The Origin Of The Heavy Ghost And The Bottle That Catches Ghosts

This bottle seems to have existed since the time of my grandfather's grandfather, so no one knows its origin. Our ancestors always used it to collect ghosts and it was always effective and never failed. However, if the ghost was collected in this bottle, if it was not released as soon as possible, its soul would be scattered over time and it would never be reborn. Therefore, as long as it was not an evil ghost, our ancestors would not use this bottle to collect it. … Continue readingThe Origin Of The Heavy Ghost And The Bottle That Catches Ghosts

Author: Haunted House

The old people in the village said: the souls of pigs that died after eating poison will not disperse and become wandering ghosts, and come to the world to spread swine fever and kill more pigs. This is the pig ghost. However, the pig ghost generally does not go to villages with few pigs. The purpose of the pig ghost is to spread swine fever and kill more pigs, so it generally goes to villages with more pigs. The blind Tu Ye in the village has also seen the pig ghost. When Tu Ye was young, he was not blind and often went out to do some small business. … Continue readingAuthor: Haunted House

family Ghost Stories

That night Hongjun dreamed of her grandfather, who was standing in front of her bed, looking at her kindly. Hongjun seemed to have something in her dream. She cried and asked her grandfather over and over again: "Grandpa, what else do you wish for?" Grandpa smiled and said to her: "Junjun, grandpa just wants to see you eat more! Dream Shortly after waking up, Hongjun received a call that his grandfather passed away late that night.

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Ghost In Water

As he swam, he felt something was wrong. He felt like something in the river was tickling the center of his feet. It was not the kind of feeling that only comes from touching garbage in the river. (3) The third story is about a water monster, which was told to him by Gui Ge’s grandfather. Legend has it that there is a monster with many arms and legs in the river. It lives by eating meat, whether it is human flesh or animal meat.

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short Ghost Story

Everyone knows that people have souls after death, but they don’t know that snakes also have souls after death. Chen Ming bowed and nodded and said a few words of thanks to Weiqi before leaving Weiqi's home. Chen Ming thought that the more respectful his attitude towards Weiqi was, the more Weiqi would sincerely help him find a good cemetery. Weiqi looked at the group of snakes staring at him fiercely. Although he was afraid in his heart, when he thought about his grandfather's wish, he thought about the legend about the true dragon's lair.

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short Ghost Story

What I want to say at the beginning of the story is that this is a real thing that I experienced. Although it is slightly bizarre, this is life. The words she speaks from the age of three never sound like those of a child, but rather like those of an old lady in her sixties or seventies. But Sha Niu didn't always follow her, and often stayed at home to look after her. Sometimes she would cry and insist on taking the car, and occasionally she would go out to pick her up. I dreamed that a wolf jumped into our house and took away my father, my mother and my brother.

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short Ghost Story

My grandmother put the dead child in a dustpan and buried it in the mass grave behind the house. That mass grave was just a mound of earth. Death was common in that era, so no one knew how many people were buried in that mound. They only knew that there were many mounds of earth, and each mound represented one or more people. Buried inside. And my grandma told me that she heard with her own ears that there were ghosts crying in the chaos at night, which was a very scary and desolate sound.

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"A Songyi closed his eyes. What you see may be the scene of being reunited with his son, or you may see his son's bones. You must be mentally prepared and don't collapse when the time comes. Half an hour later, A Song's He woke up with a smile on his lips. Asong was overjoyed, his voice sounded excited and eager: "I found my son, he…he…" He said it was on the opposite street, A family picked up a child. The child looked very similar to what I described. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

The Crooked Neck Tree Author: Ruo Muzi Gao Read Online

Later, the crooked neck tree was also cut down by the villagers, but when it was cut down, red sap like blood flowed all over the ground. Later, Huahua (goddess) was invited to perform several rituals, but the strange things did not stop. The place has become an ominous place! It turns out that the bow is a tool to ward off evil spirits, which is why the female ghost did not dare to face the second grandfather head-on. After returning home, the second grandfather secretly rejoiced, but he also became ill for a long time because of this. … Continue readingThe Crooked Neck Tree Author: Ruo Muzi Gao Read Online