Corpse Wrapped In A Flowered Quilt

It was nearly midnight when I got home, and the narrow streets and alleys were quiet, with no one in sight. A few years ago, this was a small village with only a few dozen families living in it. Many office workers can only swarm to remote suburbs in order to save money, which can be regarded as a shelter.

There are no less than a few hundred people living in this small village, most of whom are office workers like me who have just entered the society and are struggling to gain a foothold, and working overtime every day has become commonplace.

Standing at the door of the house, I found the key in the bag with the faint light from the mobile phone, and checked the time by the way, it was already half past twelve. I cursed in my heart the pile of tasks assigned by the supervisor, the phone flickered a few times, and finally even the faint light was gone. It seemed that the phone, which had been busy all day, had finally gone on strike. Fortunately, I was home.

I pushed open the door in the dark, didn't even bother to change my clothes, took off my shoes, and collapsed on the bed. I was about to fall apart from the busy work all day, and I was about to stretch my arms and legs and get a good night's sleep. At that time, my hand seemed to touch something, and there was another person on my bed!

My mother also has the key to the apartment I live in. I gave it to her myself. She usually goes shopping in the city during the slack season, or comes to my house to see me. Sometimes she stays for a long time and can’t make it in the afternoon The car that goes back will live with me.

But it never happened to me to come directly to my house like this suddenly, I think it might be because I worked overtime too late, my mother didn't want to disturb me, and she was really sleepy, so she just went to sleep, I didn't think much about it , then closed his eyes and prepared to fall asleep.

Suddenly, something flashed through my mind, and when I thought about it, I lost all sleepiness and didn’t even dare to move, because I suddenly realized that the person sleeping next to me was not my mother at all, because my mother would sleep when she fell asleep. There is a thunderous snoring, which is the characteristic of farmers. After a busy day of farm work, who can guarantee that they will sleep lightly and gracefully.

But the person sleeping next to me now not only didn't have any snoring sound, he didn't even have a normal breathing sound. I immediately held my breath and didn't dare to make a sound. The whole room was suddenly as quiet as a bungalow.

At this time, my sweat had already soaked the clothes on my back. I mustered up the courage to turn my head slightly, and saw the person sleeping next to my bed. Relatives or friends, this person has his back to me, wrapped in a thick quilt, with only a little hair showing.

It was a head of mostly gray hair. No matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t think of such a person among the people I knew, let alone someone who could live in my house, and when I opened the door, there was no one there. The traces of being pried open, this series of weird clues piled up in my mind, making me burnt out.

I thought to myself, forget it, anyway, she is an old lady, she dare not steal property, and secondly, she will not kill and set fire, so let her sleep for a night, and ask her tomorrow.

I was just about to cover my head and have a good sleep, but inadvertently glanced to the side and scared me out of sleep. The old man beside my bed was wrapped in a red embroidered quilt. Not the quilt at home, but the flowered quilt wrapped around the body of the dead in my hometown.

Now I can be sure that the person sleeping next to me is definitely not my mother, and it is definitely not someone I know. Now I don’t even know if the person sleeping next to me is a living person or a dead person. When I think about it, The sweat that had just disappeared from his body flowed again.

I thought in my heart that I must never sit here and wait for death, but I couldn’t exert any strength on my body, as if my whole body was not my own anymore. I bit my tongue fiercely, and I sat up directly from the bed because of the pain.

No matter what happens, I didn't dare to turn my head. I put on my shoes and ran out. At this time, a voice came from behind, and the old man mumbled to me, be careful where you step.

No matter how I heard this voice, it didn't sound like it was coming from a living person. I didn't care about whether I stepped on it or not. I was groping for the door in the dark, trying to escape from the strange situation. Unexpectedly, the more anxious and chaotic I was, the more I was familiar with it. He moved, but now he couldn't find the door.

The bean-sized beads of sweat on my forehead were dripping down one by one, I only heard the rustling sound behind me, maybe that old thing got out of bed, this is when I finally found the door, I didn’t even dare to turn my head Run straight to the door.

After running for dozens of steps, I realized that I had put myself in a desperate situation. It was about early morning, and there was not even a road in this remote suburb, let alone street lights, and the moon was covered by dark clouds. Strictly, the surroundings are so dark that you can't stretch your fingers out, making people feel like the black air of the gate of hell is shrouded around them.

Suddenly there was a rustling sound behind me, and my heart suddenly went cold. The surroundings were as quiet as death, only the sound of rustling was getting closer and closer. I knew it was the old man who followed me, and I was scared. He had to run as fast as he could, looking back as he ran, trying to determine the distance to her.

But in front of me was a thick blackness, no light at all, I couldn't see anything, I could only hear the rustling voices following behind me, it was worse than seeing it with my own eyes, at this time I heard that familiar voice, and that voice was In my ear, the voice said, be careful where you step.

The warm air that came out when I spoke hit my face, scaring me so much that I wet my pants. I ran forward crazily, I don't know how far I ran, and suddenly one foot was empty, as if I fell into a deep hole, and suddenly lost consciousness.

The next day, I was seen by a person who got up early for morning exercises and rescued me. I broke my face, and my face was covered with blood, and there was an old man's body wrapped in a flowered quilt under me. The old man's son wanted to continue Receive the old man's pension, just bury the old man here hastily, and keep it secret.

I don’t think the old man came to me with any malicious intentions. It was probably because he was sleeping in the well and it was cold. Thinking of the warmth and warmth in the house, I was puzzled by the sentence “Be careful with your feet.” Maybe it was to remind me to do things in a dignified manner , Maybe it's trying to avenge me, of course, maybe it's just because I'm afraid I'll step on her.

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