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There are three daughters in the family of the third aunt at the entrance of the village. The eldest daughter, Shu Xiaofang, has fair skin and a bright personality.

After getting married, life in Li Hao's family was very tight, and they didn't give any decent gifts to the third aunt who was the mother-in-law during the festivals. This married daughter is really a splash, unreliable at all? Otherwise, this Li Hao's family is really poor. If it wasn't for his daughter's unmarried pregnancy, he wouldn't have been forced to nod. He didn't delve into the background of Li Hao's family. well! The third aunt thought about it, and asked Xiaofang in private, "How is the condition of Li Hao's family? Is life ample?" When Xiaofang heard this, she hesitated and said, "Mom, I just got married in the past few years, so life is hard to avoid. The third aunt's face darkened when she heard this, and she said in a strange way: "This damned Li Hao is so poor that he caused my daughter to suffer and suffer. I am really mad at you. Tell me, does their family owe any debts?" , I am your mother, you must not hide it from me, otherwise I will not care about suffering in the future." After hearing this, Xiaofang said hesitantly: "Mom. Li Hao's family is indeed in debt. It was difficult for his family when they got married. ,talent……"

"Oh, what a god, silly daughter, do you know that poor and lowly couples are sad about everything, how will life be easier in the future?" The third aunt collapsed on the bed with a limp body, crying profusely. But it was a done deal, and crying was powerless, and the third aunt could only shake her head and sigh.

The third aunt originally thought that her daughter would be able to enjoy the blessings by herself when she got married, but the eldest daughter could not count on it. In a blink of an eye, the second daughter, Shu Xiaoting, also reached the age of marriage. Speaking of Shu Xiaoting, the first thing that comes to mind is the low-cut suspender skirt. Yes, Shu Xiaoting likes to dress herself up sexy and seductive. In summer, she wore a red suspender skirt, showing her snow-white legs, and stepped on sandals 10 cm high. She slowly twisted her waist and walked in small steps. A gust of wind blew by, and the strong smell of perfume After a while, the men's souls were hooked, but the women said in secret: "Bah, little goblin, you're really a demon, like a whore." In Shu Xiaoting's heart, there is only one requirement for her husband's choice: "It must be rich. "This kind of thinking was instilled in her by the third aunt day and night. The third aunt asked a fortune teller to make a fortune for Shu Xiaoting: ask about marriage. The third aunt said: "Master, it is said that your fortune-telling is very accurate. Please help my family Shu Xiaoting calculate whether she can marry a rich man?" The fortune-teller has a long white beard and is wearing a gray robe. , a pair of fairy style bones. He looked up and down at the third aunt, then at the enchanting Shu Xiaoting, closed his eyes, and counted with his fingers. After a long time, the master slowly opened his eyes and said, "Well, your daughter will marry a rich man." of?" Third Aunt's eyes were shining with golden light.

The master narrowed his eyes, stroked his beard and nodded, "Yeah." After returning from the fortune teller, the third aunt couldn't close her mouth happily. Soon a matchmaker came to tell Xiaoting about her husband's family. The matchmaker smiled and said, "The boy I introduced to you is Gao Qi, and his family is very wealthy. His father opened a clinic in the town, and he himself Helping there, giving injections and prescribing medicines and so on. He is also handsome, with a height of 1.78 meters, which is definitely a good match for your Xiaoting." After hearing this, the third aunt immediately remembered what the master said. If you are rich, you will enjoy happiness in the future. Under such conditions, the third aunt and Xiaoting were naturally happy, nodding repeatedly and asking the matchmaker to bring him to meet.

Soon, the matchmaker brought Takasaki to meet him. As the matchmaker said, Takasaki was tall, tough and very handsome. But there was something wrong, Takasaki seemed to look at people with dull eyes, and his speech was also vague. The third aunt wondered, wondering if there was something wrong with it. But then I thought about it again: maybe it was also the first time I was nervous or shy on a blind date! It seems that he is relatively honest. Xiaoting will definitely be able to control her if she marries him. Xiaoting was very satisfied with Takasaki's family background and appearance, so the third aunt readily agreed to the marriage.

Gao Qi's parents saw that the third aunt nodded, and they started to arrange their marriage non-stop. In the matter of arranging the wedding, the Takasaki family was very generous and held the wedding for them according to the highest local standards. The third aunt was very proud of the spring breeze, and she praised her second daughter's life to everyone, that is, the life of a young mistress. And Takasaki's eyes were dull, and her slurred speech was all caused by nervousness in her eyes. The villagers saw that the third aunt's proud tail was almost raised to the sky, but they were whispering one thing in private. One thing that everyone who lives near Takasaki's home knows is that Takasaki had a high fever at night when he was living at his grandma's house in the country when he was a child. When they were sent to the town, their brains were damaged by a high fever. In layman's terms, they were mildly mentally ill or "fools". People in the village sit and chat under the tree when they are free, and they always laugh at the third aunt for marrying her daughter to a fool for money. She really puts her heart into the eyes of money and doesn't care about her daughter's happiness at all.

The rumors from the villagers also gradually reached the third aunt's ears. The third aunt stomped her feet angrily at home, and said sharply: "These eight women can't see other people living better than him. My daughter finds someone with The rich people, they are jealous, they spread rumors and make trouble, and really want to tear their mouths apart.” After scolding, the third aunt calmed down and thought about it, some of Takasaki’s actions were indeed a bit abnormal, it would not be true Is it a fool?

This matter troubled the third aunt all night, and she secretly made up her mind: Even if Gao Qi is a fool, Xiao Ting will marry her, and as long as she has money to find a husband, she can enjoy happiness. Moreover, Takasaki's ability to give patients injections and prescribe medicines shows that he still has the ability to work. Amidst the lively firecrackers, Xiaoting put on her wedding dress and married Gao Qi in a grand manner. Takasaki also has an older brother who runs a separate clinic in the city. In the huge villa, Xiaoting and Gao Qi lived with their parents-in-law after marriage.

One month after the marriage, Xiaoting became pregnant. This made the mother-in-law and father-in-law overjoyed, thinking that Xiaoting is really a good daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law keeps all kinds of precious and exotic fruits and supplements with high nutritional value in the refrigerator at home, and buys an old hen to replenish Xiaoting's body… It can be described as doing her best. In addition, when Xiaoting went shopping, her mother-in-law would give her 10,000 yuan at a time, and she could buy whatever she wanted.

With the money, Xiaoting bought a lot of things and took them back to her natal home. Before leaving, she would always give the rest of the money to the third aunt. The third aunt saw that her daughter was eating well and living well at her in-law's house, her stomach was uplifting, and she brought herself a lot of money. She thought with a satisfied face: "The original decision was correct!" She conceived in October and gave birth in one day. A beautiful daughter was born. During Xiaoting's confinement period, her mother-in-law was also busy, and she lost a lot of weight. This is nothing in Xiaoting's eyes, she thought: "I have worked hard to give birth to your Gao family, and I should serve me well." People have to learn to be grateful, but Xiaoting can't.

After confinement, Xiaoting often went back to her natal home with the child in her arms. Under the careful care of her mother-in-law, Xiaoting's body has been recuperated very well, her complexion is ruddy, and she is in good spirits. Looking at the white and fat baby in her arms, the big black eyes revealing an aura is really likable. "Mom, take it here. This is the pocket money my mother-in-law gave me." Xiaoting always gave a lot of money to the third aunt before returning home. "Hey, take it. Your husband's family is really generous. Our daughter finally married a rich man! Mom finally made it through in her life." The third aunt followed Qian with joy.

The business of the in-law's clinic is very prosperous, and the mother-in-law thinks that Xiaoting is already out of confinement, and plans to send her to learn to be a nurse so as to help the family clinic. Xiao Ting readily agreed to this proposal. However, the child was born not long ago, and Xiao Ting was really reluctant to part with it. The matter of going to the nursing school was pushed back and forth, and then the father-in-law said: "Let Xiaoting help and learn in the clinic! You can go there when the child grows up!" In this way, Xiaoting started to help in the clinic.

"You idiot, I'm so mad at you!" Gao Qi was really stupid, no matter what Xiao Ting said, he would just stare at her blankly, and then touch the child in the crib with his hands. I really can't figure it out, can he help people get injections and medicines? As the days passed, Xiaoting gradually felt the emptiness and loneliness in her heart, a void that no amount of money could fill. I was like living with a wooden man, without the tenderness and consideration of my husband, without whispering soft words, no, nothing at all… Was it a mistake to marry him for money? In the dark night, Xiaoting's heart kept asking herself over and over again.

On this day, a handsome and tough man about 1.8 meters tall and about 30 years old accompanied his elderly mother to the clinic. red cloud. Seeing the man took her mother to sit down in the reception room of the clinic, Xiao Ting couldn't wait to walk over and asked in a sweet voice: "Hello, who is feeling unwell?" The man glanced at Xiao Ting, eyes revealing There was a hint of surprise, but soon turned calm again. Said in a magnetic voice unique to rich men: "My mother has a cold, let's hang some water." Xiaoting smiled charmingly after hearing this, nodded and said, "Okay, take your temperature first."

In the following days, the man would accompany his mother to hang water every day, during which he asked Xiaoting for her mobile phone number. In her spare time, Xiaoting said that she would go to the street to buy something for her baby, but she actually went on a date with a man. The two eat together, watch movies together, take a walk together… In the eyes of passers-by, they are a loving couple. And Xiaoting is also unable to extricate herself from the world of derailment, and her eyes are more disgusted than before when she goes home to see Takasaki. I thought it was perfect, but I actually heard about it a long time ago! There is no impenetrable wall in the world, and the mother-in-law soon found out about the scandal, and she was so gentle that she almost fainted with anger.

On this day, the mother-in-law and father-in-law decided to suppress their anger and secretly followed Xiaoting to find out. Everything is self-evident.

The family ugliness should not be publicized. Although the mother-in-law and father-in-law were itchy with anger, they could only bear it back and go home. As soon as Xiaoting came home, the moment her front foot stepped into the living room, her mother-in-law jumped up and grabbed her hair with her left hand, brushed her face with her right hand, and said loudly: "Little bitch, Little bitch, you are a shameless bastard who hangs out outside. I will kill you today, I will kill you…" Xiao Ting was ashamed and annoyed, but she resisted instinctively, using all her strength to wrestle with her mother-in-law . The young Xiaoting was much stronger than her mother-in-law. Seeing her turn her back and push her mother-in-law down to the ground, her long nails scratched her mother-in-law's face fiercely, and blood flowed all over her face.

"Ah, ah…" the mother-in-law yelled in pain, and the father-in-law rushed over when he heard the sound, and saw that his wife was beaten all over his face. Damn slut, he gritted his teeth angrily, picked up the bench and threw it at Xiao Ting's head. With a sound of "bang", the back of Xiaoting's head was bleeding profusely, and she slowly fell to the ground without moving. The mother-in-law got up from the ground, kicked her hard with her feet, kicked her, and retaliated heartily.

After a while, suddenly, the father-in-law seemed to notice something was wrong, and Xiao Ting's long black hair flowed out… She immediately grabbed her wife and said in a panic: "My wife, why is she not moving? There is blood, a lot of blood." The mother-in-law looked at her father-in-law at this time, "Oh my god , is Duolong dead ? There is blood on the stool?" The couple suddenly panicked, squatted down, put their hands on the tip of Xiaoting's nose to test it, and immediately slumped on the ground. It's over, Xiaoting is dead.

Turn yourself in? The couple immediately denied this idea, no, absolutely not. then what should we do? The mother-in-law was so frightened that she sat in the corner and dared not make a sound. Finally, the father-in-law thought hard for a while, and came up with an idea: "My wife, let's bury Xiaoting in the small vegetable garden in the backyard at night?" "But, what if Xiaoting's mother asks? Come, when the time comes…" As she spoke, the mother-in-law was so frightened that her eyes were full of panic. "Oh, why don't we say that we will send Xiaoting to a health school to study nursing, and it will take half a year. After half a year, we will send her to work in a regular hospital for a year. It will take one and a half years for us to prepare for going abroad. Is it okay to quietly sell off the family property and immigrate to a foreign country?" "Mm, um, husband, I, I listen to you!" The mother-in-law was already exhausted.

When it was dark, the surroundings were pitch-black, "Dong dong ding dong, dong dong ding dong." There was a small sound of jingling in the small courtyard, and it was very close to 12 o'clock. The father-in-law dug a hole in the dark. Dead or not , put Xiaoting's body into the pit with all his strength, and then filled the pit with spade after spade. After finally filling the hole, the father-in-law wiped off his sweat and came to the bedroom slowly. At this time, the mother-in-law was shivering under the quilt. "Mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law…" The lights in the bedroom suddenly went dark, and a dark wind blew from behind the father-in-law, and the hollow and ethereal calls scared the two of them so much that their hearts jumped out of their throats. "You killed me, and I want you to be buried with me, father-in-law, mother-in-law, come on, come on, hahahaha…" Xiaoting's body was floating in the air, and the terrifying smile on her pale face added to the eerie atmosphere.

After two crisp sounds of "Crack, Creak", the necks of the father-in-law and mother-in-law were instantly broken, and their eyes were wide open, unable to rest in peace. People often say: Marry a wife and marry a virtuous person. For a family, the importance of a daughter-in-law cannot be ignored. A virtuous wife is not only the luck of the husband, but also the happiness of the elderly. For women, we should never only pay attention to the bright and attractive appearance, but also pay attention to the quality and self-cultivation of girls!

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