Exploring The Supernatural Events In Fengmen Village, Henan

In a grand canyon in the Taihang Mountains northwest of Qinyang City, Henan Province, there is a mysterious small village hidden. This village has a strange name – Fengmen Village.

Although Fengmen Village has been abandoned and uninhabited for many years, most of the people who entered the village encountered some bizarre events: strange noises were heard at night, blood marks and scratches appeared inexplicably on the body, and the belongings they carried disappeared. , people who sat on a Taishi chair in the village even developed strange phenomena such as fever, gibbering, and even sleepwalking…

Many years ago, Fengmen Village was once prosperous. But later, it is said that the young and middle-aged labor force in the village died one after another, causing other villagers to migrate collectively… In the end, it turned out to be an uninhabited "ghost village".

So, are the supernatural events that happened in Fengmen Village true or false? Is it a haunting or a rumor?

Supernatural events and the mischievous Taishi chair

In 2002, a group of travel enthusiasts in Henan Province got lost and entered an abandoned and uninhabited village. The strange thing is that most people who enter this village encounter some strange events: the compass malfunctions; belongings are secretly lost; scary cries are heard when sleeping at night; watches are two hours faster for no reason…

These weird things attract more adventure enthusiasts to find out. However, almost every expedition team encountered similar bizarre events.

The village that travel friends and explorers went to is Fengmen Village, which has rumors of a "ghost village". 【Haunted House Ghost Story】

In fact, most travelers accidentally enter Fengmen Village because they suddenly get lost, because compasses, GPS and other equipment will malfunction in this area. Surprisingly, almost everyone who has been to Fengmen Village has miraculously lost something, ranging from mobile phones to backpacks and tents… all of which may have disappeared without a trace inadvertently. Young and frail travelers, especially women, often experience symptoms of physical discomfort and persistent high fever after arriving in Fengmen Village. In severe cases, they may even experience shock, confusion, gibbering, etc. Some people may also have inexplicable symptoms. There were blood marks and scratches on the ground. The photos taken by an explorer in Fengmen Village looked fine on a digital camera at the time, but when they returned home, they turned into pitch black. What's even more incredible is that someone entered Fengmen Village twice. The first time he went, he found a coffin parked in a house in the village, but the second time he went, the coffin had disappeared.

Some people believe that the strangest object in the village is a Taishi chair. This Taishi chair is placed in the only independent house facing north and south in Fengmen Village. There is only the Taishi chair in the house and no other sundries. It seems that this house was built just to display this Taishi chair. The strange thing is that in this uninhabited village, the seat surface of this chair is actually very clean, as if someone has just sat on it. And everyone who entered Fengmen Village and sat on this chair subsequently developed varying degrees of fever, gibbering, and even sleepwalking and other strange phenomena. A travel friend was out of curiosity and took a photo of this Taishi chair. From the photo, a woman's face could be vaguely seen on the wall of the house where the chair was placed…

Can three temples "suppress" a "ghost village"?

A series of strange events happened in Fengmen Village, which frightened many people.

Why is the village uninhabited? What kind of place is this?

It is said that Fengmen Village should have been called "Fengmen Village", but the current name of the village was because someone mistakenly wrote it as "Fengmen Village". On the military map of 1972, the word "Fengmen Village" was marked, and the expedition team also found the word "Fengmen" on the stone tablet in the village. But now it seems that the word "closed door" seems more appropriate for this weird village.

Legend has it that many years ago, Fengmen Village was once prosperous. Later, as the young and middle-aged labor force in the village died one after another, the villagers migrated collectively, and it became an uninhabited "ghost village". Fengmen Village is located in the middle of a grand canyon in the Taihang Mountains. There are three temples in the Xiaoyao River Valley. Legend has it that they were built to suppress Fengmen Village. These three temples are distributed in a triangular shape: two temples at the entrance of the valley guard the gates, and one temple at the bottom of the valley guards the tail.

What's strange is that among the three temples near Fengmen Village, one of them actually enshrines a pair of stone statues of a man and a woman in official uniforms. The statues include men on the left and women on the right, all sitting and standing in a majestic and dignified posture. On the left side of the statue, there is an angry general, while in the middle on the right side is a civil servant. To the left of the civil servant is a Yaksha and on the right is a maid. What makes people wonder is why the residents of Fengmen Village do not worship gods, but worship an official couple? There are rumors that this is because Fengmen Village was once a hermitage for an official. Although the truth cannot be verified, it can be seen from various signs that Fengmen Village was once prosperous.

Some supernatural events remain unexplained

Regarding the various supernatural events that occurred in Fengmen Village, some experts have found some common sense explanations to varying degrees after conducting on-site investigations. However, there are some incidents that still have no answers.

The first is the mystery of the migration of villagers. Is it true, as the rumors say, that the villagers migrated en masse because the young and middle-aged laborers died one after another? According to expert speculation, there are roughly two reasons for the villagers to move out of Fengmen Village: First, there is a drinking water problem – there is a river in Fengmen Village. Many years ago, this river had a constant flow of water all year round, but later the river often cut off water, and drinking water for people and animals became a problem. . Although people have built reservoirs, although they ensure daily drinking water, they cannot irrigate farmland, and people's survival will still be very difficult; second, there is the transportation problem – because the village is built deep in the mountains, transportation is extremely inconvenient, and the daily life of the villagers Shopping and selling things have become difficult. Many old people have never even left the mountains in their lives, and some people cannot marry wives and are forced to live alone all their lives… Therefore, the villagers have to move away.

Regarding the mystery of the missing mortuary coffin, experts explained this: Although the people in Fengmen Village have moved out, many people still commemorate the place where they were born. Even if they pass away, they will be buried in Fengmen Village by their descendants. Therefore, there is such a custom in Fengmen Village: when an old man in the family dies and his spouse is still alive, the descendants will store the deceased old man in their home in Fengmen Village and wait for the other old man to bury them together. As for the failure of the compass, it is said that it is caused by the iron ore underground in this area, which will form a magnetic field and cause a huge deviation in the compass's pointing. A more mysterious phenomenon is the blood marks and scratches that appeared on the body of the traveler . Details of the supernatural incident in Fengmen Village . A program on Jiangsu TV explained the incident as a skin allergy. However, judging from the photos provided by those who experienced it, those scratches did not look like skin allergies. Allergies are not like mosquito bites…

As for the mystery of the Taishi Chair, there is still no scientific explanation. Some people think that this is related to the direction the door of the house faces. They use traditional Chinese Feng Shui theory to explain it – the door of the house is the air outlet. If there is a road and water around it, it is "qi". If the door is opened, If it is located on the blocked side, it is called "no Qi". Deqi is conducive to air circulation and is good for the human body. A bright and translucent house is auspicious, while a dark, gray and bald house is unlucky. The details of the supernatural incident in Fengmen Village , where the Taishi chair is placed, are most likely caused by the blocked opening of the door.

There are also some supernatural events that cannot be explained, and we can only get some inspiration from Feng Shui theory. Some people believe that three major principles must be followed when determining the location, planning, orientation, design and construction of buildings – the principle of unity of heaven, earth and man, the principle of balance of yin and yang, and the principle of mutual restraint of the five elements. Once the above principles are violated, the aura will be chaotic, yin and yang will be imbalanced, and the ecological environment will be affected. It will conflict with people and show a fierce appearance…then some natural phenomena will occur. These natural phenomena are so-called supernatural phenomena.

In fact, to this day, no matter whether the above supernatural events are true or false, no matter whether these explanations are right or wrong, the truth may no longer be revealed. Because with the completion of the Xiaoyaohe Reservoir in Henan, the route into Fengmen Village will be completely blocked. Then, the legends and secrets about Fengmen Village may only be sealed in people's memories forever.

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