Very Kidnapper, Please Don't Pester Him (4)

sinful past

The story three years ago was about the death of a kidnapper . In fact, it was not that romantic. It was actually a conspiracy, a conspiracy about using and being used.

At that time, what worried Xu Huimin most was not the lack of love, but the lack of money. Her family background was very poor and she was faced with the dilemma of not being able to pay for her tuition even if she was admitted to college. At this time, a mysterious person contacted Xu Huimin. She said that she could give Xu Huimin a large sum of money as long as Xu Huimin helped her complete a witchcraft called "Entering You".

The puppets used in witchcraft are the same as Xu Huimin said before, no need to say more. At the same time, a pair of girls born on the same year, same month, and same day are required to wrap their long hair around the dolls and then burn them. Seeing green fire indicates that the witchcraft is successful, and the boy who was turned into a puppet will definitely die.

This is a sinful way, taking advantage of the girl's mysterious power. Xu Huimin and her friend Lu Shishi happened to be born in the same year, month and day. However, Lu Shishi came from a very good family and was not easy to be exploited. The mysterious person behind it had to look for a breakthrough from Xu Huimin.

Xu Huimin hesitated at the time, but the price offered by the other party made her unable to refuse. At the same time, Xu Huimin felt that as long as she didn't kill the person herself, there would be no trouble. So Xu Huimin pretended that she also fell in love with Duan Xiaolei, a second-generation rich man, and had a fierce competition with her friend Lu Shishi. Later, Xu Huimin proposed the witchcraft of "hanging you" to Lu Shishi, describing it as a romantic and magical way of choosing love. Lu Shishi, who was in love, agreed as expected. She was used by Xu Huimin to perform witchcraft with her long hair, thinking that she was completing a romantic love ceremony. Later, in order to make her lies look realistic, Xu Huimin deliberately ignored Duan Xiaolei and made Duan Xiaolei and Lu Shishi truly become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Everything went well, but when Duan Xiaolei really died in front of Xu Huimin, she was really scared. She realizes that she made a huge mistake, and that there may be retribution in the future.

More importantly, on the day Xu Huimin received the remittance, she also received a phone call. There was a processed woman's voice on the phone, which sounded strange and distant. She said quietly: "You are so cruel, you actually use witchcraft to kill people. At such a young age, you have done such a cruel thing. Aren't you afraid of being punished?" Retribution?”

This voice was deeply imprinted in Xu Huimin's heart, and once brought her to the verge of collapse. From then on, Xu Huimin never dared to date any boys again because they would remind her of the dead Duan Xiaolei. At the same time, Xu Huimin is always on guard against anyone taking revenge on her, especially Duan Xiaolei's relatives.

After all, Xu Huimin did not tell Liya this secret. She was still a measured girl. After Leah's questioning, she just cried hysterically, completely releasing her emotions. Then she got into bed and ignored Leah. No matter what Leah guessed, it was just a guess. Xu Huimin believed that Leah would not report on her.

At this time, Xu Huimin was more concerned about another thing, and that was Xiaoying. Xiaoying is obviously Duan Xiaolei's sister, and she came to seek revenge on him. Xu Huimin felt that she must find a way to get rid of Xiaoying, or to get rid of Xiaoying.

Xu Huimin thought about this matter over and over in her mind, and she fell asleep in a daze. While she was dreaming, Xu Huimin felt a pair of cold hands touching her face. The feeling made goosebumps appear all over her body. She opened her eyes suddenly: there was a red figure pressing on her body, and her face was covered with blood. Pale, as if wearing a paper mask. A blood-red mouth opened and closed: "Please, don't pester him anymore!"

"What…what do you want?" Xu Huimin lowered her voice as much as possible to prevent Liya, who was sleeping, from hearing her.

"I think we should find a place to have a good talk." Xiaoying said hoarsely.

Xu Huimin nodded, Xiaoying's words were exactly what she meant. At this time, she clearly felt Xiaoying's weight, indicating that Xiaoying was just a madman, not a ghost. As long as it wasn't a ghost, it would be easy. Xu Huimin wanted to lure Xiaoying to an uninhabited place and then kill her. The death of a madman shouldn't attract much attention, right?

Thinking of this, Xu Huimin suddenly sat up from the bed.

Who is she

This was a peaceful afternoon. However, the girl's intrusion disrupted everything.

At that time, Xu Huimin and Liya were walking hand in hand outside the classroom, their faces still filled with joy that get out of class was over. Suddenly, a girl rushed over from the corridor. She had disheveled hair and was wearing a red robe. She looked like a mental patient or even a female ghost. She rushed into Xu Huimin's arms and said in a hoarse voice: "Please, don't pester him anymore!"

Xu Huimin was stunned: "Who? Who am I pestering?"

The girl in red shook Xu Huimin's arm desperately and screamed: "Please, don't pester him anymore!"

The strange things happening here attracted the attention of the students, who gathered around to watch with interest. Xu Huimin's eyelids suddenly turned red: "Who are you? What have I done? Who am I pestering?"

"Stop pestering him!" the girl said to herself, "otherwise you will die in an ugly way!"

During the stalemate, her friend Leah grabbed Xu Huimin's arm and dragged her out of the crowd. The classmates behind him were still discussing: "Did Xu Huimin steal my boyfriend? I can't tell. Xu Huimin is usually quite serious!"

Xu Huimin felt extremely wronged. After walking out of the teaching building, she threw herself into Leah's arms and burst into tears. Leah comforted her and said, "Tell the truth, did you steal that girl's boyfriend?"

"I don't." Xu Huimin said firmly, "Don't you know me well? I never date boys, let alone have a boyfriend."

Leah thought about it carefully and found that it was indeed the case, so the two girls could only treat the incident just as an accident.

However, this "accident" was not over. When school was over in the evening, the girl in red rushed in front of Xu Huimin again in twilight. This time she raised her face, allowing Xu Huimin to see clearly her bloodless face and her big black eyes. This face is very strange. It doesn't look like a living person, but more like a mask. The girl in red gritted her teeth and said, "Please, don't pester him anymore!"

"Oh my god!" Xu Huimin finally couldn't stand it anymore, "Who are you?"

"My name is Xiaoying." The girl in red said, "Please, don't pester him anymore. He is so miserable, he is so miserable…"

Liya, who was standing aside, couldn't stand it anymore. She tentatively explained to Xiaoying: "I think you have the wrong person. Xu Huimin is a very serious person. She has never been in love, let alone snatched anyone's boyfriend. You There must be a mistake."

"That's right, I definitely didn't admit it. It was her, she was the one who wouldn't let go of him." Xiaoying's eyes suddenly shone with a terrifying light. The onlookers dispersed because of fright, and Lia could only drag Xu Huimin and run away.

It's been a strange day.

At night, Xu Huimin finally fell asleep. Not long after she fell asleep, she felt something hitting her chest, one after another. It wasn't very heavy, but the feeling was very clear. Xu Huimin tried her best to open her eyes, and she saw: There was a pair of feet hanging above the bed, and they stepped on Xu Huimin from time to time.

Xu Huimin's whole body trembled. She looked up along the feet and saw only a slender body hanging vertically from the ceiling. The reason why this body is so thin seems to be because something is tightly wrapped around it. The owner of the body found that Xu Huimin had woken up, and he smiled faintly: "Please, don't pester me anymore."

This terrifying hanging corpse gave Xu Huimin a huge shock, and she suddenly sat up from the bed.

Everything in front of me disappeared. It turned out that it was just a dream.

Sleepiness was gone. Xu Huimin was frightened and just wanted to drink a glass of water to calm down her fright. As soon as she turned on the lamp, she saw a red shadow in the corner of the dormitory. The shadow was huddled in the corner, with long black hair covering half of its face, but the hoarse voice was clearly Xiaoying's. She said quietly: "Please, don't pester him anymore!"

"Ah -" Xu Huimin didn't expect Xiaoying to appear in the dormitory. Her scream woke up Leah who was on the opposite bed. Leah rubbed her eyes and sat up. Almost at the same time, Xiaoying who was curled up in the corner disappeared.

"Xu Huimin, what's wrong with you?" Liya asked in a daze.

Xu Huimin didn't want to explain, so she got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Turning on the faucet, the cold water calmed Xu Huimin's heart instantly. She leaned down and wanted to wash her face. However, at this time, she discovered something strange: she could see in the mirror that there was something behind her, which was a slender body hanging from the ceiling. It swayed back and forth, just like a hanging corpse in a dream.

"Oh my god!" Xu Huimin rushed out of the bathroom and threw herself into Leah's arms. Leah was also frightened. She bravely walked into the bathroom and soon walked out dumbfounded. She threw Xu Huimin a black rag doll with dense silk threads wrapped around it. Don't know where the doll came from, but that's all, it's just a rag doll.

"I, I'm really scared…" Xu Huimin let out a long breath.

At this time, Liya's expression became a little serious, and she asked: "Xu Huimin, you are acting very wrong. If what happened to Xiaoying today was just a misunderstanding, you would not be scared to be like this. I am your best friend. My friend, I really want to know if you are hiding something from me?"

At first, Xu Huimin was unwilling to tell the truth, but she couldn't resist Leah's questioning, and she finally revealed a secret: a sinful secret that happened in high school, which was a secret that could not be told.

I just want to hang on to him

Three years ago, when Xu Huimin was in her sophomore year of high school, like most adolescent girls, this young girl plunged into the bitter waters of love.

The boy Xu Huimin fell in love with was called Duan Xiaolei, and he was a typical rich second generation. He is handsome, outstanding, and has an unmistakable aristocratic temperament. He is simply the best candidate for Prince Charming. At that time, there were many people who liked Duan Xiaolei, and the most advantageous ones were Xu Huimin and Lu Shishi, Xu Huimin's good friend in high school.

Xu Huimin and Lu Shishi have always been in a fair competition. Their friendship makes the two girls care for each other and jealous of each other. Duan Xiaolei is naturally indecisive. He always wavers between the two girls but is unwilling to make a choice. This can only make the two girls hurt more and more deeply. Finally one day, Xu Huimin and Lu Shishi couldn't stand it anymore, and they decided to let God decide who should be with Duan Xiaolei.

This method is called "hanging him", which is an ancient love witchcraft. The method is very simple: write the name of the loved one and the birth date on the made puppet, and sprinkle a small amount of blood to enlighten the puppet. Then, on a moonless midnight, the two girls cut off their long hair and worked together to wrap the doll as tightly as possible. Finally, light a fire and throw the puppet into the fire. When the flame turns green, it means the witchcraft is successful.

The result of success is: you will get the love of the boy on the puppet. Although both girls contribute their hair, boys will only fall in love with one of them. Who this lucky girl is depends on God.

Xu Huimin and Lu Shishi successfully completed the ritual and saw the green fire that marked the success of the witchcraft. They all prayed in their hearts that they were the lucky ones.

Three days later, Duan Xiaolei made his choice. He and Lu Shishi were together and stayed away from Xu Huimin.

This was such a painful thing for Xu Huimin that she even made up her mind never to date boys again. However, greater pain is yet to come. Since becoming Duan Xiaolei's girlfriend, Lu Shishi often hangs out with Duan Xiaolei, which is a bit too unrestrained. Finally one day, Duan Xiaolei's identity as a second-generation rich man attracted kidnappers, and they were captured in order to sell him for a big price. Unfortunately, when the police arrived, Duan Xiaolei and Lu Shishi were already entangled to death.

The strange thing is that when the kidnapper faced the death of Lu Shishi and Duan Xiaolei, he cried out that he was wronged . He said that he was not tied so tightly at all and could not have tied the two people to death.

After the incident, Xu Huimin also arrived. She was frightened by the scene. She will always remember the scene when Duan Xiaolei was entangled to death. His handsome face had been deformed, and his tall body was entangled like a deformed wooden stick, dangling in the air. At that time, Duan Xiaolei's sister also came to the scene. She rushed to her brother's body and shouted like crazy: "Please, don't pester him anymore!" Although his sister's face could not be seen, Xu Huimin I think she must be very sad.

For some reason, Xu Huimin suddenly remembered the witchcraft that she and Lu Shishi had done to "haunt him." She subconsciously felt that she had made a mistake, a mistake related to gods and monsters.

Can't get rid of it

After confessing the secrets from high school, Xu Huimin and Leah's relationship became closer. When going to school the next day, Xu Huimin expressed her thoughts to Liya: "Actually, I am very afraid of Xiaoying. I always feel that she is Duan Xiaolei's sister. Now that she knows the truth, she wants to take revenge on me."

"No." Leah comforted her as she walked away, "What you did at that time was just a simple love witchcraft, and it has no necessary connection with what happened later. All of this is a coincidence, don't be afraid…"

Suddenly, a red figure rushed forward, and a hoarse voice sounded: "Please, don't pester him anymore!"

Xu Huimin was so frightened that she hurried away. Xiaoying said bitterly: "Don't even think about running away! Those who use witchcraft to harm others will surely suffer retribution themselves, and you will not have a good death!"

"Xu Huimin is not harmful to anyone, she is not afraid of you." Liya said righteously.

These words caused Xiaoying to laugh sharply, and Xiaoying said: "Okay, let's see!"

Xu Huimin and Liya left with deep thoughts. They didn't speak, and the air was terrifyingly quiet. While walking, Xu Huimin suddenly felt her neck tighten, her breath was suddenly strangled, and her whole body twitched. She struggled for a moment, vaguely feeling that she was entangled in something. Yes, she was entangled. Is this retribution?

Just when Xu Huimin was thinking wildly, Leah's hand saved her from the crisis. Liya untied Xu Huimin's scarf: "It got tangled on a branch. You're really weird. You didn't untie it and just kept walking. Aren't you afraid of being strangled?"

It turned out that it was just like this, but Xu Huimin still couldn't let go. She was worried all day long. She was still in low spirits until she returned to the dormitory after class. She picked up a comb and started combing it in front of the mirror.

Once, twice, suddenly, Xu Huimin's hand stopped moving. She saw herself changing in the mirror. Those long black hair seemed to be alive, rising into the air and dancing around Xu Huimin's face. She felt that these hairs would entangle her at any time, just like the way she used her hair to entangle Duan Xiaolei's puppet.

"Don't-" Xu Huimin groaned in her throat, her whole body shaking like chaff.

"Xu Huimin, what's wrong with you?" Lia suddenly knocked down Xu Huimin's comb, "The weather was cold, so there was static electricity when you combed your hair. That's all, but you were scared like this. Xu Huimin, you have something in your heart Ghosts, there are definitely ghosts.”

"No…I'm just afraid…" Xu Huimin explained.

"No, if you don't have any evil intentions in your heart, you won't be afraid of retribution." Leah's tone was aggressive, "Xu Huimin, tell me, you must be hiding something from me."

Xu Huimin raised her head and stared at Leah blankly, and then she suddenly cried: "Yes, I still have something to hide from you. But… I dare not say this."

It turned out that Xu Huimin lied. The witchcraft about "hanging you" has nothing to do with love at all.

From the beginning, witchcraft was a weird method of killing people.

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