Ghost Shadow In The Middle Of The Night

Among the ghosts in the middle of the night, there is an old man who is very old. Because his surname is Guo, we all call him Uncle Guo. Uncle Guo said: If you hear a baby crying loudly in the middle of the night, there must be a ghost coming out. I have experienced it myself. Such weird things. Only then did he understand that the cry of the baby at night must be caused by ghosts, and he did not dare to stay here longer, so he hurriedly said goodbye to the couple.

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long Ghost Story

"The meaning of saying this was to remind the rude man in front of him to pay attention to the injury to Lin Yuer's left ear, but Tang Yuanren didn't even look at Lin Yuer's eyes, and immediately grabbed Zhuang Qin's slender finger with his thick palm. He wanted to teach this young man a lesson and tell him to be careful when he flirts with women in the future. Huh, how dare you flirt with his Tang Yuanren woman?

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The causes of past lives and the results of this life are all determined by God. Qing found a very famous local fortune teller and asked him to tell her fortune. The fortune teller made a prediction for her, but what he said surprised Qing. The teacher said: Qing and Hong were sisters in the previous life. In the previous life, Qing was the elder sister and Red was the younger sister. Regardless of whether the fortune teller's words were true or false, Qing forgave Hong from the bottom of his heart. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

"The Same She" Life Ghost Story Online Reading

Today’s story is told by an old friend. It is not too bizarre and unreal. It only teaches people to feel that there must be an echo when they listen to it. They are sincerely attached to a wish. Compensate in another way. Mu Shan was also so excited that he was at a loss, completely speechless, the girl who came on a blind date was almost exactly the same as the Ganoderma lucidum he had been thinking about day and night for many years! Mu Shan and the girl got married and had a child smoothly, and they lived a peaceful and contented life. Mu Shan always knew that she was not Ganoderma lucidum, but thanked God for his mercy and mercy, and arranged for her to be exactly the same in his life. … Continue reading"The Same She" Life Ghost Story Online Reading

"Marry A Rich Man" Online Reading

You said, whether their family is in debt or not, I am your mother, you must not hide it from me, otherwise I will not care about suffering in the future. The third aunt said: "Master, it is said that your fortune-telling is very accurate. Please help my family Shu Xiaoting calculate whether she can marry a rich man? When my daughter finds a rich man, they will be jealous and spread rumors. I really want to tear their mouths apart. In Xiaoting's eyes, this is nothing. She thought: "I have worked hard to give birth to your Gao family, and I should serve me well. Our daughter finally married a rich man! … Continue reading"Marry A Rich Man" Online Reading

Good People Don't Live Long, And Evil People Live For Thousands Of Years

People in the know say that this is a retribution for Xiao Zhao's dishonesty, but God doesn't have eyes, and the retribution is wrong. At the same time, his lover gave him a healthy and cute fat boy, which made Xiao Zhao very happy. The owner who is haunted by resentful spirits will have a lot of blessings in this life, if he can't be moved, he can only harm the people around him, alas! After Xiao Zhao's lover committed suicide, people who knew her all shed tears and felt sorry for her. Everyone said that she was a very kind and benevolent woman. Living like this without any moral burden, can't you prolong your life and enjoy it endlessly? … Continue readingGood People Don't Live Long, And Evil People Live For Thousands Of Years

Seven And A Half Ghosts Get Married

"It's July and a half every year. Do you know that in July and a half, midnight red clothes, ghosts… marry a wife? As long as we get married tonight, I will always be with you from now on, and be your bride. You are no longer wandering alone. "I want to marry her, I want her to be my wife, I am too lonely wandering in the underworld by myself. "I just want to get married. At midnight on the first day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, I saw her wearing red pajamas, she looked like a bride, so I want to marry her, I want to marry her, it's too lonely down here. … Continue readingSeven And A Half Ghosts Get Married

Ghost Marriage News Makeup Corpse

Haunted House January 21, 2022 [Hospital Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Typeface:] And based on experience, I’m going to start working again——as a corpse make-up artist, my work is always followed by death OK, hated but irresistible. ——If there were ghosts in the world, wouldn’t I, as a body make-up artist, have been frightened to death long ago? I first used props such as women's underwear to drive a wedge between her and my brother, then pushed her into the river and drowned her, and then used her death to make my brother suspicious and afraid to accept other women. … Continue readingGhost Marriage News Makeup Corpse