Dark Horror Stories: A Pleasure Ghost's Tale To Read Online

Ghost House July 17, 2023 [Campus Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Font:] Introduction On that winter night, a few female classmates and I sat around the classroom, sharing scary ghost stories. The last girl told about the horror experience in the toilet. We realized that when we told scary stories, we might attract real ghosts to listen to our stories. I was the first to tell a ghost story. The version of the story is not very scary, but the eerie look of the girl scared me. The third person told the story of Anle ghost. … Continue readingDark Horror Stories: A Pleasure Ghost's Tale To Read Online

Horror Ghost Stories: Building 4 701 Read Online

At this time, a policeman said that the little girl should have been dismembered and thrown from upstairs. Early the next morning, I heard someone talking about the couple in 701 having been taken away by the police. So the folks have different opinions: why her parents are psychopathic, mentally ill, hate this girl, and some people even made it up that they are possessed by ghosts, otherwise how could they treat their children so cruelly! The doctor prescribed some medicine, and on the way home, she was still repeating some creepy things. Some people live in 701, but the neighbors in the past are still reluctant to go back. … Continue readingHorror Ghost Stories: Building 4 701 Read Online

Supernatural Stories: The Nose Doesn't Lie

Song Xue said: "Qin Xiaowan, have you discovered that our eyes can be deceiving." Our ears can also be deceiving. What we hear is always not the truth, isn't it? "But our noses will never lie. Some smells always hide the truth. It wasn't long before Qin Xiaowan realized that Song Xue's words could actually be understood with another way of thinking. Qin Xiaowan didn't understand why Mi Lan To use such an uncomfortable theme, the sculpture she created is a figure of a person struggling before dying, which looks quite creepy. Song Xue was right that time, noses can’t lie. … Continue readingSupernatural Stories: The Nose Doesn't Lie

"Here Comes" Scary Ghost Stories

Chen Mei was extremely terrified at this time, because just now, her six-year-old son suddenly said to her seriously: Tonight there will be a woman in a red dress, disheveled hair and embroidered shoes coming to their house! Chen Mei was shocked immediately after hearing her son's words, because she had heard people say that children can always hear or see things that adults or ordinary people can't feel, the so-called "unclean" things, etc. thing. On the phone, Chen Mei told Fang Juan what her son said, and Fang Juan was also shocked when she heard it. She understood what Chen Mei meant, and hoped that she could go to accompany her tonight. … Continue reading"Here Comes" Scary Ghost Stories

"Marry A Rich Man" Online Reading

You said, whether their family is in debt or not, I am your mother, you must not hide it from me, otherwise I will not care about suffering in the future. The third aunt said: "Master, it is said that your fortune-telling is very accurate. Please help my family Shu Xiaoting calculate whether she can marry a rich man? When my daughter finds a rich man, they will be jealous and spread rumors. I really want to tear their mouths apart. In Xiaoting's eyes, this is nothing. She thought: "I have worked hard to give birth to your Gao family, and I should serve me well. Our daughter finally married a rich man! … Continue reading"Marry A Rich Man" Online Reading

Spiritual Stories: Soul Resurrection Night

This is the story of the soul-returning night that my grandfather told me. The night of returning to the soul is the seventh day after a person dies, when ghost messengers come back with their souls locked up to visit their relatives. You should avoid taboos on Huihun night, those who should sleep should sleep, and those who cannot sleep should pretend to sleep under the quilt. When I was a child, on the night of my mother-in-law's return to the soul, I couldn't sleep no matter what. Legend has it that you really miss your dead relatives. On the night of returning to the soul, you can see the returning relatives when you stand behind the door wearing a coir raincoat and a bamboo hat. He can’t see you. Before he leaves , Never take off your coir raincoat and bamboo hat. … Continue readingSpiritual Stories: Soul Resurrection Night

"The Red Wedding Dress On The Lonely Tree" Ghost Stories From Liaozhai Online Reading

Looking back at Hui Niang sleeping soundly on the bed, she was so peaceful and beautiful, and then looking at the red wedding dress on the ground, Ziyu shook her head and laughed at herself, maybe she remembered it wrong, the patterns of the two red wedding dresses are for me Maybe it's the other way around, hey! Watching her parents leave home peacefully, Ziyu came to her room and saw Niang Hui sitting in front of the dressing table combing her hair carefully, looking at Niang Hui's beautiful face in the mirror Yu's heart twitched. Niang Hui smiled sweetly, "Your husband is serious, Niang Hui is willing to wear it for you as many times as possible. … Continue reading"The Red Wedding Dress On The Lonely Tree" Ghost Stories From Liaozhai Online Reading

Miao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

The sorcerer asked again, then why, do you want to fall into the heart? The witch locked the black Miao man into a hut, then went to the girl, and told her that the girl, this man, once rescued people in our clan, and that man taught him peach blossom Gu and gave him a Gu worm, but did not tell him the consequences of playing this Gu. And you, when you told him that you wanted to lay down the heart-witch, he accepted it sincerely, but when he returned to his village and realized the horror of the heart-wraith, he started looking for someone to relieve the heart-wraith, but the heart-witch, and How can I find a solution. … Continue readingMiao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Gu

Hospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

Suddenly one day, Cheng Yi received a call from the concierge of the Children’s Hospital, saying: Doctor Cheng, your college classmates came to see you. I came to you because I had no choice. Beijing Children’s Hospital is a well-known and authoritative hospital in the country. If it can’t be cured here, I will die. Cheng Yi took Zhao Mei’s mother and daughter directly to the authoritative dermatology expert of the Children’s Hospital. After running, Cheng Yi arranged a ward for Zhao Mei’s daughter, Xiaocheng. Cheng Yi said: Zhao Mei took her child to see a doctor in Beijing Children’s Hospital. The child’s illness will be cured soon, but Zhao Mei suddenly left in an emergency. Before she left, she asked me to notify the family and come as soon as possible to pick Xiaocheng home alone. . … Continue readingHospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

Brother, Kill Me Quickly, Ah, New Year Pictures Of Supernatural Stories

He Yuejin, the maker of “Fangyankou” in the neighboring village (the person who makes paper horses, paper figures, and paper sedan chairs for the dead), liked him very much, saying that he was a lucky boy who came out of New Year pictures. Sometimes, I would compare my brother with the fat doll in the New Year pictures, and they really looked alike, and I gradually became a little jealous. My brother proudly said: “He Yuejin drew this for me. I am a model. My mother and sister rushed out the door crying to find my brother’s body. When burning paper ingots, he stood at the end of my brother’s coffin , with a gloomy face, said to me on the other side: “This baby is so thin and energetic, come here, I will draw you a New Year picture when I have time! … Continue readingBrother, Kill Me Quickly, Ah, New Year Pictures Of Supernatural Stories