitary (the strange thing is why she was so lonely before) Don’t think so). No matter what the reason was, Lengfeng suddenly felt like chatting with Coke tonight.

Leng Feng: Hello, Xiao Coke.

There was silence for 2 or 3 minutes, when Lengfeng almost thought that Coke wouldn't answer him.

Coke: Hello, but why do you call me Little Coke?

Lengfeng: Haha, although you haven't been very talkative, I feel like you are very small.

Coke: (smirk) Haha, I know you, but I didn’t expect you to have an impression of me.

Leng Feng: Oh? know me? Then let’s talk about it.

Coke: You, you are the leader of Leng Tian. You are of a very high level. Well, I always see you fighting, Xixi.

Leng Feng: Haha, it turns out that the deepest impression on me is that I can fight.

Coke: (touching nose) That, that, that’s because you are so powerful, no one can beat you, that’s why people are more impressed.

Lengfeng: Haha, okay, girl, as long as you say this, whoever bullies you in the future should come to me!

Coke: (cute) Oh, I have a backer~

I don’t know why, when facing the cute picture posted by Coke, I seemed to see her child-like smile. The cold wind really gave me a feeling that I hadn’t seen for a long time. It seemed that my heart was beating, and it seemed that it was heartache…

Lengfeng: Lele, can I call you Lele?

Coke: OK, Xixi.

Lengfeng: Lele, actually I see that you stay here very late every day. Why don’t I see you talking?

Another period of sinking.

Coke: I…I've been watching everyone chatting. I think it's very lively here, which makes me feel very, very safe, or it makes me feel less lonely.

Lengfeng: Do you feel lonely? Don’t you have any friends here?

Coke: Friend? The love ghost story I just came here, I just want to find a place with many people, see everyone talking and chatting, I will feel less lonely, as for friends…

Leng Feng: Silly boy, won’t you feel lonely just by watching everyone talk? Make more friends. Since it is Coke, you should be happy and be a real Lele, you know?

Coke: Actually… Haha, I know, I'm very happy to meet you today, Lengfeng…

With the beginning, everything seems to be easy. With Lengfeng taking care of her, Coke seems to have quickly integrated into Aoyan's "big family". Everyone is very good to Coke and thinks she is very cute. As for Coke, she seems to be becoming more cheerful day by day. Lengfeng has never asked about her midnight ringtone. He feels that if Coke wants to say something, he will definitely say it. He also feels that Coke will definitely say it to him. .

The days flowed by as everyone had fun. I don’t know when it started, but Lengfeng would come over to Aoyan to stay for a while no matter how late he came home. And every time no matter how late it is, Coke will always be online. He seems to have become accustomed to washing away the fatigue of the whole day with the smiling face of Coke as soon as he gets off work every day. As for Coke, she never said that she was waiting for Lengfeng, because after all, Lengfeng never told her that he would definitely come to see her. But the tacit understanding between the two people does seem to be hidden, but no one comes to break it.

Chapter 3 Wedding

Fool, I will love you, pamper you, and only treat you well…

Leng Feng is the head of Leng Tian, ​​the largest sect in the world, the most master in the world, the richest man in the world, and the most handsome man in the world (the most charming man in the world)… But Leng Feng has no wife. So there is no head wife in Lengtian.

No one knows why Lengfeng doesn’t have a wife, and no one knows why Lengfeng loves Coke so much but doesn’t propose to Coke. But everyone seems to have a tacit understanding, treating Coke as Leng Tian's wife. No one knows what Leng Feng thinks. I'm afraid Coke himself doesn't know whether Leng Feng really treats her as his wife, loves her, dotes on her, helps her, and protects her. It's really like what he promised in the beginning: Girl, If someone bullies you in the future, come to me! Lengfeng did it all, even better and better, but Lengfeng never proposed to Coke.

Leng Feng is very busy, really busy. He often goes online after 11 pm, and often has to go back to work for meetings during his breaks. Maybe it is because of his busyness that he has been in the world for so many years without a wife. Looking at the other martial arts heroes with their wives and concubines, I really don’t know what Leng Feng, the number one master, is thinking.

"Open sesame…" Following the Jianghu prompt, Lengfeng's figure appeared in Jianghu as scheduled. Although he felt very tired after working the evening shift today, Lengfeng still appeared as scheduled in the bustling Aoyan Jianghu. It seems that there is some happy event in Jianghu. The heroes and shrimps are not as lively as usual.

Lengfeng: Lele, what’s going on? It’s so lively?

Cola: (cute) Feng~ You’re back!

Coke seemed very excited, and his cute face seemed redder than usual.

Lengfeng: Well, I just got off work. It makes you happy. What happened? Got another gem from the world? And this time I finally remembered to finish practicing?

Coke: (Shy) Oh, you can't do anything to embarrass others!

Everyone knows how bad Coke's memory is. His personality is so confused that every time he gets a precious gem from the world, he doesn't remember the completion of his cultivation. Every time he waits until someone else gets the gem, he makes a bunch of crying faces.

Lengfeng: Haha, okay, let’s be serious, what happened today that everyone is so excited?

Coke: They, they are getting married, Xixi, it’s so good, so happy, so happy.

Leng Feng: Them? Who are you, haha, Silly Lele, it’s not like you’re getting married, you’re already so excited that you don’t know the key points?

Leng Feng continued to embarrass her with a smile, and Coke gave him another dazed expression, causing Leng Feng to laugh happily again. This girl is really a living treasure, making him relax unconsciously every time.

Lengfeng: Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Come on, tell Feng, who is marrying whom?

Coke: Oh, it's Yin Jianping and the ten-way finisher. Xixi, this is the first time I've seen Jianghu getting married. It's so fun!

ghost love short story_vampire love story_love ghost story

Lengfeng: So~ Lele also wants to get married?

Coke: (in a daze)…

Lengfeng: Lele? What's the matter, don't you want to be a happy little bride like sister at the end?

Keke cautiously said: Feng~you~ don’t want Lele to get married, right?

Leng Feng said solemnly: Well, Lele seems to have suddenly become smarter. Feng just wants Lele to get married!


Lengfeng: Lele, are you willing to marry Feng? (flying characters)

A row of flying characters in the cold wind caught everyone's attention.

Yin Jianping: Haha, Brother Leng, do you finally want to get married? Okay, come on, good things come in pairs, it’s just a good time to be with your brother!

Cloud in my heart: Wow~ Xiao Lele, Lengfeng proposes to you, oh~ why don’t you say anything, are you sorry? Hehe~



Everyone crowded over excitedly, talking to each other, some blessing, some ridiculing, but all of them were well-intentioned, and the atmosphere was obviously lively to the top.

Lengfeng: What’s wrong, Lele, don’t you want to marry Feng?

Coke: Wind~me~

Lengfeng stopped talking and directly gave Coke the order to propose in Jianghu.

Coke: I do.

"Dear, I love you, I…" Following the confession that comes with Jianghu weddings, Lengfeng showed a sincere smile on the other end of the computer, Coke, I will love you…

Ah Hu: It’s a treat…

The end of the tenth route: I also want to eat other people’s wedding candies, give them to me…

Various fonts were flying on Jianghu's screen. Lengfeng graciously agreed to them all, distributed wedding candies to everyone, and even held a grand banquet at Jianghu Hotel…

Lengfeng (private chat): Lele, are you happy?

Coke (private chat): Feng~ I’m happy, I really don’t know what to say.

Lengfeng (private chat): Fool, I will love you, spoil you, and only treat you well.

Coke (private chat): Feng~Actually, I~

Lengfeng (private chat): Lele, let’s put it this way, my understanding of you started from your midnight ringtone…

Coke (private chat): Wind~this~

Leng Feng (private chat): Listen to me, actually I have been waiting for you to say something to me before proposing to you, but now I don’t want to wait any longer, I just want to hold you in my arms. Here, let you slowly heal your injuries and pain in my arms, until one day you no longer think about him, even if you don't tell me about him, but, I hope, you mention him time, no more heartache!

Coke (private chat): Feng~ I will. Although I know that saying thank you to you at this time is a very silly behavior, and just two words of thank you don’t mean anything at all, but I still want to say something to you. , wind ~ thank you.

Is this an illusion? Is this true? It's hard to tell the difference between the cold air and Coke at both ends of the computer; is this true love? Is this sincere? Is this true love? I don’t want to distinguish between the Coke and the cold air at both ends of the computer. Ha, it turns out that in this illusory world, there really is such a thing called reality…

Please allow me to let the dust settle and bury the past with silence.

I came from the sea and lived in seclusion in this desert.

Things that should be concealed are always clear. Even if I say a thousand words, I will be speechless.

Love is the superstition of the right time and place Oh, it turns out you are here too

Oh, does that person only exist in dreams?

Why did I exert all my strength but only get half a lifetime of memories?

If it weren't for your longing eyes, if it weren't for my redeeming mood

We meet in thousands of mountains, rivers and seas of people Oh, it turns out you are here too

As someone requested a song called "So You Are Here" by Milk Tea, the crowd gradually became quiet. Everyone seemed to be reminiscing about the sweetness of the wedding just now, and they also seemed to be relishing the sentence: Thousands of mountains and rivers meet each other, it turns out you are here too…

Chapter 4 Companionship

The midnight ringtone fades from memory… What is Lele thinking?

Sweetness will always become a memory, just like heartache, it will eventually become just an old photo with the color of legs.

ghost love short story_vampire love story_love ghost story

The wedding didn't seem to change anything, but it also seemed to change something. The cold wind will still appear in the rivers and lakes every day no matter how late it is, and Coke will still wait for the cold wind to appear in the rivers and lakes no matter what time it is. But Lengfeng no longer treated Coke with the same love and affection as before, but began to truly share some of the joys and frustrations in life and work with her. And Coke finally told the cold wind about the "midnight ringing bell" in her heart. Suddenly, Coke realized that the midnight ringing bell had already faded from her memory. When she talked about it again, it no longer hurt or sad, because she You know, there is a cold wind around her…

Friends in the world also understand that Leng Feng and Ke Ke are really in love. Although realistically, if they think about it, they are far apart, one in the south and the other in the north. Can they really be together? However, no one wants to disturb them. Maybe everyone really hopes to see that in such an illusory world, something so real finally exists, and it also makes everyone feel that not everything in this virtual world is so illusory. It’s unreal. In this world, between people, there is something called “truth”.

Formal ideas are criticized everywhere, but formalism will always appear around people. At 11:30, Lengfeng returned home from get off work. Thinking about the "Summary of the Work of Advanced Party Members" that had to be written immediately, he started to have a headache. Damn formalism, but there is no way to avoid it. , even if he copied everything according to the book, he had to get out tonight. Thinking of the Coke waiting for him in Aoyan, Lengfeng still turned on the computer and flashed into Jianghu.

Coke: The wind~is back~

Leng Feng: Yeah.

Coke: Wind?

Lengfeng: What's wrong?

Coke: Are you tired? If you are tired, go down early today.

Lengfeng: Haha, I feel less tired after seeing you, but something really happened tonight, so I’m afraid I can’t accompany you. If you’re sleepy, get off early.

Coke: Wind? Did your leader scold you? still?

Little Coke, Lengfeng thought. You seem confused at times, but you seem to be quite sensitive at certain times.

Lengfeng: It’s really nothing. I just have to write something today, and I may have to write it very late.

Cola: Oh~ Homework? Then Lele can help Feng write, hehe~

Lengfeng: Summary of the work of advanced party members.

Coke: (in a daze) Hungry…

Haha, Leng Feng laughed when he saw Coke's expression next to the computer. He shook his head and continued writing the paper while chatting with Coke.

Coke: (Shy) This… that… In order to maintain the purity of the party, Lele did not dare to join…

Leng Feng: Haha…

It seemed that every word Coke made made him laugh happily and relaxedly.

Coke: Well, Feng~ I won’t disturb you anymore. You write slowly, and I will stay with you here.

Leng Feng: It’s really going to be very late. You go to bed first, be good~

Coke: Me! No! want!

Ke Ke rarely insists on anything with Leng Feng, but when he does insist, there is nothing he can do to her.

Lengfeng: (helpless) Well, if you are tired, you must go to bed first, you know?

Cola: (cute) Well~Feng~I’m tired from writing. If you want to chat, just call me~

Lengfeng: Yeah!

In the dead of night, the noisy chat room became quiet as time went by. Only a few night owl-type shrimps were still using their fitness cards desperately shouting "I want to be strong, I want to be stronger". No one was chatting. The cold wind, which should have been very tiring, looked at the two words of Coke on the computer, but there was no thought of making a cup of coffee. Haha, in such a quiet night, although there was no verbal communication, what a little Coke. , do you know that you have already been deeply in my heart? In a daze, Lengfeng seemed to feel that Coke was really beside him, with a small face and a frown as he watched him write these inexplicable things.

Lengfeng: What are Lele thinking?


Leng Feng: What are Lele thinking about now?

Coke: I’m thinking, how great would it be if I were a party member~


Ke Ke: This way I can also help Feng write. How tiring are you alone~

Lengfeng: Haha, little fool, what are you doing?

Coke: I’m listening to music and reading ghost stories~

Cold Wind: Ghost Story! Are you not afraid of you anymore?

Coke: Hehe~ The wind is here, Lele is not afraid of anything~

Coke is very timid, but he always likes to watch ghost-like things. He is scared to death every time, but he just can't help but want to watch it. Is this human nature? We are always afraid of things that we cannot grasp and cannot detect, but we also have unlimited interest and interest in these things that scare us. Perhaps it is ignorance that causes fear, and it is precisely ignorance that gives people unlimited motivation.

Coke: Have you finished writing Wind?

Leng Feng: That’s almost it. In fact, I’m basically just copying books, haha, otherwise do you think I would write such remarks as Three Represents?

Coke: Oh~ That’s it~

ghost love short story_vampire love story_love ghost story

Lengfeng: If Lele sees something good, tell it to Feng.

Coke: Well, nothing particularly interesting. By the way, Feng, do you believe in ghosts?

Leng Feng: No! Feng doesn't believe in ghosts. I think there is nothing after death.

Cola: I believe that I am afraid of ghosts, but I am more afraid of no ghosts.

Leng Feng: Why?

Coke: Lele is very afraid that one day I won’t know anything when I close my eyes~

Lengfeng: Haha, silly boy, when we don’t even have thoughts at that time, how can we be afraid?

Cola: But now that I have thoughts, I will be afraid.

Leng Feng: When a person doesn't even have thoughts, there is no such thing as being afraid or not afraid. Little fool, don't think about it all day long, you know?

Coke: Feng~Have you really never seen anything strange and unexplainable?

Lengfeng: No, maybe because I don’t believe in ghosts, so I haven’t seen ghosts. Ghosts have no effect on people who don’t believe in them, right?

Cola: Actually, ghosts are also very pitiful. They have no body and can’t do anything…

Leng Feng: Haha, okay, silly boy, stop thinking about those terrible things. Do you know that there are no ghosts in this world?

Coke: Oh~ I don’t believe it, so I can’t see…

Lengfeng: You know, the most terrifying ghost in the world is the ghost in your heart.

Chapter 5 Missing

Coke didn’t appear, Coke didn’t appear, Coke still didn’t appear…

Love is like this, it comes to us quietly, and it has settled deeply in our hearts before we even notice it…

As time goes by, the relationship between Coke and Lengfeng is getting better and better, and the better the relationship, the more people are no longer satisfied with what they get. Lengfeng and Coke no longer only communicate through the Internet. From E-MAIL to mobile phones and home landlines, they have more and more ways to communicate. Even their parents who don't usually live with Lengfeng seem to know more or less. My son has a girlfriend in another city. Coke's parents also knew that their daughter had a boyfriend on the Internet. Elderly people do not accept this kind of love. Maybe it’s because television and newspapers have publicized too much negative news on the Internet. Parents are very opposed to the so-called online dating. After all, adults are thinking about very practical issues. Two people are incompatible with each other, and they just communicate through some texts every day. Communication, what is the other person's character and personality? To put it more seriously, you don't even know whether the other person is a good or bad person. Everything is just listening to what the other person says. Coke, who has always been a good boy at home since childhood, is more determined than ever when it comes to Lengfeng. Although he doesn't say it, he just refuses to cut off contact with Lengfeng. Fortunately, the two of them are so far apart, and it seems that they can't. If something too serious went wrong, her parents would just turn a blind eye and let her go.

3:28 p.m. It was a cold windy morning shift and I returned home. Coke also had no classes this afternoon. He changed his clothes and turned on the computer.

What was different from usual times was that Coke didn't come as promised. It's strange. I've known Coke for so long, and Coke has never missed an appointment. At this time, Coke should have gone home from school long ago.

Lengfeng: Fox, have you seen Lele?

Ah Hu: No, I came here early in the morning and didn’t see this girl.

Lengfeng: Got it, go and play with you.

What is this girl doing? Lengfeng checked his cell phone, and there was no record of missed calls or text messages. So, Lengfeng edited a text message and sent it.

Lengfeng: Lele, where have you gone? Why didn't you come to Jianghu?

Half an hour passed, and Coke didn't come to Jianghu, and he didn't even reply to the text message. Lengfeng simply dialed her mobile phone, but what she heard was the gentle voice of the telecommunications lady: The user you dialed has turned off, please call again later…sorry… Lengfeng hung up the phone, and an inexplicable irritation came over her. In my mind, where did this little girl go? Adding classes temporarily? Phone out of battery? He rarely calls Coke's house because he also knows that Coke's parents do not accept him. Although he thinks time will prove everything about this, in the short term, it is better not to call casually.

11:21 midnight. Coke still hasn't come to Jianghu, there are no text messages, and the phone is still turned off. Lengfeng was a little anxious and a little irritated. There was still an early shift tomorrow, so he really didn’t have the energy to wait any longer, so he simply posted a title: Going to bed, no need to send it off!

The next day, at 3:31 pm. Leng Feng came home from an early shift, and still didn't receive any message from Coke all day long, no text messages, and no phone calls. Lengfeng didn't even change out of his uniform when he returned home, so he immediately turned on his computer and entered the arena. A little disappointed, but also as expected, Coke is still not online. This time Lengfeng did not ask anyone, but walked around several rooms to see if Coke was hanging up the line in other rooms, or not, no. Coke figure.

Lengfeng: Who has seen Coke these days? (flying characters)

Storm: No, what's wrong? Boss?

Anping: Lele, it seems I haven’t seen her in two days…

Lengfeng: OK, I understand, you all can play your own game.

Leng Feng dialed Coke's cell phone, and the voice from the other side was still that of the telecommunications lady: The phone you dialed has been turned off, please… Leng Feng closed the phone angrily, Coke had never let him down, what happened in the past two days? What's wrong! Could it be that her parents objected to our contact, so they simply cut off my contact with her? An idea flashed through Leng Feng's mind. No matter what, I'd better call her at home. XXXX5943, the phone was dialed, and there was a burst of wind noise from the other end of the phone: beep~~~~~~~beep~~~~~~~beep~~~~~~~~, the phone rang for a long time, but No one picked up the call. Leng Feng checked the number reluctantly. There was no mistake, but no one seemed to be at Coke's house.

Coke, Coke, Coke! Where are you?

Day three, 11:42 midnight. Lengfeng arrived home from the late shift and his computer was not turned off. Lengfeng changed his status to online, but Coca-Cola still did not appear…

Chapter 6 Falling in love with a gust of wind

Wind~ Do you believe in ghosts? Feng~ Lele really wants to touch your face and kiss your mouth, Feng~

For about 2 months, Coke never showed up, no phone calls, no text messages, no social media… In the first few days of cold weather, I even called Coke's house, but no one answered. As time went by, Lengfeng finally understood that Coke might never appear again.

Maybe Coca-Cola was originally Zhuang Zhou's dream butterfly. When he woke up from the dream, the butterfly was gone, but it left him with an indelible memory and pain in such a practical way! Why! Why! Such real people, such real love, such real coke! Why, when he began to think that the world was not all unreal, Coke used herself to give him a blow in the head and wake him up! It turns out that there is no so-called reality in this world. Whether it is cold wind or cola, it turns out that they are all fake and illusory…

Leng Feng is still the number one master in the world, Leng Feng is still the leader of Leng Tian, ​​the number one sect in the world, and Leng Feng is still the most handsome man in the world, but Leng Feng has three wives and four concubines. Lengfeng still comes to hang out with Aoyan every day, even though he only gave Coke the title of the head wife, and although he only gave Coke the virtual treasure he shared – Leng Keke, Lengfeng still hangs around with other wives and concubines every day. Between this blowing kiss and that pervert's request. No one said anything. From the first inquiry about Coke, no one mentioned Coke in the world anymore. Although everyone did not believe that Coke was such a person, her silent disappearance and Leng Feng's frustration made everyone in the world seem to have lost the interest in the beginning.

Only some newcomers are still shouting "I want to be strong, I want to be stronger" all day long. Old friends who participated in Lengfeng and Coke's wedding have also lost the energy to play. They say hello every day and go their separate ways. Thread.

X month X day, 11:39 midnight. Lengfeng arrived home from the late shift, but the computer was still turned off. He was hanging there using his card and typing in the devil world. Leng Feng changed out of his uniform and recovered from his temporary absence.

ghost love short story_vampire love story_love ghost story

Coke: kiss online.

The name that suddenly appeared gave Leng Feng a moment's pause in his thinking, but there was no time for him to ask questions, so he immediately clicked accept. Coke, Coke, Coke, Leng Feng didn't know for a moment whether he should scold her first or kiss her properly.

Lengfeng: Lele…

Coke: kiss online.

The cold wind who clicked Accept seems to be able to feel the different enthusiasm of Coke through this virtual network. He was even in a trance, feeling that he could feel the softness of Coke's lips…

Leng Feng: Coke!

Coke: Feng~ I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you…

I miss you too, Lengfeng closed his eyes and said silently to Coke in his heart.

Coke: Feng~ Let’s have a sweet love in the past, okay? I have a lot to say to you, I must say it to you, I want to say it to you alone, I must say it to you alone!

Lengfeng didn't know what happened to Coke today, but he seemed to feel an uneasiness and a hint of despair in Coke's words. Lengfeng couldn't help but shudder.

Leng Feng: Lele, what happened? Where have you been for such a long time? Why can't I find you?

Coke did not answer, but kept saying:

Wind~ Love was sweet in the past, I want to tell you alone.

Lengfeng: Okay.

Lengfeng didn't understand why Coke asked so much and hadn't come for such a long time. She should know that many of her friends were very concerned about her and worried about her. Why did she insist on asking to come alone today to have a sweet love, but Lengfeng still followed Coke's footsteps and went there. one room.

Lengfeng: Lele, what are you doing these days?

Coke: Wind~ I miss you so much. Every day, every moment, every minute, even every second, I have not forgotten you. I am missing you. Do you know, do you understand?

Coke said in one breath.

Lengfeng: …Lele, although I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I believe, I believe you and I are the same, we both miss each other so much.

Coke was still typing a series of words without seeming to pause.

Coke: Feng~I love you, I really, really love you, Fengfengfeng~

Coke: Wind~can you feel my love? Can you feel how much I miss you? Wind wind wind~


Lengfeng: I can, I can, but can you tell me where you went? You're a little different today. What's wrong with you?

Coke suddenly stopped and was silent for about 2 minutes.

Coke: Feng~ Do you still remember the question I asked you before?

Leng Feng: What?

Coke: Do you believe there are ghosts in this world now?

Lengfeng was stunned for a moment and didn't understand why Coke would bring up this topic at this time.

Lengfeng: What's wrong with you, Lele, you suddenly asked this, I said, I don't believe there are ghosts in this world.

Cola: Wind~ I don’t believe it, so I can’t see it. If you believe it…

Lengfeng: Lele, stop being so childish, there are no ghosts in this world!

There was another moment of silence.

Lengfeng: Lele, what are you thinking about?

Coke is weak: Now I really want to touch the wind's hand, kiss the wind's mouth, and really touch the wind ~ even for a second ~ the wind ~

Lengfeng: Lele, close your eyes, the wind is hugging you…

Coke: Wind~ Actually, you can’t see many things because you don’t believe them…

Lengfeng:? Are you going to talk about this topic again?

Coke: Alas~ Feng~ I'm leaving soon.

Leng Feng: So fast? Are there any classes tomorrow morning?

Keke: Haha, Feng~ I spent a lot of effort to come to Jianghu to see you today. My time is up…

Vampire Love Story_Ghost Love Short Story_Love Ghost Story

Lengfeng: Lele, what’s wrong with you? Are you too tired? How about we come over to Aoyan when you finish class tomorrow? If you are tired today, go and rest. I will be satisfied when I see you, know that you are okay, and still remember the wind.

Coke: Feng~ Please remember, Lele will miss you and miss you all the time in this life, Feng~ As for what happened to me, I will send a MAIL to your mailbox in a while. You will know after reading it. , now, can you kiss me?

Cold Wind: Online Kissing.

Coke gently kissed Leng Feng, so affectionate…

A gust of wind blew by, and Coke disappeared without a trace in the rivers and lakes…

Chapter 7 Coke’s MAIL

Wind~I will walk across Naihe Bridge with a smile. Wind~I will drink that bowl of Mengpo soup with all my attachment to you in this life…

It's 2:20 a.m. sharp. Lengfeng sat at the computer desk and never moved. Even his thinking was lazy. Coke came and went like a breeze. He seemed to have the illusion that the last breeze was Coke.

"When~" Yin Jianping flashed from the chat room to Love Sweet Honey, and it was probably time to hang up.

Yin Jianping: Boss? Why are you hanging here? Don't you usually go to the headquarters?

Lengfeng: Oh, it’s nothing. Coke just called me over to say that he had something to say.

Yin Jianping: Who? Lele girl? When did she come? Where are people?

Lengfeng: Let's go. I saw her hanging around when I came back from get off work today.

Yin Jianping: No, why didn’t I see her?

Lengfeng: Who knows which sister you have been dating?

Yin Jianping: Don't be ridiculous, I was really here tonight and didn't see Lele coming.

Lengfeng suddenly felt a little strange.

Leng Feng: Did you really not see her? Did she come over here with me right after she arrived, and you didn't notice?

Yin Jianping: Well, if she comes, it’s impossible that no one will notice, right?

Lengfeng: Didn't anyone at the cabin mention that Lele had been here?

Yin Jianping: Yes, no. No one mentioned seeing Lele appear.


What is it? what exactly is it? An uncontrollable feeling emerged in Lengfeng's mind. By the way, didn't Coke say that he would send a MAIL to his mailbox? I wonder if the letter will have arrived by this time.

Leng Feng: Jian Ping, I'll dodge first, you can survive on your own.

Clicking on the mailbox, Leng Feng found a new email inside. The strange thing was that there was no sender address, only a sender name: Coke, and no subject. Open the letter in the cold breeze.


When you read this letter, Lele has already left, left you, left the world, and even left the world.

Feng, remember, I asked you before, do you believe there are ghosts in this world? At that time, you said that you didn't believe it. You said that there were no ghosts in this world. But now I tell you, yes, there are ghosts in this world.

Feng, do you know why I just kept asking you if you believe in ghosts? Because you really have to believe in ghosts to see ghosts. Only if you believe, can I appear in front of you before I leave.

Do you know the wind? How I wish I could really touch your hand and feel your lips before leaving, haha, but Feng, you are such a persistent person…

Feng, although Lele didn’t get this last chance to touch you and kiss you, hehe, Feng, this is Lele’s wind.

Feng, Lele is very happy, my wind has not changed, has not changed…

Wind~I will walk across the Naihe Bridge with a smile

Wind~ I will drink that bowl of Meng Po soup with all my attachment to you in this life

Wind~ They say that people with fate will meet each other

Feng~Lele looks forward to seeing you in the next life…

Lengfeng's mind went blank, and he numbly clicked on the two attachments attached to the letter:

One is a report on a traffic accident in XX city two months ago: On June …

The list of dead passengers clearly stated: XXX (Coke)…

The other is a photo of Coke with a ponytail, looking back and smiling…

Wind~I will walk across the Naihe Bridge with a smile

Wind~ I will drink that bowl of Meng Po soup with all my attachment to you in this life

Wind~ They say that people with fate will meet each other

Feng~Lele looks forward to seeing you in the next life…

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