Wash Your Hands

There was a murder case in my husband's hometown last month that caused a sensation in all directions (my husband's hometown is simply a fertile field for all kinds of supernatural events). The nature of this case is extremely bad, and the murderer's behavior is simply heinous, but the whole detection process is quite strange, which makes people feel horrified and horrified.

As I said more than once in the previous story, my husband’s hometown is a famous birth-bearing province in the whole country. When it comes to sparing no effort to give birth to a son, this province recognizes it as the second, and no other place dares to recognize it as the first.

The province’s satellite TV broadcasts large-scale melodrama-like infertility advertisements on a rolling basis throughout the year. Among the ten language programs on the TV Spring Festival Gala, nine and a half are inseparable from having a second child. My husband told me that in their province, a family with only one child can be counted on two hands. A family stops with only one daughter, and counts with one slap.

It is in such a state-level poverty-stricken county under the large province of People's Republic of China that there is a woman who is less than 30 years old, but has already given birth to four daughters. Calculated based on the age of those children, she has been giving birth to children one after another almost since she married a man.

My husband saw this woman when he visited relatives in his hometown a few years ago. Her completely loose and out-of-shape figure, her tattered and dirty clothes, especially the numbness and emptiness on the woman's face, the expression that the world has nothing to do with me, all made her look Much older than actual age.

Although the woman gave birth to four daughters in succession, only a five-year-old eldest daughter stayed at home. The rest of the children, who were born as maids, were given away immediately, perhaps for a symbolic fee. A lot of "nutrition fees". Poverty and ignorance can annihilate all the noble emotions of human beings, and turn people into less than brutes.

Just a few months after the woman gave birth to her fourth girl, a family in the village lost their child, a boy under four years old.

The child's parents all went out to work. The grandma who looked after the child at home said that the child played on the dirt road in front of the house every day. At noon, when she yelled in the house when she had finished cooking, her grandson would go home for dinner. But that day she called her throat broken and the child didn't respond, she ran out and saw that the dirt road was empty, where was her grandson?

The criminal investigation technology in the countryside is very backward, and there are not enough manpower all the year round. Besides, there are no surveillance cameras on the dirt roads, so the police analyzed that the child might have been trafficked and sold to other places.

The child's grandmother was naturally heartbroken, and was scolded and complained by the child's parents, and became anxious and seriously ill. During this period, she always had the same dream over and over again. The little grandson was covered in blood, crying and walking towards her step by step, saying, "Grandma, I'm in someone else's stomach…Grandma, I'm in someone else's stomach." inside…"

After a while, the murderer who stole the child was caught. The reason was that a neighbor went to the police station to complain, saying that the woman who gave birth to "four thousand gold" in a row had been hysterical recently, and the words she yelled at night were very frightening.

At night, women always cry heart-piercingly, shouting: "I want to wash my hands!! I want to wash my hands!! Blood… my hands are full of blood!!!" That shrill voice Coupled with the content she yelled, the neighbors in the neighborhood were so scared that their hairs stood on end, and they felt that they couldn't sleep.

For more than half a month, the woman yelled like this every day and night, and finally her voice was completely hoarse and she lost her voice, and she yelled some vague words hoarsely with all her strength.

The police from the police station went to the woman's house with the intention of criticizing and educating her, but the woman in front of her was completely crazy. Her eyes were straightened, filled with an inexplicable fear , trembling and curled up in front of the washstand, rubbing her hands over and over again. Those hands were already chapped and faded by the woman, but she still refused to stop.

The woman said she had blood all over her hands.

The police felt that there was a lot to it, and before they could start further investigation, the woman's husband came to the police station and surrendered.

At noon that day, the woman suddenly picked up a kitchen knife to cut open her stomach, but her husband took the knife away with all his strength. The woman screamed over and over again: "Don't cry!! Don't cry!! I'll let you out right away!! I pay for your life!!!!"

Now the woman's husband's psychological defense has completely collapsed. It turns out that a woman has always wanted to have a "child", and this obsession has become her heart disease over time. Chatting at the entrance of the village one day, an old woman told her that in fact, in your situation, you lack a "leader". Find a virgin boy under the age of six and squeeze some of his blood to wash the "underside". Give birth to a fat child next year.

He does not mean that. One day the woman's husband came back from the field, and as soon as he entered the courtyard, he was suffocated by a strong smell of blood. When I entered the room, the man's legs were completely limp, and he fell to the ground.

I saw the woman sitting naked cross-legged in the large aluminum basin used for laundry at home. The water in the large basin was already stained red with blood. The man saw his daughter-in-law flicking the water on him nervously with her eyes open, and he still muttered: "Call me to have a baby… tell me to have a baby."

On the ground in the middle of the main room lay a little boy of four or five years old, who was the grandson of the old lady who had been lost not long ago. The child had already lost his breath, and a long, fleshy and long knife scar on his neck was shocking , and blood was still gurgling out.

After the man regained his senses, he wanted to take the child out of the village and bury him at night, but the woman refused to do so. In order to ensure that she could give birth to her son without risk, she insisted on steaming the boy's body to pieces on her own stove, and ate it bite by bite.

Not long after that, the woman began to ask for water to wash her hands non-stop. She always said that her hands were covered with blood, and that the little boy in her stomach kept crying and going home, which made her very annoying. The man had been terrified by his wife's behavior until she broke down completely at the moment when she cut her abdomen with a knife…

Not long ago, Beijing TV broadcasted a TV series called "Mother's Way". The heroine was very confident, and the Virgin was on top of her body, crying "Son, son ~ my son ~" from beginning to end, and howled for more than 70 episodes. I really don't understand how such a TV series with feudal connotation and staleness, which is seriously behind the values ​​of the times, passed the censorship and broadcast.

Sadly, I found that it was the victims themselves who worshiped those stereotypes and bad habits that violated human nature like gods, and obeyed and respectfully passed on, such as the women in the stories, such as the mother in "Mother's Way".

Once a person loses his independent spirit and self-worth, he will become a walking dead and be bullied and slaughtered by others, and he will no longer be a human being.

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