Chapter 34: Tank Monster

Under the drag of the iron chain, a huge black object splashed with water and was hoisted up from the pool. Because the light from the torch was limited, the object was dark, and at first only a rough outline could be seen. It was round and thick, like a large water tank, but one thing was certain, it was not an animal in the water, but a huge object.

None of us have seen the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun, could it be that what I said was true? There is no such coincidence in this world. In order to see clearly, I asked Shirley Yang to hold up a flashlight to illuminate, and I raised a torch stuck on the ground to get a closer look.

At this time, the entire black huge object was hoisted out of the water, and the militia platoon leader and others came over to watch after fixing the winch. The diameter of the pool is less than three meters, more like a larger wellbore. Standing by the pool, we can reach out and touch the hanging things.

Under the illumination of the torch and the flashlight, I could see it very clearly this time. I saw that it was a "big vat", at least the shape was very similar to a water vat. There were countless small holes on the body of the vat, and many strange patterns were engraved on it. Shirley Yang and I have seen many ancient relics. This is the first time we have seen such a strange thing. I really don’t know what it is. Hanging by a chain in a pool of water, is this broken vat worthy of such a secret?

The mouth of the cylinder is sealed, and the lid has a pointed top, which is very heavy, and there are six bolts fastened on the side. If you want to open the cylinder head, you only need to remove these six bolts.

There are small finger-sized holes all around the giant tank. Once it sinks into the pool, the giant tank can be filled with water through these holes, but as long as the iron chain is pulled up with a winch, the water stored in the giant tank will leak out. . All the water tanks in the world are used to hold water, but the function of this strange tank seems not so simple.

Even the vulgar people like the platoon leader of the militia could see that this was not the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun, and couldn't help asking: "Chief Hu, why doesn't this look like the furnace of Taishang Laojun for pills? It’s a bit like the broken water tank in my house.”

I said to the platoon leader of the militia: "Comrade platoon leader, this is why you don't understand. Are there so many patterns on your water tank? Look at the simple and strange shapes of these many patterns. They must be ancient relics. You just wait for the cultural relics." Let the Bureau come and issue certificates of merit to your village soldiers."

After Shirley Yang looked at the strange tank, he was also puzzled: "This doesn't look like a water tank, it looks more like a torture tool to me."

I said to Shirley Yang: "I know what you mean. You mean put a living prisoner in a leaky tank, immerse him in a pool of water, and when he is about to drown, lift the tank out of the water and put the prisoners in it. The water shines. There are torture tools like that. I have seen them in movies before, and the reactionaries often use that kind of torture to torture our heroic and unyielding underground party. But I don’t think this strange tank is like a torture tool . The instruments of torture don’t need to be so meticulously carved. The patterns on this vat are extremely delicate, and it looks like it’s old. It’s useless for us to guess. Go up and pull out the plug, and see Let’s see what’s inside, maybe it’s an elixir.”

The militia platoon leader stopped me and said, "Chief Hu, don't dare to open it indiscriminately. What if there is a monster sealed in the tank, what should I do if I let it out?"

Is there brown algae in the dead rock tank_Dead rock tank_Dead rock tank and live rock tank

I said to the militia platoon leader: "How many times have I told you that there are no monsters in this kind of place? Just now we saw the chains in the pool shaking. It may be that the pool is connected to an underground lake. There are big fish and shrimps in the lake." You hit this cylinder, don’t be suspicious. If you still think so now, I can’t help it. Let’s let the facts speak for themselves. Just back up and cover me. See how I can single-handedly remove the cylinder head. There are really fierce and vicious monsters, and they bit me first. I want to see who the hell dares to bite me."

They couldn't stop me, so they had to set up a hand step and lift me to the top of the strange tank. The strange tank and the iron chain are very solid. Although I stood on it, although it was a little wobbly, the iron chain showed no sign of being overwhelmed and broken.

I climbed to the top of the strange vat, and after touching it, I found that the outside of the vat was covered with three layers of lacquered iron sheets. It was very strong, not an ordinary vat, and I thought to myself: "Damn, it's so strong What’s in the tank? Maybe it’s really sealed with some kind of ghost, just take a look after opening it, and seal the lid immediately if something happens.”

Shirley Yang and the militiamen stood below, looked up at me, sweating for me, and they kept reminding me to be more careful. I removed two plugs, raised my hand and waved to the people below: "Hi comrades, comrades have worked hard——" Then I continued to lower my head to disassemble the next plug. These plugs have been soaked in water for a long time. But it is not rusted, and it can be pulled out with a hard pull.

I had just removed the fifth bolt, when suddenly the strange vat under my feet shook, as if something was struggling vigorously in it, I stood on it, my footing was unstable, I almost fell, and I hurriedly grabbed the iron chain above it with my hands .

In fact, there is something moving in the strange vat hanging in mid-air. After all, this vat is heavy, and the swing is not large, but I was not prepared, and I was taken aback by it. There was a chaotic sound, as if something was struggling hard.

Is Professor Sun trapped inside? Soaked in the pool for so long and still not drowned? Shirley Yang and the three militiamen below also heard the voice, and shouted Professor Sun's name at the strange tank, telling him not to worry, we will rescue him immediately.

There was a lot of noise in the tank, but no one answered. I was eager to save people, but I couldn't manage a lot, so I immediately pulled out the last plug. The space for maneuvering on the tank was limited, so I clasped the iron chain tightly with my hands, trying to use it. Kick off the cylinder head.

At this time, a thought suddenly appeared in my mind: "In ancient times, there was a kind of urn coffin, which used the urn as a coffin and buried the dead in it. , is a urn coffin, and there are dead and immortal zombies in it?"

We only brought two flashlights with us when we came to Shaanxi this time, but they were all in Shirley Yang’s bag. Now I climbed to the top of the tank, and I didn’t carry any equipment on my body except for the gold talisman, not even a black donkey’s hoof. But I immediately dismissed this idea. I trust my half of the "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Technique". Since it is recorded in the book, there will be no zombies in this kind of place, so there definitely won't be, damn it If there are really zongzi here, I will tear up half of the book when I go back. He gritted his teeth and kicked the cylinder head away.

The cave was already dark, and Shirley Yang and the three militiamen were holding torches below. I was in mid-air at the moment, and I could only see the darkness in the strange tank, and I couldn’t see anything because I was dazzled by the torches below. I bent down to let the people below throw a flashlight up, but as soon as I bent down, I could only smell a fishy smell straight up my nose, and I couldn't breathe.

Dead rock tank and live rock tank_Is there brown algae in dead rock tank_Dead rock tank

I quickly covered my nose and glanced into the strange vat with my eyes. In the darkness, I saw a white human hand protruding from the vat. I cried out in surprise: "Professor Sun?" I quickly reached out to hold that hand , trying to pull him up.

But as soon as my hand touched the arm at the mouth of the tank, it felt wrong, wet and hard—a hand bone instead of a living hand. It was too late to react, because I was too anxious, I had already pulled up a skeleton with a gaping mouth by pulling the hand bone.

Although the light was dim, the skeleton was pulled out by me, and I could see it clearly. It was white and watery. This was completely beyond expectation. I screamed in fright, fell off the tank, and fell into pool.

The water in the deep pool was icy cold, and I fell into it with my head down and my feet up. I was choked by the water and my nasal cavity hurt unbearably. Fortunately, I grew up on the coast of Fujian since I was a child. Whether it is a swimming pool with a diving platform in a military area or a sea with high winds and rough waves, these are the places where I swam with Fatty and others when I was young. Water skills were developed at that time. I didn’t know it when I was young. What is danger, how many times I almost drowned in the water.

At this time, I fell into the pool, but I didn’t panic in my heart. I opened my eyes in the water, and there was no light source. I had to swim back to the mouth of the pool immediately, otherwise I would choke to death in the water. But it was pitch black all around, and when I fell down, I felt dizzy, completely lost my sense of direction, and couldn't hear the sound in the water, as if I was already dead.

When I was already desperate, suddenly my eyes lit up, and someone swam towards me with a waterproof flashlight. It was none other than Shirley Yang. The mouth of this pool is small at the top and big at the bottom. Once you fall, if you don't swim back within two minutes, you will drown below. Shirley Yang didn't dare to delay, grabbed a rope from the militiaman, jumped into the pool with a flashlight.

I knew I couldn't be brave anymore at this time, so I quickly grabbed Shirley Yang's hand, and the militiamen pulled the rope on top to drag the two of us up.

Shirley Yang's face turned pale: "You old Hu, this time is really dangerous. I'll stay at night for a few seconds… It's unimaginable that I can't talk about you."

It took me a long time to come back to my senses, and I was grateful and ashamed of Shirley Yang: "I almost went to see Marx again, but I was acquainted with him once, and I have been wandering around before the gate of hell too many times, so I don’t know what to do." I'm scared. It doesn't matter if I'm a few seconds late, at worst, you guys drag me up and give me a few more artificial respirations…"

Just as I was about to say a few more words, there was another burst of noise from the strange vat hanging in mid-air, as if someone was knocking on the wall of the vat for help…

Everyone raised their heads together and looked at the strange vat hanging in mid-air, with one thought in their hearts: "Damn it."

Is there brown algae in the dead rock tank_Dead rock tank_Dead rock tank and live rock tank

I said to Shirley Yang: "Don't worry, I'll go up again and have a look. If I fall into the water again, you remember to give me artificial respiration as soon as possible. It will be too late."

Shirley Yang Bai glanced at me, pointed to the militia platoon leader and said to me: "What are you thinking, if you need artificial respiration, I will also ask those militiamen to do it for you."

I said to Shirley Yang: "Why are you so out of touch? If you fell into the water and got breathless, and you need artificial respiration, then I am absolutely obliged to do it, I…"

Shirley Yang interrupted me and said to me: "I found out that one is you, and the other is that fat man. He never takes life and death seriously. He is still in the mood to joke about the occasion. By the way, let me ask you, you Did you see something up there that scared you into the water? Is Professor Sun in there?"

I have always regarded myself as bold and bold. This question can expose my shortcomings. How can I not lose face? I looked at the strange tank hanging in mid-air and told Shirley Yang and the others: "This… As soon as I lifted the tank cover, a series of invisible golden needles shot out from inside. It's really a powerful hidden weapon. It's just my skill, neither panic nor rush, calm and calm, a kite turned over and dodged it, if it were someone else, there would be no life at this moment."

Shirley Yang said helplessly: "Forget it, I won't listen to you, just blow it up on you, I'd better go up and have a look by myself." After that, she twisted her wet long hair a few times, coiled it casually, and the same Let two militiamen build a hand ladder and lift her to the top of the tank.

The strange tank was still making noises, and the militiamen began to get nervous again, fearing that some monster would suddenly emerge from the tank. I warned them not to shoot casually, and then threw the flashlight on Shirley Yang from below, telling There is a dead person's bone frame in her strange tank, so she should be mentally prepared not to fall from it like me.

Shirley Yang looked at it for a long time, reached out and took something, jumped down from the strange tank, and held up a jade bracelet for us to see. The militia platoon leader and I took the jade bracelet and looked at it, and we were even more puzzled. .

I have been doing business in Panjiayuan for a period of time, and my eyesight has improved a lot. I can tell at a glance that this jade bracelet is fake. Could it be that the bone in the strange vat is a woman? And she still didn't die for a long time, so how did she get put into this strange vat? Was it put in after death, or was it put in alive and drowned? It can be ruled out that the burial in a "urn coffin" can be ruled out. The Chinese pay attention to burying the dead in peace, and will never soak the dead in water. The messy and complicated situation in front of us really has no clue at all.

Shirley Yang said to me: "Old Hu, guess what is making the noise in that tank?"

I said: "Could it be that the bones become spirits? In ancient China, there was a saying of the white bone spirit, but the white bone spirit was wiped out by the Monkey King many years ago. Is there a new debut here? I want us ordinary people to eat it again." Suffering all the time, and suffering the second set of crimes?"

_Dead rock tank and live rock tank_Is there brown algae in dead rock tank?

Shirley Yang said with a smile: "You really think, it's not a bone spirit. I saw clearly just now that there are three human bones in the tank, all of them are adults, and there are more than 20 round strange fishes underneath, although they are only two or three feet long, but This kind of fish is extremely powerful. The water in the tank was drained, and the strange fish kept thumping inside, so there was a sound. Before we lifted the strange tank, we saw the iron The chain shaking in the water pool may also be caused by these fish fighting and swimming in the tank."

I said to Shirley Yang: "This is weird, what kind of fish are those fish? How did they get into the closed tank? It

Do we eat dead people? "

Shirley Yang shook his head and said, "I don't know about that. I've never seen such a strange fish. I don't think this kind of fish was installed in advance. It's possible… It's possible that these fish themselves grew in this underground cave. In the water pool, someone deliberately put dead bodies into a tank full of pores, and sank into the pool, and the small fish that didn't grow up could swim in through the pores of the tank body…"

I was quite surprised when I heard what Shirley Yang said: "I understand what you mean. You mean to use human flesh to raise fish? When the human flesh is eaten up and the fish are fattened, it is impossible for big fish to grow from the tank wall." Swim out of the hole. But what's the use of keeping fish like this? It's just… so fucking disgusting."

The platoon leader of the militia suddenly interrupted: "The two chiefs on the first and the second, I have been looking at this bracelet for a long time. I seem to have seen this bracelet somewhere. It looks like it was worn by a girl in the village. She has been married for many years. I also traveled from different homes, and I just went back to my mother’s home for the first time a few months ago. At that time, she was wearing this bracelet for us to see, and told us that she bought it in Guangdong, and it was worth thousands of yuan. Everyone looked jealous, and when they went back, they complained that their men were incompetent and couldn't afford thousands of dollars of jewelry."

As soon as I heard this, I felt strange, and asked the militia platoon leader what happened next.

The militia platoon leader said: "There was no more after that, and the woman left without a sound. The villagers thought that she had quarreled with her family again and ran back to other places. Looking at this bracelet now, could it be that The woman was killed by the gangster."

We were discussing, and suddenly heard footsteps on the ramp of the crypt. I thought it was the two militiamen waiting outside seeing that we had not returned for a long time. They were not at ease, so they came down to look for us. Among them, the leader is Professor Sun.

Surprised and delighted, I hurried over to Professor Sun and said, "Professor, you frightened me. I came all the way to find you for a big event. I thought you were eaten by piranhas. Where are you going?" What? Why did it suddenly appear from behind?"

Professor Sun was also taken aback when he saw me. He didn't expect that I would come to him again and meet him here. After listening to me briefly explain the cause and effect, he understood what was going on.

Professor Sun carefully looked at the scene in the cave, and said to us: "This vat is a witchcraft that harms people. I have seen it in Yunnan before. It seems that this matter is no longer within the scope of archaeological work. I went to the Public Security Bureau. This place is not a place for speeches, everyone, don’t destroy the scene, we will go up and talk about it in detail if we have anything to say.”

So all the people waited, and they all went back the same way. The village chief and others were very happy to see that everyone was safe and sound, and I paid the labor fee promised to the militiamen in advance. Although the militiamen didn't get the elixir, they were all happy to get paid.

Professor Sun asked people from the village committee to notify the police, and then took Shirley Yang and I to the village chief's house for dinner. I had many questions in my mind, so I asked Professor Sun what happened to the crypt.

Professor Sun told Shirley Yang and me what happened. It turned out that he had brought his assistants down to the crypt and saw the iron chains sunk in the pool. At the end of the tunnel, another secret passage was found, with many stone tablets inside.

The structure of the tunnel is ╠╡-shaped. There are two roads in total, one bright road and one dark road. The so-called secret passage is a section lower than the bright passage, there is a gap, it is not easy to find if you don't go to the front to look, there is a stone house at the end of the bright passage and the dark passage.

Professor Sun led his assistants into the underground passage below to check the ancient steles inside. Unexpectedly, because of the lower terrain here, the water seepage was much more serious than that above. The part connecting the middle of the two tunnels suddenly collapsed. People are trapped inside.

The people who went down to rescue did not find these two parallel tunnels. Fortunately, the area of ​​the landslide was not large. It took a lot of effort for Professor Sun and the two of them to move out the collapsed stones that blocked the passage. Knowing that someone went down to the cave of the stone house to rescue them, they didn't come back for a long time, so they went down to check with the two left behind militiamen.

After investigation, the underground tunnel of the stone tablet store belongs to the ruins of the Qin Dynasty. There are several other places nearby, all of which were places where Qin Shihuang sent alchemists to refine medicine. The rest have been harvested, but these steles still have great research value.

I asked Professor Sun: "What are the six jade beasts in the stone box and the strange jar suspended in the underground pool used for? Are they also relics from the Qin Dynasty?"

Professor Sun shook his head and said: "No, the jade beast in the stone box, and the cave under the stone house, including the iron chain hanging cylinder, are different from the tunnel relics of the pre-Qin period. They were put in by later people. I heard it in Gulan County. He said that people have disappeared every three to five times in these years, which is probably related to this incident. I am not a criminal investigator, but I can make inferences based on what I saw at the scene and tell you about it. Of course It’s not a state secret anymore, so it’s okay to tell you about it.”

Professor Sun analyzed it like this: This set of jade beasts in the stone box is extremely valuable, and it is very likely that it came from the ancient Dian Kingdom in Yunnan. The ancient Dian Kingdom was a mysterious kingdom, which historians call a lost country. There are not many records in the history books. It is said that many people in the country know magic. According to the records of Yaoyu Beast, this is an artifact used in ancient sacrificial ceremonies. Zushang, the old shopkeeper of the coffin shop in Shibeidian Village, is one of the few migrant households in the village. It is impossible to find out from which generation he moved here. He has passed away now, so how he got this set of treasures is unknown. Got it.

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