Two Cylinder Urn

Two cylinder urn

In the countryside, some ghost stories have a certain regionality. Generally, such regional ghost stories only happen in this place, and they don't happen in other places.Now I want to tell you a ghost story that once happened in Lankao—the two cylinder urn

Lankao is a small county. If it weren’t for Jiao Yulu’s fame, no one would pay attention to this place where the economy is not very developed. I have always lived in a village near this small county. Lankao was once a poor county. In the past, the wind, sand, and salinity were very severe, and the crops in the field were not harvested very well. During the harvest season, people in the village were afraid that the crops in the field would be stolen by others, so they slept in the field at night to take care of them. Zhuangjia, there are graves everywhere in the fields in the countryside, especially at night, it will be very scary, so many villagers will encounter very strange things when looking at Zhuangjia.

Uncle Wang in the village, when he was young, encountered a very strange thing when he was looking at piles of crops.

One summer night one year, the night was not very good. The sky was full of moving black clouds, which sometimes covered the moon, making the space between the sky and the earth dark, and nothing could be seen. After a while, the moon emerged from the black clouds again. Get out of the hole, and the night will be illuminated like day again. The old people in the village often say: this kind of night is called Yin and Yang night, if people go out, they will bump into unclean things.

At that time, Uncle Wang’s family had a field where the wheat was about to ripen. In order to prevent the gangsters in the village from stealing the wheat, he would go to the field every night to take care of the wheat.

Seeing that it was a cloudy night tonight, his father advised him not to go to the field to tend the wheat anymore.

He said disapprovingly: "Dad, there is nothing wrong with the dead stone opening the vat . What about cloudy nights are superstitions spoken by the old people." As he said that the dead stone opened the vat , he took a flashlight and walked towards the field.

After arriving in the field, he felt the cold wind blowing, which made his whole body feel very comfortable. From the direction of the cold wind, he suddenly saw under the hazy moonlight a small, human-sized thumb. The person is walking on the ears of wheat in a weird way. While walking, the body of the small person is gradually getting bigger until it becomes as big as the water tank. It is very strange. , his body has become the size of a urn, and his weight should be forty to fifty catties, but he can still walk around the ears of wheat lightly. After a while, it gradually becomes smaller again. Until it was as small as a thumb, and finally disappeared into the night.

Seeing this, he didn't feel scared either. He knew that this strange thing was the ghost story often told by the old people in the village. , just enjoy its performance on the ears of wheat, if you are busy, just leave, in short, it will not hurt you.

Later Note: Avoiding the two-cylinder urn will not harm people, but if people try to catch it, they will not be able to catch it, because it is the same as the thousand-year-old black and ten thousand-year-old white. It is a strange thing that can be seen but cannot be caught. Such strange things did exist, but they have not been seen anymore in recent years.

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