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Is there such a thing as ghost possession in the world? I haven’t personally seen anyone who is easily possessed by a ghost , but someone close to me has seen it with his own eyes. He told me that he still feels chills on his back when he saw the scene of being possessed by a ghost. I told him at the time that this person must be mentally weak and timid, and he was in a trance state after seeing a dead person. But he said absolutely not, because after being possessed by a ghost, he could tell some things about the ghost before his death, and these things were unknown to others. Because of the possession of ghosts, there is still a saying in rural areas to "close the soul", that is, a wizard recruits the soul of a dead person to himself, and then answers some questions from the relatives of the deceased. What I want to tell here is an ancient story about a ghost possessing a person.

How to get rid of ghosts when a person is possessed by a ghost

During the Ganlu period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Gongsun Da, the prefect of Chen County, died in office. When he was about to die, his sons and some small officials of Chen County cried together. At this time, Gongsun Da's five-year-old son suddenly spoke, his tone of voice was similar to Gongsun Da's, and he first yelled loudly to stop everyone from crying. Then he called several of his elder brothers to him, exhorted and admonished them one by one. When Gongsun Da's sons heard their father's voice and remembered the pain of losing their father, they couldn't help crying again. Gongsun Da's youngest son said softly: "The four seasons rotate in an orderly manner, with a beginning and an end. Human life spans are long and short. Since then, there is no one who is immortal!" He said a lot of words, these words were clear, and he quoted people who were easy to be possessed by ghosts , not like the words of a five-year-old. The eldest son asked: "People have nothing after death. I have never heard of people who can return. Father, you must be a god?" He replied: "The things about ghosts and gods are not something you can understand." A pen and paper came, and the paper was filled with thousands of words, and the paper was full of meanings. After writing and playing, he threw himself on the ground and died.

How to get rid of ghosts when a person is possessed by a ghost

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