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1. A mother, because her husband no longer loves her, has an extramarital affair. This mother blames their only son because she is a chemistry student. One night, this mother sprinkled her children under the quilt. It was full of white phosphorus, and soon her son combusted to death, and finally the mother committed suicide too. This murder is unforgettable, but because of the cruelty of human nature and the extreme disappointment of a woman.

2. A woman had a wild man. Together with the wild man, she chopped her husband into hundreds of pieces in the bathroom at home, tied many bags with plastic bags and put them in the freezer, and took a little out every day to throw them away. Said that her husband was missing. The way a woman kills her little daughter is to insert a leather tube into her stomach, and then fill her with boiling water. The cause of death cannot be seen from the outside.

3. I saw the case of the Virgin Mary in a magazine, which seems to be from Germany. The murderer is a demure and beautiful woman, so it is also called the case of the Virgin. It is said that she is always hooking up passing tourists and getting pregnant constantly, but no one has ever seen her child for a long time, and some people suspect that she makes a living by selling her own children. But then found bone scraps from the soup she dumped…

4. There used to be two very good families. One family had a child around 6 or 7 years old, and the other family had just added a son. One day, when the two families were together, the 6-year-old child proposed to hug his newborn brother, so the adults let him hug him, but after all, he was also a child, so he accidentally dropped the baby on the ground and fell like that died.On the day of the memorial service, the father of the family who lost the child asked the six-year-old child to kneel in front of his son's body to apologize to him. Then, when everyone was not paying attention, he stepped on one of the child's feet with his foot and grabbed the child with his hand. Caught the other foot and tore him alive. At that time, blood and intestines flowed all over the ground. It was horrible.

The truth about Ellen Ma's death_The truth about Ellen Ma's death Is Love True? is that true

5. There was a major case in Guangyuan, Sichuan, which caused a sensation all over the place. It was a restaurant that had connections with funeral parlors and specialized in cutting off the dead for sale. Real meat pork buns. It is said that his meat buns are really delicious. How did you find out? There was a family member who asked to see the body before cremation, but the administrator refused to let him die, which aroused suspicion. When he lifted the cloth and clothes, he saw that the thigh meat and preserved meat were gone…

6. A corpse has only the upper body, and has no head, no upper limbs, and little internal organs such as heart and liver. Half a month later, the lower body was found in nearby waters. (After solving the case, none of the remaining parts were found). Forensic autopsy and search for missing persons, based on 6 or 7 clues, took 2 months to investigate more than 2,000 people, and only confirmed the identity of the corpse. The case went nowhere and looked like it was about to be abandoned. The policeman there was acquainted with the victim's father, and ordered pork liver for dinner one day. The victim's father said inadvertently that someone once offered him "fried pork liver" and "the taste of that pork liver is good or bad". The film police immediately called someone to arrest the man, and the case was solved. (The murderer was once included in 17 key suspects during the investigation, but he was still negligent later.)

7. My husband is a chemical expert. When the wife died, the police found that the wife was an adulterer, but the wife drank a lot of water every day. It turns out that the water my husband makes his wife drink every day is heavy water. (Normal water is H2O), heavy water does not quench thirst at all.

8. There was a sister who killed her own sister. In order to destroy the body, she chopped the body into pieces and mixed the meat into feed to feed the pigs. The bones were thrown into the stove and burned. No one knew where her sister had gone. Once this sister was entertaining guests, and she was slaughtering a pig. Her young son saw it and said innocently, "Mom, the pig's blood is not as much as my aunt's." The case was thus solved.

9. An archaeologist's wife had an affair, and the archaeologist agreed to divorce, but the condition was that the two of them would have the last supper. Everyone who knows the situation knew that it would be a bad thing, but his wife was eager to go to freedom, and she drank sleeping pills. I went to sleep. The matter of Han began… Her great husband tied her up in the basement and fed her sesame oil for three meals a day. After a few weeks, a new mummy specimen was born like this! What? You still ask his wife? Has anyone been mummified and still alive?

10. A German ogre has an Oedipus plot, similar to one in a movie, where he even puts human bones under his dead mother's pillow. He posts on the internet, looking for willing eaters and has a butcher room at home with meat hooks and all that. One day a man who voluntarily was eaten came to him, and he bled that man for ten hours. Then his meat was divided into N pieces and eaten by Tiandu, which lasted for 10 months. The bones are also charred, ground into powder, and mixed into flour to make food. The victim even offered to use his skull as an ashtray.

11. Recently, there was a blockbuster passion movie. Not many porn scenes. They were all murdered women on the spot. Cut off the head. Cut open the stomach and take out the internal organs. Pull out the whole face to reveal the truth about Ma Ailun's death , and pull out the eyes, which looks very disgusting and shocked. Many of them are watching to kill little by little while they are alive. But because I saw the cut of the camera, I still knew in my heart that it should be fake. Just switch between dead and alive. The biggest problem is not seeing the camera cut. That is to say looking at the living and then being strangled. Drowning, throat slitting and all that. It's just a home camera. Even if it is fake, a person will not be able to be submerged in water for that long. The strangled heads were severed and then cut off. Therefore, it is suspected that many Asian women who were kidnapped and bought abroad or those who studied abroad disappeared actually became the protagonists of these films. Was really killed. (Ho ho, it feels a bit like 8MM~!)

12. I used to read a story in the banyan tree about a doctor whose wife had an affair with a former classmate of the doctor. He found out that he killed his wife at home and took his wife’s head to Looking for his classmate, he gave his classmate a drink with an anesthetic in advance. He placed the amount of anesthetic very accurately. It is the kind of feeling that can still be felt after being anesthetized, but the body cannot move at all. Then that person watched his head cut off bit by bit by the doctor with a knife. The scariest thing was that the doctor accidentally fell into the well in the backyard of that family when he was escaping later, and he got stuck at the bottom of the well. One day, a thief went to that house to steal something. When he saw a dead person in the house, he was frightened, so he set a fire and burned the whole house. The wall near the backyard fell down and just pressed on the well mouth, covering the well mouth. The insects in the well regarded his body as a home, and crawled into his ears and nose…

13. A college student knew a few friends, and these people invited him out for a drink. He had a great time, and then passed out after drinking. Waking up to find himself in a bathtub full of ice water, naked, with a message on the bathroom mirror: call the police or you will die. He was still in a daze at the time, and didn't know what happened, so he called the police. When the police arrived, they found two symmetrical wounds on his back and waist, about nine inches long—his pair of kidneys were gone. , the people who do this are very professional.

The truth about Ellen Ma's death_The truth about Ellen Ma's death Is Love True? is that true

14. There was a female worker (there are usually many young female workers on the assembly line in the factory), she was about ten years old, and then she suddenly became pregnant, but her roommates didn’t know it, maybe her belly was not very big, and she was wearing work clothes, so she was big Kind of, she is usually very introverted, the kind of silent person. One day, all her co-workers went to work, and she asked for sick leave to sleep in the dormitory. After her roommate came back at night, she went to take a shower and found that the sewer was blocked, so she took something to hook it. As a result… a newborn baby was caught on the hook, and she was scared to death. , and hurried to find the security guard. When the security guard came up, she was still sleeping on the bed, as if nothing had happened. When I asked her, she said she didn't know, and was taken away by the police…

15. I have seen a reported case before. It's like a worker in a steel factory in the northeast, male. Engaged in an extramarital affair, but later had a dispute with a third party who was in a small business, and gradually disagreed, but it seemed that the third party did not want to break up, so the man tricked the woman into On the top of the concentrated sulfuric acid tank, which is about 2 or 3 stories high in the factory area, she was pushed into it by surprise. Afterwards, only a few small bones remained in the jar. Later the police found this man, he admitted the truth about Ma Ailun's death , and finally sentenced him to death. The article said that if the man does not admit it, the man cannot be sentenced.

16. When recording "I Guess", Xu Huixin said that one is here. In a university, a girl returned to the dormitory very late at night. In order not to wake up her roommate, she washed in the dark and then fell asleep. She was woken up the next morning and found that there were many people in the room. A policeman told She, her roommate was chopped into pieces on the bed in the next room, and a large line of characters was written in blood on the wall, "Are you glad you didn't turn on the light"…

The truth about Ellen Ma's death_The truth about Ellen Ma's death Is Love True? is that true

17. Question: Where is a leaf hidden most difficult to be found? Answer: In a pile of leaves. Q: Where is a dead body least likely to be found? Answer: A pile of dead bodies.

18. A professor killed his own babysitter, blindfolded her and tied her to a chair, and then poked her arm artery with a sharp bamboo stick. In fact, it didn't puncture, but it hurt. Then a thin tube was connected to continuously and slowly flow warm water from her arm. The woman thought her arteries were bleeding and was terrified. After a while, she suffered from heart failure and died. Killing invisible.

19. Divorce was not easy in the 1980s. A man had a lover, so when his wife was sick and bedridden, he and his lover secretly injected air into the vein with a needle in the middle of the night. The wife screamed for a long time. At that time, a neighbor knocked on the door. He said that his wife was sick because she was in pain… She died in the morning, no one suspected it at the time, and the body was parked in a new building in the factory… Later, someone from the factory reported it, the police solved the case, and the man was sentenced The death penalty, with reprieve for the accomplice's lover. When the man was shot, representatives from every department in the factory were sent to watch. He survived the shot, but the man was running around in the sand, and it was only with a shuttle of bullets that he ended his sinful life…

20. There is a woman in Jinan Huangtai Power Plant who is very coquettish and changes boyfriends all over the world. Later, a buddy who was tricked by her got angry, killed the woman, chopped it up, threw it on the coal conveyor belt, and directly entered the coal mill. I couldn't find anything at all, and even the bones were smashed into powder (the inside was full of steel balls, and the coal was smashed into coal powder by turning it). Later, it wasn't this kid who surrendered, and no one knew where the woman went. cold……

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