Ghost In WeChat: Zhao Xiaojie’s Strange Experience

Because Zhao Xiaojie was poisoned by WeChat, he exposed his mobile phone to the sun in an attempt to "sun-kill" the virus. Wu Zhen witnessed this scene and was very confused. Later, a human face appeared on Zhao Xiaojie's back. This human face emerged from Zhao Xiaojie's body and looked very strange. Tian Lei told Wu Zhen that Zhao Xiaojie was haunted by a ghost, and the ghost was hidden in his mobile phone. Tian Lei and Wu Zhen once caused He Li's death because of a game, and they concealed the truth. Zhao Xiaojie later told Wu Zhen that he knew about the existence of the human-faced ghost and tried to transfer it to other people. Lu Wei used the identity of Zhao Xiaojie's WeChat friend "Dandian" to help Zhao Xiaojie implement this plan. Finally, He Li's ghost appeared and tried to take revenge on Wu Zhen and Tian Lei. After a series of chaotic and terrifying events, He Li finally killed Tian Lei, while Wu Zhen and Zhao Xiaojie fell into despair.

Using local materials

"What is local materials?" Wu Zhen asked with a puzzled look on his face.

Lu Wei briefly explained the meaning of using local materials, which is to take some sawdust from the wooden door and then put these sawdust on people with weak yang energy and heavy yin energy. If the person's yang energy continues to decline, it means that there is yin energy on the sawdust, and it also means that there is indeed a ghost inside the door. If the person is fine, it means there is no ghost inside the door.

Among the three people, Wu Zhen is affected by the human-faced ghost and has the most negative energy, so he is the most suitable candidate for "using local materials".

Wu Zhen was very confused: "Are you using me as a guinea pig?"

Lu Wei shrugged: "I won't force you, but do you have a better way?"

Wu Zhen hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said, "Come on!"

Lu Wei quickly chipped some sawdust from the wooden door. Wu Zhen held the sawdust and felt uneasy. After a while, Wu Zhen felt a cold air "rushing" down from the top of his head, as if someone was climbing on top of his head and blowing on him. Wu Zhen raised his head and his eyes met a pair of bulging white eyes. Staring into a pair of weird eyeballs at such a close distance was beyond terrifying.

Wu Zhen yelled and ran towards the door, cursing endlessly: "Lu Wei, didn't you say that this method is just to test whether there is a ghost inside the door? Why did you test the ghost out?"

Lu Wei cried sadly: "I don't know why this is happening!"

While several people were talking, they had already escaped from the dormitory. Before they could take a breath, a figure suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs. When the figure got closer, he saw clearly that the figure was He Li who had died half a year ago.

Wu Zhen couldn't help but take two steps back: "He, He Li, why are you back?"

He Li did not answer Wu Zhen's words and walked straight towards Tian Lei. Tian Lei's face turned pale with fright, and he shouted: "Don't, don't come over!"

He Li ignored Tian Lei at all, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him away.

Wu Zhen's mind went blank. He didn't understand how everything could become like this.

"Wu Zhen, Wu Zhen…"

Lu Wei shouted several times before Wu Zhen reacted. He said "ah" and asked in confusion: "Why did He Li show up? Why did he take Tian Lei away?"

"Because all this is Lu Wei's fault." Behind Wu Zhen, Zhao Xiaojie's voice suddenly sounded.

Wu Zhen turned around and saw Zhao Xiaojie limping out of the dormitory next to them.

"Zhao Xiaojie, it's great that you're okay!" After experiencing the cruel separation of life and death, Wu Zhen had long forgotten how Zhao Xiaojie had framed him.

Zhao Xiaojie cast a grateful look at Wu Zhen, and then said: "Wu Zhen, be careful of Lu Wei, he is not helping you at all, he is harming you!"

Afraid that Wu Zhen wouldn't believe it, he told what happened:

Zhao Xiaojie accidentally knew that his WeChat friend "Dandian" turned out to be Lu Wei. Zhao Xiaojie didn't understand why Lu Wei wanted to help him secretly. In order to find out the reason, Zhao Xiaojie secretly investigated Lu Wei. Only after this investigation did he find out that Lu Wei's father was a tomb robber. Lu Wei knew that Zhao Xiaojie had always been dissatisfied with Wu Zhen, so he told Zhao Xiaojie in the name of "Dandian" that he could turn the ghost face onto someone else. At the same time, he bribed Tian Lei and asked Tian Lei to accompany Zhao Xiaojie in a play, making Wu Zhen think that the culprits were Zhao Xiaojie and Tian Lei.

Lu Wei's purpose in doing this was to use Wu Zhen to refine his corpse. Because corpses made from living people can resist the rice dumplings in the tomb. Wu Zhen's physique is one of a kind and he is the most suitable candidate for corpse refining.

Show off your mobile phone

The afternoon sun was so fierce that it made people's skin turn red.

Zhao Xiaojie did not take a lunch break. Instead, he put his mobile phone on the balcony and whispered: "You will be burned to death, I will burn you to death…"

This strange scene was seen by Wu Zhen who got up to go to the toilet. Wu Zhen walked up to Zhao Xiaojie and asked doubtfully: "Zhao Xiaojie, what are you doing?"

Zhao Xiaojie suddenly turned his head, staring directly at Wu Zhen with a pair of bloodshot eyes, and let out a "gurgling" laugh like an animal's cry: "My WeChat is poisoned, I want to disinfect my phone."

Wu Zhen's body trembled suddenly, why did Zhao Xiaojie look so weird? If your phone is poisoned and you leave it in the sun without disinfecting it, what's the logic? Wu Zhen stammered and asked: "Zhao Xiaojie, are you, are you okay?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Xiaojie's cell phone suddenly heard the sound of "gugu", one after another. This is the sound of WeChat receiving the message. It seems that Zhao Xiaojie’s WeChat has really returned to normal. Zhao Xiaojie usually doesn't like to talk, but he likes to play on WeChat. He has hundreds of WeChat friends. However, it is impossible for these hundreds of people to send WeChat messages to Zhao Xiaojie at the same time, right? Why does the WeChat message sound keep ringing, as if it will never stop.

Just when Wu Zhen was thinking, Zhao Xiaojie suddenly shouted excitedly: "My WeChat is finally ready!" Zhao Xiaojie said as he walked back, walked to the bed and fell asleep. He slept on his side, with his back facing Wu Zhen's direction. Wu Zhen saw that there was a human face on Zhao Xiaojie's back. The face was not printed on his clothes, but protruding from his body. At this moment, the man's face actually came out from under his clothes, and a pair of sinister eyes looked directly at Wu Zhen. There was an evil smile hanging on the corner of the human face's mouth.

The temperature was very high, but Wu Zhen felt a chill reaching his bones. He didn't dare to look at Zhao Xiaojie anymore, and hurriedly walked out of the dormitory and walked towards the toilet. Wu Zhen lingered in the toilet for a long time. When he returned to the dormitory, his roommates had already gone to the classroom, and even Zhao Xiaojie was nowhere to be seen.

Wu Zhen breathed a long sigh of relief and hit his head: "My eyes must be dazzled. If there is something wrong with Zhao Xiaojie, why didn't anyone else notice it?"

After adjusting his mood, Wu Zhen also walked towards the classroom. As soon as he arrived at the door of the classroom, a person suddenly jumped out, startling Wu Zhen. That person was Wu Zhen's roommate Tian Lei. Tian Lei pulled Wu Zhen aside and whispered: "Wu Zhen, Zhao Xiaojie is in trouble."

Wu Zhen's heart skipped a beat . He glanced at the classroom. Zhao Xiaojie was playing with his cell phone, and the sound of WeChat messages was still ringing continuously. Wu Zhen turned to look at Tian Lei: "What do you mean?"

Tian Lei said that he also saw Zhao Xiaojie showing off his mobile phone on the balcony. And Zhao Xiaojie’s purpose of showing off his phone is not as simple as anti-virus on the phone. In fact, Zhao Xiaojie was haunted by a ghost. The ghost was hiding in Zhao Xiaojie's mobile phone. He wanted to use sunlight to force the ghost out of the phone. After being exposed to the sun, the ghost finally couldn't hold on any longer and got out of the phone. But the ghost didn't really leave Zhao Xiaojie, but crawled on Zhao Xiaojie's back.

Tian Lei said anxiously: "Do you know why ghosts like to live in mobile phones? Because mobile phones are like small coffins, which are very suitable for ghosts to live in. At the same time, mobile phones are often attached to the human body, thereby contaminating people's yang energy, and ghosts Absorbing these yang energy can extend the time they stay in the earth. Zhao Xiaojie didn't know this. He thought that it would be fine if the ghost was driven out of the phone, but he didn't know that he was hurting himself by crawling on the person's back. It's absorbing people's yang energy, and Zhao Xiaojie doesn't know anything about it. I originally wanted to stop him, but he didn't listen to me at all. Wu Zhen, we have to find a way to save Zhao Xiaojie!"

Wu Zhen asked timidly: "How can we save him? That's a ghost? Maybe we both have to die!"

Tian Lei's expression suddenly changed, and he hummed: "Have you forgotten who made Zhao Xiaojie like this? If something happens to Zhao Xiaojie again, will your conscience be at ease?"

Wu Zhen seemed to have been shocked by an electric shock, and his body trembled violently.


In the past, Zhao Xiaojie loved to talk, and his voice was particularly loud. At that time, there was a man named He Li in the dormitory who loved to play the game of "Hide and Seek", in which the person who lost the fist fight would choose a place to hide where others did not dare to go, and then the winner would find it. Once, He Li played with Zhao Xiaojie, and He Li lost. However, He Li did not hide according to the rules of the game, but hid in Zhao Xiaojie's big suitcase. At that time, the people who gave He Li crooked ideas were Tian Lei and Wu Zhen. Zhao Xiaojie searched the cemeteries near the school and even went to the crematorium, but could not find He Li.

When Zhao Xiaojie got tired of looking, he said, "No more looking. Let's go have a drink."

As soon as Wu Zhen and Tian Lei heard about drinking, they completely forgot about He Li. Several people returned to the dormitory after eating and drinking. When they thought of He Li, He Li was already suffocated in the suitcase.

Zhao Xiaojie always thought that He Li's death was caused by him. He felt very guilty. Since then, he didn't like to talk to others and only chatted with strangers on WeChat. Wu Zhen and Tian Lei concealed the truth of the matter because they were afraid of taking responsibility.

Tian Lei said angrily: "If it weren't for the two of us, He Li would not have died, and Zhao Xiaojie would not have been haunted by ghosts because of his reliance on mobile phones."

Wu Zhen made a gesture of silence: "Keep your voice down, if others hear it, it will be the end of us!"

Tian Lei gave a cold "hum" and said nothing more.

Wu Zhen said: "Let me think of a solution first."

The conversation ended unhappily, and Wu Zhen walked straight into the classroom . His seat was right behind Zhao Xiaojie. Wu Zhen saw the human face on Zhao Xiaojie's back reappearing. The human-faced ghost bit off a piece of meat from Zhao Xiaojie's back and ate it deliciously. The blood dyed his clothes red, but Zhao Xiaojie didn't feel anything at all and was still playing with his phone seriously. Because Wu Zhen and Zhao Xiaojie were seated at the back, this horrific scene was not seen by anyone else.

Wu Zhen hesitated for a moment and sent a WeChat message to Zhao Xiaojie. He wanted to remind Zhao Xiaojie.

As soon as I sent out the WeChat message, I got a reply from Zhao Xiaojie. However, Zhao Xiaojie's reply was very strange. It only had the word "haha".

Wu Zhen scratched his head, filled with doubts. He sent another WeChat message to Zhao Xiaojie and asked him what he meant? However, Zhao Xiaojie's reply always only has two words: Haha!

Wu Zhen couldn't figure out what kind of medicine Zhao Xiaojie was selling in his gourd. He poked Zhao Xiaojie's back, blood stains stained his fingers, and a strong fishy smell hit his nostrils.

At this moment, the human-faced ghost on Zhao Xiaojie's back suddenly jumped onto Wu Zhen's back. This sudden scene really frightened Wu Zhen. Before he could react what was going on, Zhao Xiaojie suddenly turned his head and said with a sinister smile: "You have been fooled."

Wu Zhen asked in shock: "What on earth is going on?"

Zhao Xiaojie smiled proudly and told the whole story.

It turned out that Zhao Xiaojie had known for a long time that the human-faced ghost was crawling on his back. However, he tried every method and could not get rid of the human-faced ghost. Zhao Xiaojie was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot and asked for help from his friends on WeChat. A friend named "Dandian" on WeChat told him that he could find a way to transfer the face ghost to other people's bodies. This news was accidentally found out by Tian Lei. Tian Lei prayed that Zhao Xiaojie would not choose him, and he also promised to help Zhao Xiaojie deceive Wu Zhen. Tian Lei deliberately mentioned He Li's matter to Wu Zhen, just to make Wu Zhen feel guilty and stimulate Wu Zhen to comfort Zhao Xiaojie. Zhao Xiaojie received Wu Zhen's WeChat message and deliberately did not answer his questions directly, which aroused Wu Zhen's curiosity. Wu Zhen didn't know the truth, so he touched Zhao Xiaojie's back, and his hands were stained with blood. The blood was not Zhao Xiaojie's at all, but chicken blood. When chicken blood meets people with strong yang energy, it will emit a special smell that can attract ghosts.

"You…" Wu Zhen glared at Zhao Xiaojie fiercely.

Zhao Xiaojie smiled "hehe": "Don't blame me, I had no choice but to do this."

Wu Zhen said "hum" and ignored Zhao Xiaojie.


Throughout the afternoon, Wu Zhen was absent-minded, wondering how he could completely get rid of the entanglement of the human-faced ghost. Before I knew it, an afternoon passed. After the last class, Wu Zhen did not go to eat, but went directly back to the dormitory.

Wu Zhen couldn't wait to turn on the computer, hoping to find useful information from the Internet. Wu Zhen was browsing the webpage seriously. Suddenly, a WeChat notification sounded in the quiet dormitory. The sound was so sudden that Wu Zhen was startled. However, there was no one else in the dormitory except himself, and his cell phone had long since run out of battery. Then whose cell phone did the sound just come from?

Wu Zhen turned over all the other people's beds, and none of the roommates' cell phones were in the dormitory. One word immediately popped into Wu Zhen's mind: ghost!

However, Wu Zhen saw in the mirror that the human-faced ghost originally crawling on his back had disappeared. Where did the ghost with a human face go, and why did it suddenly disappear? If it wasn't the human-faced ghost, then who was it? Could it be that… there is another ghost in the dormitory? At this moment, a cold wind blew from nowhere. Even in this hot summer, Wu Zhen had goosebumps on his arms.

Wu Zhen didn't dare to stay alone in the dormitory. He closed his laptop, turned around and walked out. However, the strange thing is that the original wooden door has now become a paper door. In the countryside, during the morgue after a person dies, a fake gate will be made of paper at the entrance of the corpse hall. When a living person comes to pay tribute, he stands at the door. This paper door is called the Yin Gate, which is equivalent to the door of the deceased's house.

How come there is a vulva in the dormitory? These vaginas are all located at the entrance to the corpse hall, could it be…

Wu Zhen stared at the paper door, his heart beating wildly. With this inexplicable appearance of the vagina, and the strange voice of the WeChat message, a terrible thought came to mind: Could there be something wrong with the door of this dormitory? Just when Wu Zhen was thinking, a pale human hand stretched out from the paper door, and that hand was holding a black bag. An unknown premonition arose from within, and Wu Zhen swallowed hard.

I saw the fingers of that hand spread wide, the black bag fell to the ground with a "snap", and a black thing rolled out of the bag. The thing rolled all the way to Wu Zhen's feet. Wu Zhen looked down and was stunned: This thing turned out to be Zhao Xiaojie's head! At this moment, Zhao Xiaojie stared straight at Wu Zhen with a pair of empty eyes.

"Ah!" Wu Zhen shouted hysterically.

At the same time, the door of the dormitory was pushed open with a bang, and the people who came were Tian Lei and Lu Wei. Lu Wei looked at Wu Zhen with a puzzled expression on his face: "Wu Zhen, what are you yelling at?"

Wu Zhen was still sweating on his forehead, and Lu Wei's voice brought him back to reality from fear. Wu Zhen looked around and saw that the dormitory was as usual, with no paper door and no weird "guck" sounds. The terrifying scene just now must have been a trick of the ghost .

"Where is Zhao Xiaojie?" Wu Zhen asked anxiously.

Lu Wei said: "I don't know, that stuffy oil bottle doesn't talk to us, who knows what he did."

Wu Zhen looked at Tian Lei again, but Tian Lei just shrugged and said he didn't know. Wu Zhen had an ominous premonition: something must have happened to Zhao Xiaojie. So, he told everything that happened in the dormitory. Tian Lei was already pale with fright. On the contrary, Lu Wei was much calmer.

Wu Zhen glared at Tian Lei, then turned to look at Lu Wei. He expressed his suspicion: "I suspect there is something wrong with this door. Can we find a way to dismantle this door?"

Lu Wei immediately rejected Wu Zhen's idea: "No, if we demolish the door, don't we have to pay for it? I don't have money to contribute to the school."

Wu Zhen spread his hands: "Then what do you think we should do? First Zhao Xiaojie, who will be next? Is it you or me?"

Lu Wei said: "To verify whether there is a problem with this door, you don't necessarily have to dismantle the door. I do have a way, but I don't know if you dare to try it?"

"What can I do? Tell me quickly!" Wu Zhen urged.

Lu Wei said seriously: "Use local materials!"

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