Soul-saving Scalpel

I picked up the knife and looked carefully at the light, and it turned out to be two lines of small characters: "The doctor uses magic to save people, and Shiren saves souls. Sure enough, the fat man heard us say that he would not live for a few days, and he was as frightened as a dog seeing insects." The fat worm with the medicine was crying, crying, and said that he knew that Lin’s grandfather had a scalpel, and the holder of the knife could cure any stubborn disease. After returning, Lin asked me, the last sentence on the scalpel—“Shi What does "benevolence save souls" mean? … Continue readingSoul-saving Scalpel

Night Watch And Fraudulent Corpse Read Online

Night vigil is called spirit vigil in our country, that is, after a person dies, the sons and daughters will stay by the side of the deceased for three days to avoid cats! The corpse jumped up, smelling the anger, and came before the night watchmen. It turned out that Liu Dezhu's eldest son, who couldn't sleep for a while, burned paper for his grandfather, and was very frightened when he saw that his grandfather's body was gone. The old man said: "Your father's fraudulent corpse must be burned with fire. Everyone found a brave man with a lighter and set fire to the fraudulent corpse. Even though that man was brave, he couldn't help but tremblingly set fire to the fraudulent corpse. No one dared to go forward , watching helplessly this person was bitten to death by a fraudulent corpse. … Continue readingNight Watch And Fraudulent Corpse Read Online

The First Month Of The First Month Of The First Month Of Life And Death Of The Uncle's Life And Death Book Online Reading

"Grandpa will say: "Grandpa is reading the book of life and death, Xiaowen can't read it. I clearly remember that the day my grandfather passed away was the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. But I don't know why, since he caught a cold on the first day of the first month of that year, he has been depressed. When he had nothing to do, he took out the wooden board with the horse's face painted on it, pointed at it with his fingers with long nails, and looked over and over again. Now, this wooden board called the book of life and death by my grandfather is in my hand. …" I talked a lot incoherently, and then threw the phone far away. I seemed to be immobilized by someone, and I couldn't move. … Continue readingThe First Month Of The First Month Of The First Month Of Life And Death Of The Uncle's Life And Death Book Online Reading

Hints In Dreams

One day was uneventful, and at night, Cao Zhicai saw his grandfather in his dream. Cao Zhicai was naturally happy to see his grandfather. He thought it was a dream anyway, so it would be nice to meet him. Maybe it was because he had just visited his grandfather’s grave during the day, so he only dreamed about it at night, so Cao Zhicai didn’t like it either. You are being polite, just sitting on the kang, drinking tea, eating sugar, and eating melon seeds. Cao Zhicai slept until dawn before waking up, recalling yesterday's dream, it was bizarre but so real. Later, Cao Zhicai wanted to see his grandfather in his dream, and wanted to see if he and his grandmother were doing well, but he never dreamed of the second elder. … Continue readingHints In Dreams

Every Midnight Lives A Crazy Story: Marriage Fraud (5)

Grandpa squatted down, looked at me very seriously, and said earnestly: “Liangzi, you have also seen that grandpa has caught ghosts a few times, and I don’t know if he will encounter more powerful ghosts in the future. I know you are a hangman.” Ghost, your neck is not afraid of pain, but is your face also not afraid of pain? Grandpa said: “The swollen face can be cured. If you are strangled, you will have no second life!” Qi, evil spirits and thieves all perish. My grandfather more than ten years ago had much fewer wrinkles than my grandfather when I was in college, but the wrinkles of my grandfather who had just exorcised the hangman at that time suddenly became much deeper, and they were more serious than the wrinkles I saw after I went to college. … Continue readingEvery Midnight Lives A Crazy Story: Marriage Fraud (5)